When Conall and the other injured Faes woke up, the first thing they notice was the floor or ground was green? When they lift their head, they grimace because the pain got them.

You're wake", someone said.

When the Fae look for the voice and saw humans, they shiver, remembering what happen to them when the some humans invading their home and hurt some with Red Powder.

"It's okay we won't hurt you", said a familiar voice they recognize, My name is Aurora.

Some of the humans came with some water, after a bit the Faes took the glass of water, drinking the water while watching them.

"Where are we", Conall asked after he finish .

In my castle, Aurora said, you been out for two days.

How are the," Conall start.

"Kids", Aurora said, they are fine. "They were in shock when it happen. Some friends of mine had younger siblings close in age. The kids help them clam down."

"Can we see them," asked a female Fae.

"Yes you can", Aurora nodded at some humans to get them, "some are ready for a feed now."

The humans come in the room with their children, some humans had a few Fae babies in their arms when they stop and look at Aurora. When Aurora nodded at the humans, they reunited the Dark Fae children with their parents.

"Aurora, said a female Tundra Fae, "we heard stories about you and Fae you saved."

"Yes and No," Aurora said, "before that, what do you know about my Father."

"Your father misuse is trust and cut Maleficent's wings off, Conall said, Maleficent curse you because of what he done to her."

"She try not to get attached to you," Borras said, "You gave her hope and brought back her smile."

"Where did you hear it from", Aurora said as Maleficent and Prince Philip come in the room.

"From us ", Sam, an Ulstead guard said as a few more come in the room.

The Dark Faes were felt uneasy around the guards. Aurora and the other saw it and put a hand on their shoulder. Prince Philip notice a familiar injured female Tundra Fae, looking at him.

"Stella, Phil said coming to the Fae side, "You all had us worry."

"It's good to see you again", Stella said grabbing his hand, "It been a while."

"You already met my mate, Aurora and her adopted Mother, Maleficent", Phil said as Maleficent and Aurora nodded, "Mal was the last Fae, since she was only one we saw. We made an agreement with Maleficent. We are human and Not."

"Do you mean," asked Stella as she and the others knew about them.

"Yes", Prince Phil said as he and his friends reveal themselves, "we are part Fae."