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Losing Faith

Chapter 1

Ahsoka raised her sabers to block the red blaster bolts that were headed for her. "Take cover!" She shouted to the clones behind her. They promptly rounded the corner behind them and opened fire on the droids that were firing on them. Ahsoka took a defensive stance and blocked bolt after bolt until all of the clones had found cover, before jumping around the corner herself and assessing the situation.

"Any idea where the fire is coming from?" Ahsoka asked Captain Rex.

"They set up between these 2 buildings" rex answered. He pulled up a hologram of the immediate surroundings. They were fighting in a city centre. It was a wide street with skyscrapers on either side. The hologram indicated that two of these skyscrapers were occupied by battle-droids.

"We'll have to try to get assault one of the skyscrapers and attempt to take out the droids inside." Ahsoka said. "Do we have any more smoke bombs?"

"We haven't used to many." Rex said. "We should be able to cover our approach with them."

"How much ground do we need to cover?" Ahsoka asked.

"About 300 metres"

"That's going to be a problem no doubt." Ahsoka pulled up her comm-link. "We've encountered battle droids in the skyscrapers on the main Street. Requesting air support!"

"We have a few bombers to spare, commander" the voice on the other side responded. "Please designate your target."

"Affermative" Ahsoka responded. She then turned to rex. "Fire a designation flare at the left tower." She told him.

Captain Rex put the attachment under the barrel of his rifle. The tube-like attachment could fire many different types of ammo, including the specially designed transponders. He looked around the corner and fired at the approximate position of the droids in the left tower. He then grinned to Ahsoka. "time to watch some fireworks!" he said.

Ahsoka nodded before raising her comm-link once again. "Target painted, light 'em up boys!"

"Affermative, air support will arrive in 1, stand by" the man on the other side answered.

Ahsoka lowered her comm-link once again. "Make sure the men are ready." She said to Rex.

"Will do!" Rex responded. He then turned to his men and explained the plan.

They heard the sound of Y-wing bombers approaching. "Get ready!" Ahsoka yelled to the troopers around her. The bombers fired their missiles, causing the fire from the left tower to cease for the moment. "NOW!" Ahsoka yelled as she charged toward the right tower. One of the clones threw a smoke bomb, which released a thick fog in front of them. Captain Rex used his underslung attachment to fire a small rocket on the right tower, and proceeded to fire his rifle at the droids to cover the clones. Ahsoka used the force to shatter the glass on the bottom floor of the tower, and ran inside. A few battle droids that were guarding the entrance and the elevators tried to shoot her, but she blocked the shots and swiftly turned them into scrap metal with her sabers. She then looked around, assessing the situation.

"Any idea which floor the droids are on?" Ahsoka asked.

"The 18th floor if I'm correct." Rex responded. "Luckily, the droids were destroyed before they could block the stairs off."

"Alright, we'll take the stairs. I'll go up front."

"Yes sir!" Rex replied. He then gathered up the men and they went up the stairs.

Arriving on the 18th floor, they stood still in front of the door. "How many targets are inside?" Rex wispered.

"Aproximately 50" one of the clones answered.

"Alright men, you know it, standard entry" Rex said. "Hand me a droid popper." One of the clones handed him the requested item. He opened the door just enough to flick his wrist and drop the grenade on the other side. He then shut the door and allowed Ahsoka to take his place. As they heard the droid popper go off, Ahsoka ignited her sabers and used the force to blast open the doors. The droids were stunned momentarily, which Ahsoka used to her advantage by disabling a few droids with her lightsabers. The clones poured in after her, guns blazing. A few of the droids tried to fight back, but the clones dispatched of them quickly.

Suddenly, the droids in the opposite building opened fire on them. A few of the clones went down in the stream of red bolts as they returned fire. Ahsoka used the force to lift some of the debris, moving it so the clones could use it as cover. "Smoke grenade, now!" she yelled. One of the clones softly threw a smoke grenade in front of the wall, covering the clones with the thick fog. "Status report!" Ahsoka yelled to Rex.

"3 dead, 5 more wounded!" he responded. The situation was bad. They were outnumbered, outgunned, and pinned down. They needed to come up with something, now.

Ahsoka quickly formulated a plan in her head. It was pretty suicidal, but it wasn't like she never had those kinds of plans, especially with Anakin as her master. "Drop some smoke bombs!" she told Rex. "And cover me on my signal!"

"Another one of your suicidal plans I suppose?" Rex said.

Ahsoka smirked. "You could say that. Just get ready."

Rex dropped a smoke bomb. Ahsoka jumped out of cover, and ran towards the shattered window. "Now!" she yelled, and the clones started laying down cover fire. Ahsoka jumped out of the shattered window, using the force to propel herself upwards. She landed on the other skyscraper with a roll, using a force blast to knock over a few droids. She got up, and immediately went on the offensive. "Hold your fire!" she yelled over the comm-link. She ran from droid to droid, expertly dodging and blocking the red bolts that were being shot at her. After a minute or so, all that remained of the droids was a pile of scrap metal. "All clear." She told her squad over the comm-link.

"General Skywalker is gonna be pissed that I let you do that." Rex responded.

"Did what?" Anakin said over the comm-link.

"Taking a calculated risk to make sure my squad doesn't die!" Ahsoka said, sounding annoyed.

"I hate to interrupt your banter, but a battalion of droids is heading toward your position." A clone trooper interrupted.

"Any armour?" Ahsoka asked.

"Three tanks and about 6 ground transports" the operator asked.

"Alright" Ahsoka said. "We're in perfect position for an ambush, we just need some heavy machine guns and some rocket launchers. Do you think a delivery can be arranged?"

"We have 1 machine gun squad on standby" the operator responded.

"That'll do." Ahsoka responded. She then tuned her comm-link to her squad frequency. "I need half of the squad in this tower. And block off the entrances."

"Copy that commander." Rex responded. Half of the squad made their way to the left tower, using the ascension cables. After a minute or two, 2 heavy machine guns arrived plus 6 clones to operate them. They also brought 4 rocket launchers. They split the launchers and the machine guns between the towers. They set up defensive positions and waited.


They didn't have to wait long. About a minute after the weapons were set up, droids started pouring into the wide street. "Steady!" Ahsoka said over the comm-link. The tanks rounded the corner, followed by the transports. "Take out the tanks, now!" Ahsoka yelled. Immediately, 6 rockets were fired from the shoulder launchers. 2 of the tanks were immediately destroyed, with the third one immobilized. The heavy machine guns started firing on the droid battalion, cutting tens of droids down in mere seconds.

The troop carriers were brought to a standstill, and started to unload more droids. "Scrap 'em before they can activate!" Rex yelled over the comm. By now, all the clones joined in, and the droids started to return fire.

Ahsoka assessed the situation. The road was definitely blocked for any armour, so they didn't have to worry about tanks. And the heavy machine guns were doing a wonderful job at scrapping the hundreds of droids that were pouring in from the street. "As long as they keep coming from this direction, we should hold them off easily." She thought. She then brought up her comm-link. "this is commander Tano to command, are our flanks secure?" she asked.

"Your right flank is secure" the operator answered. "But your reinforcements on the left flank ran into trouble."

"we cannot hold our own left flank" Ahsoka responded. "Any chance I can help them?"

"They are about a kilometre out, being kept up by a droid ambush" the operator answered. "If you could find a way to break it, they should be okay.

"Affermative, I'll head to their position" She then commed Rex. "I'm going to secure our left flank, you're in command while I'm gone."

"Affermative, good luck" Rex responded.


Ahsoka jumped from building to building, making her way toward the separatist holdout. Suddenly she heard blaster fire in the building across from her. She checked the holo-map in her device. Nope, definitely not the hold-out she was looking for. "Better check it out" she thought. She jumped toward the building, using the force to shatter the glass window. She then assed the situation. At the far side of the room, she saw a young woman surrounded by a couple of battle droids. The woman looked about 18 years old, with brown hair and green eyes. Ahsoka ran over, using the force to pull a few of the droids toward herself. She quickly sliced them to pieces. After all the droids were destroyed, she turned to the woman. She was sitting against the wall, a blaster in both of her hands. Ahsoka clipped her shoto to her belt, and offered the woman a hand. "are you alright?" Ahsoka asked.

"Thanks to you" the woman responded as she took her hand and stood up. "One minute I think I'm toast, the next minute I get saved by a Jedi." She looked Ahsoka over. "A good-looking one, might I add."

Ahsoka's lekku darkened. "I save your ass and that's the first thing you think about." She commented.

"I just can't resist it" the woman responded. "Anyway, I'm Liliana. Thanks for saving me"

"No problem. I'm Ahsoka" Ahsoka responded. "And I unfortunately have to save a squad of clones from death." She pointed to where she had to go. "I'll call for a med-evac."

"That won't be needed" Liliana responded. "I need to go that way to, and I'd feel much safer with a Jedi. Besides, I'd like the chance to look at you some more." She said in a suggestive tone.

Ahsoka's lekku darkened considerably. "Are you sure? It will be dangerous"

"Don't worry, I can handle myself. Besides, you'll need Someone to watch your back."

Ahsoka nodded. "Alright, try to keep up"

They went down to the street. "So, how did you get yourself into a warzone?" Ahsoka asked.

"Well, I was on this planet to deliver some cargo when the separatists decided to attack. And I need to make sure my ship doesn't get damaged, or else my source of income will be gone." She paused for a moment. "And how does someone like you end up fighting in a war? You look quite young to be a soldier."

"I'm a Jedi, it's my duty to protect the innocent" Ahsoka replied. "And sometimes, that means fighting in a war."

Liliana looked at Ahsoka with a shocked look on her face. "if you don't mind me saying, you don't look much older than 16. Who the hell thought it's a good idea to send 16-year olds into a battlefield?"

Ahsoka thought for a few seconds. "You know, I never really thought about that" she replied. "I've been fighting ever since I became a padawan about 2 years ago." They then continued walking down, back into the battlefield


They arrived at the separatist holdout, who were busy keeping the clones at bay. Ahsoka raised her comm-link and contacted the clones. "Reinforcements have arrived" she said. She observed the situation, looking for a way in. She soon saw a back door. "We can probably sneak in through there" Ahsoka said.

"Alright, sounds good to me!" Liliana replied. They then approached the door. Ahsoka ignited her sabers while Liliana raised her blasters. Ahsoka then used the force to blast open the door, and ran inside. The droids were spread out, and only a few payed attention to Ahsoka and Lilian's entry. Ahsoka quickly got to work turning the droids into scrap metal, while Liliana used her pistols to turn the droids off. They quickly eliminated all the droids, and the clones came in.

"Looks like our work here is done" the clone captain said. "Thanks for the help, commander"

"No problem" Ahsoka replied. "I found a civilian on the way, she needs to get to her ship."

"I can give her a pass for the checkpoints" the clone said, "but I'm afraid the space battle is still raging, so taking off is not a good idea."

"That won't be a problem, I just need to rest" Liliana said, while she took the pass the clone captain. She then turned to Ahsoka. "Thank you for the help"

"No problem" Ahsoka replied. "Get back safe!"


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