A daughter.

He had a daughter. A baby girl, with his eyes and her mother's hair.

He had a daughter.

He'd only been holding her for a few moments, no more than a minute— he'd had to make certain Riyo was alright first, and then that she was comfortable with him taking a turn holding their baby, and then another five minutes being convinced that this was real and he wouldn't kark this up— but he already knew that he'd have trouble letting her go.

She was the most precious thing in the entire galaxy.

Their baby blinked blearily up at him before yawning and closing her eyes, turning her head into the warmth of his chest as her little hands balled up against the soft fabric of the blanket she was swaddled in. Here was this little life form, such a fragile being, showing implicit trust in him.

He loved his wife with every cell in his body, but Riyo was capable of protecting herself and had proven that before. Now, for both of them, their tiny, newborn daughter would always come first.

"Fox?" Riyo's voice caused him to snap out of the love struck haze he was in as he looked back up at his tired but smiling wife, who was laid back against a pile of pillows that looked larger than her.

"Riyo, we made this. We made her." His words were filled with absolute awe. He kept glancing down every other moment, as if making sure he wasn't dreaming and that yes, he was truly holding their little baby. "She's perfect."

Riyo's quiet laugh filled him with joy. "I think that says a lot about her parents," she teased, beckoning him over with a wave of her hand. "But I agree. She's… she's beautiful."

Fox moved carefully back to her beside, crouching down so she could easily life their daughter out of his arms. His brow furrowed in confusion when she began trying to scoot towards the other side of the bed. "Cyare?"

She looked up at him, golden eyes wide as she wondered what he was going to ask until she saw his position and instead smiled happily. "I'm not taking her away, Fox. I wanted us both to hold her. Sit with me."

He does have to hand their daughter over to Riyo so he can situate himself next to her on the bed without hurting either of his girls, but finally, he has his first love tucked into his side, his newfound love cradled in his arms with her mother gently stroking the wifts of lilac hair on her head.

"We're a family now," he murmured, his heart swelling as the words finally, truly took hold.

"Our family of three," Riyo agreed with a squeeze of his arm.

Fox never wanted this moment to end.