For weeks, the figure limps through the twisted metal of the Dead End, looking, searching, hoping, to find something, it can recognise.  Then, one day, as it stumbles across a twisted and rusty old suspension bridge, it sees a symbol.  High up on a well-kept building, is a large dark purple icon.

The figure stairs blankly at the image, trying in desperation to recognise the symbol.






Just then, the head turned with much effort, to look at the symbol on it's own arm.  It stared at it for quite some time, then turned back to look up at the exact same image on the buildings side. 







The Figure stared blankly at the symbol.  Then it spoke is a slurred and stuttery voice.  "Dec- *Huk* Dec- *Ka-ka* Con!  Decp – *Ta-ta-ta-ta* Con!  Decept - icon!"  It now knew who it was.  But what was plaguing it's mind, my what had happened to it, to cause such damage. It then suddenly stared of into the night, as a humming sound began to build up.



The humming sound cut off, but the figure didn't care.  Once again, the humming sound began to build up.



Suddenly, sparks erupted all over his body, and the metallic bat-like ear on the right side of his head exploded outward, flying off to land in the darkness somewhere, as the humming sound cut off, and ran down in a whirling whine.  Smoke began to bellow from the side of his head where the ear had been blown off.

The Figure then stumbled forward, towards the building.  The events of the past month was a total blank.  Everything would have to be dumped from his data grid, and be replaced, much to his anger. 

But surely, one of these days, the explanation would reveal it's self.  Until then, he had a planet to rule.

"I-I, am Shaark – Avve!  Shock-s-shock!"  The figure stopped, and raised both arms to the heavens about, and titled his head to face up the side of the building, at the Decepticon symbol on it's side.

"SHOCK - WAVE!!!!"


The image of Shockwave shouting triumphantly vanished in a swirl of colours.  The two skull like figures who'd been watching the entire scene fold out turned away from the spot they'd been watching and then turned to face each other.

"I must admit," One of the creatures, thought, "I was beginning to believe that, he would never regain his memory.  Perhaps the memory wipe we performed on his mind to erase the events between the Maximals and the Predacons was too excessive."

"Thank creation he did regain him memory," the other responded.  "Three months was far too long, and already the damage to the time line has been done."

"Affirmative," the other replied.  "The lose of the Decepticons on board 'The Titan,' has been very dangerous, but fortunately, not much has changed the outcome of the future."

"They have been destroyed, and so has the Titian, Thousands of years earlier then they should have."  The other one snapped.  "Even thought the alteration to the timeline has been minimal, it's still been enough to change the future, not drastically, but still, the future has been changed."

"A lot less then it would've been, if we had not abducted Shockwave, and put him on Cybertron like we did," the other quickly added.

"That's not the point," his friend stated.  "The point is, that this war between Primal and Megatron, is getting out of hand.  Who knows what kind of destruction those two will cause."  He then turned away from his friend, to look at the mass of swirling colours that surrounded them.  The colours morphed and changed to display an image before them.

Shockwave sat in a chair, as metallic arms surrounded him, and welded plates together, reconnected circuits, re-etched microchips, and sealed fuel lines.  "Even though we saved Shockwave, we could not save the other Decepticons.  Our power is great, but limited.  We simply can not afford something of this magnitude to ever happen again!"

"So," the other alien asked, "Should we send in our… special operative?"  He glanced over at the two floating lifeless figures off to the side, both holding hands in their coma like state.

"No," the other one said after a few moments thought.  "I admit that Primal's judgement in handling this matter was rash, an illogical, he is still fighting for the same goal, the preservation of the timeline, and the future."  His jaw worked, as he contemplated events.  "We shall give him one more chance.  If he fails, or the timeline comes under serious threat again, then we shall send him in."

"And what of Tarantulas?"  The other Alien asked.  "That enigma has been thorn in our side for quite some time." 

"We will keep an eye on him as well," the other responded.  "He is far too scheming for our comfort, and his knowledge of us is alarming."  He paused.  "Our hesitation on his matter may be critical, or it may be disastrous, what ever the outcome, we must preserve the future," he pause, "And the experiment." 

"Yes," the other replied.  "The experiment.  Despite the contamination, it goes rather well.  Wouldn't you say?"  His partner nodded, as they turned back to the swirling colours, and brought up another image.


The alarms screamed up and down throughout the massive halls of the central command centre.  Shockwave glanced over the shoulder of a Decepticon manning the deep space radars.

"Integrative," Shockwave asked, "What is happening?"

"That small planet we've been monitoring just beyond our orbit, has suddenly changed shape, and is heading in the direction of Cybertron," he paused, "Really fast!"

"That is where Lord Galvatron went."  Another Decepticon replied. Suddenly, the one monitoring the radar, glanced up, and froze.

"By the pit," he gasped, and then pointing straight out at the view screen, shouted, "LOOK!!!"

Everyone looked up, and froze in horror.  There, looming over the planet was the largest transformer they'd ever seen.  It had strange stick like wings, with huge horns, and was an orange and white colour.  He glanced down at the planet, then, reaching back with one hand, brought it down with a terrible force, ripping at the planet.

The force knocked everyone in the command centre to the floor.  Shockwave, got up, and rushed to the window, to get a better look.  The creature then dragged its hand along Cybertron, tearing at it as it drew.  Stunned, Shockwave hesitated for a moment.

"Activate the emergency broad casting system!"  He shouted.  A Decepticon hesitated, still staring at the screen.  "NOW!!!"  Shockwave shouted.

"Yes sir," he replied, and flipped the switch. 

"Decepticons!"  Shockwave shouted, still staring in awe at the giant creature.  "We're under attack!  SCRAMBLE!!!"  Sirens started screaming like crazy everywhere.  Gun emplacements, designed for the final Autobot offence against Cybertron, began to slid from their hiding places, and opened fired on the creature, while the flight capable Decepticons transformed, and launched a counter strike against the monster.

Missiles, lasers, plasma, and all manners of projectile weapons struck the monster, and did little harm to it.  The creature it's self paused only momentarily, before it began swiping at the aircraft that swarmed all around it.

They dove, fired, and pulled up, striking hard, and fast at the creature.  After a few moments, it grew tired of swatting at them, then, drawing in a deep breath, pulled in a number of fighters into it's cavernous mouth, and crushed them between it's teeth.  Swiping a battle ship out of the air, it then turned its force upon the planet, blasting the surface of the planet with optic beams of pure energy.

Cybertron was rocked with explosions, as one by one, the gun emplacements were destroyed.

"Commander?"  Shockwave didn't here the Decepticon.  "Commander?!"  He asked again.  Shockwave herd him, and turned to face him.

"Integrative: What is our status?"  He asked.

"We're losing too many fighters, and troops to this thing.  What should we do?" For a moment, Shockwave didn't move.  Then, he turned to face the monster, still tearing into the Decepticon defences.

"Hypothesis… I – I have no hypothesis.  This is beyond analysis.  Beyond logic.  My vast data grid simply… cannot compute."  He then turned to the other Deceticons still at their posts.  "However, I believe I can give an accurate probability projection.  I am 100% certain that Cybertron, and every transformer on it, is doomed!  Fact: Our defences are ineffective against its strength, and to continue any resistance against it would only result in further lose of manpower.  That would be illogical.  Conclusion: I suggest, that we --!" 

"Get the Pit outta here?"  Someone finished.  He looked at Shockwave, who gave a small nod.  "Sounds logical to me, Shockwave."  He said.

"Activate the emergency broad casting system!"  Shockwave said.  The Decepticon by the COM, flipped a switch, and Shockwave spoke one last time.  "Attention, all Decepticons still functioning.  Retreat, I repeat, Retreat in order, covering wounded, and evacuation shuttles."  He paused.  "That is all."

"Will you be coming with us, sir?"  The Decepticon by the COM asked.

"Negative," Shockwave replied, staring out the view screen at the creature.  "There is one last thing I must do."

"Suit your self," he said, "Come on, guys, let's vanish."  Then, getting up, he and the remaining Decepticons quickly exited the command centre leaving Shockwave all alone.


Shockwave stood in the command centre of Cybertron.  For millions of years, it'd been his headquarters were he'd ruled over Cybertron with efficiency and logic.  Now.  Now, it was all coming to an end.

The room shook violently, as an explosion erupted nearby.  Derbies rained down, landing all around him.  Shockwave watched as his world began to fall apart on a dozen different monitors.  He saw ships leaving, flying away, fighter crafts weaving and dodging the incredible energy the monster was emitting. 

It was all over.

Once upon a time, the very word of the Decepticons struck fear into the hearts of all life, now…  They would be without a home world, and Shockwave would be without a purpose.  He'd been built strictly for the purpose of ensuring Decepticon victory, and the supremacy of Cybertron.  It'd been his skill that had led to Megatron choosing him for the position of ruler, in his absence.

The most logical thing he'd ever done.  For centuries, he'd stood by and watched as Megatron had made error, after error, costing the Decepticons a much-needed victory.  He'd said nothing, nor had he done anything, for he was programmed to serve Megatron.  After all, the most strongest and wises should be leader.

It was Megatron who first started the Great War against the Autobots, and it had been his strength, that'd reduced the Autobots to rebel factions.  Now, after four million years Megatron's obsession with the late Autobot leader, Optiums Prime, which had stood in the way of victory, had finally caused the ultimate Decepticon defeat.

Maybe, if he'd been in charge, instead of Megatron, he'd have done things right.  Destroyed the Autobots, and claimed the most powerful of all objects, the Matrix for himself.  Galvatron, the ultimate evolution of Megatron, had taken the Matrix to use against the planet that'd destroyed the two moons of Cybertron.  Shockwave had begged him not to try and use the Matrix against the planet.  He'd suggested that the Matrix be studied, to uncover its secrets, in case of failure. 

No doubt he had failed.

Now, because of his usual rashness and illogical thinking, he'd angered the planet, and awaken the monster within.  If he'd used patients, and studied the Matrix, like Shockwave suggested in the first place, he'd have found a way to open it. 

Shockwave's fist tightened.  That was it.  This was the final straw.  He would be loyal to Galvatron no more.  That would definitely be logical. 

The commander centre shock once more, and Shockwave's attention was drawn back to the screen.  Many of the monitors were off-line, showing nothing but video snow.  There was a large diagonal crack across the main view screen, and the image on that screen flicked and jumped.

Calmly, he reached down, and turned off the power, sending all the monitors blank.  "Cybertron will be shortly destroyed," he said, as he raised his right arm up before him. Shockwave then pushed something on his arm, and a small panel flipped open.  He pushed a few buttons inside the panel, and then closed it with a soft click. 

A small hidden panel behind Galvatron's throne slid open, and Shockwave walked behind the throne, and into the newly opened passage way.  He walked down a small corridor, towards another door.  There, he pushed a button, and a metallic voice spoke.

"Please stand by for identification."  Shockwave stood still, as a scanning laser blasted him from head to toe.  Then, there was a 'Ding,' and the door opened to reveal an elevator.  "Identification, confirmed."  The voice said.

Shockwave then walked into the elevator, and closed the doors.  The elevator began to descend into the depths of Cybertron, just as a blast from the creature's optic beams destroyed the commander centre.


                                                              TRANSFORMERS: Beast Wars

                                                                  "HEAVEN'S BURNING"

                                                                        By Lein



MT. ST. HILARY: 4 million years ago…

Megatron's finger poised above the firing button, ready to strike death down upon the Ark.  The main fusion cannon of 'The Nemesis' glowed brightly with the massive energy build up, as it reached its maximum capacity.

Dinobot, and Primal watched in horror, as Megatron prepared to fire.

Suddenly, the sound of jet engines approaching drew Megatron's attention towards the view screen.  He glanced up in confusion, as he was totally caught of guard by the sudden appearance of… an Autobot shuttle!?!

Inside the shuttle, Rinox sat glued to the oversized seat, too big for somebody of his size.  Still, he pushed harder on the accelerator, speeding up, as he dove straight for the bridge of the Decepticon Flag Ship.  His fingers tightened around the control stick, and his gritted his teeth.

"For everything that ever was."  He whispered to himself.

Megatron was stunned.  A million questions were racing through his mind.  Where had that shuttle come from?  Were the Autobots here?  Did they awaken the Transformers inside the Ark?

Megatron was so focused on the ship that he'd forgotten about the firing button all together.  He blinked in surprise, as he suddenly realised the shuttle wasn't slowing down.  The pilot intended to smash into the ship!

Rinox yelled a battle cry, as he drove the shuttle to its maximum speed, while Megatron yelled in fear. 

There was a tremendous crash, as the shuttle smashed through the thick glass of the bridge, smashing the control panel as it came.  Megatron was right in it's path, and was plastered to the front of the ship, as it smashed through the view screen, and rocketed down the bridge, taking wires, computers, machinery, and circuitry with it, until it finally smashed through the other side.

There was another explosion, as the build up energy from the fusion cannon, unable to be contained, backfired, and began to disperse throughout the ship.  Panels exploded, as Primal ripped the Transwarp cells form the concel where they were attached. 

"Dinobot!"  Primal called out, as he turned to face his friend, "Save your self!"

The Ex-Predacon covered his face to shield it from an explosion.  He looked back at Primal, and shook his head.  "Farewell, Optiums Primal."  He said, and saluted.

The concel Dinobot rested against suddenly exploded, engulfing the clone in a ball of fire.  He was gone.

Rolling with the blast, Primal turned about, and activated his jet boosters, flying down the exploding corridor, and out through the newly made hole, curtesy of that Autobot shuttle.

Explosions blossomed all over 'The Nemesis' as it began to lose its ability to fly.  Smoke began bellowing from the hull, as it floated away, gradually losing altitude, until it disappeared over the horizon.

Looking down at the entrance of the Ark, Primal saw the other, gathered outside, watching the sky.  He flew down, and landed among his friends, and together, they watched as 'The Nemesis' vanished from sight.

"It's done," Primal said with a satisfied sigh.  "All is as it should be."

"And Megatron?"  Black Arachnia asked.

"I don't know."  Primal said, looking to the sky.  "An Autobot shuttle just appeared out from nowhere, and saved the day."

"Oh, that was just our good buddy Rinox."  Rattrap said with a grin.

"Rinox?"  Primal said, "But… how?"

"Somebody downloaded some blue prints of 'The Ark' to us, and we found this old Autobot shuttle inside the Ark."

"But the History tracks never mentioned anything about that."  Primal said.

"History was still being made," Silverbolt said, "Well, that's what Rinox said."

"Look!"  Cheetor cried out, pointing to the sky.  "There he is!"  They all looked up as the shuttle came in low, and lowering it's landing gear, slowed to a halt, and settled down, not far from the group. 

"And lookie what he's brought us!"  Rattrap said gleefully.

Megatron's twisted form was stuck to the nose of the shuttle, jerking occasionally.  The force of the impact, and being smashed through a solid metal wall had taken its toll on the Predacon leader.  The moment the shuttle touch down, Megatron fell from the nose, and landed on the ground with a dull thud.  He struggled to stand, but failed, falling face down, and threw off sparks. 

The belly of the shuttle suddenly lowered down, and out stepped Rinox, a visible smile on his face.  Primal walked over and shook his hand.  "Well done, old friend," he greeted him.

"Thanks," Rinox replied, and turned to look at Megatron, who emitted a low moan.

"At last," Primal said, turning to the rest of his troops, "It's finally over.  We can all go home."

The surviving Maximals all shouted with joy.  Cheetor, and Rattrap hugged each other, while Silverbolt, and Black Arachnia kissed.  Primal turned as somebody patted his shoulder.

"Congratulations, Optimus," he said, "You saved the future." 

"We all saved the future, Rinox," Primal replied.  "With joint effort, we all helped defeat Megatron."  He then held up the trans-warp cells that he'd taken from the Nemesis, just before he'd abandoned the ship.  "Do you think you could attach these to that shuttle?"  He asked.

"Piece of cake," Rinox replied, as he took them from Primal.  "I just need to get a few things that we boxed up and put inside the Ark."  Then turned about, and started walking towards the ship.

"All right, that's enough," Primal said, turning towards the others, still celebrating.  "There's still a lot of work to do, before we leave."

"Like what, Boss Monkey?"  Rattrap asked, as he began counting off all their accomplishments on his fingers.  "We've beaten Mega-Twerp, we've defeated the Preds…"

"We don't know that, yet," Primal interrupted.  "We only have confirmation of Dinobot, and Tarantulas's death.  We still need to find, Quickstrike, Rampage, Inferno, and Waspanator.  They're still out there somewhere."

"Do we have too?"  Rattrap whined.  Primal lent down close and looked him right in the eyes.

"Now!"  He said rather loudly.

"Okay, okay," Rattrap said, holding up his hands in surrender, "Jezz, no need to get physical."  He then transformed, and sped off.  The other Maximals quickly followed suit, leaving Primal all alone with Megatron.

He turned to face Megatron, who was still mumbling incomprehensible things into the dirt.  He walked over, and picked him up by the back of the neck, and looked him in the eyes.  The Predacon was only slightly conscious, one of his eyes, occasionally flickering.

He then glanced down at Megatron's chest, and then back to his face.  "It's time to give something back, Megatron," Primal said, as he turned around, and headed for the Ark.

Optimus Primal dragged Megatron along the ground, as he walked towards the golden gleaming space ship.  Megatron was only just beginning to regain consciousness as Primal marched across the grass, to finish off one last minor detail. 

"W-what happened?"  Megatron was muttering to himself, as Primal opened the Ark, and Teletram 1 stood down.  The doors slid open, and Primal walked inside, dragging Megatron by one leg.

"It's finally over, Megatron," Primal said, as he glanced back at him.  "You lost!"

"L-lost," Megatron muttered, still not quite awake, as the doors closed behind him.  "That c-can't be," he slurred, "I-it can't!"

"Yeah," Primal said, as he moved around the deactivated Transformers that littered the hallway.  "It is!  We still managed to defeat you Megatron, and this time, you're gonna stay defeated."  They came into the control room, and Primal walked over, and turned to face the giant white and black transformer, slumped against the wall.

The original Megatron lay in emergency stasis lock, awaiting the day, four million years later, when he would rise, to lead the Decepticons against Prime and his Autobots.

Picking Megatron up buy the back of the neck, he then reached down with his free hand, and opened his chest compartment, revealing the shimmering spark within, and the metallic tentacle still wrapped around it.  He reached it, and grabbed it, pulling at it, until it came lose. 

Then, he reached over, and opened the chest compartment of the original Megatron.  Then, pulling hard on the tentacle -- grunting as it refused to give it up -- he then inserted the spark, back into the body of its original owner.

"It's done," he said, "All is as it should be," The eyes of Megatron glowed brightly for a second, before dimming, and fading completely.  "At last."  He sighed heavily.  After losing so many friends, after so many near misses, and lost chances, they had finally won.  It was truly over.

"I thought I might find you here," a deep voice said from behind him.  Primal turned, to see Rinox carrying a large golden crate. 

"At least we don't have to worry about the Original Megatron's spark getting destroyed."  Primal said, as he lowered the barely conscious Megatron to the floor.

"At least we can relax," Rinox said, putting the create down.  "The Beast Wars are over, Megatron's defeated, and the Predacons are all scattered…"  Rinox trailed off as he noticed Primals' glum appearance.  He sighed as he realised what Primal was upset about.  "There was nothing you could've done to save Tiger-Hawk or Depthcharge."

"They should be here, celebrating with us," Primal muttered, tightening his grip on Megatron.  "Just like Dino-bot."

"Say," Rinox interrupted, "What ever happened to the Clone?"  Primal just looked at Rinox.  His expression said it all.  "Oh," Rinox said, "Sorry."

Primal just shook his head, and headed for the exit, Megatron dragging behind him.  Rinox sighed heavily as he lowered his gaze to the floor.  Then, he reached down and picked up the create, and headed after Primal.

"Primal, wait!"  Rinox called out after his leader, as he exited the Ark.

"Just leave me alone," Primal muttered, as he started tying Megatron up with Power Bands.

"There was nothing you could've done to save them, Primal," Rinox said sternly, as he dropped the crate down beside him.  "Fate has chosen them to die, just like fate had chosen you to save the future."

"But at what cost," Primal sighed, as he finished tying up Megatron, and turned about, to walk over to a cliff.  The cliff over-looked a rocky valley.  "If this is the long awaited victory we've been waiting for, then how come I feel more like the loser?"

"I'm an engineer, not a phycologist," Rinox snorted. "But if you want my opinion, Primal, the reason you feel like the loser, is that you're not looking at the whole picture."

"What dose that mean?"

"Think about the future that you've saved!  The Autobots, the humans, By Primus, even the whole universe owes you their lives to you!  You protected the outcome of the future to insure the peace that prospers, and how many lives would've been terminated if Megatron had succeeded, and the Decepticons spread across the universe?  Millions, Billions?  Trillions?  Maybe you don't see it, but I sure do, by the Matrix!"  Primal turned to look at Rinox.  "And if that isn't the greatest victory ever, then I don't know what is!"

One corner of Primal's mouth turned up, as he turned to look up at the morning sky.  He turned back to Rinox, and patted his shoulder.  "Thankyou old Friend," he said softly, "I really needed that."

"Just the pressures of Leadership finally catching up with you," Rinox replied with a smile of his own.  "And I'll just let you know that I'm glad they boiled over now, rather than before."

"It just seems so incredible," Primal said, as they both turned to look at the rising dawn.  "We've been stuck here for so long, and I've seen victory snatched from our grasp so many times, it's just so hard to believe that we've finally done it."

"Well," Rinox said, "If it makes you feel better, Dinobot died a warrior, something he's wanted to do all his existence.  Depthcharge died knowing that he saved the future, and even tough Tiger-Hawk is gone, they were both Tigertron and Air-Riser.  They died together; just as they were in life."

"That makes it all worth it, Rinox," Primal said, as he bent down and picked up Megatron.

"Come on," Rinox said, as he picked up the create, "I could use a hand attaching those Trans-Warp cells to the Autobot shuttle."

"I could use something else to worry about," Primal joked.

"Trust me," Rinox said, "You have absolutely nothing else to worry about."

Back inside the Ark, the Original Megatron lay, slumped against the wall, motionless.  Suddenly, there was a soft click, followed by a low humming sound that steadily built up, and then cut off.  There was a moment of absolute quite, before Megatron's eyes flashed with intensity.

A series of stop-starting whirring sounds began to emanate from Megatron's chest, while writing began scrolling forth across his eyes.







Silverbolt soared overhead the battle scared landscape.  Megatron had cut a swath of destruction with 'The Nemesis,' on his way to Mt. St. Hillary.  On his back, Black Arachina held on, in her beast mode, surveying the devastation below.  

"It's terrible how war can leave its memories, scared forever into the ground."

"That's nothing compared to the Great War," Black Arachina said.  "When we get back to Cybertron I will show you the data tracks on the destruction that was wrought on the planet."  She gazed down at the scorched trees.  "And this is nothing in comparison."

"I never knew Megatron could be this evil," Silverbolt growled, grimacing at the memory of his Predacon past.  "I'm ashamed that I once served under him."

"Hey, Bone Breath," Black Arachina snapped, slapping him with one claw, "What do you think I did in my past?"

"I'm sorry, Dear," Silverbolt said, "It's just that…"

"Just leave it at that, Boswer Boy," she grumbled, "What's done is done.  You didn't hurt anyone, and luckily I changed sides before the end truly came.  So, let's just drop it, okay?"

"Yes, dear," Silverbolt said quickly.  He soared on, swooping high above the forest, and came out over a cliff face that was charred black, with rubble strewn about everywhere.

"Hey, isn't that…?"

"The humans!"  Sivlerbot gasped.  "They've been destroyed!!!"

"Think again," She said, pointing down below.  A number of brown, furry bipeds were all gathered around in a circle.  "They're still alive."

"Not even the innocent are free from Megatron's cruel wrath," Silverbolt snarled.  "Truly he is a villain with no spark!"

"Nice speech," Black Arachina said sarcastically, "So, are we going to go down there and see if they're okay?"

"Yes," Silverbolt said, banking left, and circling around, "Yes, we shall!"

A few primitive humans looked up as Silverbolt landed, and transformed.  Black Arachina leapt from his back and transformed before she hit the ground.

"Hmmm," Silverbolt mussed observing the group, "They appear free of structural damage."

"Well," Black Archina said, "That's some good ne…"  She suddenly cut off as an ape-creature held up something green and yellow for a split second before lowering it out of sight.  "What the…!?"

"I saw it too," Silverbolt said, "That did look a lot like…"

"Quickstrike!"  Black Arachnia interrupted, as the ape-creature held it back up again.  It was Quickstrike all right.  Well, a part of him anyway.  It was just his head.

The ape-man looked at it, and then looked inside it.  He pulled out some circuitry and tried to eat some.  He immediately spat it out, and then tapped the head.  He pulled back at the hollow sound it made, and then tried it again, then again.  Suddenly, he tapping his hand against it, like a drum, and danced off with his prize.

Both Silverbolt and Black Arachina watched him, and then turned back to the group, as someone pulled out something different.  Inferno's arm.  He waved it about, and bit into it.  Spitting in disgust, he tossed it over his shoulder, and it was immediately snatched up by some ape children.

"Well," Black Arachina said after a few moments silence, "At least we know what happened to Inferno and Quickstrike."

"Megatron destroyed his own troops?"  Silverbolt exclaimed.

"It's Megatron, remember?"  Black Arachina said, "He's 'A Villain with no Spark,' so it's nothing to him."  She activated her COM.  "Black Arachina to Primal, come in Primal."

There was some static, before, "Primal here, Black Arachina, what have you found?"

"We've found what's left of Inferno and Quickstrike," she reported, "They appeared to have been destroyed by 'The Nemesis' when Megatron attempted to destroy the early humans."

"Are the humans okay?"

"They're fine, Primal," Black Arachina said,

"What are the status of Inferno and Quickstrike?"

"They're gone," Black Arachina said, "Beyond all chance of reanimation.  We're going to…"

"HEEEEEEEELP!!"  Both of the Maximals turned at the sound of the high-pitched whining voice.  The bushes burst open, as an ape child leapt from the foliage and was running around holding onto something green and black.  Waspinator.

"Waspinator?"  Black Arachina asked.

"Spider-bot, doggy-bot, help Wazpanator!  Pleeeeaze!"  Another ape child leapt from the bushes, and waved its arms at the other child, who then tossed the head to him.  Waspantor wailed as he sailed through the air, and landed on the rock ground, as the child missed.

"Ahh," Black Arachnia said to her COM, "Scratch that, we have two confirmed terminations, and one prisoner."

"Okay then," Primal's voice said, "Gather the prisoner up and return to base."

"You herd the monkey," Black Arachina said to Silverbolt, "Let's get him back to base."

"Yeaaah!"  Waspinator cried out, then cried out in pain, as he was kicked across to another child.  Silverbolt quickly intercepted Waspinator much to the disappointment of the children.

"So," Silverbolt asked, "Where's the rest of you?"

"Over there, in bushes!"  Waspinator indicated with his tongue.  "Wazpinator give up!  Wazpanitor quit being Predacon, Wazpinator just want to go home!"

"Tell it to the judge," Black Arachina said, as she walked over towards the bushes. 


Down by the ocean shores, Cheetor and Rattrap stood, watching in glum silence as pieces of Depthcharge were gently washing up on the sandy beach.

"Ya know something, kid," Cheetor said, "Even though he was a major pain in the tail, he was kinda a great guy."

"Yeah," Cheetor said in a sad tone of voice, "I'll miss him too."  The only sounds were the crashing of the waves, as they broke upon the beach and the rocky outlets.  The water rushed in, running around their feet, dragging the derbies in closer to shore.

The two watched in silence as one o Depthcharge's wings came to rest right at their feet.  "Now, that's just creepy," Rattrap said with a shiver, breaking the stony silence.  "Help me gather the pieces, kid," Rattrap said, bending down to pick up the wing, "The decent thing to do, would be to gather his pieces for a proper funeral."

Cheetor bent down and picked up tattered remnants of one of Deapthcharges arms.  Rattrap bent down and picked up some bits of metal from his lower torso.  The two of them, walked up and down the beach for the next half hour, gathering everything up.  Circuits, wires, twisted metal, hydraulics, everything that was out of place on the beach.

"Hey, what the…!?"  Cheetor said, as he stood on something hard and metallic.  He bent down and picked it up.  He gasped.  It was half of Rampages face.  His mouth, twisted into a frozen scream, his optics, shattered, and wide.  The inside was scorched and cracked which meant that he'd exploded from the inside.

What ever happened to him, he died in pain.

"Well," Rattrap said, "At least Crab-butt bit the big one as well."  Cheetor nodded, then tossed the remnants into the sea.

"Rampage is now accounted for," Cheetor said, activating his COM.  "Cheetor to Big-Bot, come in Big-Bot."

"Primal here, Cheetor."

"Big-Bot, we've found Rampage, well, part of him anyway.  He's majorly waisted, no chance of him ever coming back."  He paused, as he looked down at the pile they'd been building.  "We… we also have found Depthcharges remains as well.  We thought it best… well, you know."

"I understand, Cheetor," Primal said, "He was a good soldier.  You're doing the right thing bringing him back for a burial.  When you've finished, return to base.  Black Arachina and Silverbolt have found Inferno, Quickstrike, and Waspinator."

"Understood, Cheetor out."

Nether one of them said a word, until they got back to base.


The sun was just setting behind the hills, as all the surviving Maxiamls were gathered around the incinerator by the cliff, overlooking the valley below.  On the ingenerating platform, sat four small boxes.  Each box had the image of the Maximals on it, and under that, a name.





All their heads hung as they were observing a minute's silence.  Finally, Primal raised his head, and looked over at the incinerator.  "Friends," he began, "We are all gathered here to honour the memory of our fallen comrades.  Not just soldiers or heroes, but loved ones, and friends.  Through out our time on this alien world, they gave their all, and end the end, they made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our very future.  No one asked them to do their duty; they all performed their roles because they knew it was right.  Primus only knows how many lives have been saved because of their brave actions, and their sacrifice.  For this, we thankyou, and so dose the entire universe.  Good-bye, and farewell."

Rinox pushed a button, and in a bright flash of light, the boxes were all vaporised.  Cheetor sighed sadly.  Rattrap and Silverbolt both saluted, while Black Arahcina hung her head.

"So what happens now?"  Cheetor asked, breaking the silence.

"Now," Primal said, "We go home."

"For real?"  Cheetor asked.

"For real," Primal said.  "It's truly over."  They then set about dismantling the incinerator, packing it up, and loading it back on board The Ark.  Outside the mountain, the Autobot shuttle rested on a ramp, pointing towards the heavens, ready to leave. 

Inside two boxes, Megatron and the newly rebuilt Waspinator had been place.  Both bound by power bonds, and muzzled, they were ready for the trip home.

"So what are you two going to be doing when we return to Cybertron?"  Rattrap asked Silverbolt and Black Arachina, as they were nearing the end of their loading tasks.

"We shall see what life is like on this planet called Cybertron," Silverbolt answered, "And make up our minds."

"I've always had a knack for history," Black Archina said, "Maybe I'll join the archivists guild."

"What about your self?"  Silverbolt asked.

"Me," Rattrap responded with a grin.  "First thing I'm gonna do when I get back, is get a desk job.  I've had it up to here with adventure and exploration."  He raised his hand up as high as it could go.  "It may be boring, but by Primus it's safer."

"You planing on leaving the crew, Rattrap?"  Cheetor asked from behind.  "How can you say that after all the cool, and fun adventures we had together!"

"Kid," Rattrap said, wagging his finger before the Maximal, "Don't make me hurt you."

"You will be missed, Rattrap," Primal said, as he walked past with Rinox.  "You will be difficult to replace."

"Yeah," Cheetor said with a grin, "We'll never be able to find someone as innocuous as you were."  The group all chuckled.

"Fine," Rattrap said, throwing up his hands in defeat, "Make fun of the rat, why should I care, after all, I'm the butt of every ones jokes around here."  He continued grumbling to himself as he picked up two boxes and took them on bord the shuttle.

"Take a good long look at it, guys," Rinox said, turning towards the Ark.  "It's a piece of history that you'll never see again."

"I can't wait to tell all my friends, I've been inside the Ark.  I saw the real Optiums Prime."

"We can discus all that later," Primal said, patting Cheetors shoulder.  The quicker we get Megatron of this planet, the happier I'll be."

"The happier we'll all be, Boss Monkey," Rattrap said, as he exited the shuttle, "Now, can someone give me a hand here?  Or dose the rat have to do all the manual labour around here?"

"You won't have to worry about that any longer, Maximal," an odd metallic voice echoed all around the valley.  "Fact: For soon, you won't exist!"

"That voice!"  Primal gasped.  "It sounds like…"

"But it can't be!"  Rinox growled.

"Uhhh, guys!"  Cheetor gulped, as he pointed towards the low hills of to the left, "It is!"

There, hovering in mid-air was a familiar looking gigantic Cybertronian gun of a deep purple colour.  The gun suddenly transformed, and the logical Shockwave landed on the ground, and began walking towards them.

"Shockwave!?!"  Silverbolt cried out in alarm.  "But…  How!?!"

"You were destroyed!"  Black Archina said in awe, "How could you have…?"

"Survived?"  Shockwave finished.  "Fact: My metallic exo-structure is well designed to handle extreme punishment.  Conclusion: It would be logical that I would survive."

"This can't be happening," Primal muttered.  "It just can't."

"Oh, but it is!"  Another voice echoed form behind them.  They spun around and nearly fell over in shock.  "For today is the day, the dead walk, and it seems only fitting, that Megatron lives again!"

Standing just in front of the ark, was the Original Megatron, his hands on his hips, his massive arm cannon, glistening in the evening sun, his eyes a blaze.

"No," Primal gasped, "By Primus, NO!!!!"  Megatron just tossed his head back and laughed out loud.

"Oh slag," Rattrap moaned.  "This is it for sure.  We're all gonna die."