Meet the Characters

Baby Optimus: He is one of the oldest babies and the co leader of the group. He is kind, honest and fair, but he can get bossy. He loves to play games of adventure and often is seen playing with Megatron or Elita. He is natural leader and he is one to help figure out a plan to solve a problem.

Baby Megatron: He is one of the oldest babies and the co leader of the group. He is brave, devoted, and straight to the point, he has a tendency to be bossy and let his temper get the better of him. He likes to play games of adventure and loves action, he often plays with Optimus and Hyperia. A leader to his very spark he is one who will try to drop everything to come up with a plan and be part of the solution.

Baby Elita: She is one of the older babies and she is good friends with Optimus and Hyperia. She really likes girly stuff but she can be tough as nails when necessary. She often plays games with dolls with Hyperia, and Lightfire and she is kind and honest. She is always first to listen when Optimus has a plan. A bit of a daddy's girl when it comes to Alpha Trion.

Baby Hyperia: She is one of the older babies and she is good friends with Megatron and Elita. She likes girly things and she tends to be a bit of a diva on occasion. She likes games where there is acting involved. She often plays dolls with Elita, and Lightfire. She is open minded and straight to the point and the one of the first to help in one of plans to fix a problem.

Baby Hot Rod: One of the Younger babies he is often pretty childish. He is kind, strong and playful, he enjoys to play games and be with his friends. He carries around a stuffed dragon named Spitfire and he is good friends with Ironhide.

Baby Ironhide: One of the younger babies, he is strong willed and determined and doesn't like to be a quitter. He is rather large for his age and tends to get silly sometimes. But he is very reliable.

Baby Lightfire: One of the younger babies, she is spirited, playful and loves to play games. She isn't a girly girl and she loves to play with her friends. Her closest friends are Hot Rod, Elita and Hyperia.

Baby Demolisher: He is one of the biggest babies and he is very strong. He has a big spark and always willing to help. He is also big cry baby. He often hangs out with Cyclonus and Starscream.

Baby Starscream: He is a very smart baby and full of heart. He is a good friend and very smart. He likes to play games that make one wonder. His closest friends are Demolisher and Hot Rod. But he hangs out with most of the babies in the nursery.

Baby Cyclonus: He is a bright and creative baby and loves to get dirty. He is one who always loves a game where you can get down and get in the dirt.

Baby Red Alert: He is very smart and quick to help. He also dreams of being a doctor and he loves to help Alpha Trion any way he can. He loves to play doctor and his closest friends are Optimus and Elita. He has a soft yellow baby blanket named Mr. Blankie.

Alpha Trion: He is the caretaker for the children and he gives them lots of care and attention as a father would and makes them feel safe and happy. He listens to their problems and tries to help them figure it out.