Welcome to the first story of my brand new series Brainmares! (Nightmares for your brain)

Story 1: Help! I'm a Deer

Blurb: "Oh, Deer."

Plot: Brian, is visiting the Rocky Mountains for a high school field trip. When he gets lost, he ends up stumbling upon a deer, that bites him. When returning home, he starts developing symptoms for an old myth known as "Reindeerceritis" By the next morning he transforms into a deer, which makes him an monster to the town.

Chapter 1

I was starting to feel a little car sick with how the bus was moving side to side while traveling up hill and around winding turns. I looked over to my friend who was sitting next to me, and noticed he was about to heave. "Mrs. Chess, Mrs. Chess!?" I screamed. "I think will need to stop somewhere before we continue!."

Mrs. Chess looked back. "Come on! we're almost there" She said. "Jeremy, can you hold it until we get to the site?." Jeremy shook his head, as he started to gag. A little bit of vomit started to poor out and splashed on the floor.

The teacher told the bus driver to pull off to the side. Jeremy ran down the aisle and through the door. I tried not to look as I heard him barfing outside the open window. I started to gag myself, but only because of the stench from the tiny bit of vomit on the floor.

"Hurry up!" Mrs. Chess said. Jeremy climbed back on. His face had a tiny bit of vomit on the side of his left cheek, which made me get a bit of a shiver running up my spine. The bus started rolling again, hitting small rocks, causing small vibrations. The small rocks then started to become bigger. This made the a few backpacks fall off the rack up above our heads. When we finally had approached our site, I grabbed my backpack and quickly off boarded, trying not to step in the small puddles of puke.

When everyone hoped off, a mountain ranger approached. "Hello students." he spoke, "My name is Greg, and today I'm gonna be taking you guys on a tour through the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that this mountain range is the biggest in the whole United States, and that John Denver's ashes where spreaded across here." He continued to go on, as he constructed us students to follow him.

It was quite relaxing, the smell of the mountain air, the birds chirping in the distance, and the view... man, it just made me wanna cry. We stopped at a small little picnic area to eat lunch and take notes. Greg told us to write about what we've seen and heard. Along side that he started giving us more facts to add on. My friend Josh raised his hand. "Yeah. Are their any deers that live up here?" Greg replied "Yes. They are very nice. But boys and girls, you should never pull out any sharp objects around them."

I raised his hand. "Why?" Greg laughed, "Because... They sorta take it as offense. And they might bite."

"And what happens if you get bit?" I added.

"You'd probably get rabies... Or... you might get a thing called Reindeericitis, which is a disease that can turn you into a deer." Greg replied, rolling up his sleeve to reveal a red bite mark. Everyone groaned in disgustment. Jeremy stared at the mark closely and raised his hand. "Um, if you got bit by a deer, how come you didn't turn into one?" Greg rolled down his sleeve, "That is because I got rabies, now come on. Let's continue."

I thought for a moment before walking. All I could think about was what it bed like being a deer. I thought it would be cool but also weird. As I continued walking he tripped over a rock. When I got up, I looked around and noticed the group was gone. "Guys!" I shouted. No response. I could hear the ranger talking in the distance, with the class saying "Wow."

I started to follow the voice, before bumping into a deer. This startled me and made me scream mutely. The deer walked closer to me. I turned the other way and hunched down The deer licked sniffed, before licking my cheek. "Hey" I laughed, "that tickles." I wiped my cheek and quickly turned around as I heard Mrs. Chess's voice.

As I was about to leave, the deer slowly started to lick my finger, before biting the wrist of my hand. I screamed. I quickly looked down and noticed a bite mark on my left hand. Blood slowly started to drain from the wound, I looked carefully at the cut and noticed teeth marks. Which meant that the deer had bit me.

I screamed again! and made a run for it bumping into Greg.

"Brian, where have you been?" Mrs. Chess asked. She looked over at my bloody left hand. "And what happened to your left hand, it's bleeding."

I didn't know how to respond, I was worried and scared to tell the truth. "I tripped." I responded fast, stuffing it in his winter coat pocket.

"Better let me take a look." Greg said, pulling out my hand. He slowly started to investigate the wound and gasped. "You... you..." he uttered, "You were bit by a deer." Everyone gasped. Greg quickly took me back to the station to take a look at the wound. He started to check for symptoms of rabies, but found nothing, which made him fear even more.

He then started to check for symptoms of Reindeericitis. Greg first checked my heartbeat. Which was beating a bit fast. He then started to check my breathing and other stuff. Everything was checked off for the disease. "Brian, I'm sorry to say. But you have... you... have..." he gulped, "REINDEERICITIS!"

I laughed and got up. "No I don't. It's just a myth. There is no such thing as Reindeericitis!" I said.

Mrs. Chess interrupted. "Oh yes, it's real."

I laughed and walked out the door.

During the bus ride home, I stared out the window watching the snow slowly fall and started to think. "What if that mountain ranger was right, what if I do have Reindeericitis! I mean I know it was just a myth started by doctor's back in the 1900s, but still... What if it is a real disease."