The Maximals could only gather together in a circle, their backs to each other's, as they tried to comprehend the situation before them.  Shockwave, and Megatron were alive and functioning before their very optics.

"Speechless?"  Megatron sneered at the Maximals.  "You should all know that Megatron is very hard to kill!"  He chuckled, as he patted his chest plate.  "When you returned my spark to it's original body, to reactivated my internal systems, giving life to my body once more."

"Hey, wait a minute," Rattrap interrupted, "If we revived Megatron that way, then what about…"

"Enough!"  Shockwave called out, waving his gun arm about.  "There are more pressing matters to be concerned with."

"Ahh, Welcome, Shockwave," Megatron called out, "Where is the Decepticon rescue ship?"

"There is no Rescue ship, Lord Megatron," Shockwave replied.  "Correction: There is no rescue ship for you."

"What?"  Megatron snarled.  "What is the meaning of this?"

"I am not the Shockwave you know.  The Shockwave you know is, at this moment, on Cybertron.  I am Shockwave of the future.  A future that has been destroyed because of your inferior leadership skills."

"That is not true!"  Megatron shouted.  "As leader of the Decepticons, such a fate would never have occurred!"

"I speak from experience, Megatron," Shockwave replied coldly.  "Your inferior emotions have lead to the downfall of the Decepticon Empire, and the destruction of Cybertron!"

"I do not believe you," Megatron snarled, tightening his fist.  "I won't believe you!  It's a trick!  It's all a trick!"  He swung his fusion cannon and took aim at Shockwave's head.  "Die traitor!"

"Negative," Shockwave replied, merely folding his arms.

"Why don't you prepare to fight back, you worthless data spotting idiot!?"  Megatron snarled, lowering his cannon.  "What's the matter with you!?!"

"Unlike you Megatron, I learn from my past mistakes."  Shockwave replied dully, as he raised his right arm up before him.  Shockwave then pushed something on his arm, and a small panel flipped open.  He pushed a few buttons inside the panel, and then closed it with a soft click.     

"What did you just do!?"  Megatron demanded through his teeth.

"Unlike my previous encounter with the Maximals and the Predacons, I didn't come alone."

"Uh-oh," Rattrap whispered, looking behind Shockwave.  Five figures emerged and took up positions on ether side of Shockwave.  They were strange red, blue and yellow robot-beasts, much like the Maximals, only much larger, and with Decepticon insignia's.

The five Decepticon beasts growled a metallic growl, and their eyes flashed with intensity as they scented Megatron.  There was a Panther, a Rhino, an Eagle, a Bull, and a Lion.

"May I introduce you to MY Predacons."  His hand swept before the assembled transformers.  "Rampage, Headstrong, Divebomb, Tantrum, and their leader, Razor-Claw."

"The original Predacons," Primal gasped. 

"They're going to be original scrap when I'm through with them!"  Megatron shouted out loud.  He then took aim with his fusion cannon, and fired.  A burst of pure hot plasma exploded in front of Shockwave, as he pointed towards Megatron.

"Predacons, attack!"  With lighting speed, the Decepticons leapt from their positions, and fell upon Megatron, burying him beneath their bodies.

"We have to get outta here!"  Rattrap shouted, as he watched the battle begin.  "We're no match for anyone here with our combined powers!"

"Quick!"  Primal shouted, "We have to get inside the Ark, and take cover, Teletram 1 won't be able to protect us for long, but it can give us the breathing space between them and us!"

"Hey!"  Cheetor cried out, "What about the other Preds?"  He looked over at the crates that contained Waspinator and Megatron.  Suddenly, a blast from Shockwave's arm cannon exploded just inches from the group, showering them with dirt and grass.  They all turned to see Shockwave marching towards them.

"Maximals!"  He called out, "You may have defeated my plans last time, but this time will be different!"

"We'll deal with them later, come on!"  The Maximals then turned tail, and shot straight for the Ark.

Just then, the seething pile of metal exploded, and Megatron emerged from beneath his eyes blazing red with rage.  "SHOCKWAVE!!!"  He screamed out.  "You're traitorous hide is mine --- ARRGGH!"  He cried out in pain, as Headstrong suddenly charged into his back, knocking him down, allowing the other Predacons to all jump on him.

"Keep him busy, my Predacons," Shockwave called out to them, "I must see to other business."  He then turned about, and started following the Maximals, as they ran for the Ark.

Meanwhile, over by the Autobot shuttle, a crate began to shake violently, until it fell over, and it's top froze solid.  It was then shattered, as Megatron emerged from within. 

He shook his head and held it for only a brief moment, before he turned back to the other creates, and ripped the lid of the one that was beside his.  Inside, Waspinator cried out in alarm.

"Don't hurt Wazpinator!"  He shrieked.

"Save your crowdedness for later, your bumbling fool," Megatron snapped at him, as he lifted him out of the crate with one arm.  "Right now, I need you!"  He then pointed his arm cannon at Waspintors bonds, and destroyed them, freeing the former Predicon.

Megatron then placed him down on the ground, and turned towards the battlefield.  The Predacon, Decepticons were swiping, clawing and bitting at the struggling figure on the ground, while the Maximals were running for their lives, away from Shockwave, and back into the Ark.  Shockwave was in turn following them, firing at the feeling transformers, just barely missing them as they fled.

"Enough!"  The Predacons were thrown of their prey, and sent flying in all directions.  Megatron gasped, as he saw just whom they were attacking.

"By the Pit, look!"  He cried out, pointing at the Decepticon.  "It's him, the great Decepticon leader for whom I took my name!  Megatron lives again!

"Huh!?"  The original Megatron was momentarily distracted from what her heard.  Standing over by the Autobot shuttle, where two small figures, one green and black, the other a bright Marron colour. 

It was all the distraction needed for Divebomb to launch a surprise attack, blasting Megatron in the chest with two heat-seeking missiles.  The Decepticon leader was sent flying through the air, landing not far from the two Predacons near the shuttle.

Divebomb then extended his razor sharp talons.  "Time to finish this!"  He shrieked, as he dove straight for the Decepticon.

"Fool!"  Megatron snarled, raising his Fusion cannon, he fired of a blast of plasma at point blank range.  "It'll take more than a surprise attack to leave me helpless!"

Divebomb was hit square in the chest.  There was an explosion as smoke poured from his beak, and he fell into a tailspin – smoke bellowing from his body -- sailing over the hill, crashing just out of sight.

"D-did you just see that!"  Headstrong muttered.  "He took out Divebomb!  With just one blast!"

"Then we'll just have to get in close where that cannon of his will be useless!"  Razor-Claw snarled.  "Everyone, attack him all at once!"  He then shouted, as the Predacons leapt through the air, and tackled Megatron to the ground.


"Close the door!"  Primal shouted, as Black Arachina gave the Ark the others to set up its defences.  The door slid shut, ad the forces field re-activated, just in time to deflect a blast from Shockwave.

A moment of silence passed between all of them before Rattrap moaned, "Aww man, how are we gonna get outta this one?"

"I hate to admit it Big-Bot but he's right!  We were barely able to take on Shockwave the last time, now we've got him, Megatron and the original Predacons out there."  Rhinox groaned as he hung his head.

"Even I can't see a way out!"

"Then we've got no choice," Primal said, turning to look down the hallway.  "We have to wake up the Autobots!  They're our only hope!"

"Whoa, hang on a Microsecond here," Rattrap interrupted, "What about all that junk you said about changing the fut…?"

"Rattrap!"  Primal shouted at him.  "It's ether change the future, or get erased, now get moving!"  The rest of the Maximals sprinted down the corridor.  Rattrap just shook his head and sighed.  "Don't mind me folks, for just reminding ya of what the slag we've been DOING for the past few Megacycles here!"  He then started jogging of after his companions. 

The door to the bridge slid open with a hissing sound, as the Maximals rushed into the hallway leading to the command centre.  Autobots and Decepticons lay strewed about the place, completely unaware of the battle ragging on around them.

"We have to wake up the Autobots!"  Primal said franticly looking about.  "Those shield doors won't hold much longer under Shockwaves attacks."

"I'll seal these doors, just in case," Black Arachina said, closing the doors to the bridge.

"So," Rattrap asked, surveying the room, "How are we gonna wake 'em up?  A good morning kiss?"

"Rattrap," Primal snarled, "Shut up!"  He walked over to the command chair, in which sat the Autobot commander, Optimus Prime.  "I'm sorry to do this," Primal said with a sigh, "But we have very little choice."  Reaching up, he pressed on the chest compartment.  It clicked, and whirred open, revealing the Matrix within.

"The Matrix."  Cheetor whispered.  It was still as awe inspiring as the last time he'd seen it. 

Primal reached in, and took it out of Prime.  Then, he walked over to the centre of the room, and using his foot boosters, lifted himself up into the air, and held the matrix over his head.

"Light our darkest hour!"  He whispered softly, as he inserted his fingers into the slots along the Matrix, and pulled.

Nothing happened.

The Matrix wouldn't budge.  Primal pulled harder.  "Come on!  Open!" 

"Bigbot?"  Cheetor asked.  "What's wrong?"

"Why won't it open!?"  Primal hissed, straining hard.  "Damn it, I used you before, I bonded with you twice!  Why won't you open!?!"

"You of all life forms, Primal, should know that the Matrix is not a weapon."  The bombing metallic voice didn't come from Rhinox.  It came from the command chair. 

"By the Matrix!"  Cheetor gasped.

"Dear Primus," Silverbolt muttered.

In the commander chair, Optiums Prime sat with his chest open, and his head in an upright position, looking right at Primal, with his eyes blazing with energy.

"Optimus Prime."  Primal gasped.  "You're alive!"

"Yes," Prime said, as he slowly stood.  His huge form towered over the Maxiamls, as the giant stepped down from the chair, and walked over to Primal.  "And I also understand the situation.  My arch enemy, Megatron, is back."

"But we're going to need more than just you, Prime," Primal said, holding up the Matrix, "The Decepticon, Shockwave, is also out there, and he's not alone.  We need to wake up the other Autobots if we're to have a fighting chance!"

"Yes," Prime replied, surveying his fallen comrades, strewn about the room.  He then turned about and headed over to the control panel at the front of the bridge, "We must work quickly."

Suddenly, the doors at the other end of the room were blown open.  Through the smoke and flames, Shockwave marched into the room.  "So, Primal," Shockwave said, as he saw the great Autobot leader, "You managed to awaken Optimus Prime?  No matter, I have taken that into consideration also.  Integrative: Did you wonder how I managed to get past your defences so quickly?"  He suddenly voiced a high-pitched whining sound.  The sound computers make when communicating to each other.

Just then, the ground began to shake, and three explosions erupted in the floor.  Three black and purple figures emerged from them, crawling out and moving in front of Shockwave.

"I've taken the precaution of having as much back up as possible, Primal," Shockwave said, as he pointed to the three robots before him.  They were giant insects.  A grasshopper, and two different types of beetles.  "May I introduce to you, the Insecticons, Kickback, Bombshell, and Shrapnel."

The three Decepticons transformed into their robot modes, While Prime closed his chest compartment.  "Primal, you must take the Matrix away from here."

"But you'll need it!"  Primal said, as Prime's back suddenly flipped open, and his rifle popped out.  Prime reached over his back, and pull it out, taking aim at the Insecticons.

"It's too late for that now," Prime cried out, as he fired.  The Insecticons all dodged the blast, and returned fire of their own.  "Go!"

"This is a nightmare!"  Primal muttered.  "How did this all happen?"

"Less yak'n and more pack'n is in order, Fearless leader!"  Rattrap said, "So let's scram while we're still functional!" 

Uhh, slight problem in that guys," Rhinox said looking around, "The only other exit around here, is through Shockwave."  Shockwave raised his arm cannon and took aim at the Maxiamls.

"Then climb aboard, Friends," Prime said, as he transformed into his Cybatronian truck mode.

"Come on!"  Primal cried out, as they all leapt onto the back of Prime.

"This act is futile!"  Shockwave said, as he fired at the Maxiamals, just barely missing them.

"Aim for his head!"  Rhinox cried out, as all the Maxiamls opened fired on his bright yellow eye.  Shockwave covered his face with his arm, easily deflecting their blasts.

"Gun it!"  Rattrap cried out, and Prime's wheels spun with screeching furry, then lurched off towards Shockwave and the Insecticons.  The Insecticons fired back, but their shots bounced off Prime's metallic hide.

"Look out!"  Kickback shouted, as the Insecticons dived out of the way, leaving Shockwave to be bowled over.

"Yahoooo!"  Cheetor cried out, as they sped off down the hall.

Shockwave got up of the floor, and glanced down the hall at the fleeing figures.  "Fact: A good strategist leaves nothing to chance."  He raised his right arm up before him.  Shockwave then pushed something on his arm, and a small panel flipped open.  "Dirge, Thrust, Ramjet," he spoke, "Home in on my signal at once!"


Outside, Megatron was trouncing the Predacons.  He had Rampage by the tail, and was using him like a mace, swinging him through the air, and clubbing any Predacon who dear to venture too close to him.

"I am Megatron, the greatest Decepticon who ever lived!  My power is equal to no one!"  Megatron shouted, as he hurled the unconscious Rampage at Tantrum and Headstrong.  "NO ONE!!!"  Then, he leapt into the air, and transformed into his gun mode, blasted Razor-Claw.

He then transformed back, and landing on the ground, surveyed the battlefield.  Behind him, Divebomb was crawling along the ground with one wing, while Headstrong, Rampage, and Tantrum were weakly moving about.  Razor-Claw lay on his back, his chest smoking badly, and his limbs twitching occasionally. 

"Pathetic."  Megatron sneered. 

He was interrupted buy slow clapping from the hill.  Megatron turned his cannon around and took aim at the two figures he'd seen before.  The smaller, green and black one cringed in fear, while the taller, Marron coloured one just continued to clap.

"Bravo, my dear Ancestor," the robot said, "Truly, that victory is worthy of your name!"

"Who are you!?"  Megatron demanded, his cannon not wavering.  "Or should I say, what are you?"

"Come now," the creature said with a smile, "Don't you remember?"  He then patted his chest, and Megatron's gaze was lowered to his own chest.  He blinked, and lowered his cannon.

"Yesssss," he said, drawing it out into a low hiss.  "I remember.  It was you who awoken me, by bonding with my spark."

"Correct," the robot replied.  "We shared the same mind during our time together, and by being able to bond with your spark, that can only mean one thing."

Megatron narrowed his eyes, then gasped, as they widened with understanding.  "That means that you're…"  His words were interrupted, as the doors to the Ark suddenly opened, and out shot a red and blue Cybertronian vehicle, with more small brightly coloured robots on it.

The truck then screeched to a halt, and the Maximals surveyed the battlefield.

"Oh, slag!"  Rattrap moaned.

Megatron's optics widened, and his face twisted into bent up rage.  "YOU!!!"  He shouted, pointing at the truck.  "I recognise you, even in that form," as he shouted, the truck suddenly transformed, throwing the Maximals off.  "Optimus Prime!"

"And I, still remember you, Megatron," Prime boomed out to him.  Prime's back once again flipped open, and his rifle popped out.  Prime reached over his back, and pull it out, taking aim at Megatron.  "And this time, you won't be coming back to Cybertron!"

"We'll see whose spark is terminated, Prime!"  Megatron roared, as he raised his arm cannon, and charged down the hill towards Prime, his fusion cannon blazing as he ran.  Prime stood his ground, firing back, carefully dodging Megatron's blasts, as his own firepower bounced of Megatron's hide.

"Take cover!"  Primal yelled to his troops, as they dived out of the way.  Megatron the lowered his cannon, and leapt into the air.  He foot boosters fired up, as he sailed through the air, yelling, as he tackled Prime to the ground.

The two combatants slid across the ground, kicking up dust as they crashed into the side of the volcano.  Megatron's hands curled around Prime's neck.  "Once I crush the life from your twisted metal frame, I'll then do the same to that traitor Shockwave!"

"T-that's if you can!"  Prime gasped, as he punched Megatron across the face from the left, then a quick from the right.  Momentarily stunned, Megatron let go of Prime, and Grabbing Megatron by the shoulders; Prime heaved Megatron's head into the rock wall of the volcano.

Megatron cried out in pain, while Prime pushed him of, then grabbing Megatron once more, heavied him over his shoulder, as he flipped the Decepticon and sent him flying.  The move knocked Megatron's arm cannon off, letting it roll away.

Prime looked about the ground for his own weapon, only to by fly kicked in the head by an angered Megatron.  He then delivered a mighty right to Primes face, before cupping both of his hands together, and swinging them into Prime's lower torso.

Prime doubled over, and Megatron delivered an upper cut to his face, knocking him to the ground.  Snickering, Megatron walked over to Prime, and raised his foot, to bring it down on Prime's head.

Prime rolled away at the last minute, and still rolling, leg swept Megatron, sending the Decepticon stumbling, face first, into the ground.  Leaping to his feet, Prime then withdrew his right hand, inside his arm, and a laser Axe projected forth.

"You never could beat me before, Megatron," Prime jeered, "What makes you think you can do it now?"

Megatron growled.  "I'll tare out your still pulsing spark and absorb its energy!"  He snarled, scrambling to his feet.  His right hand withdrew into his arm, and a laser mace came out. He yelled, and charged at Prime.  Prime raised his Axe in defence.

Suddenly, an explosion erupted in between the two combatants, knocking them both of their feet.

"Wha--!?"  Cheetor cried out, looking up into the sky.  Three sleek Cybertronian jets roared in low, and released two missiles.  They drop from the jets, and then as their motors kicked in, spat orange flame, and sped right for Prime and Megatron.

Both of them managed to leap out of the way, before the ground they were resting on exploded in a fireball.  One jet was white and black, another was red and black, and the third was blue and orange.

"Who are they?"  Silverbolt asked.

"Dirge, Thrust, Ramjet!!!"  Megatron cried out.  "Why do you attack your commander!?"  He shook his fist at them.  "Answer me!!"

The three seekers transformed and landed before the two transformers.  They pointed their arm lasers at Megatron.

"Shockwave is our commander now, Megatron," Ramjet replied, "He reactivated us and there for, we must follow his orders."

"And his orders," Thrust replied, his laser muzzles building up with energy, "Are to terminate you!"  At that moment, all three Decepticons opened fired on Megatron.

Megatron cried out in pain, as a small explosion blossomed on his chest plate.  The force knocked him to the ground.  Megatron lay there, his chest bellowing forth a thick black smoke.

"And now," Dirge said, as they all turned their guns on Prime.  They all fired again.  Prime quickly raised his Axe.  The laser Axe deflected the blasts, and sent them back at their owners.  The seekers dived for cover, as their firepower, backfired on them.

Prime then bunkered down, and charged at the Decepticons as they tried to regain their senses, bowling them over.

Just then, a laser blast whizzed by his audio receiver.  He turned his head, to see the Insecticons rushing towards him.  Shockwave was nowhere to be seen.

He turned to look over at the Maximals.  They were just standing there, watching the battle.  Primal still held the Matrix in plain view.  He turned back to the Insecticons, still charging him down. 

He wasn't up to full strength yet.  He'd just woken up from Stasis lock, and to top it off, he didn't have the Matrix.  Dying wasn't going to serve the Maximals any good.

"Primal!"  Prime called out.  "We have to leave, now!"

"But the Ark!"  Primal called out.  "Shockwave's still inside!"

"We have no choice," Prime said, picking up his rifle.  "We must retreat and regroup!  Maximals, Transform," He cried, as he transformed.  The maxiamls all transformed, with Black Arachina climbing onto Silverbolts back, and Rhinox climbing onto Primal.  "And roll out!"  

They all sped off, over the hill.

"Ohhh," Thrust moaned, as he got up.  "Hold your fire!"  He then called out to the Insecticons, as he watched the enemy vanish over the hills.  "We can get them later."

"Come on," Ramjet said, looking towards the Ark.  "Let's go tell Shockwave what happened. 

"Right behind y—ERRK!!"  Thrust's voice ended in an electronic garble.  Dirge and Ramjet turned around, to see a functional, but very angry Megatron, gripping Thrust from the back of his head.  His chest was no longer smoking, but still, wisps of grey smoke wafted from the melted hole on his chest where the Decepticon symbol once was, along with a few sparks that exploded from within. 

His eyes blazed with rage. "I still function!"  He hissed through his teeth.  His fingers suddenly tightened, and Thrust jerked.  That back of his head spouted electricity, while his eyes suddenly exploded, and began to spew out smoke.  Thrust went still, and Megatron heaved his lifeless body at the other two seekers.

The other two seekers went down under Thrusts body.  They all struggled to get up, as Megatron stalked over to them.  Ramjet raised his left arm laser at Megatron, but only witnessed a purple blur, and then screamed as he felt a jarring pain in his arm.  When his vision cleared.  He saw that his arm ended at the elbow in a sparking stump.

"Traitors!"  Megatron spat at them.  "Die!"  He raised his laser mace above his head. 

Suddenly, laser blasts started striking his body.  He staggered backwards under the barrage, and turned to see the Insecticons firing at him.

"It's not stopping him!"  Shrapnel cried out. 

"More traitors?"  Megatron snarled, glancing at their Decpticon symbols.  "You shall all share Shockwaves fate!"  He roared.  Then he raised his mace above his head, and charged down the hill towards the Insecticons, swinging his mace and yelling.

The Insecticons nerve broke, and they transformed, and fled back towards the Ark. 

"Cowards!"  Megatron shouted at them.  They fled back inside, just as the doors closed shut.  Then, there was a shimmering of green light, as Teletram 1 was re-activated.  Megatron walked over to where his arm cannon lay, and picked it up. 

"Now that, is what I call, impressive!"  Megatron spun around at the voice form behind him.  There was that maroon robot and that green and black one.  The green and black one seemed very fare-full of him, while the other, looked on with awe.

Megatron leaned down, and looked the maroon robot in the face.  His eyes narrowing, he then said, "Before, when we were talking, I felt something within my spark.  Something that was triggered by you!"

"Yes," The robot replied, grinning, "You can't deny the truth.  You can feel it!  Can't you!"  Megatron nodded.

"Yes," he replied slowly, "Yes, I can."  He looked down at his chest, at the melted hole there.  "But… how is it possible?"

"I will explain," the robot said, "But not right now!  With Teletram 1 on line, we have no hope of getting inside the Ark.  There fore we must fall back and count our losses for the day.  We may have lost this battle, but the war can still be won!"

"That is true," Megatron answered.  "You do think like me."  He turned away, and narrowed his eyes.  "I must confess, at first, I didn't believe that…"

"We can discus our… kinship, later.  Right now is not the time, nor is this the place."  He waved Megatron on with his arm that ended in a strange looking head.  "I know of a place were we can recharge and rearm in peace.  Come!"

Then, to Megatron's surprise, it transformed.  It turned into a winged organic creature that was part living tissue and part machinery.  Then, the other one did exactly the same.  They took to the air and began to fly away.

"Coming?"  The robot called out.  Megatron then squatted down, and leapt into the air, his leg boosters firing up, and sending him skyward, trailing just behind the two strangers, as they vanished over the horizon.

Below, Dirge watched the whole scene unfold.  Slowly, he pushed Thrust's body off him, and stood.  Next to him, Ramjet gripped his stump, clenching his teeth in pain.

"He's more powerful than I remember."  Ramjet groaned through his clenched teeth.

Inside the Ark, Shockwave sat in the command chair, watching the fight outside on the multi bank of monitors.  He scratched his metallic chin in deep thought.

"I did not anticipate Megatron being at full power.  Integrative: How is that possible, after just a few mini-cycles of waking up from a prolonged systems shutdown?"  He rose slowly, and walked over to the giant screens.  "Fact: Megatron had enough power to not only deal with the Predacons, but the seekers, and the Insecticons.  Fact: Megatron was able to withstand a combined blast from the seekers.  Conclusion: There must be a third party involved in this somewhere."

He glanced over his shoulder, at the deactivated transformers, scattered about.  "Integrative:  Who?  And what is their goal?"


Prime flipped open the case on the energy compartment of his pulse rifle, and read the gage.


He scoffed loudly, and closed the case with a soft click.  No wonder Megatron didn't even flinch when he shot him.  It was running lower than 15%.  He then slung his gun over his back.  The automatic hooks grabbed it, and it disappeared back inside his body.  It would take a long time for it to re-charge it's self and return to full power, even with the Matrix back inside his chest.

He looked up at the Maximals resting on the boulders nearby.  They looked flushed from their flight.  Was this a side effect of being half organic?

"Okay!"  Rattrap finally said, getting up.  "Now that we've finally got a breather, how about we try and figure out what the slag is going on!!"

"Megatron, Shockwave, the Predacons, the seekers, the Insecticons," Primal moaned, as he shook his head, "It's all one big nightmare!  It's just not possible."

"Primal," Rhinox asked, "Are you feeling all right?"

"No!"  Primal snapped, slamming his fist into the boulder.  "This isn't fare!  It's just not fair!  We beat Megatron, we won the Beast Wars!  Why can't we just go home!"  He beat both his fists against a tree, snapping it in two.

"Easy Big Bot!"  Cheetor said, reaching out a hand towards him.

"Just leave me alone," Primal growled.  He then got up and stalked off into the jungle.  As he left he shouted out over his shoulder,  "All of you!"

"Whoa!"  Rattrap said, jerking his head back a bit.  "What got up his tail pipe?"  Rhinox looked at the spot where Primal disappeared, glanced over at Rattrap and then, screwing up his face, knocked Rattrap over with a hard right.

"Rattrap!"  Rhinox warned leaning his face just inches away from Rattraps.  "Just for once in your existence, SHUT UP!"  Rattrap opened his mouth to rebuttal, but Rhinox just cocked his fist, and Rattrap made a zipping motion across his mouth.

"What's the matter with Big Bot, Rhinox?"  Cheetor asked.

"Isn't it obvious, Cheetor," Rhinox replied, looking back to the spot where Primal had last been seen.

"I don't understand?"  Cheetor said with a shrug.

"The pressures of leadership have finally gotten to him, that's what," Prime replied.  The Maximals all turned to look up at the towering Autobot leader.

"Well," Black Arachina said, walking towards him, "How about we ask some questions we can get some answers too.  Like, how come your still functioning, and how did you know all about the Maximals and the Predacons?"

"Alright," Prime replied.  "When Megatron… and mean, your Megatron, tried to kill me, I had a near death experience.  Although you managed to hook me up to the Arks life support, my Spark began to slowly die, allowing me to join with the Matrix.  However, that proses was stopped when Primal joined with my spark.  In that short instant I joined with the Matrix, I became a part of it.  At that moment, I was suddenly everywhere in the universe, witnessing everything.  Past, present," and his large hand swept over the Maxiamls, "and future."

"The future?"  Cheetor suddenly interrupted.  "That do you know how this situation is going to turn out?"  Prime shook his head slowly.

"No," Prime replied.  "This event is new to me.  It should not be happening at all."  The crowd was silent for a few seconds, and then they all turned towards Rattrap.

"What?"  Rattrap asked, holding up his hands in self-defence.  "You think that I'm going to make a wise crack at that?"

"You usually do," Silverbolt said.

"That explains how you know about us," Rhinox said to Prime, "But it doesn't explain how you were able to reactivate your self!"

"Actually," Prime said, "I have all of you to thank for that."

"Us?"  Cheetor said.

"What did we do?"  Black Arachina asked.

"When you returned my spark to my body, you reactivated my internal computers.  They set about bringing my mind out of stasis lock, and returning me to functional status."

"Wait a minute," Rhinox interrupted, "Megatron woke up not long after Primal returned his spark.  Is that how Megatron was able to return?"

"It could be," Prime answered.  "If the same proses effected me, I have no doubt it would've effected him also."

"Hey," Black Arachina said, pointing a finger claw at him, "We returned your spark to your body Megacycles ago, why didn't you come back to life until today?"

"As I told you, Black Arachina," Prime said, "I was momentarily joined with the Matrix, observing all of history, including ours.  I knew how the Beast Wars would turn out, I witnessed the entire Beast Wars, from the moment you began your chase of Megatron, till your final victory on Cybertron."

"On Cybertron!?!"  They all cried out.

"You mean, we make it home?"  Rattrap asked in a small voice.

"What final victory on Cybertron?"  Rhinox asked.  "What's going to happen when we get home?"

"It is better not to know too much about your own destiny," Prime said, "When this is over, I plan to wipe my memory of my encounter with the Maztrix.  For I have witness the full history of the Transformers," he then pointed at the Maximals. "Even beyond your own time."

"Whoa."  Cheetor said softly.

"As I was saying before, since I knew the outcome of the Beast Wars, I had no need to return to functioning status.  But just to be on the safe side, I kept myself at a low functioning level, like a coma, but very much aware of the goings on around me.  Thus I would be ready to arise and join the fight, should things spiral too far out of control."

"So now that's over and done with," Black Arachina said, "What the slag do we do now?"

No one in the group spoke.

"First," Prime said, stepping over the group, "You will need your commander back."  He then walked off into the jungle, taking the path that Primal had taken earlier.

The Vegetation grew thick around Prime, as he walked through the strange organic surroundings, and finally, pushed out into a clearing.  There was a cliff ledge that overlooked a rocky valley below.  Sitting on the edge of the cliff, was Optimus Primal. 

Prime slowly walked towards him, finally stopping, he looked down at the Maxiaml leader.

"You know," he said, looking out over the valley below, "If it makes you feel any better, I don't believe anyone else will die."

"How can you be so sure," Primal muttered.  "In the final fight with Megatron…"

"…You lost Air-Raiser, Tigertron, and Depth Charge.  I know, Primal.  I know."

"How?"  Primal asked, spinning around and looking up at the Autobot.  Prime then explained what he'd told the other Maximals earlier, about his touch with the Matrix.  "Then you know what I've been through.  What we've I've had to cope with."

"Losses are never easy to deal with, Primal," Prime replied, "I know, of all transformers, I know what it's like to see friends die.  Loved ones lost in the blink of an optic."  He lowered his gaze down to Primal.  "But when I was on Cybertron, from the moment of my creation, to my appointment as the forth Prime, I wished to Primus that the killing would stop.  There were moments when I wished I could just give up the Matrix."

"What stoped you?"  Primal asked.

"I thought of the consequences of what would happen if I did.  How many would die if I didn't do anything?"

"You know," Primal said, "I had that same conversation with Rhinox earlier, and he said exactly the same thing."

"He is a good friend, isn't he."

"He's not just my friend," Primal said, "He's like a father to me.  Some one who I could talk to in times of crises."  He turned to look out across the valley.  "So, any ideas on how we're going to solve this problem?"

"You shouldn't focus on the problem, Primal," Prime said, "You should focus on the solution.  That's the reason I ended up here."

"I know," Primal said, "I studied history.  You realised if you could find a great energy source, you could turn the tied against the Decepticons."

"Exactly," Prime replied.  "I didn't concentrate on trying to come one with a master battle plan to defeat Megatron, or try and plot a revolution from within the Decepticons, but instead, I looked past the Decepticons, past Cybertron," He looked over the valley, "And I found my solution."

"Yeah," Primal said with a smiled.  "You did, didn't you."

"And you can find yours too, Primal," Prime said, placing a hand on Primal's shoulder.  "You just have to look for it."

"Yeah," Primal said, getting up.  "I can do this.  It's just another battle.  The wars still on, and victory is still open to anyone who can get it."

"That's more like it," Prime said.  "Now, let's go, There are some Maximals, who need a commander!