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The photographer was just about to finish, having had luck with Lee adorably sleeping in a mint green babynest, after taking some pictures of the family of three altogether. Logan had gotten a phone call which he'd taken to the kitchen, trying not to wake him.

"That's a wrap," the photographer said.

Rory nodded and the photographer began packing up his things. Rory didn't dare to move Lee, he seemed to be sleeping so comfortably and with some luck he would sleep for another hour. She certainly never appreciated a baby's sleep as much as she did now.

She showed the photographer out a few minutes later, as she returned Logan was standing in the living room, his hands in his pockets, looking somewhat apprehensive.

"What's wrong?" Rory asked.

"My mom called. She wants to see Lee," Logan replied.

"I figured she would at some point. She doesn't want us to go to London, does she?" she asked.

"No, she'll be coming to Connecticut," Logan said.

"I hope she wasn't expecting us to invite her here, I don't think I can handle that right now," Rory said, recalling last night's struggles with Lee having seemingly switched out day and night and the fact that every other room, except the living room they'd used for photos, was a pigsty.

"We can go ourselves, though it's still a bit of a drive for Lee, or we could invite her over to the Dragonfly or something. It's closer," he suggested.

"I guess the Dragonfly would work," she agreed, feeling relieved for not having to drive all the way to the New York border with her one-month-old. "When is she coming? I'll call mom," she asked, already going to get her phone from her desk.

"Well she's in the States already. Whenever you feel up to it," Logan sighed, somewhat apologetically.

"Right," she sighed, dialling Lorelai.

"Hey kid!" she greeted cheerily.

"Hi mom," Rory began. "I am sorry I dragged you into dinner with Francine without telling you," she added.

"Why do I have the feeling you are just about to ask me for a favor," she cut her off before Rory had a chance to finish.

"Well, because I kind of am," she sighed.

"What do you need?" Lorelai asked carefully.

"Well Shira is the US and she wants to meet her grandson," she said, adding, "and I would really prefer if instead of inviting her to my currently disaster zone of a house or driving all the way to Greenwich with Lee, maybe I could just see her in the Dragonfly or the Annex, maybe you could set aside a suite for us or something for the day," pleadingly.

"Shira Huntzberger in my inn? You're kidding me, right? I'm not on speaker phone am I? Sorry Logan, if you are hearing this," Lorelai blurted. She was not on speaker phone but Logan could hear the gist nonetheless. But he certainly wasn't one to be offended by those hesitations.

"Mom, please," she begged.

"When?" Lorelai asked.

"Whenever works for you, tomorrow, day after tomorrow… soonish," Rory replied.

"How about 29th of February?" Lorelai joked.

"Mom, I don't think waiting three and a half years is really going to work," she commented.

"Fine, let me check when the suites are free," she said, typing the dates into the booking system. "Tomorrow works, there's one free suite at the Annex," she said after a few minutes.

"Okay, tomorrow works. At 11 o'clock?" Rory said, trying to estimate Lee's nap time, which was almost like rocket science these days.

"I don't actually have to be there, do I?" Lorelai asked.

"Well it would be very supportive of you if you were," she said, squinting her eyes hopefully.

"Fine, but only if we go do a foot massage and pedi right after, I need my quality time with you too, Logan will just have to manage," Lorelai said.

"Thanks mom, I've got to say your conditions are a lot nicer than the ones grandma tends to pull," Rory replied.

"Mom, hi", Logan greeted as the three stepped into the Annex suite living room, the carseat in Logan's hand, with Lee who had just five minutes earlier fallen asleep.

"Sorry, we're late. Lee wasn't too happy with the drive, we had to pull over to soothe him," Rory said apologetically, placing the diaper bag down on the floor next to Lee.

"Rory, Logan," Shira greeted, hugging them demonstratively. "Lorelai, I don't think we've officially met," she noted, seeing her appear behind them, offering her hand.

"Hi," Lorelai said reluctantly, shaking her hand. "We actually have, but it was a long time ago, I was just a child," she added.

"Of course," she said, "how forgetful of me," Shira added.

"He just fell asleep," Rory explained as Shira began to observe the sleeping baby, while she gently rocked Lee's car seat.

"He looks just like Logan," Shira noted on a soothing voice. It was always quite difficult to tell whether she was actually being nice.

"He's already grown so much," Logan noted, "gained like over 2 lbs already," he added proudly.

"He looks adorable," Shira commented. "How are you doing Rory? Is he keeping you up at night?" she asked.

As much as she wished she could pretend to be a supermom in front of Shira, there was no denying that she was still exhausted. "Oh just the usual amount," Rory sighed sarcastically. She was almost waiting for Shira to mention how good it would be to have help around the house.

"Some nights are better than others, but I'm glad I can help out," Logan said gallantly.

"He's already getting a lot stronger as well, he can lift his head a little," Lorelai noted.

"Is he smiling yet?" Shira asked.

"Not yet, he can maintain eye contact a little though," Rory commented, checking Lee's neck to see if he wasn't too hot.

"I actually got you guys a little something," Shira said, rising from her seat, getting the large tote bag from the chair at the dinner table.

"Here," she said, handing the blue-bowed box from inside the tote bag to Logan.

"That's very kind of you, mom," he replied, opening the box.

Inside, wrapped in blue paper, was a light blue cashmere blanket, a few fancier outfits, with bowtie and all, and a dark blue velvet box. Logan opened the box to find a silver spoon inside engraved Lee Richard.

"Thank you," Rory said. The gesture seemed sincere. She'd almost expected some hidden insult from her, like at Christmas, but it never came.

"Is anybody hungry or thirsty, I can have something brought up here?" Lorelai asked.

"A cup of tea would be lovely," Shira said.

"Alright, you guys?" she asked.

"Water for me," Rory replied, "and I wouldn't mind some food if Sookie is cooking," she added.

"She is. Logan, anything for you?" she asked.

"Coffee, please," he said.

"You come here often?" Shira asked.

"Oh, me?" Rory asked, not sure what she meant. "Oh, I don't really, but I do know the place inside and out. My mom owns this," she explained, realizing Shira hadn't made the connection.

"Oh, I thought she just owned the smaller inn I passed by earlier," she noted.

"She recently expanded," Rory noted, feeling a little proud.

"Well I must tell her later it looks wonderful," Shira said. "Logan, how's work?" she continued

"I actually haven't been there much these past few weeks, been mostly doing it from the distance," he explained.

"Really?" she asked, perhaps sounding a little too surprised.

Logan chucked at her reaction. "Yes, really," he replied.

It was then Lee began to stir, stretching out his arms and legs, yawning before actually opening his light brown eyes.

Rory unbuckled the seat belt harness and lifted Lee to her chest.

"Hey Lee, ready to meet grandma Shira?" she asked.