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Out of control

Chapter one

"Have you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"There's supposed to be a party of Saiyans coming here."

"Here, on the ship?"


"That sure explains the extra work we had to do. And all those important people. And the extra security..."

"Hmm mmm."

"They sure got nerve."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, the Arthrods got some nerve."

"Oh... Well, I guess...

"I mean, we both know that the Arthrods and the Saiyans can't stand each other. Are they trying to patch things up?"

"I guess..."

"This situation- could you pass me that screwdriver?- is serious."

"-You mean this one?- And do you really think so?"

"The Arthrods started some 'secret' mining on moon BL 209 in the Gyrath solarsysteem, which is official Saiyan territory, so..."

"I think I get the picture. Are you finished already?!"

"Just some-" *shriek* "more-" *SHRIEK* "turns!"

"I feel sorry for this thing."

"Sorry?! Well, I don't, this stupid machine just has to work! I don't like working in a kitchen where there's no airconditioning! So, there. I think I fixed it."

"Hey, I think you did! Good work, Bulma!"

Bulma looked at her only friend and smiled. "You think so?"

"I give you the tumbs up, like you humans say." Her friend waved with her thumbs.

"Thanks, Kryt." Bulma stowed her tools in her pocket, and dusted herself off. "So, it's back to the kitchen. We still have to prepare that dinner."

"It's enough to feed the entire population on this ship for two days! Do they really eat so much?!"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"I hate this." Kryt grumbled.

"Come on, cheer up! We're lucky; we don't have to serve . In the kitchens it's much safer. There at least you don't get blasted for serving the wrong kind of meat or something."

"That's right! They only beat you up, so that you can't walk properly for three days!" She scowled.

"Some day, somehow, Kryt, we'll get out of here."

*Deep sigh* "I can only hope. Now, lets go back and accept the praise for our hard work!"

"Our hard work?!"

"Well, I did hand you that screwdriver, didn't I?"


"I think they have arrived." Kryt looked somewhat nervously at Bulma, who stretched her back, then answered: "Yeah, I think so too."

"They're all in a frenzy."

"Wouldn't you be, if you would have some visitors, who aren't exactly friendly, and way more powerful than you?"

"Ok, I think you have a point there, Blue. And don't roll your eyes like that at me! It's just that I've never seen them so... nervous,... scared. Not even when we were sent to war in the Catos system, last year."

"This is an entirely different situation! That was a battle of technology, fought out in space. They didn't fight in hand to hand battles. And now the enemy is inside the ship! And they dwarve the Arthrods, both in posture as in ki-levels."

"You really think that the Arthrods stand no chance against them, do you?"

"Yes. The Saiyans are dangerous. They are proud, cruel, arrogant and very unpredictable. A very dangerous combination. And if the brought along their prince... You have heard the stories..."

"Ok! Ok! I get your point! I feel scared already! And your logical reasoning isn't making me feel any better! What if they are going to fight?" Kryt was obviously worried

"I don't know. This ship's stucture should be able to take some hits, but from the inside out? I really don't know," said Bulma, and she began to calculate the possble damage.

"Hmm, that's really comforting. I think the only thing we can do is wait. Wait untill they leave,... or untill they start to fight. Hey, have you finished cutting those vegetables? They have to go into this dish, it's some kind of stew."

"It sure smells good!"

"I hope there will be something left for us. It would make a nice addition to our regular meals."

"Don't count on it. It seems that the Saiyans are something like bottomless pits."



"Dessert is completed. Ok, the cooking crew is dismissed, and for the extra work done today, there will be extra rations." One of the supervisors pointed towards the doors leading towards the large canteen.

"Thank the gods, we don't have to clean up the mess. And extra rations! Great! I'm starving!" Kryt smiled in anticipation while they entered the large hall, and joined the cue. Kryt looked Bulma over. "You better enjoy this. You're getting skinny."

"I wasn't fat to begin with."

"No, but you have looked better, girl."


*Sigh* "You have to start looking out for yourself."


"Oh, you're so- Hey, look; stew! My stew! Yes! Can we have some more please? Especially for my friend here; she doesn't look so good lately. She can use some extras!"

"Walk on," grumbled the Arthropod, "it's a humanoid. Those don't have to look good; a waste of food that would be!"

"You listen here, I-"

"Never mind, Kryt. Just go." Bulma dragged Kryt away, before she could get into trouble. Kryt looked pissed off: "I hate it when they call you an 'it'. Just because you're an human!"

"Complaining about it doesn't make a difference. I have gotten used to it years ago. When do you let it go? Just ignore it! I do; it doesn't do me any good complaining. Just... just let it go."

"Oh, Blue..."

"Come on, lets eat before it gets cold."


They settled themselves at their usual table, in the back of the hall. They quickly dug in. But Kryt seemed to be thinking about something, and was playing around with her food.

Bulma watched her friend, and started to become a little curious. "What's the matter?"

"It's just ... you! It is so unfair, the way they're treating you! You're one of the best workers around here."

"If I wasn't one of the best, their treatment would be a lot worse."

"If you had been an insectoid, I bet you could even become a supervisor, or a technician. You certainly have the skills for that job."

"Believe me, I don't mind.

"Yeah, I know." Kryt looked sadly down at her plate.

"Look, Kryt, we've been over this a million times. This is my way to survive. When I became their slave, I didn't understand why they treated me like this. I was just seven, and I didn't know how to handle all the things that had happened to me. My parents, killed. Most of the human population, killed. There was not a single human around. I cried a lot and was disobidient. And that made things a whole lot worse. But I learn quickly, and soon I knew how to behave to attract the smallest amount of attention and punishment. And do you know what? I really don't care anymore what they're saying to me. They can call me a stupid mammal all day, and I don't care at all. Calling me names don't hurt. Being beaten, and starved, now that hurts."

Kryt didn't say anything to that. She just looked sad.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you."

"Oh, Bulma, never mind. I know it still gets to you sometimes. But you know what's really ironic? They have to cower before the Saiyans, and be upmost polite, and they are humanoid! Ha!"

Bulma had to laugh at that, and she started eating again. When she was finished, she leaned back and looked at Kryt polishing off her plate.

"We sure can cook!" Kryt looked very satified at her empty plate.


"So, shall we get some sleep?"

"That's a great idea."


Quietly, Bulma undressed herself, taking her baggy overall off, and the shirt which she wore underneath. She pulled on a large night shirt, and climbed into her bed. She listened to Kryt going through her nightly routine. She smiled when she thought about their friendship. They were a strange lot. They were so different. Kryt wasn't a human; she wasn't even humanoid. She was from a race called Saalien, and they were sauria; reptile like creatures. Though some looked very much like humanoid creatures. But usually, they had tails, and some other features like scales and sharp claws. Some also had intricate colourpatterns on their body.
Kryt didn't have a tail, scales or claws; only large fangs. Her arms and legs were a slightly paler green then her torso and head. She had dark yellow eyes, no eyelids but a membrane for protection. Her nose was little, with two slids. And she didn't have any hair. Not a single sauria specie had hair. Kryt had been fascinated with her strange blue locks. They earned her the nickname Blue.
But the most noticeable thing about Kryt's appearance was her height. She was about six and a half feet tall, and she had told Bulma that the males of the specie were about one foot taller. In comparision, Bulma was about five feet and four inches.

"He, Blue, what are you thinking?" Kryt had hopped into her bed, and now looked amused.

"Yes, sorry, zoomed out there for a bit."

"What are you thinking about?"

"About us."

"Oh. What about us?"

"That we are friends, in spite of our differences."

"Well, we maybe are very different, yes, but only on the outside. I mean, we think the same way, we handle things the same way, we have the same kind of humor... It doesn't come out right, but what I mean to say is, that our characters are very much alike."

"You are right. I never thought I could have a friend here. You would be a lot better off if you wouldn't hang out with me, if you would detest me like everybody else does/ But you're sticking with me, and I think that's the thing that matters most."

"Aww, you're making me cry here." Kryt faked a sob.

"I wasn't the one that started the mushy talk, uhh, maybe I did, but... Arggh! Well, if you can't be serious, I'm going to sleep!"


"Oh, just shut up."

"In a moment. Do you think they have finished dinner?"

Bulma looked somewhat confused at Kryt. "Who?"

"You know, the Arthrods and their lovely guests."

"it's an official banquet, something like that last ages. Thank the gods we don't have to wait for them to finish."

"I agree to that. Lets get some sleep. You never know when they'll wake us up. Better catch some sleep while we can."

"Ok, night."



A soft trembling of her bed roused Bulma. It was very dark around her. The lights in the corridor, which normally could be seen through a small window, were out. She could only vaguely see the contours of the room. She cautiously climbed out of her cot, while every now and then she felt the ship tremble. She made her way over to Kryt, and shook her awake.

"Wha? Mmmm. Lemme sleep."

"Kryt, wake up! Something is... wrong."


"Ssst. Calm down. Now, do you feel what I feel?"

"The ship, it's... trembling, almost shaking..."

"Yes, it's getting worse."

"What do you think is going on?"

"Engine problems?" Bulma offered, praying silently that was the cause.

"Wait! Let me listen." Bulma was silent; Kryt had far better senses.

"I hear soft noises, some rattling, cracks, and... booming noices?!"

"Err, an accident in the ammunition storages?"

"I would love to believe that, but the souds are coming from the upper decks; the living quarters of the Arthrods. So, I don't know..."

"Ok, lets face it. There's trouble; the Saiyans and the Arthrods are probably fighting. That's the most obvious explanation." Bulma stated coolly.

"Maybe there wasn't enough food."

"Very funny."

"What shall we do?"

"I'm not going to sit here and wait."

"Ok, lets put on some clothes, and find out what's happening."

They both quickly dressed themselves, and hurried out of their room.

"So, which way shall we go?" Kryt scanned the corridor, wary of sudden movement. It seemed only a few others had noticed something was going on.

"We'll go up, and find out what's going on."

"Are you insane? We could walk right into a fight!"

"We won't get close enough for that to happen. I just want an... impression about how serious this situation is. Then, we'll head for the docking area." (AN: does anybody have a better term for this? Maybe I should watch Star Wars or something...) Bulma quickly worked out their plan of action.

Kryt looked a bit confused. "The docking area?"

"Yes. There we'll get ourselves a ship."

"A ship? You mean... escape?"


Don't you think more people have that in mind? The place will be swamped with Arthrods, and slaves, and-"

"I actually count on it. We can use it in our advantage. In all the confusion, no one will notice us taking a ship, and leaving with it. Of course, we'll have to get one which have been prepared for long distance travel; those are the best ones, and they are usually stocked with supplies. They will be our best chance in getting as far away from the Arthrods as possible. And, two years ago, I had the opportunity to get to know the operating procedures. And my guess is that-"

"Ok, girl, ok! I get it. Have you been preparing this all along?"

"No," Bulma said, "but I always try to be prepared, in case something like this comes up."

"Blue, you're a genius."

"Thank you. It's always nice to know I'm being appreciated."

"Don't push it. Now, how are we going to get to the upper decks? Are we going to use the elevators?"

"Too risky. Besides, the power is out in this part of the ship... Maybe the ship is now running on it's backup power... that means the elevators connecting this section to the rest of the ship probably aren't running... So, we'll use the tubes," Bulma said. Kryt didn't seem too pleased with that.

"Do we have to? I mean, those are quite... small." The tubes were long, narrow corridors, used for emergencies, and for air circulation. They ran vertically throughout the entire ship, and small iron handles, you couldn't call them steps, were attached to the walls for climbing.

"Don't worry, you'll fit through."

"Well, ok. Fine. Lead the way."


"On what level do you think we are?"

"I don't know for sure; I do know that we're almost there. We'll take the next exit."

"Good, I'm starting to feel claustrophobic," Kryt sounded really uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, we're almost there."

After climbing up for another ten meters, Bulma saw the exit. The exit was a small round door. Kryt fitted through it, but barely. They both crawled out of the tubes, happy to be out of the confined space.

"I really don't like this! The noices... they are so close!"

"Yes, I know. They seem to be coming from two directions. One; the dining area. Two; the bridge." Bulma looked unsure of what to do next.

"Well," Kryt asked nervously, "which way will we go?"

"I think the bridge is the best option. Then we can see who has control over the ship."

"You know, Bulma, I do really think we should go to the docking area right now! It will only get us in trouble, staying here. What if we come across an Arthrod? Or, worse, a Saiyan? We can pretend to be slaves who are panicked by the sudden fight, but, they don't really care about that, I think. They will just blast us, getting us out of their way!" Kryt argued.

"Ok, Kryt. I think we know enough about the fight. It really doesn't matter who's winning, although I don't think the Arthrods stand a chance in this battle... Well, come on then, this way to the docking area!" Bulma pointed towards a corridor. They both started running, anxious to get there.

Suddenly, Kryt stopped. Bulma stopped too, looking curiously at Kryt.

"What's wrong?"

"I hear footsteps, coming fast towards us. What now?"

"We hide in here!" Bulma pushed Kryt into a small space, which was almost completely hidden by heavy metal beams, which supported the construction of the corridor. Pressing her self tightly against the wall, Bulma was fairly sure they wouldn't be spotted. And it was just in time. Only a few seconds after they had hidden themselves, footsteps and voices were coming very close. They walked right by them, and the corridor seemed to lighten up in an eerie way. 'Are they carrying some light or something,' Bulma wondered. But she couldn't really see anything. And she didn't really pay attention to it. Fear was clouding her mind. Kryt and Bulma both held their breaths. 'Why are they moving so slow? Hurry up! You have a battle to fight,' Bulma thought nervously, 'hurry up, hurry up, hurry up...'

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Kryt relaxed. Bulma did the same, trusting her friend's senses.

"I can't hear them anymore," Kryt whispered.

"That's very good," Bulma smiled faintly.

"They were Saiyans, I think." Kryt whispered fearfully.

"Yes, and they didn't seem to be in a hurry at all. It must mean they are winning. Otherwise they wouldn't be so... uh, cheerful?"

"I think so." Kryt stepped away from the wall, and peaked into the corridor. "Well, it seems everything is clear. We have to hurry up." Kryt ducked her head, and stepped out of their shelter, Bulma following her closely. Kryt started to move directly down the corridor, but Bulma halted, frowning. Something was not right. She looked around her, trying to figure out what was bothering her. Suddenly, she gasped. The light! She could still see that strange light! The glow could be seen, just around the corner; which was the direction those Saiyans had taken... Where they waiting there? Had they stopped?

Bulma took a step back; the light was moving, it was coming towards her! She looked at the direction Kryt had taken; she was already out of her sight. If she yelled for Kryt, she would certainly come to help her... But they were in no way a match for the Arthrods, let alone for the Saiyans... No, she wouldn't alarm her friend, if she would be caught, maybe Kryt would still be able to make it down to the docking area. She didn't know what to do... 'Run,' her mind screamed. She turned around, ready to go after her friend, when she saw and the glow of the light; and its warmth, and its power of it, enveloped her. And she didn't hear a sound! For a couple of seconds, she stood there, to terrified to turn around and find out what exactly the light was.

She took a deep breath, and slowly turned around.

And she gasped.

Before her stood a man, with bright blond her, just slightly taller then her. He was the source of the light! It tingled on her skin. Ki, she realised. It's his ki! She was mesmerized by the amazing display of power. Never had she seen anything like this! Then his eyes caught her attention. Green, or were they blue? No; they were turquoise. Hard and cold. She was captivated by them. Slowly, an arrogant smirk formed on his lips. "Like what you see, Girl?"


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