Sunday Best


Summary: Blaine wasn't Kurt's first love. By the time Blaine came into Kurt's life, he found it very difficult to trust that love. Whereas Blaine can't fully understand as he's always been protected but for Kurt he's willing to try.

AN: this is not a story about Kurt being abused by a lover but there is abuse in this. Fair warning. Also an explanation to the summary: Blaine never went to public school, always attended Dalton hence always protected, and they're the same grade in this, ok? Sunday Best by Surfaces lyrics are the song titles and like normal, it won't follow in the path of the song, it will jump around, may even repeat.

AN2: As always, I do not own the characters of Glee nor any songs I mention/reference and the language in this story is not mine but represents the characters of Glee no matter how I feel about it (against, obviously, when it's a slur).

AN3: I've always tried to block out the Get You Alone scene with Blaine serenading Jerimiah, I'm sorry, it's just wrong on so many levels. I mean Darren Criss has amazing vocals – so that's nice but it just seems more like a song you'd sing someone you've already been dating (and are intimate already) not someone you're asking out; and them all just harassing that poor boy like that and them not taking the hint and I don't know, it's just SO CRINGY. Different song, different lead in, different... I don't know, it could have been cute and a lot more devastating when he said no but the few times I've seen this scene, I've been like, why would he ever say yes? (Much better done when Kurt goes back to McKinley and even though the timing was off (which is so totally Blaine, I'm surprised I just realized it so late) when Blaine proposes). Also a win- Blaine's nervous look before starting – it was a hint of what was to come with Blaine, which is nice to see in retrospect. I wrote a good portion of this story before I saw this clip again and now on (11/9/2020) I'm realizing I didn't need an OC for this story, I had this perfect guy already there, he fits what I was going for in looks perfectly and I'm going to change his age to match Kurt's and since he works at the mall, it fits part of the story that you hadn't gotten to yet before I made this change (I'd only released the first 2 chapters at the point I made the change). He lives in Lima rather than Columbus and goes to McKinley. And his full name in this is Jeremiah Lucas Oliver, Jeremiah Oliver. He doesn't have a last name in the show, so now he does. :D

Chapter 1
Everyone falls down sometimes

Kurt rubbed the tears from his eyes. It was unfortunately a very common occurrence for Kurt these days. People kept telling him that every day would get easier, that with time he wouldn't be as beaten up by his emotions. He was still waiting for that day, he had been breaking down into tears every hour for 3 months already. Some times he would be able to hold them at bay for longer, but only just.

It seemed however that 3 months was all he was afforded by the bullies at his school. He was clothes-lined as he walked down the hallway by two jocks who split as he passed and then they both shot a hand out at the same time at the height of his throat and he was knocked back onto his ass.

They kept walking and he turned to look at them and they didn't look back but he saw them high-five. He stared at them in surprise, that hadn't been expected at all. He must have sat there for too long because Rachel was suddenly at his feet and she was looking down at him. He looked over to her and looked up at her in surprise. "What are you doing down there? You're blocking the traffic." She held out her hand and helped Kurt back to his feet. "Well?"

A croak came out of his lips and he was startled, she was too. He tried again. "Bullies." His voice was strained and she sighed understanding that rough word.

"Come on, let's get you some ice for that throat." She frowned. "Maybe some cold water too."

"Thanks." Kurt walked with her to the choir room where they had a fridge with some ice packs and bottled water. There was a key, only the Glee kids had the key because they didn't want it raided and thankfully no one else stepped foot in here to see it where it was hidden because they were sure the whole thing would have ended up being pushed off the roof or taken to someone's home. They all had enough bruises from their respective bullies to need the fridge and it's hidden supplies.

"Rest your voice and if you can swallow one of these anti-inflammatories, that'd be ideal." She held out her hand and he took it and forced it down though it was painful. They had a few more classes before Glee and the two of them left the choir room and headed their own ways.

During Glee club, Rachel sat front and center like always and Kurt sat in the back and off to the side, one of his legs crossed over the other and he had a scarf on now.

"Ok." Will Schuester said when he came into the room. "Now, for duets today, I was thinking-"

"Mr. Shue!" Rachel held up her hand looking for the spotlight again. "I don't think Kurt should sing today on account of his throat. He should rest it."

Everyone scooted away from Kurt as if he were sick but Mr. Schuester looked at Kurt a little disappointed and sad. "Have you been crying again?" He'd noticed the ice pack missing when he went to see if it needed to be refilled.

"Yes, but that's not why Rachel said that." Kurt rubbed his throat before taking down the scarf and revealing the red mark on his throat.

"What happened?" Mr. Scheuster asked appalled that someone had laid a hand on him and then another thought occurred to him. "Kurt, did-"

"NO!" Kurt denied vehemently. "I wouldn't do that."


"It was two bullies, they clothes-lined me." Kurt explained. "They knew my weakness and targeted that." Already he'd spoken too much and his throat was on fire again and he pulled out a water bottle and the anti-inflammatory bottle and took out another one, it had been a few hours.

"Do you know who it was?" Will asked back to being upset that Kurt had been hurt by someone else.

"Strando and Azimio." Kurt answered sullenly. They were two big boys and shouldn't be picking on him, he was an easy target and they needed a better challenge.

Mr. Schuester nodded, he had them both in his history class, he would deal with them. "I'll take care of this. Come forward earlier next time."

"What are you going to do?" Tina asked, looking for gossip.

"Don't worry about it, Tina. Now, I'll have to shuffle people around for today, Kurt, you can sing tomorrow or Wednesday if you're feeling up to it." Kurt nodded and enjoyed the duets and they practiced choreo as well before they left for the day.

Finn dropped his arms around Kurt's shoulders. "Bro, why didn't you text me? I would have had your back." Kurt slipped out from under his arm and scanned their surroundings, wondering who'd seen it and Finn rolled his eyes and pulled Kurt back to his side and dropped his arm over Kurt's shoulders again. "Let them look, you're my brother."

Kurt looked up at him. "But not by blood." His voice was still scratchy but Finn shrugged as they walked down the hall.

"Maybe not, but I'm not ashamed to be seen with you. Are you ashamed to be seen with me?" He asked holding Kurt's gaze.

"No." Kurt wanted to say so much more but Finn already knew it and his throat hurt too much to go on.

Finn nodded and was thoughtful for a moment. "I'm not going to let you shy away from being who you are nor feel bad about it. If there's ever a moment when you're unsure about things, scared, you can come to me."

Kurt laughed painfully, that was a complete change from a year ago. "Thanks."

Nodding again, Finn tightened his hold briefly in a side hug. "Rest your throat. I've got your back." Kurt believed him and went to the car that Kurt usually drove and Finn opened the passenger door for Kurt, Kurt had driven that morning but Finn was insisting on driving this afternoon.

The drive back was in comfortable silence and when their parents asked them about their day, Finn fended all the questions and Kurt only had to offer a thoughtful hmm or an agreeable mmh-hmm at the appropriate times. He was in the stereotypical male role that dinner. It did not go unnoticed by Burt who had known him the longest.

"That's great Finn, but I asked your brother." Burt held Kurt's gaze and he cleared his throat, trying to sound as normal Kurt as he could.

It still came out a little gravelly but could be brushed off as just after effects of not using it. "I didn't sing a duet today, my duet is tomorrow or Wednesday depending on Mr. Schue's decisions." Kurt hoped he wasn't the last one to sing.

Burt was looking at him knowingly but didn't push anymore. When they got up from the table, Burt handed Kurt a bag of frozen peas. "It'll be nicer than the ice packs in term of comfort and will do the same thing." Kurt had a few other tricks in his bags downstairs for helping to dissipate the blood that was going to form a bruise faster. Kurt took it without argument and Burt didn't push him to say anything else.

The next day it was his butt that hurt the most and he forgot that he had landed on it, it hadn't hurt at the time nearly as bad as his throat. He hobbled up the stairs in a somewhat comfortable outfit that surprised even Carole. "I didn't know you had something like that in your closet." She managed to say and he looked down at the straight legged jeans that sat on his hips loosely and needed a belt to help hold them up. He supposed they were all used to the skin tight extra skinny jeans he usually wore and he shrugged, he needed a straight leg in there too occasionally. He could have worn the baggy jeans he'd worn one day to make a point to- His eyes started tearing up and Carole jumped. "Oh, I'm so sorry honey, I didn't mean to make you think about him."

"It's ok to think about him." Kurt answered, they'd all lost someone in the past, this was just another new loss and this loss he was starting to understand how the two parents felt in addition to what he and Finn had been feeling. He hadn't known how to put himself in their position and he never wanted to but knew that life would force him some day, if he was the unlucky one, he just didn't know it would be that soon. "But no, what you said shouldn't have triggered it, it's just that I started thinking about them and then another thing and then him. It happens constantly throughout the day."

She knew it too and she knew how that went and she pulled him into her arms and held him for a minute but he didn't cry, he was determined not to. "Why these jeans today?"

"I fell on my backside and didn't ice it and so wanted a little bit more room so it didn't push against the bruise with every step I took."

"Ah. Do you need any pain relievers?"

"No, I have some and I'm going to try not to use them, I had taken a few rounds yesterday but if it is bad enough, I will."

"Good boy." She hugged him close again. "I wish I could take away some of your pain, you're too young to have to go through so much."

He didn't have it as bad as a lot of people. He had friends and family that supported him, he still had family and while he was tormented, it wasn't him beating himself up for it, he hadn't done anything wrong and his therapist told him the same thing. "Thanks Carole." He hugged her back and soaked in the warmth and love from this female figure in his life. He had to keep reminding himself that he had family and people who loved him and that he wasn't alone.

Burt walked in on them and frowned slightly. "That's quite a look." Burt eyed the bruise on Kurt's neck which he thought he'd hidden fairly well but not enough to hide from his father's watchful gaze. His father had watched him so much closer than he used to.

"I'm ok dad." Kurt tried to remind him yet again.

"So you say." Burt didn't know how his son could be. "You're healing and that's good."

Kurt's lips pursed but he didn't say anything against what his father said, it was true enough. "I'm going to head to school now."

"Finn's not up yet." Carole said carefully, not sure she wanted Kurt on his own.

"He's got his own car, I'll see him there." He pulled himself up to his feet and grabbed up his school satchel and lifted it onto his shoulder. "I'll be fine."

He was and managed to get some studying done before class and finished up with whatever homework he'd had left. He headed towards his first class when a grape slushy was dumped onto his head and he shivered in shock and cold and he didn't have time to go and clean it up as the first bell rang for class. He entered the classroom and dropped off his papers and the teacher looked at him in surprise, he never looked anything but immaculate, even when he cried.

"Finish your test and you can go clean yourself up." She offered and handed him the test and he nodded and sat down to work on it while she handed the rest out to the other students. He sniffed back the tears, he didn't need more torment, but that's exactly what he got. The smell was nauseating and distracting and he was barely holding on to the little of the breakfast he'd ate that morning.

He bolted out of the classroom as soon as he possibly could. He scrubbed every portion of himself that he could find in the showers. It was in the middle of class and nobody was going to walk in on him while he was in there and while he showered, he turned his face into the spray and let out a great sob and let the tears escape in one big rush. They were washed away the second they left his eyes. He didn't know how long he stayed there in that shower letting himself release the pain inside of him, it was cathartic but he knew he had to pull himself back together once he heard the bell ring letting students out of class. He only had a few minutes to get himself back into order and head to the next class.

His hair was still dripping as he slid into his seat just as the tardy bell rang.