Im's Bad Luck

One Piece belongs to the grandmaster Oda. All bow to his might.


It has been a good couple of years for Im, the World Government is fine the pirate Rocks D. Xebec has been dealt with and the only thorn on his side was that other pesky of a D. Gol D. Roger whose name he ordered changed because he hates that damn initial more than anything else in this world. But all is fine no man lives forever and sooner or later he is also going to disappear.

"Sir'' ah someone entered his garden, one of his five retainers… he can't remember this one name. They change so much but what can you do when you're the only immortal?

"Yes, my loyal subject?" calling then like this helps avoid having to remember names, after all why should he botter?

"We have Roger sir" he exclaimed with joy "The Pirate King is ours".

"Wonderful. But why are you informing me? Procedure dictates what to do with pirates, correct?" execution, plain and simple to get rid of the problem. One less pest with that initial on this world is always a positive on his book.

"There is a chance he had a child sir. Our agents inform us that he has spended a good time on port for the last few months. We also would like your permission to have the child eliminated"

"Granted" soon, either in this decade or the next he won't ever have to hear that blasted initial ever again.

On his throne Im sat looking at this generation of five retainers and while looking calm his patience was almost at his limit "Who was the idiot?" he started wishing to bang his head on a wall but holding back for his dignity so to not appear weak he asks "Well who was the stupid in between you that allowed him to talk?"

To be fair these men weren't there for the execution and the hidden king knows that. What he didn't know is why in the name of GOD THIS IDIOTS DIDN'T GAVE INSTRUCTIONS TO KILL THE BASTARD FAST.

Huf,huf calm down Im happy thoughts "Well? I'm waiting" the five stand in silence and he can't wait for the next generation at this moment. Maybe the next one will be actually competent.

"We…" started one with a huge mustache "no one expected that kind of speech your highness" Oh yes the speech. The speech the journals are already saying started a "golden age of piracy" and the worst part is that they are right. He lived long enough to know that the next fifty years or soo are going to give him a headache.

Worst of all Roger, on a last act of defiance, basically threw the greatest lure on the world to every single greedy and insane bastard to try and get to the final island, an island that he would prefer if no one stepped a foot in there.

When Roger succeeded he was scared for a moment but nothing came from it but Im is sure that on those lands are hidden secrets he would prefer to keep hidden. " Doesn't matter we go with the other alternative"

"'Other alternative' sir?" spoke the one of the bald ones.

"We can't let our government be destabilized because of some tablets, but since destroying then is impossible we hunt those that can read then" Yes a clever and simple idea this stupid lot can't screw this one "Send all the agents to all the centers of learning, if anyone is suspected the studing the poneglyph i want then gone."

The five men bowed and left while Im stayed for a bit more on his throne. Soon Roger's last act won't matter, soon he would win.

"Leave me" said Im ordering his reiners out calmly. then once he confirmed that he was gone he hit his head on a wall, HARD "How a girl escapes an island destroying atack for heaven's sake HOW?" every single other person on the island was gone and one of the officials even did the right thing and destroyed a ship where a bunch of refugees were. Evacuated or not they were a risk, that officer will get promoted for that and even then EVEN THEN A EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL GETS AWAY, HOW?

Deep breaths Im, deep breaths just have the idiots put a bounty on her head and the world will deal with it "I mean there is no way that a little girl can survive enough time to become a real problem"

"What is all that noise?" the hidden king hears explosions and people screaming something that shouldn't be possible in Mary Geoise unless some of the nobles decided to blow a lot of slaves for fun at the same time, a waste really. "The hell is that fish-man doing?" he sees a tall fish-man without chains standing atop of a building and he jumps down suddenly there is another explosion.

The mess lasts for hours, the defenses of the Holy City can't stop the rebel and the slaves that are escaping. All that Im can do is sigh, at this point he just know that here comes another headache.

You have to be kidding me "SO THIS FORMER CELESTIAL DRAGON GOT THE TRIBUTE? HOW?" he needs to start drinking at this point, the stress of the last few years is starting to get to him.

After Fisher Tiger attack he could relax and there was nothing worth his attention. The government was strong even if there were some… rebels? No, Revolutionaries who were causing trouble but who saw one saw a dozen they would eventually fail, as soon as the idiots in front of him get the girl(she would be a teenager now right?) that could read the only THINGS THAT COULD RUIN EVERYTHING. Why did he think he could get a vacation again?

"Fine what the child wants, to come back?"

"No sir he wants the title of warlord"

"A pirate Celestial Dragon and now warlord, there is a convoluted joke in there but i'm not in the mood for it" this will come back to bite him, he knows it unfortunately he has no choice he needs the nobles for… what was it again? Bah he will remember later "Granted but keep an eye on him" he was a noble underestimating him would be a mistake.

After reading the reports of this new problem, another D to no one's surprise, called Monkey D. Luffy he really wished to start to drink now "Why took those idiots so long to bring this to my attention" A D goes destroy the Judicial Island should be enough to call him. But instead the idiots keep putting wood on the fire, Impel Down(How did he get in?) the war that should have ended the pirate age and now THIS THIS, a picture of him in the center of the Navy's power paying homage to the dead, as if this publicity stunt couldn't be more damaging he just leaves no one able to catch or kill the bastard.

"That is it, I'm getting those vacations now. The Levely is on two years, with any luck someone will find and kill the "straw hat" and even if no one does the meeting will open new opportunities for the future.

A.N: Since i decided to write my own stories and i need to practice my writing this one-shot is my training ground and my attempt of humor using a person that Oda have not explored yet, Im the king of the empty throne. Him being immortal comes from the idea that the Ope Ope fruit can give eternal youth and in theory he is reign has been lasting for milenia…. or i can be totally wrong but at least i get to practice my writing for the real monster that will be "A Fruitless Start". If all goes to plan( looks to 2020 in fear).