Full disclosure: this started as a PWP one shot that absolutely got away from me. I...I just have a lot of feelings about these emotionally stunted dipshits, and somehow, that has turned into a much longer fic than I meant it to be. But please, please mind the warnings: there is some extremely dubious consent going on, as well as NHS having some questionable morals when it comes to other people's autonomy.

Also, this is a very "write what you know" situation, because this is heavily inspired by all the catty old gay men I deal with at work who want nothing more than a hot piece of ass to wander into the jerk off booths, despite how unlikely it is...except better, because NHS knows how to use Grindr to actually get laid

Nie Huaisang leans on an unused piece of equipment while he watches Jiang Cheng do reps. He's discovered the perfect solution to his brother's insistence that he work out more: hang out with Jiang Cheng at his gym. He gets to watch a bunch of fit guys work out, and he knows Jiang Cheng won't snitch on him for sitting on his ass. What else are friends for?

Jiang Cheng might just be his friend, but he can still enjoy the free show…though it seems he's not the only one. A few of the other guys are only putting so much focus into their workout routines, instead stealing opportunities to eye Jiang Cheng like a fresh piece of meat. Nie Huaisang shifts his position slightly to hide his bemused grin. If they think Jiang Cheng is here to cruise, they're hopeless morons. It's way easier to stumble into a hookup at the sex shop across the parking lot, though it's mostly old guys there these days.

Idiots. Just use Grindr like the rest of us!

Nie Huaisang pulls his phone out, intending to do just that, and Jiang Cheng gives him a look. "Are you just going to sit there every time?" he asks, wiping down the machine he just finished with.

"I sat over there last time," he says, vaguely gesturing across the gym. There's only so much action in the area right now - at least the kind he's interested in - because Jiang Cheng has somehow managed to pick the worst time of day to hit the gym.

He rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean."

"Come on, Jiang Cheng, don't you know? I haven't done a push up since high school and I don't intend to start now," he argues, swiping left on a few guys. Too old, too flighty looking, definitely a stolen photo…oh, wait. That guy is a potential; he was bench-pressing quite a lot earlier. He swipes right while nodding along to whatever Jiang Cheng is still going on about- probably either the benefits to getting in shape or whatever he's done with his nephew recently. Potential hookup picks up his phone and almost immediately shoots him a message. It's short and to the point. Perfect.

"Alright, let me run to the locker room," Nie Huaisang cuts in, watching his hookup make a beeline for it. "I can't work out in this."

"You brought a change of clothes?" he asks, doubtful.

He hops down from his seat, waving off Jiang Cheng's question, though he catches the second eye roll he gets. Whatever, Jiang Cheng can enjoy his workout in peace while Nie Huaisang gets his preferred form of physical activity from this visit.


"So…your friend…" his hookup says, trailing off expectantly while Nie Huaisang shimmies back into his pants. He only barely resists the urge to roll his eyes, instead fixing…Mark? Ryan? Whatever his name is, Nie Huaisang smiles blithely at him.

"Oh, him? Are you interested?" he asks innocently.

"Yeah, he's here all the time, but no one can get through to him," he says. "Maybe—"

"Maybe I could, what, put in a good word?" He laughs. "You're out of luck. He's off the table—"

"What, are you hogging him or something?"

Nie Huaisang does roll his eyes this time. "No, he's tragically straight. Trust me, we've been friends since we were kids. If he doesn't wanna have sex with me, he's not going to settle for one of you losers."

The guy starts sputtering - maybe he's a Liam? Who knows. - as if it'll change Nie Huaisang's mind. "You're cruising all the time. Why can't he?"

"Because, dipshit, he's not into dick," he bemoans. "Good luck converting him; he's not going to fall for it."

He straightens his shirt and fusses with his hair until it falls how he likes it, and with that, Nie Huaisang strolls out of the locker room. Jiang Cheng is cleaning up again, though it looks like he's just about done for the day. Perfect timing!

"Where have you been?" he asks.

"Locker room," Nie Huaisang answers honestly, rolling his head to crack his neck. It's really easy to end up cramped in there; he'll have to try harder to avoid it next time.

Jiang Cheng raises an eyebrow. "I thought you were getting changed so you could actually work out with me."

He grins. "I did get a work out in there, don't worry about it."

"What— no, you did not," he exclaims, groaning.

"Didn't whaaaat?" he teases, playing up some obliviousness and leaning in.

"You can't have sex in the public locker room," he hisses, leaning further in, as though anyone actually cares enough to listen in.

Nie Huaisang chuckles. "Oh, Jiang Cheng…I'm hardly the first person to have sex here. It's a pretty popular spot!"

Watching his eyes bug out is far too entertaining, and he pats Jiang Cheng on the arm comfortingly. "Don't look so horrified; if you didn't notice before, you're not gonna now. Come on, let's go get coffee- my treat," he assures him, leading him back to the locker room. He'd be lying if he didn't take a certain satisfaction in hanging off Jiang Cheng's arm while his most recent hookup watches jealously. They're not hooking up, but he can still flaunt what he's got.


Who says they can't hook up? It's not like it'd ruin their friendship, at least not for Nie Huaisang. He can have no strings attached sex with a friend without making it weird. And yeah, Jiang Cheng says he's not gay, but he's not exactly having sex with any women, either. Honestly, he's pretty sure Jiang Cheng just isn't interested in sex, but that's neither here nor there. They can still mess around just for fun! How hard could it be to make it happen? They're friends, right? That's all the trust he should need.

"$11.92," the barista says, and Jiang Cheng looks at him expectantly.

"Oh, oops, I think I left my wallet in the car," Nie Huaisang says, fluttering his eyes in his direction. He gets a groan and a very exaggerated eye roll, but Jiang Cheng pays without any further complaints.

Oh, yes. He can definitely make this work.


"I still can't believe you hooked up with some guy at the gym last week," Jiang Cheng says in exasperation.

Nie Huaisang glances back at him, sees he's just looking at his phone, and sighs. "Really? You can't believe it?" he asks before sticking his head back in the closet.

He groans. "No, I know you're, I dunno, openly slutting around everywhere or whatever," he says, with the barest hint of teasing hiding in the frustration- which Nie Huaisang knows means he's not actually that upset. "I just don't understand how you met someone there."

"He was on Grindr," he says simply, stacking some empty shoe boxes in the back of his closet. Now that he has most of the shoes themselves in a display, he has to figure out where to keep all the boxes.

"So he snuck into the gym?"

The confusion and returning anger in his voice makes Nie Huaisang chuckle. "No, he was already there working out and hoping someone else was cruising," he explains. Even without looking at his face, he can feel Jiang Cheng's confusion grow. He sighs and shifts so he can turn around. Jiang Cheng has put his phone down on the bed to look at Nie Huaisang strangely, like he's hoping he'll unravel the secrets of hooking up at the gym, but he's not sure how it's going to happen. "Come on, don't tell me you're this dense. There's always a bunch of guys there, usually very fit and good looking, so of course it's a popular cruising spot."

Jiang Cheng shakes his head. "Perverts," he says derisively.

Nie Huaisang shrugs. "Call it whatever you want, but it's got great action. Though…no, no, I shouldn't tell you…" he trails off, sighing worriedly. He spies the spark of curiosity in Jiang Cheng's eyes as he's turning back around, and it's a good thing he can hide the satisfied grin on his own face.

"What?" he snaps, taking the bait.

"It might make you uncomfortable," Nie Huaisang warns him.

"You had sex at my gym. What else can you ruin for me today?"

He laughs. "Just remember, I warned you!" he reminds Jiang Cheng, turning to face him again. "Are you sure you wanna hear what they think of you?"

"I've been nice enough to everyone there," he says with a scowl.

"Oh, I know. And they all looooove you for it. I've seen how much they watch you; haven't you noticed?" he asks, moving on with a wistful sigh. "Even the guy I hooked up with wanted to know how to get your attention! As if I wasn't good enough…"

A myriad of emotions plays out on Jiang Cheng's face, all of them entertaining. He opens his mouth and closes it a few times before he's able to string any words together, and that's quite the accomplishment. Usually he just starts yelling when he's upset; Nie Huaisang really managed to stun him. "I don't think— They don't mean— Ugh, I'm sure you're good at sex, Huaisang. You practice enough," he says with a groan. "But none of them really said anything about me. Why would they?"

"Why wouldn't they? You're attractive, you're in good shape, you obviously take care of yourself…and, well, some of them wanna live the fantasy of converting a straight man, and you look the part," Nie Huaisang explains, gesturing at him. He can almost see the words process in Jiang Cheng's head.

"But I'm not gay."

"So? Like I just said, for some guys, that's part of the appeal." Nie Huaisang shrugs. "I don't really get it; it's way too much effort for someone who probably doesn't know what he's doing. I'm not gonna waste my time."

Jiang Cheng scoffs. "At least you have some common sense."

"And I have your best interests at heart. I've told some of them off because I know you're not interested in that sort of thing," he says, finally getting up from the floor so he can observe the fruits of his labor- both the nicely organized closet and Jiang Cheng's face. He looks like he's not sure if he should be grateful for Nie Huaisang's help or disgusted by what some people think of him.

"Anyway, I'm done with this," Nie Huaisang says, gesturing at his room. "Wanna order takeout and watch something on Netflix?"

Jiang Cheng slips his phone into his pocket and gets off the bed. "Yeah, but don't mention it to Yanli. She thinks I eat nothing but takeout."

"But you do."

"Shut up, I have instant meals sometimes!"

Nie Huaisang laughs. "I won't snitch if you pick up the bill."

"Why do I always end up paying?" he grumbles.

"Because I'm your best friend," Nie Huaisang counters, and they both end up laughing until they're halfway through ordering dinner.


"I'm busy," comes through his headphones, and Nie Huaisang rolls his eyes.

"Doing what? I thought we were finishing up that show we started tonight!" he whines, flipping through a shitty catalog of his brother's that somehow ended up at his apartment. What's the point of a knife catalog if it isn't full of half-naked men? What a waste!

There's an indistinct curse under his breath before he answers. "I have to pick something up for Jin Ling, okay?"


"Because he's my nephew, and my sister asked me to," he answers. "Why are you such an asshole?"

"Doesn't he have other uncles? I'm sure one of them could get it," he suggests idly, tossing the catalog in the recycling bin and picking up his phone. He'll have to make other plans since apparently, he's been upstaged by a kid. Whatever.

"I can do it myself," he snaps.

"Sorry, sorry," Nie Huaisang says apologetically. "What about tomorrow?"

"My mom wants me to go on a date with…some coworker's daughter or something," he says, the sound of crinkling packaging in the background.

Nie Huaisang groans. "Fuck that. Tell her you already have a date with me."

"Very funny," he says sarcastically. "Hey! Hey, asshole, you can't take all of those!"

He chuckles as he gets the one-sided argument between Jiang Cheng and the idiot who got in his way at the toy store. As if he'd ever be stupid enough to take the last of something Jiang Cheng wants…at least when it comes to Jin Ling.

"I'm gonna have to call you back," Jiang Cheng tells him. "Someone called mall security."

Nie Huaisang laughs loudly. "Don't get arrested at the mall!"

"Fuck you— no, I wasn't swearing at children!" he snaps, and the line goes dead.

Well, if he doesn't get arrested at the mall, they can try again in a couple days. If he does, Nie Huaisang is never going to let him live it down.


Jiang Cheng: I didn't get arrested
Nie Huaisang: but?
Jiang Cheng: I can't believe they remembered me
Jiang Cheng: Remember when Wei Wuxian got me banned from the Towne Galleria for life?
Nie Huaisang: yeah lol
Nie Huaisang: sucks to be you, that's the good mall
Jiang Cheng: Yeah I fucking know
Jiang Cheng: The biggest toy store is there
Nie Huaisang: oh no
Nie Huaisang: you didn't!
Jiang Cheng: I couldn't find the stupid toy at the other 3 fucking stores I went to
Jiang Cheng: So I went there
Nie Huaisang: omg
Nie Huaisang: omg and then what
Jiang Cheng: Can you let me ducking type
Jiang Cheng: FUCKING
Nie Huaisang: no ?
Jiang Cheng: Fuck you
Nie Huaisang: duck you
Jiang Cheng: Huaisang I'm going to fucking kill you later
Nie Huaisang: well now you can't
Nie Huaisang: you threatened me over text
Nie Huaisang: you'll never get out of jail
Jiang Cheng: Fine
Jiang Cheng: Can you shut up at least?
Nie Huaisang: ok ok, just for you
Jiang Cheng: This asshole tried to buy up the whole stock to, I don't know, resell online probably?
Jiang Cheng: And she wouldn't give me even ONE!
Nie Huaisang: so you started a fight in a toy store
Jiang Cheng: No
Nie Huaisang: yes
Jiang Cheng: No I just told her she was wrong, but someone thought I was being too aggressive
Nie Huaisang: so they called mall security
Jiang Cheng: Yeah
Nie Huaisang: what a bitch!
Jiang Cheng: Tell me about it
Jiang Cheng: Anyway, apparently they STILL had my name on file, so when I had to give security my ID, it showed up on the ban list
Jiang Cheng: So now I owe the stupid mall a fine AND I still can't shop there
Nie Huaisang: then don't pay the fine
Nie Huaisang: it sounds like bullshit!
Jiang Cheng: No, I have to. They called the police, and it'll go on my record if I don't pay it
Nie Huaisang: lmao what
Nie Huaisang: I can't believe they still care
Jiang Cheng: Yeah, me neither
Jiang Cheng: I still didn't get the fucking toy, either
Nie Huaisang: kids are such a hassle
Jiang Cheng: Yeah, yeah, I know you hate them. But I care about Jin Ling, so at least pretend to like HIM
Nie Huaisang: ok, ok, sorry
Nie Huaisang: know that this is a sign of our timeless friendship
Jiang Cheng: Not being an asshole about a kid?
Nie Huaisang: no not that
Nie Huaisang: do you want me to go get one?
Jiang Cheng: The toy?
Nie Huaisang: yes
Jiang Cheng: I think they only let that asshole buy one
Nie Huaisang: you OWE me
Nie Huaisang: I'm canceling a hookup for you and your spoiled nephew
Jiang Cheng: You're my best friend
Jiang Cheng: Please don't tell Yanli I got in trouble with mall security again
Nie Huaisang: only if you're nice
Nie Huaisang: better have dinner waiting when I get there
Jiang Cheng: I hope you're not expecting anything fancier than takeout
Nie Huaisang: you're lucky I like you
Nie Huaisang: I'm not usually a cheap date
Jiang Cheng: I didn't know you made anyone buy you dinner before you put out
Nie Huaisang: asshole
Nie Huaisang: brb


"You owe me big time," Nie Huaisang says, sitting the bag down on the table with a solid thunk.

"Thank you," Jiang Cheng says, looking inside. "You have no idea how much Jin Ling wants this."

"Him and every other screaming brat at the mall," he whines, flopping on the couch. "Little shits tried to get in my way."

Jiang Cheng joins him. "Apparently he told Yanli it sounded like a stupid toy up until today, after it sold out everywhere."

"Ugh," he says forcefully.

"I'm really glad you got it," he says again.

"And yet, there's no dinner waiting for me," Nie Huaisang teases, playfully shoving his shoulder.

"The delivery driver got delayed," he says. "Sorry."

Nie Huaisang laughs. "You really did order dinner in advance? I'm touched."

He rolls his eyes. "You asked me to! I know you hate doing favors for anyone, so I wasn't gonna ignore what you asked for. Don't be an asshole."

"Don't be a dick," he shoots back, grinning. "Maybe I'll let you hang out with me."

"This is my apartment—"

Nie Huaisang laughs, and the doorbell stops any further bantering so they can enjoy their dinner. It's nice - not quite enough to make up for braving a toy store - but what else are friends for? At least now they'll get to binge a few more episodes.


He stretches out as Netflix asks if they're still watching. "I think all of season one is enough for this week."

Jiang Cheng shrugs. "You're the one who started it."

"As if you're not invested, too!"

"So?" he asks, turning off the TV. "You still started it."

"I'm not apologizing for knowing your tastes," he whines, laughing at Jiang Cheng's overly dramatic eye roll. "If you keep that up, you're gonna pull something."

"From what, rolling my eyes?"


"You're full of shit."

"Mm, not today, I'm not!"

He gets another eye roll, an exaggerated grossed out face, and a half-hearted shove. Leave it to Jiang Cheng to somehow make his night better after an annoying mall trip and twice-canceled plans.

"Look, stop being an asshole so I can thank you for the help," he says, and Nie Huaisang cocks his head to the side attentively. Jiang Cheng has no idea what a perfect setup he's just given him, and he's going to take full advantage of that.

Nie Huaisang grins and leans in, all wide-eyed innocence. "Oh, you know, I'm always happy to help a friend—"

"Bull shit."

"Now who's being rude?" he whines. "Since you're going to point it out, then yes, I do hate helping people. So, I'll let you do me a small favor to make up for it."

He shrugs. "Yeah, whatever. Of course you want something more."

"You said you were grateful beyond words," he points out. "So help out and maybe I'll do another favor for you someday."

Jiang Cheng's brows furrow as he tries to figure out what Nie Huaisang is playing at, and the low light of his living room after an evening of watching TV only highlights how ingrained the creases on his forehead are.

He shoves Jiang Cheng playfully. "Don't look so worried! It's not like you've never helped a friend out…right?"

He can see that the suggestive tone isn't quite lost on Jiang Cheng, but it just leaves him even more confused. Nie Huaisang sighs dramatically. "Okay, I'll show you first, since you're so lost. I just thought you knew more," he says off-handedly, shrugging.

"You're being cagey," he snaps.

"You're being obtuse," he says, and there it is- Jiang Cheng's inferiority complex is kicking in. Should he really take advantage of his good friend's weakness, especially one he's so sensitive about? Maybe not, but it works so well for him. "You don't usually play dumb, Jiang Cheng."

His whole body stiffens as he fights with himself: admit ignorance or play along? Eventually, he groans in annoyance. "Fine, whatever you want."


Nie Huaisang squirms off the couch and situates himself in front of Jiang Cheng, deft fingers going for his belt buckle and loosening it easily. He meets Jiang Cheng's eyes just in time to watch his cheeks flush red with frustration, and Nie Huaisang has to admit he finds his confusion more attractive than he expected.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asks, voice just barely cracking as Nie Huaisang unbuckles his belt and reaches for the button on his pants. "Huaisang—"

He hooks a finger in one of Jiang Cheng's belt loops and nonchalantly glances up at him through his lashes. "What's wrong?"

"You're- you're—" he sputters, and Nie Huaisang flicks the button open.

"You're stressed, I had to deal with brats at the mall…I figured we could help each other out," he explains, casual as can be. He doesn't wait for an argument or agreement, because he doesn't have time to waste on complaints. He has Jiang Cheng's pants unzipped and a hand in his boxers before Jiang Cheng's hand is on his wrist.

"This- what are you doing?"

Nie Huaisang rolls his eyes. "Giving you a hand- did you really not know what I meant?" he asks, scoffing.

"How was I supposed to guess?" he asks, every word a clipped fight against his almost desperate need to never seem like he's been left out of the loop.

"Because you told me you did," he reminds him.

"I—" he begins, and Nie Huaisang confidently wraps his hand around Jiang Cheng's cock, as though this is just some normal thing between heterosexual bros. He gets a very satisfying gasp out of Jiang Cheng, as a mix of discomfort and pleasure overtakes him. Is he uncomfortable enough to ask Nie Huaisang to stop, though? His silence says no.

Nie Huaisang takes an immeasurable amount of pleasure in stroking his dick until he's hard, casually watching the deep layers of confusion and uncertainty melt into hot, flustered shame, which gives far more insight into Jiang Cheng's kinks than probably anyone has seen- Jiang Cheng included. It's a fun little bonus! His dick is also a lovely bonus, now that he has it in his hand. Jiang Cheng has a nice dick, with just enough girth to be fun and a bit longer than average; it's truly a crime that he's been wasting it by keeping it to himself. Now it's Nie Huaisang's to keep for himself, but doesn't he deserve nice things?

He finally takes his eyes off Jiang Cheng's entertaining facial expressions to free his cock from his boxers, and hums appreciatively. Who better to enjoy this than him? No one else would appreciate the stilted, muffled moans he gets just from teasing the head with his mouth. He's pretty sure no one's ever sucked his dick before, and Nie Huaisang intends to make it a memorable experience.

He can feel Jiang Cheng trying not to enjoy himself, but the breathy gasp that escapes when Nie Huaisang swallows his shaft with practiced ease betrays him. He's way stronger; he could push Nie Huaisang off if he really wanted to that badly. Instead, he sits uncomfortably still, gripping the couch cushions while Nie Huaisang has a good time. He looks up through his lashes and meets his eyes momentarily, before Jiang Cheng looks away. His cheeks are flushed and he can't hide the shame of actually enjoying himself.

That's nice. That's so nice. Jiang Cheng's pride holds him in place and guilt colors his mood, and Nie Huaisang feels such a power rush from all of it. Seeing him get this flustered from just a blow job is too much power for Nie Huaisang to be trusted with. There's a certain sort of fun in forcing him to enjoy something he doesn't want to- at least for Nie Huaisang. Jiang Cheng's enjoyment is pretty wrapped up in his stubbornness and shame, so that's his problem to deal with, not Nie Huaisang's.

It's at least enough that he comes, despite any hangups he might have, and Nie Huaisang swallows with pride. He got the prickly, prideful Jiang Cheng to come from a blow job, and without much effort on his part- at least not much more than any other fling. He pulls off of Jiang Cheng's dick with a satisfying pop and wipes at the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Cheng won't meet his eyes anymore, instead finding the empty TV screen more interesting. Or, more likely, it's safer and less likely to judge him. Nie Huaisang gives him a cheerful smile and pats his thigh. "Better now, right? It's a great way to blow off steam," he comments, and silence is his only reply. "Come on, pull your pants up."

His teasing order gets through to him and Jiang Cheng clumsily follows it. There's a moment, in the strained silence hanging in the air, where Nie Huaisang worries he pushed too far at a boundary that can't be recovered. It's a plummeting low, a fear of his own failure he thought he'd escaped, and—

"You're so fucking weird," Jiang Cheng finally says, breaking the tension.

Nie Huaisang laughs to cover his earnest relief. "And yet you're still friends with me."

"Why," he says dryly.

"Because I'm the best," he teases, rejoining Jiang Cheng on the couch. "And willing to help you all the time, which you should really appreciate more. Especially with how much I've helped you out today."

"You didn't have to," he grumbles.

Nie Huaisang rests a hand on his leg, the same one he'd touched scarcely a moment before, fresh off his dick, and continues innocently. "You thought it was a good idea," he reminds him. "Now come on and return the favor so I can get home at some point!"

Jiang Cheng opens his mouth and closes it again, any half-formed argument useless against the simple logic of "don't be a pussy- do what we agreed to" tucked into every word Nie Huaisang says. Never mind that he didn't actually outright agree to it- then Jiang Cheng would have to admit he didn't know what was going on, and his pride would never let him look foolish or pussy out. It's so much easier than he expected, but so very fitting for how it plays out. Nie Huaisang gives Jiang Cheng one last expectant look and he gets up from the couch with an annoyed groan. Everything from his stiff shoulders to his stubborn pout says he doesn't want to be here, but there's a thrill in his unwillingness to back down.

He squirms out of his pants and boxers, his casual attitude back to hide just how much fun he's having. It's just sucking a dick; who knew watching Jiang Cheng try to rationalize it would make it so much hotter?

"I should have known you'd never done this before, but come on! It's not that complicated," Nie Huaisang whines. "I literally just blew you; how hard is it to follow my example?"

Red rises in Jiang Cheng's cheeks immediately and Nie Huaisang hides a coy smile behind his hand, because…well, it works. Jiang Cheng leans in and tentatively grips Nie Huaisang's cock, stroking the shaft hesitantly. If he didn't know better, he'd think Jiang Cheng had never even touched his own dick. But they gossiped enough as teens, swapping porn and dirty jokes, for him to know it's all nerves. He's afraid of doing it badly, and Nie Huaisang revels in watching him shove down his discomfort to try to be the best.

"It's not gonna break, Jiang Cheng," he says, voice dripping false sweetness. "It's not gonna do anything at all if you only do that!"

"I'm getting there!" he snaps. He makes an attempt to do better, though; Jiang Cheng flourishes when given orders, it seems, and Nie Huaisang will happily instruct him on how to suck a dick properly if he needs to.

"See, much better," Nie Huaisang praises idly, and he feels what it does to Jiang Cheng. He's still tense, but he wants to know he's doing well- probably because he doesn't get enough validation from the rest of his life.

Jiang Cheng hesitates again- is it really so hard to make the commitment to putting his mouth on a dick? It's just sex. And if this hesitation lasts any longer, Nie Huaisang is going to have to chastise him again.

Before he can, Jiang Cheng squeezes his eyes shut and leans in, unsurprisingly missing Nie Huaisang's dick entirely. He grabs Jiang Cheng's hair and guides him, and there's the very beginning gasp of a moan before it's muffled by cock. Jiang Cheng is so lost and flustered between his legs, more awkward and self-conscious than he's ever been, but too prideful to give up now.

"Alright, Jiang Cheng, don't just sit there with a dick in your mouth," he chides, feeling him tense up even more. Good. "You have to actually move. Let me show you."

Nie Huaisang twines his fingers in Jiang Cheng's hair to get a better grip and rests the other hand on his shoulder, giving him the comfortingly familiar feeling of a friend's support while leisurely meeting Jiang Cheng's now wide open eyes. It's nothing more than another act of friendship: both the instruction and the action. That's how Nie Huaisang is playing, at least. But watching the embarrassment at his undesired desire flicker through Jiang Cheng's eyes easily feels as good as his mouth on his cock.

"Now, I guess you can only take so much," he says, sighing as though most men already know how to properly suck a dick. They should, if Nie Huaisang had any say in it, but Jiang Cheng doesn't know right from wrong here. "So put your hand at the base - yeah, just like that - and use it to take care of what you can't swallow."

Looking down at the eagerness and unease warring on Jiang Cheng's face sends another rush through Nie Huaisang that has nothing to do with physical pleasure. The power trip is strangely addictive, alluring, tempting—

"Ah, ah, ah! Less teeth, asshole," he whines, swatting at his head. "I didn't bite you."

He thinks there's a muffled apology from Jiang Cheng, but whatever- he's going to make him choke on his come if he fucks up again. This is why he usually avoids being "baby's first gay experience" - it's never worth the effort! But this time…

He watches Jiang Cheng do his prideful best, regardless of whether or not he actually wants to be doing it, and hums to himself. Maybe he can get used to this.

Jiang Cheng chokes from trying to take more than his gag reflex is ready for and that sound, born of desperation and unspoken need, is enough to push Nie Huaisang over the edge. He tightens his grip to hold Jiang Cheng in place, forcing him to swallow every last drop without a care for his choked protests.

When he finally lets go, Jiang Cheng pulls back immediately and coughs wetly. "Why'd you— ugh, that's so gross," he manages, his voice raw.

"What, would you rather I come on your face?" he asks derisively. "Don't be weird, Jiang Cheng."

"That's- that's not what I meant," he protests, cheeks still flushed.

He shrugs, reaching for his pants. "Don't complain so much. You're making such a big deal out of nothing."

Jiang Cheng guiltily stops wiping at his mouth. "Whatever."

Nie Huaisang smiles brightly. "Well, thanks! I'm heading home- lemme know badly your date goes tomorrow."

There's a brief pause where he can tell that Jiang Cheng had completely forgotten his arranged blind date. Cute. "Thanks for the confidence boost," he says, rolling his eyes.

He slips his shoes on and looks over his shoulder on his way out. "I'm your best friend. I know how these go."

"Fuck you," Jiang Cheng says dryly, and Nie Huaisang laughs as he closes the door behind him.

All in all, he had a successful day.