Doing something different as I've had this idea for a fic for a while. I've been watching The Owl House, created by Dana Tarrence, and let me tell you, I love this show. If you love Gravity Falls, been a fan of Harry Potter and morbid humor, you should give it a chance. Disney Channel has been topping with good cartoons over the years with DuckTales2017, Big Hero 6: The Series, Tangled: The Series, Big City Green, and Amphibia. While CN became home of reboots, and Nickelodeon screws over shows that isn't SpongeBob and Loud House(like the injustice of Glitch Tech, check it out some more).

Now in this fic is an Alternate Universe fic, basically it's based off of the idea of "what if Eda raises Luz as her adopted mother". Wonder if that would be a trend? Ah maybe not, but I've made this over the past week. This story will have certain themes and parallels. Some swears thrown around, and there may be some intense moments.

I don't own The Owl House as it's owned by Disney Animation. Enjoy the story.



Over at night, around in the state of Minnesota, there lies a junk yard next to the road. Over there is a cloaked woman digging around the junk pile. She has an unusual appearance under her hood, having pale skin with large orange hair with some grays, golden eyes, and a fang under her red lip. She is shown picking up an old rusted toy lamp that has a blue plastic head.

"Hmm, this could go well in the market." she said as she place it in the bag. She dig up for more stuff as she finds a broken tire and a small blue computer monitor with a apple-shaped symbol "This one junk." she threw it at the side as she picks up another item "What's this?" she ask picking up a book "A book about vampires?" she asks as she opens it, reading it. She then starts laughing "Haha! No way I'm selling this trash, every vampire and werewolf at the Isle's going to stake me if I show this garbage!" she kicks the black book over the pile which she declares are the "worthless" pile. "Well, Eda, time to look for more trash to sell in the Isle." she said, calling herself as Eda.

"Hoot-hoot!" she turns her head to find a small brown owl flying over her, calling for her.

"What's the matter, Owlbert?" Eda asked her familiar. The small owl flew over her trying to tell her something as she respond "Is there treasure you've found? Lead me to it!" Owlbert only gives a deadpan expression, before connecting to the staff, in which transforms him into a wooden owl when connected as the staff went to Eda, which she gets on. "Lead the way to treasure, Owlbert!" she calls as the owl staff flies off.


"Hey, this isn't treasure..." Eda said as she looks at where Owlbert leads her. "This is just a metal chariot wreck!"

Indeed, as the "metal chariot" with a popped tire is shown to have crashed onto a tree. By the looks of it, it had skid through the road as it looks like something crashed onto it by the side. Plus, there appears to be someone in there knocked out.

"So what do you want me to do about this, Owlbert?" Eda asks her familiar "Sooner or later, the fuzz in this world will pin the blame on me. Plus the weather here in this place is freezing." she said holding her arms.

Owlbert just flew to the driver's side of the car, tapping on the glass window. Eda sigh, her cute familiar is so friendly the moment she made him. "Fine, but if I get blamed for this, you're my accomplice." she told as she went to open the door, checking the human in the car "Hey, are you alright..."

The woman in the car wasn't alright at all. The brown-skinned woman with dark hair and dressed in formal wear, has a bleeding side on her head. Glass shards from the broken window went straight to her body, as if she was shielding for something. Not to mention the blood on the seats.

Eda felt bad for the woman. She was taken before she could help. Eda uses her hand to check on the injuries, but she was too late, this woman was gone "There's...nothing I could do about it, Owlbert." she said as her pointy ears picked up something, crying. The crying came from the backseat of the car, under a blanket as she saw something moving. "What...?" she asks in curiousness, as she went to grab the backseat door and open it, showing a baby seat covered in a blanket. When she opens the blanket, she saw a miniature human baby with the same skin and eyes as the woman's, wearing a blue onesie. She was wailing, crying out for her mother. "Oh...hang on, kid. Let me get you out of here." she said as she unbuckles the seatbelt and grabs the baby. "Shh, hush now, kid." she said as she held it in her arms. Looking at her innocent brown eyes. "Alright, what am I going to do this one, Owlbert?" she asks as the owl gives his usual chirps for suggestions "No, I don't think we should leave her hear to be raised by wolves. We'll just have to take her back to our place, and then find somewhere to drop her off back here." she looks at the bib around the baby's neck, as it spells L.u.z. "We gotta take this...Luuuuuuz, back home when it's this late at night."

Eda goes to a secure place under her cloak. The witch pulls out a key with a yellow eye. She places it on the keyhole of the briefcase, turning to the left as it transforms into a portal.

She looked at Luz who giggles at the portal, she smiled until she shakes it off. "Don't get any ideas kid, I will find your new home...there's no way I'm keeping you."


14 years later...

Eda Clawthorne, now having her hair completely gray, is shown to be watching her stories on the crystal ball. "Man, this show isn't the same after the 99th season." she states after seeing the eye monster eating his wife after revealing that she is not his wife, but his conjoined half-sister. The crystal ball suddenly buzz as it makes a ringing sound "Dammit, I was watching the good part!" she shouts as she taps on the crystal ball answering "What do you want- oh, it's you, Principal Bump." she said in deadpan, starring at the middle-aged man wearing a purple gargoyle over his head.

"Yes, Edalyn," Principal Bump spoke "I am calling on behalf of-"

"Wait, wait, let me guess...Luz." Eda respond as she sits on her couch "Who did she fought this time?"

"Oh, no fighting this time." he respond to her "Just that she tricked a student into pepper spraying herself."

"Huh, that's a new one."


Short prologue, I know. Just to establish the beginning of what's to come. The updates for this story will be a lot more sooner than expected. Like, I'm producing a few chapters that I've done along with some assistance.

You all can probably guess what kind of person Luz grows up as being raised under Eda.

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