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Losing Faith

chapter 3

Ahsoka woke up due to a knock at her door. Using the force, she sensed that it was her master, Anakin Skywalker. She quickly got up, retrieved her lightsabers, clipped them to her belt, and opened the door.

"We'll be arriving on Coruscant in half an hour" Anakin said. He then looked over at Ahsoka's bed, where Liliana was stirring awake. "Care to explain why there is some other girl I have never seen before in your quarters?" he said, with a questioning look on his face.

"That's Liliana" Ahsoka answered. "She helped me on my last mission, then got stuck here because her cargo decided to become radioactive, so I offered to let her sleep in my quarters"

Anakin smiled. "oh Ahsoka, always taking care of other people" he thought. "Alright, I guess that explains that. I'll see you at the temple." He then turned around and left, leaving Ahsoka and Liliana alone.

Ahsoka turned to Liliana. "Sleep well?" she asked.

"Yeah, I slept alright" Liliana answered. "I suppose I should get back to my ship, see if the decontamination is done."

"They're probably done already" Ahsoka responded. "How did you come by that ship anyway? It must've been quite expensive"

"I got it from my father" Liliana replied. "He unfortunately passed away when I was 15, I've been flying that ship ever since. He taught me everything he knew"

"I'm sorry"

"It's quite alright" Liliana reassured her. She then grabbed her blasters and put them back in the holsters on her belt. "Let's go." She said, and walked toward the hanger.


Ahsoka was walking through the temple hallways. Liliana had already gone on her ship, back to wherever she needed to deliver her cargo. Ahsoka had said her goodbyes, and then took a shuttle down to Coruscant. There wasn't really anything specific that she needed to do today, so she decided to visit her friend, Barriss.

She knocked on the door to Barriss's quarters. "Enter." She heard her friend's voice. Ahsoka opened the door, and saw her friend, who seemed to have been meditating just before Ahsoka got here. She reached out a hand and helped Barriss up.

"Hello Ahsoka" Barriss stated. "How are you?"

"I'm alright" Ahsoka replied. She noticed that Barriss looked tired. "Are you okay?"

"I'm quite alright, I just haven't slept particularly well" Barriss replied. "Would you like some tea?"

"Yes, that would be quite nice."

Barriss then went into the kitchen to make tea. "I wonder why she hasn't slept" Ahsoka thought to herself. "And it really isn't like Barriss to show that. Maybe I should ask her about it"

Barriss came back with a pot full of tea and 2 cups. She set them down on the table, and then sat down opposite of Ahsoka.

"Any idea why you didn't sleep well?" Ahsoka asked.

Barriss sighed. "Nightmares" she responded.

"Oh. That's got to be bad" Ahsoka responded. "What are these nightmares about?"

Barriss sighed again. She sounded incredibly tired. "About the war, same as usual. I keep seeing the men I treat. They get sent in, I patch them up, and they get sent back to the front lines just to get hurt or die in this bloody war." Her voice sounded weary. "I wish this war would end. The Jedi were supposed to be keepers of the peace, but now... Well, you know. I can remember a time where we still tried to keep that peace. Where we didn't immediately send padawans on mission as soon as they were assigned to a master." Barriss drank her tea. "You know, when I was assigned to master Luminara, it took a month before we actually got a mission."

Ahsoka looked mildly shocked. "A month!?" she asked. "when I got assigned to master Skywalker, the first time I actually saw him was on Christophsis. Not even five minutes later we were crawling through a horde of battle-droids in a box." She smiled at the memory. "He's still pissed that I almost dropped a wall on his head, even though I saved him."

"How'd you manage that?" Barriss asked.

"Well, he was surrounded by battle droids. And there was this wall behind him, with a hole in it. So I used the force to topple the wall and made sure that he went through the hole, but all the droids were crushed. He, of course, claimed that I tried to kill him."

"That's quite the story." Barriss said. Barriss then told a story about the time she saved her master.


Ahsoka woke up the next morning due to her chronometer beeping, indicating that it was time to get up. Ahsoka got out of bed, got in her clothes, clipped her lightsabers to her belt and stepped in her and Anakin's shared quarters.

Anakin was already up, as usual. He was looking at something on his holo-pad. "Morning, snips" he said. "Sleep well?"

"I slept alright" Ahsoka responded. "Anything on the agenda today?"

"Another mission," Anakin replied. "But let's go get some breakfast first, I'm starving." And with those words, he stood up and headed for the mess hall, with Ahsoka following him.


They were waiting in front of the council chambers, untill a voice rang over the inter-com. "Enter, you may" they heard master Yoda's voice. Anakin and Ahsoka stood up from the bench on which they had been sitting while they were waiting, and went inside.

About half of the council was present, either in person or through a hologram. Anakin and Ahsoka stood in the middle of the chamber. "I believe you had a mission for us, masters?" he inquired.

"That is correct" master Windu answered. "I'm afraid that the separatists have taken over Yavin II. We need to get that planet, and it's Republic outpost, back under our control. You will be sent along with master Luminara and her padawan to re-take the planet. May the force be with you, Skywalker."

"We'll have the planet in no time." Anakin responded. "Is there anything we should know?"

"We have no indication of how large the separatist presence there is." Master Windu responded. "If anything goes wrong, you have to get out of there."

"Understood master" Anakin responded. "Anything else?"

"That'll be all" master Windu said. You are dismissed."

Anakin and Ahsoka walked out the council chambers. "Well, a new day, a new mission." Anakin said.

"I don't know master, I have a bad feeling about this." Ahsoka responded. "We have no idea what we're going into, and that doesn't exactly sound good."

"Relax snips, I'm sure it'll be fine" Anakin responded. He couldn't have been further from the truth.


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