Hippolyta cleared her throat loudly, "Surely the two of you could find a better, more private spot, to conduct such activities, yes? Hardly the type of thing that needs to be seen outside where many people can see it with their eyes, or hear it with their ears." she wore a small, barely noticeable smirk on her face, after delivering her statement, while her eyes held a mocking glint in them, along with a hint of approval.

Percy looked at Hippolyta, and knelt before her, dipping his head lower and respectfully saying, "my queen. Is something the matter?"

"At ease Perseus, I was just merely strolling through the island, enjoying nature, and upon noticing you and Diana in this area, thought I'd pop in and see what you two were up to." the beautiful queen spoke.

Diana looked at her mother, while she didn't doubt her mother, she wasn't sure if that was the entire truth, her mother seemed to be holding something back. The princess narrowed her eyes, 'what are you not telling us?' she was thinking.

"Well, I am going to the arena, if either of you are interested in another spar? If not it's okay, just thought I would ask, who knows if we will get a chance to continue to hone our skills very often or not." the powerful queen said out loud, before turning around and walking back in the opposite direction, heading towards the colosseum, to begin her own training for the day.

Percy exchanged a look with Diana, and then the two budding warriors ran off after Hippolyta. Upon getting to the arena, the three stared one another down, unsure as to who would make the first move. Each of them were assessing one another, deciding who would be the best to attack or try and incapacitate first.

Eventually, being as hardheaded as she was, Diana charged at her mother, throwing a fist forward, her mother ducked underneath, before bringing up her own fist, and connecting it to her daughter's stomach, winding her, and then pulling her head back and slamming it forward, throwing the princess back several feet, leaving a minor crater on the ground.

Percy was not idle, he raced towards the queen, and threw a kick, which was blocked by the warrior queen's forearm, who threw him off balance. Getting up and rushing at her again, she met him head on, each of them exchanging a flurry of blows, fist clashing against fist, and leg clashing against leg. Neither one wanting to stop or give ground, each of them fought, trying to assert their dominance on the other.

Seeing a glow of electric blue, the two fighters quickly jumped back, avoiding the Ki blast. BOOM! A large dust cloud rose from the impact of the attack hitting the ground. Percy ducked and managed to barely dodge a spinning kick from Diana, but he was launched in the air from an uppercut knee to the chin from Hippolyta.

Stopping himself while in mid air, he cupped his hands together, holding them out sideways, facing the ground below, and quietly whispered, "Ocean's Wrath." a sea green beam of energy left his palms, shooting at the amazons below, yet they didn't see it, they were to busy trading punches.

Enveloping the two warrior women in an explosion, while Percy stayed floating in the air, his guard was up, 'no way it was that easy. Diana and I are dam near evenly matched, and her mother is stronger than both of us. Where are the two of them?' his attention was broken, however, by a yell of, "AMAZON BARRAGE!" turning around his eyes widened, Diana fired off a volley of electric blue energy blasts, he spun around, and quickly began maneuvering around the battlefield, but he was cut off by Hippolyta, who shimmered in front of him, and kicked him back, and then held out her own hand, with a bright, white flash appearing in her palm, she called out, "Minerva's anger." a large, wide white beam left her palm, and enveloped Percy, who had no time to dodge, he was hit with searing hot pain. Slamming him into the ground, leaving yet another crater in the ground.

'Fuck me, that hurt. Another battleground covered in craters and holes, though when you have people who are strong enough to destroy mountains, battling it out, I suppose some destruction is unavoidable. Focus Percy, think about geography later, right now I need to figure out how to win this fight!' the saiyan godling thought to himself. Glancing up, he noticed that Diana and Hippolyta were locked in an energy struggle, Diana was using both hands to launch a decently wide beam of electric blue, while Hippolyta held up one hand, unleashing her Minerva's anger technique. Diana was being pushed back.

Percy's eyes widened, before his face set into a determined look. He stood up, before squatting, and with a grunt, blasted off and stopped at Diana's side. Quickly throwing his hands up and out, the palms facing Hippolyta, he gathered his own Ki as fast as he could, his hands glowing sea green, he roared out at her, "OCEAN'S WRATH!" a large sea green beam shot out, combining with Diana's, and pushing Hippolyta's back. After an intense back and forth with their energies, the two demigods, finally managed to defeat the queen.

She barely had time to allow her eyes to widen, before she was slammed by the yellow, sparking energy. A large, loud, bright explosion took place, blinding everyone, and obscuring their line of sight. "Did we win? Ha, that'll teach you mother, don't underestimate us." Diana smugly said.

"You know we didn't win. She held back. Don't allow your arrogance to cloud your judgment." Percy said to her softly. The dust cloud finally dispersed, and to their shock, they actually damaged the queen more than they thought. Her armor, or rather, what little bit of it was left, was dam near destroyed, leaving her topless, giving her daughter and Percy quite the show. Her arms and face were cut up and bruised, with some blood even smeared on her body. Her hair was singed, and she was panting, but she was still ready to fight some more.

"Can the two of you still go, or do you want to stop now? Up to the two of you." the queen called out to them. Percy and Diana looked at one another, and with a silent communication, turned back to the queen, and said, "let's continue." They then flew at her, each one launching a fast flurry and barrage of punches and kicks, with the queen either dodging, or blocking with one of her own, as well as occasionally throwing one or two back. This continued well on into the night, several hours having passed, and the three were left dam near cloth less, and bruised, battered, broken, and bloody.

Sally, Hestia, and Hera showed up, wanting to know where everyone was and upon seeing them, got very irate with all three of them.

"Where the hell have the three of you been? Do you have any idea what time it is?" Hestia was very unamused as she took in their states of being.

"Hippolyta, my old friend, if you wanted to seduce my son and your daughter, surely there were other ways that you could have done it, rather than having the three of you beat the shit out of each other?" Sally teased her friend, which earned a glare from the amazon queen, a snicker of amusement from Hera, and a blush from both Percy and Diana.

"This spar is finished now. Seriously, the three of you look like you can barely walk, so we're going to go back to the palace, grab something to eat, bathe yourselves, and get some healing done, am I understood?" Hera said sternly. Percy and Diana just nodded their heads, while Hippolyta just sighed and said, "Yes, your majesty."

The six turned and walked back to the palace, well the goddesses and Sally did, the two amazons and the sea warrior however, limped back.

A wrap.

So I am surprised no one has mentioned this yet, or asked about it, but as of right now, Percy and Diana are about as strong as second form, maybe third form Freiza. Hippolyta is about as strong as final form Freiza (not 100 percent, just Freiza's final form.)

hey I need some names and colors and ideas for possible attacks for Percy, Hippolyta, and Diana.

As of right now, Hippolyta and Diana will be the only amazons using ki.

Percy is right now 15, almost 16, he will be 16 in a few days.

Who do you all want to join Percy and Diana in space, for their adventures, now keep in mind, they will be gone for a while, they will be traveling to other universes and realms. Yes, goddesses and titanesses can be chosen, but I need reasons people.