Rory had almost accepted that in order to again begin to like the person she'd become, she needed to move on. Logan's seemingly indifferent position until now had made accepting that this was their goodbye significantly easier. Now with his proclamation, his willingness to take a leap into the unknown, after all this time, proposed a momentous dilemma. If she replied with just her heart, there was no question. But if she involved her brain, there were doubts written all over the situation. There was the matter of beginning to make better decisions in life and finding herself professionally. Did she even know who she was anymore? Whether this decision proved to be another one in the line of bad decisions, she wasn't sure. She also couldn't stand the idea of being the person to cause Logan to throw his current life away - she knew he did what he loved and was good at, and he clearly enjoyed the lifestyle he'd grown accustomed to - would he blame her if they didn't work out? There was certainly more to her persona that couldn't be just fixed by having Logan, all of him, in her life again, wasn't there?

Rory had been quiet for a long time, pacing around the room, Logan observing her carefully from the bench.

"Ace, I need to know..," he stated quietly after a pregnant pause. This was beginning to painfully remind him of his proposal, minus the ring.

"Yes, I want all of you," she blurted, shutting her brain off briefly. The words had almost shot out of her mouth too easily, almost like being held in captivity all these years and finally being allowed to fly. She almost regretted saying it, and a moment later she regretted thinking she had regretted it. As her brain turned fully on again a second later, she added "But there are some conditions." She sighed, taking a deep breath, while she formulated the sentence in her head. "You need to promise me that you won't make me liable for dragging you here, and whatever else happens as a result, in case we…," she began, unable to finish that sentence.

"Ace, I promise, whatever I'll leave behind will be my decision. I've adapted and survived on my own before. But this time I won't be on my own," he replied, raising from his seat. He stood in front of her, placing his hands on her upper arms, brushing them gently in assurance.

"And we really need to work through our issues without diving head first into anything bigger than we can handle," she added.

"I agree. We don't have a simple and straightforward history, and we certainly have things to work out. It took us too long to speak our minds. We can't let that happen again," Logan replied.

"I was prepared for this morning to go very differently, Logan," Rory breathed nervously, still not quite believing the turn of events. Her hands travelled instinctively to his waist, pulling him close, resting her head on his shoulder. Surely she could stay in their bubble for a moment longer?

"It's very real," he said, kissing her hair.

"I can't wait to go down and tell the guys," Logan said a moment later, breaking their hold. He felt a rush of endorphins and adrenaline after the tense discussion, finally being able to breathe in relief as the realization sunk in.

"You really think that's wise?" she hesitated.

"They are our biggest fans, if there's anyone we don't have to fear telling, it's them," Logan replied.

"I don't know, I feel weird celebrating before you've dealt with things in London," she explained.

"Ok, I get that. Fine, we'll hold off for a while. But let's just go to breakfast and enjoy the hours we have now," he said smilingly, unable to hide his good mood.

"Why are you two so giddy?" Finn asked as Rory and Logan came down the stairs.

"Ready for breakfast, guys?" Logan inquired, dismissing Finn's question.

"Right after Finn apologizes," Robert replied, demandingly.

"He said I was from New Zealand," Finn explained.

"So what, you hit him?" Rory asked, looking over Robert's eye. "Finn!" she scolded.

"Alright, Mother is mad, we better get this over with, Finn," Robert said, raising from the sofa. "I'm sorry I told you you were from New Zealand," Robert stated respectfully.

"I apologize for punching you," Finn replied gallantly.

"Alright, time for breakfast," Logan added.

"Where's Colin?" Rory asked, grabbing her jacket.

"He went to look for his newest Colt," Finn explained, adding "I'll text him to join us."

The guys headed out in front of them, while Logan locked up, Rory waited up for him. They felt already now more real to her than they had been in years - the bubble was almost gone.

"So, Ace, where are you going to write then?" he inquired, as they walked over to the car. He also needed to figure out where he'd be moving to in order to be close to her.

"Grandma's house," she replied. "It's missing half the furniture but she has no use for the space anymore, so it's just collecting dust basically," Rory added. It was also going to be the central location in her book, which made it even more perfect.

"That place sure brings some memories," he commented smugly. They'd spent months in that pool house. Just out of sight from her grandparents for the time, it had been the place they'd been the happiest together.

"I guess I'll have my stuff shipped to Honor's for now, she's over at Ridgefield these days," he added a few seconds later, realizing that hoping to move right in together was not taking things slow.

"Logan...," she said, giving him a meaningful look, almost feeling bad for not offering. But it was probably wise.

"I know, I get it, I think giving it some time before…, can only be a good thing," he agreed, opening the car door for her. He didn't feel like finishing that sentence as it felt too much like making plans which they hadn't really agreed on, besides he could at this point only guess what his discussions in London would bring. If things did blow up in his face, which potentially also meant getting caught in a media strom, it was better to protect her from it as much as he could.

The four sat down at a booth by the window for breakfast ten minutes later. After having ordered Robert excused himself to chat up the cute blonde behind the counter.

"So what's up with you two?" Finn asked bluntly, "something's changed," he added.

Rory and Logan looked up at each-other then back at Finn.

"Come on, I'm not blind. Until this morning Logan was basically tiptoeing around you, unsure how you'd take us showing up at all, basically giving me the vibes that this was going to be the grand goodbye," he explained.

"I'm pulling the plug on things in London," Logan replied, looking carefully at Rory. Rory wasn't angry at him for telling Finn, yet she was scared what that sentence entailed.

"About bloody time!" Finn replied loudly.

"Keep it down," Rory asked.

"Alright," Finn replied, adjusting his tone.

"Do you need my help with anything?" Finn asked, after thinking it over.

"I might, I'm not sure yet. It depends how it goes," Logan began. "I'm not sure how quickly I can be back here, it might be a few weeks at least if Mitchum insists I follow my contract to the letter," he added.

"Well don't hesitate to ask if there is anything. You too, Rory," Finn offered.

"Thank you, Finn," Logan replied.

Rory couldn't really understand why she would possibly need his help. What she had aimed to do was spend the next few months in her grandparents house writing, completing the occasional assignments that came with the Stars Hollow Gazette and hopefully in the meanwhile look for a job that actually came with a steady salary.

"I guess this is goodbye," Rory said to Logan, as they stood outside the diner an hour later. She knew the next time he'd return, things were going to be different. But before allowing her mind dream of that time, she feared for Logan.

"For now," he replied, adding, "I'm sorry I couldn't drive you back myself, I really need to catch that takeoff slot if I want to be there before morning."

"Call me, okay?" she added, giving him a kiss goodbye.

"I will, Ace," he replied, after breaking the kiss reluctantly.

Having lingered in his euphoria for the better part of the morning, he shook it off as he closed the car door behind him, his face turning serious. He now had roughly nine hours to figure out his game plan for London.