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Karina clutched her babies to her chest desperately as she stumbled through Mirkwood forest. In her fevered state, she fathomed she saw orcs and spiders closing in from every corner, and she sobbed in terror. Pushing herself to a faster pace, she never heard the gasps coming from her small bundle, nor the crying.

Finally, shivering and yet drenched with sweat, she collapsed underneath a large Mallorn tree. She gave a shuddering sigh, and looked down to the precious beings she held to her breasts.

Her small boy was deathly pale, but Karina hardly noticed as she pressed a kiss to his forehead and turned to look at her daughter. Her children were twins, and barely a week old. Karina had had trouble during the birth, and grown deathly ill very soon afterwards. Her little boy, the smaller and weaker of the two, had quickly caught his mother's fever. He had blond hair and dark, fathomless brown eyes that had already seen too much suffering. His sister was just beginning to show signs of sickness, but it was definitely coming. She had red hair and green, vibrant eyes. Karina kissed her as well and leaned back, shutting her eyes. "I've failed you." She whispered. "I'm sorry, my darlings."

Karina lay her head back down to the ground, using the last of her strength to hug her children she held, and then gave one last breath, her eyes un-focusing, staring upwards into the leaves, and went still.


Legolas rode through the woods, smiling softly to himself as the wind caressed his face. It was his first time to the borders of Mirkwood alone. Thranduil had been cautious about letting his youngest son go out that far alone, but Legolas had said that he needed the time alone, and finally his father had given in. Legolas smiled to himself. He had never felt more free than he had in the past week, without anywhere to be, anything to do, and all the time he wanted.

His keen ears suddenly picked up a far-off cry, and he sat up straighter, scanning the forest. "What..." He murmured to himself. The cry came again, and he gently spurred his horse in the direction the sound was coming from. Soon, a shape on the ground caught his attention, and he rode over, before climbing down from his horse and going to the still body. It was a human woman, her face pale and her eyes open in death. Legolas could tell that in life, when she had been healthy, she had been a beautiful woman, her long hair a light red and her eyes a deep blue, but now... He shivered. As an elf, he was not used to death, and he turned to leave, when he heard the crying again.

Turning back, he frowned, and then noticed the bundles of cloth on the woman's chest. The crying was most definitely coming from there. Gently, he lifted the bundle on the left, moving the dead woman's right arm. Opening the fabric, he found a small baby boy, his eyes glancing around in terror, sweating with obvious fever. Legolas immediately felt pity, and held the child to him, trying to comfort it. He wondered how long it had been out here, alone.

No, not alone. The crying was still continuing, and Legolas picked up the other bundle with his other arm, this time finding a beautiful little girl. She looked up into his eyes, sniffed, and stopped crying, as if knowing he would not hurt her.

Legolas knew that these children would be in trouble if they did not get proper attention soon, especially the boy. "Hold on, little ones. Everything is going to be all right." He assured the two children, heading back to his horse and pulling his cloak from the pack it carried. Kneeling down, he laid out the cloak and quickly fashioned a makeshift carrier, placing the babies carefully inside before pulling them onto his back and climbing on his horse. Legolas grabbed the horse's mane before urging it to gallop, holding on as tightly as he could, trying not to jar the small humans he held.


Legolas could hear the violent sobbing coming from his back, and wearily he climbed down from his horse. "I know, I know. We're stopping." He said soothingly, pulling the children from his back and cradling them to his chest. "You're hungry, I know. However, I have nothing to give you." He said sadly, stroking the little girl's hair.

With a sigh, he sat down as the babies continued to cry and pondered what he should do. He was still a young elf, and he had never had to take care of a small child before, and he didn't even know the first thing about it!!

He had to do something, though. He couldn't idly listen to the crying. Legolas set them down on the ground, trying to block out the fact that the babies were crying harder. Going to his pack, he extracted his water flask, a few herbs, and a bit of lembas. Carefully, he crumbled the pieces of lembas together with the herbs, adding a few things that would lower fever and help with pain, and then put them into his water flask, shaking it gently. He was worried, because he had a feeling that no matter how little he put into the water, the small human bodies would reject it, especially the boy.

With another sigh, he stood and went back to the babies, lifting them. The sobs went down to sniffles as they blinked up to him and hiccupped, and Legolas couldn't help smiling. Gently, he tipped the flask up a tiny bit, dribbling a little bit into the boy's mouth, but the baby coughed and jerked, spitting it out and beginning to cry again. Legolas had never been more frustrated in his life.

Then, he had a thought, and dipped his finger in the thin mixture. He ran his finger over the little boy's lips, trying to get him to open his mouth. Finally, the baby did, and after much coaxing, weakly sucked on the elvish finger. Legolas smiled and dipped his finger once again, repeating the process, but this time giving his finger to the girl. After awhile, though, he became bored at doing the same thing over and over again, and he began talking to the human children.

"My name is Legolas. Legolas Greenleaf. I'm a prince, though sometimes I wish I wasn't. My mother died when I was young too, but I had my father to take care of me. I wonder where your father is?" His only answer was a soft suck. "It doesn't matter, don't you worry. You're fine now. I'll take you home and you'll get well. You'll like my home." He smiled down at the girl and stroked her cheek with his finger.

A thought hit him. "I don't have a name for you." He frowned. "Well, I'll have to fix that." He was quiet a moment, and the babies watched him, their eyes drooping tiredly. "Baindemil." He decided, touching the girl's nose. "Yes. It fits you."

He looked down to the boy, who was almost asleep. "And for you…Nanufiren." He decided, and the baby only yawned.

Legolas chuckled. "All right, I get the point, I'm boring you. Let's go to sleep." He laid down on the ground, cradling the children in his arms. He laid his chin ont top of the boy's heaqd and smiled softly. "I promise that I will take care of you." He said softly before he fell into a sleep more peaceful than he had ever experienced.