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Third person

In the deep, vast blackness that is space, we see a round, spherical pod, with a red circular window on the front, with a newborn baby lying inside, racing towards the Earth. Now at first glance, this baby could pass off as human, if not for the long, brown, fuzzy tail that is. This baby, is what is known as a Saiyan, a race of fierce, brutal, bloodthirsty, and violent warriors, that are well known as planet destroyers, or rather were well known, for not even but a few hours ago, there planet was destroyed, by an intergalactic warlord, who went by the name of Frieza, a space demon, who was in charge of the intergalactic space planet trade organization.

Frieza's forces, were in charge of going to planets, wiping out all life on them, and then selling the planet, to the highest bidder, or if he was in one of his more worse moods, then Frieza would simply destroy the planet, and be done with it. Frieza was also the prince of the cold empire, being the younger and more favored son of king Cold.

Frieza was in charge of the Saiyans as well, for many years ago, when Frieza came to learn of the sayains, rather than destroy them, he instead offered a proposition, if they would join his army, he would in return, allow them to keep their planet, the planet Vegeta, originally named planet plant, but once it was forcibly taken over by the cold hearted Sayains, they renamed it in honor of their king, thus it was crowned planet Vegeta.

Eventually, however, Frieza, like most leaders, began to fear his soldiers, the sayains. For among the sayains, there existed a legend, one that foretold of a warrior, unlike any other, a being of immense power, the legendary super Saiyan, a powerful, fighter, who is said to be born, only once every one thousand years. With this fear playing in his mind, the ice demon set into motion, not only his own demise, but that of his families, as well.

The sayains, while being natural fighters at birth, possessed a rather low power level, especially compared to some other species out in the vast deep reaches of space. One group of low leveled sayains completed a very high ranked mission, and Frieza decided to wait no longer, after having his subordinate Dodoria wipe out the lower class Saiyans, the cruel galactic emperor proceeded to use his ki, a natural energy to some beings, mostly as a form of attacks, mostly energy based, or to fly, he let loose his ki in the form of a big orange sphere of power. The energy blast detonated the entirety of planet Vegeta.

The emperor sadistically laughed as he watched as the home of those "pathetic monkeys" was obliterated. He failed to notice however, one lone pod flying away, heading towards earth, and with it, the hope, and justice of the Saiyan race.

The last daughter, of planet Vegeta, the princess herself, Salada. Daughter of king Vegeta, and younger sister of prince Vegeta. As her pod passed the cosmos, there was a giant, galactic warship, just floating in space, staring as the pod passed.

"lord Cooler, there is one pod passing, should I blast it out of existence?" a male soldier asked his superior.

A moment passed, and then a voice answered, "no, if my brother is going to bitch and whine to my father about being more in control of the galaxy, and having more responsibilities, then he should be well prepared to accept the consequences for his actions." the being in the chair then turned away, no longer held any thought towards the pod, seeing it as of no issue to him.

Earth, new York, manhattan, park

A woman in her mid thirties, to early forties could be seen walking through the park. She was enjoying the nature, from the birds singing to the squirrels running from tree to tree, to the beautiful flowers blooming. She loved nature. A loud sound could be heard, and as she looked up, she saw the space pod falling down, her eyes widened, and she screamed. As the pod hit the ground, it triggered a size four earthquake, the woman fell to the ground, thankfully, she was not injured to badly, just a bit of soreness, after all, she was no young woman anymore.

She glanced around and noticed nobody else was around, which was rather odd, yet she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, she ran off to the crash site, determined to find out what exactly just happened. While running up to the site, her eyes became wider by the moment, for the hatch opened up, but what was inside, was perhaps the most shocking thing she had ever seen, it was not green skinned men, nor tentacle monsters, no it was a baby, with a brown furry tail. A baby girl, with long black hair, oddly enough.

Hope Jackson just stared, seemingly lost, as to what to do in this situation, after thinking for a moment, she was determined, she would take this baby, and raise her as her own daughter. From this moment forth, this girl would go by the name of Sally Persephone Jackson. The first ever daughter of 'Hope' Jackson. She grabbed the baby, and quickly walked back to her car, wanting to get as far out of there as possible. She drove back to her apartment, and once Sally was settled in, she called her sisters, Daisy, and Hale, as well as her mother, Rae, because hope herself knew nothing about raising a child, sure she has and had plenty of nieces and nephews, but she herself has never given birth, or adopted a child for that matter, so this is her first. Plus, she could introduce them all, they were going to be family after all.

So what do you guys think? Yes sally is a saiyan, I know I am off of the timeline a bit, at least I think I am, concerning the events of the orginal db. I am going to attempt to merge all of this together, I mean you know what they say, go big or go home, right? Probably going to be percy/harem, but that will take a while, to get there. Below will be a list of things, I need your advice on.

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