Losing Faith

Chapter 2

After the battle

Ahsoka was at the command post on the planet. She was looking for the medical station. Not because she was hurt, but because she wanted to see her friend, Barriss Offee, who had come with her master, Luminara Unduli, to aid in the defence of the planet. Since Barriss was a healer, she was coordinating work in the medical station.

She approached a clone, who was guarding the station. "Would you happen to know where commander Offee is?" Ahsoka asked.

"I believe she's currently in the third tent, sir" the clone answered.

"Alright, I'll see her there." Ahsoka answered. "Thank you!" the clone saluted, and Ahsoka went to the third medical tent.

She brushed the canvas that served as a door away, and stepped inside. Rows of wounded clones lay in the beds. Barriss was checking up on the clones. Ahsoka politely waited until she was finished, and then approached her.

"Hey Barriss!" Ahsoka greeted her friend.

Barriss turned around. "Hello Ahsoka" she returned the greeting. "What brings you here? You're not hurt are you?"

Ahsoka chuckled. "No, I'm not hurt, don't worry" she responded. "I just wanted to see how my friend was doing."

Barriss looked over to the clone medic next to her. "Can you finish up here, Kix?" She asked him. "Or is my attention still required?"

"don't worry commander" Kix replied. "I'll finish up here and bring you the medical report."

"Thank you." Barriss replied. "Come on Ahsoka, let's go outside" she then turned around and walked toward the exit. Ahsoka followed her outside.

They sat down on a few empty crates that were lying around. "So Ahsoka, how did the battle go?" Barriss asked.

"It went alright" Ahsoka replied. "But fighting in a city is dreadful."

"Yes it certainly is" Barriss replied. "Anything happen that you want to talk about?"

"Nothing interesting really happened, just the usual" Ahsoka replied. "you know, just running around saving civilians and turning droids into scrap. And what about you? How did it go here?"

Barriss' face suddenly looked tired. "Stressful" she replied. "It was very hectic. I'm glad the battle is finally over, I might have dropped dead from exhaustion otherwise."

Ahsoka looked at her friend, slightly worried. "Are you alright, Barriss?" She asked. "You have to take care of yourself"

Barriss looked at her friend and smiled. "Like you have the best track record" she chuckled.

Ahsoka chuckled as well. "That's fair" she responded. "But we weren't talking about me, we're talking about you"

Barriss looked more serious now. "I'll be alright, I just need sleep" she responded.

Ahsoka was about to answer when her comm-link beeped. She raidmsed her wrist to her mouth. "What is it?" she asked.

"I thought you'd like to know that the separatist fleet is on the run" her master's voice came. He'd been directing the space battle while master Luminara had directed the battle on the planet. "I'm going to need your report of the battle, so catch a shuttle to the ship"

"Alright master, I'll be on my way" she said, before hanging up. "Looks like duty calls" she said to Barriss. "I'll see you later"

"take care!" Barriss said to her. Ahsoka then ran off to catch a ride to the Resolute.


Ahsoka stepped out of the shuttle and into the hangar bay of the Resolute. Looking around, she saw ground crew working on repairing and refueling various fighters and bombers after the battle. At the far side of the hanger bay, she saw a ship that looked unfamiliar to her. There was a bit of commotion around it, and a young woman was loudly arguing with a few clone troopers. Recognizing the young woman as Liliana, Ahsoka swiftly walked over, hoping to resolve the situation.

"What's going on here?" Ahsoka asked one of the troopers.

"We're trying to interrogate the captain of this ship" the clone replied. "We suspect that she might be a separatists spy."

"What makes you think that!? Why would I ever want to spy for the separatists!?" Liliana said.

"Don't worry, she's not a spy" Ahsoka reassured the clone trooper. Liliana shot Ahsoka a thankful look. "I saved her from a bunch of battle droids, and she helped me to neutralise a separatist holdout"

"Alright commander" the clone trooper answered. "But we still have to inspect the cargo to make sure it's safe"

"That's no problem" Liliana replied. "I'll show you the cargo bay"

Ahsoka turned around and walked toward the bridge, thankful that the situation had been resolved. "Well, time to give a report to the council"


Ahsoka walked into the bridge. A couple of clones were at work coordinating repairs to the ship and a few others were coordinating the extraction of the clone troopers. Her master was standing at the holo-table, giving his report to the council. Master Luminara was standing next to him, patiently waiting until she could give her report. Ahsoka joined them, and waited.

"You're late Ahsoka, what took you so long?" Anakin questioned her.

"It wasn't my fault, master" Ahsoka replied. "I had to help someone in the docking bay. They could've arrested her for espionage if I hadn't stepped in"

Anakin looked at his padawan for a few seconds. He observed her through the force, and sensed that she was telling the truth. "All-right, I believe you" Anakin said.

After they had given their report to the council, Ahsoka went down to the hanger. There, she ran into Liliana, who seemed very annoyed.

"What's going on?" Ahsoka asked.

"My cargo seems to have decided to become radioactive, despite the fact that it was not when I scanned it myself" Liliana answered. "And now I have to stay here while the ship gets decontaminated." She sighed. "And here I was, thinking that I could finally rest"

"Well that sucks" Ahsoka replied. "I can let you rest in my quarters, if you like." She offered.

"You need rest to, and I wouldn't want to deprive you of sleep because of me" Liliana replied.

"I can sleep on the couch" Ahsoka responded. "Besides, I've gone without sleep for longer."

"Alright" Liliana said. "but don't complain to me if you sleep terribly"

"I won't" Ahsoka responded. "I'll show you my quarters." And with that, she turned around, Liliana walking beside her.

About a minute later they arrived at Ahsoka's quarters. As they walked inside, Liliana started to speak.

"Last time I went into a girl's room I got in a lot of trouble you know"

"How so?" Ahsoka asked

"Have you ever met the daughter of the late governor of Corellia?"

"No, I don't believe I have" Ahsoka replied.

"That's a shame. She was quite a nice girl, good-looking to." Liliana continued. "Anyway, I met her on Corellia and we happened to fall in love. One night, her father was gone for business, and we were alone at her place, where we planned to spend the night together. Needless to say, her father came home early and wasn't pleased to find me in her daughter's bed. He kicked me out of the house and later accused me of breaking into their house and attacking him." She paused for a moment. "And that's the story of how I became a wanted criminal on Corellia."

Ahsoka sat in silence. "That's quite a story" she said. "Did you ever see her after that?"

Liliana's face gained a sad expression. "Unfortunately not. About half a year after that, she and her father were kidnapped by pirates. They never made it out alive"

Ahsoka was silent again. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked" she said

"Don't worry about it" Liliana said. "I've moved on." A small smile spread across her face. Then she yawned. "Well, I won't keep you from sleep anymore, I'm sure we all need it."

Ahsoka also yawned. "yeah, I could use some sleep. You can use the bed."

Liliana wanted to argue that that wasn't necessary, but felt to tired to do so, so she simply tucked herself in. Ahsoka moved over to the couch, lied down, closed her eyes and fell asleep.


And that's it for this chapter! I know, very soon after the last one, I had a lot of inspiration today and enough time in my hands. I should probably explain that Liliana is an OC that I "borrowed" from another story, called "A girl from Corellia" since I enjoyed that story quite a bit. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, suggestions, tips and reviews are always appreciated, and have a good day!