"Please say no," Owen begged his father through the television screen. He heard someone, a woman, walk out of the courtroom and he had a pretty good idea whose heels he heard. When the camera went back to Peter it confirmed his suspicions. The woman heard leaving the courtroom was his mother. When the court was adjourned, Owen called his sister.

"Owen, this isn't a good time," Alicia said when she answered the phone.

"What the hell?" he said furiously.

"Okay, what's wrong?"

"Seriously? You're asking what's wrong? I just saw your ex-husband's lawyer humiliate our mother in court. Strange thing is, mom is your ex-husband's lawyer too. I know that you are running things Alicia, so tell me why Peter was once again worth hurting our mother over."

"He's Zach and Grace's father. I had to discredit dad's testimony. I never thought in a million years that's what Lucca would find."

"You still didn't have to involve mom. She didn't deserve that."

"Look, I'm going to talk to mom the next time I see her. I'm sure she doesn't want to hear from anyone. Especially me," Alicia and Owen hung up and the man had an idea.

It was the day after the reveal of Kurt's affair and Diane couldn't imagine who was ringing her doorbell. When she looked through the peephole she saw a familiar face and opened the door.

"Owen, what are you doing here?"

The man lifted up two bottles of wine and his mother waved him in. Owen took the wine to the kitchen and his mother got two glasses down. "I bought a cooler of ice and chilled it on the way down."

"Smart," Diane said as she took a seat and watched her son pour the wine. "I guess you saw it," she said before taking a drink.

"Yeah, and I called my sister to yell at her. Honestly, I don't understand the need to still help Peter. She's remarried and had three more children. Her children with Peter are grown."

"I bragged to Jackie once about how your father had never cheated on me. Now, she's probably laughing at me."

"Why do you care? I mean, it's Jackie."

"I was a fool to think this could ever work out. I mean we were separated for almost two decades. Why did I think that my marriage had a shot in hell?"

"You were always hopeful and honestly, we all thought this was permanent. Dad appeared to really want to retire and be with you."

"We hadn't even lived together after the girls were born. After the shooting, he moved in and took care of me. He helped me get through everything and it was all because of guilt."

"You don't know that. I saw dad's face and he was terrified that he would lose you."

"Now he has," Diane poured herself what would be her third glass of wine.

"You're going to divorce him?"

Diane thought for a moment, "I don't know."

"Mom, I want you to let it all out and be angry. You can't keep it bottled up."

"He was going to retire and spend more time with us. He," Diane paused as she began to get emotional, "we had talked about renewing our vows for our fiftieth wedding anniversary and going on a honeymoon. All the things we would do with the girls and our grandchildren." Diane chugged her third glass and threw it, shattering it. "The bastard," there was no going back now, "how could he do this to me? How could he fuck her after everything we had been through? I'm in a courtroom trying to keep our daughter safe and getting shot, and he's in Philadelphia fucking his student." Diane's adrenaline wore off and the tears surfaced, "he's the love of my life and he has hurt me more with one betrayal than I could ever imagine. How do I know that she's the only one? I just," she was crying harder, "I love him still." Diane began sobbing and Owen moved closer to her. He took his mother in his arms and let her get all the emotions from the day out. When she was done crying, Diane went to bed and Owen cleaned up the table and the glass. He stayed the night because it was late and he didn't want to leave his mother like this. When he went upstairs, he found his sisters hiding in the hall and crying as they held each other. Owen got on the floor and held them as they cried. After they stopped, he tucked them back into bed and went to his old room to sleep. That night Owen cried himself to sleep.