The following chapter is really slow. I am sorry. I can't help it, it's important to see the point where Thranduil begins to accept the twins, and that requires a lot of formality. There is a lot of elvish in this chapter, for which I apologize, and a lot of things that are normally beyond the twin's age, but Legolas has painstakingly coached them to say. –Which, I say from experience, is fun to watch…little kids trying to say big words their parents are training them to say.- Anyway, I will try to make it more interesting after this chapter. Translations at the end of the chapter.


Thranduil's expression was unreadable as Legolas came out of the south entrance, carrying his children still. His eyes were serious, despite the happy occasion, as he saw his youngest son, and Legolas quickly let the twins down, checking their hair. Nanufirin's was already a bit mussed, the strands as fine as the day Legolas had found him, even if it had darkened more than Legolas would have expected, from blond to dark brown. Legolas quickly smoothed it, smiling at the boy, who grinned easily back. Baindemil's hair still sat in place, amazingly, held by the knots of royalty. Legolas smiled at her as well, then gaze both children serious looks, reminding them wordlessly of their promise. The twins sobered a bit, and allowed their father to take their hands as they quietly followed him under the arched entryway to where the rest of the royal family waited. Legolas took his place at his father's left, his keen elvish eyes focusing on the approaching part of elves.

Thranduil turned cool eyes to his youngest. "I would have thought you would leave the gwenyn with their nurse this morning, Legolas." He said with quiet disapproval, but his expression did not change.

Legolas turned a slightly surprised look up to his father. "Surely, adar, my children should be present for the return of their adarthel." He said quietly.

Thranduil said nothing for a moment, looking towards the coming elf-ridden horses. "Perhaps it would have been prudent to let them meet their adarthel at a later time." He stated without looking at his son.

Legolas glanced to his children, who looked trustingly up at him, knowing they were the subject of conversation, but saying nothing. He smiled at them softly and followed his father's gaze. "They are on their best behavior, adar." He promised. Thranduil said nothing in response, but he did not protest, which Legolas took as a good sign. He knew that sometimes Legolas' insistence on presenting the human twins as his own children did not sit well with the king, but to his credit, Thranduil had never stopped him.

The rest of the wait was quiet, with the twins being commendably still and quiet, soothed by their father's presence. Soon, the horses came close enough for the servants to come and take the horse's reins from their riders. Luminal was the first off her horse, moving as quickly as she possibly could while still being proper. Her smile could have lit all the darkening corners if her father's woof as she went to him, throwing her arms around him with no care for formality. "Ada! Im garanann tol bar!" She said with unrestrained glee.

"Sui garim, iell." Thranduil responded with soft affection, laying a hand on his daughter's hair with a gentle smile. They stayed that way for a moment before Luminal pulled back, gleaming up at her father and then dashing over to the crown prince of Mirkwood with a happy cry of his name, giving him a rib-bruising hug as well. Kadorin smiled brightly at his youngest sibling.

Luminal turned, looking for her other brother, and upon finding him, started over with the same unrestrained excitement, but slowed a little as she saw the twins. Her smile was curious and a bit excited as she looked to Legolas. "Muindor, ai…" She began, gesturing to the twins.

Immediately, Legolas smiled easily and prodded his children softly. Baindemil grinned widely and stepped forward, letting go of her father's hand, and at a bit more encouragement, her brother followed her. Demi inclined her head towards her aunt respectfully. "Mae govannen, muinthelo im adar. Nin eneth Baindemil Legolasiel." She said formally.

Before Luminal could respond, Nanufiren followed his sister's example quickly, playing off the formal words the twins father had so painstakingly gone over with them. "Mae govannen, muinthelo im adar. Nin eneth Nanufirn Legolasion." He said, likewise bowing his head.

Luminal grinned at them, and quickly came over, kneeling before them and tilting their heads up, reverting to the human tongue easily. "Legolas has taught you good manners, I see, but there is no need for such formality. I am pleased to meet you!" She said, grinning and drawing the twins into a hug, which neither human child fought.

Thranduil said nothing, but his stance seemed to relax at the twin's good behavior, and continued to do so as he watched his daughter with a faint smile. Luminal stood with a look to her brother that said he would have a lot to explain at a later time, but she merely pulled him into a hug before going to Arwen's side, taking her through the family and introducing them one by one. Legolas was pleased to note that she did not leave his children out, introducing them easily as her muindorion a muindoriel despite their obvious human features. The twins likewise still remained formal for their father and grandfather, greeting Arwen as "Elrondiel, brannono Rivendell." Legolas couldn't have been more proud, and when his father turned an approving smile on the twins as Arwen smiled at them, Legolas felt a weight lift. Perhaps everything would work out for the twins in their new home in a wonderful way Legolas could hardly have hoped for.



Gwenyn- Twins

Adarthel- loose translation Father's sister.

Ada! Im garanann tol bar- Father! I have longed to come home!

Sui imgar, iell- As have I, daughter.

Muindor, ai…- Brother, I…

Mae govannen, muinthelo im adar. Nin eneth Baindemil Legolasiel- Well met, sister of my father. My name is Baindemil, daughter of Legolas.

Mae govannen, muinthelo im adar. Nin eneth Nanufirn Legolasion- Well met, sister of my father. My name is Nanufiren, son of Legolas.

Muindorion a muindoriel- Son of my brother and daughter of my brother

Elrondiel, brannono Rivendell- Daughter of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell.


Again, I am sorry. Beginning next chapter I will try to add some plot and cliff hangers and angst and the kind of stuff that make a story fun to read. :)