"Do you think it'll be safe to return home soon?" I asked furiously.

Dad replied. "I don't know."

I closed his eyes and leaned back. "Stay positive." he repeated over and over. "This will eventually pass." Lexi grabbed her tablet, and did research on Reindeericitis. She tried to figure out if it was curable."

I looked behind and noticed the mob wasn't behind anymore. I let out a sigh in relief.

Dad started to utter in anger. He said something like "How could they go after an incident deer." and "We're never going back to Denver." I mainly didn't listen because I had no clue what he was saying. All I knew was that he was angry and disgusted, how the kind folk went after his son for no reason.

I cuddled up with my new stuffed animal that Lucy got for me, and leaned on Lexi's shoulder. "You don't mind" I asked. Lexi smiled then whispered, "Go ahead." I sighed and licked her, and made myself comfortable. Lexi laughed a little as she put her hand on my belly and slowly rubbed it, which made me yawn.

I softly started to hum one of my favorite songs, before closing my eyes falling asleep.

I had awoken. But was surrounded by an angry mob. One of them raised a rifle in the air as the crowd chanted "Take out the monster!" Over and over again. I quickly sped away running on all fours. I turned to look behind and noticed a Peterbilt who was about 15 inches away from me, with a truck driver poking his head out with an insane look on his face. "No!" I screamed, as I started to run faster. Just before the truck struck me, I woke up.

Chapter 5

I woke up with sweat running down my face.

"What a nightmare!" I said. I looked around and noticed Lexi was already asleep, Mom was just about out, and dad was, well, driving. Paying attention to the road.

I leaned over and grabbed my backpack and pulled out a water. "Lexi?" I whispered, taking a sip of water. I started to shake her, "Lexi? Please."

She didn't answer. So I decided to tap on my dad's shoulder. "Dad?" I whispered. "Yeah, son." he replied.

"I had such a horrible nightmare. Everyone in town was out to hunt me. I nearly got struck by a Peterbilt." I said.

"Think positive." He smoothly said, "Think about the good stuff. Throw away the fear."

I leaned back and cleared out all of the negative. It really seemed to help more as I rubbed the temple of my head. Taking slow deep breaths in and out. I looked out the window and watched the snow fall, closed my eyes, eventually falling asleep. I was awaken the next morning with the smell of a croissant sandwich. I woke up noticing everyone eating. "Hello." I said.

"Morning, son." Mom said, handing me my breakfast. I opened up the box to find a strawberry and blueberry salad, with extra nuts. I was very confused and asked why she gave me this. Mom told me that it was apart of a deer's diet. And I couldn't have any of the foods I used to enjoy. I was happy but also upset at the same vote.

I reached over and took a bite of Lexi's croissant and immediately spat it out. "That's garbage, that's absolutely disgusting." I said, handing Lexi back her sandwich. Now this wasn't me. I took a sip of water to get the taste out. I was confused, I usually enjoyed croissant sandwiches. I wonder if turing into a deer changed my diet and taste. And all I could feast on was stuff that deers usually eat.

I took a bite of my salad. It was really good, I dug my face into the bowl. Even licking the sides off. "Boy, you sure must've been hungry." Dad said.

"I sure was, thanks dad." I said, wiping my face. It was unusually strange, but I enjoyed it. Once everyone was done eating, we continued down the road. We turned down a dirt road, all I could see were nothing but corn fields and flatlands, which must've meant that we're somewhere in Nebraska.

I was very board, there wasn't really anything to see. So I took the phone out of my backpack and put on some music. Nothing could really make me at ease then Pink Floyd. I looked at Lexi who was also on her phone, probably doing research. We stopped few hours later at hamburger joint. I was kind of scared about going in. Nebraska usually has a lot of hunters. But I took my dad's advice and stayed positive and cleared out all of the negative.

Once we were settled I took a glance at the menu looking for salads. "Corn, chicken, avocado and cheese." I said, looking through the menu. I finally found it. The waiter came by, "Hello, what can I get for you to drink?"

"A water would do. Make it four, please." I said. The waitress was shocked and confused, she rubbed her eyes and stared back at me. "Did you just talk?" She asked.

I got scared and quickly tried to make a couple of buck grunts. They actually came out realistic and relatable. "I must've had too much coffee or something this morning." She said, "Anyway, you said four waters."

"Correct." Dad said. I chuckled a little and hid my face with the menu. She left, and came back to hand us our drinks. Lexi slid mine over which I quickly began sipping with my tongue. The waiter chuckled. "That's a very cute deer you guys have? You hungry, huh?." I did my best trying not to say anything.

"Thanks." Dad said.

"All right. Any-on. What can I get you for lunch?" She asked, pulling out her pen and notepad. I leaned over to Lexi and whispered my order. "Uh, two of your bacon cheeseburgers with fries and one avocado and cheese salad as well as your berry filled salad." Lexi said, handing the waiter our menu's.

"Ok. Thank you?" She said walking away.

As we waited for our food. I pulled out my phone to play a game, I peered over at Lexi's phone to see her doing the same. I looked at dad and mom who were also on their phones. Doing what, no idea. I looked around at other people, I haven't been talkin' to by any of them. Our food finally came, everyone was severed, I picked up my fork and began eating my salad. It was really good, I just wanted to chow it down face first. But I knew if I did, people would know I was a real deer and yeah. So I continued to eat like a normal human would.

When everyone was done, dad left to pay the bill, while mom went to the car, leaving me and Lexi.

Before we left, dad advised Lexi and I to use the restroom. I walked up to the door, and opened it and did my business as quickly as I could. Thankfully it was only to pee. I washed my hands and walked out. But to get past everyone was tough, I tried not to look at them as I got on all fours like a normal deer would, and slowly walked to the exit. I eventually made it to the front entrance without being called out. Surprisingly.

I jumped in the car and buckled up. "That's one." Dad said. I watched Lexi run and slide in. "And that's two. It's gonna be a few more hours before we get to our destination, maybe even another day depending on traffic and how things look."

"Were are we going, dad?" I asked.

Dad looked at mom and laughed. Mom did the same, dad cleared his throat and told me this. "Somewhere I think you'll absolutely love!" he said. "That's all I can tell you." Mom quickly changed the subject.

"Is everyone full?" she asked.

"Yes." I said. I pulled out my phone and decided to shoot my pals a message, since I haven't heard from them in a while. I wonder what they're doing.