Life at Auradon Prep

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Chapter one

Anxelin's POV

The new school year just began at Auradon Prep and I was completely bored at this point. I was so bored that I feel like I would want to escape this class and head to my dorm.

I was in the back of Grammar class for the third period before lunch. Before Grammar, I had Safety Rules for The Internet for the first period, and then Magical History for the second period by Headmaster and also my teacher, Fairy Godmother. I thought to myself, 'Why we can't have normal classes? I'm sick and tired of these second-grade classes! I'm in the 10th grade for Pete's sake!'

I carefully dug my phone out of my skirt pocket and checked the time under the desk, so that no idiot would see me.

10:25 A.M.

I sighed, why can't it be 10:30 A.M, the initial time for lunch so that I can leave this Godforsaken class? Because I didn't learn anything other than to write about my summer break and there must be no grammatical errors in the paragraphs.

Can't Auradon Prep be any worse?

Remember when I said that I was at the back of the class? Yeah, the reasons that I sat at the back and not on the front it's because one, I don't like the front and two, I'm a goth. Goths are very misunderstood people and for me, well I'd been judged a lot of every day because of how I looked. People would give me nasty remarks like:





And yet, I was none of these as what those assholes describe me cause I wore mostly black. I tried my best to be tough and ignore them, but I just can't help it sometimes. These words pierced me deeply like a sword. They judged me because I looked different and I was a princess and didn't live up to the princess expectations of being prissy like Audrey.

And speaking of Audrey, I never liked that spoiled brat from day one. Ever since she never invited me to her 6th birthday because I wasn't prissy enough and I'm straightforward too. But that her birthday party was just a small matter to me, unlike Maleficent.

I sighed once more as I drummed my left fingers on the desk and my right hand on my right cheek as the other students around me were chatting amongst their friends quietly while the teacher was giving a lecture about something I knew already. My eyes became slightly heavy due to boredom and I was about to rest my head when-


I rose my head instantly as I heard the school bell rang. Thank goodness I was saved by the bell, cause I was about to take a nap. I sat upright in my seat as I began to gather my book and other school supplies neatly and put them up in my bag, which the strap was slung over the chair head. I had to wait until the other students leave out of the class by row, and my row was the second, so that means I was kind of closer to the door.

Thankfully, the first row of students left and my row was followed. When it was my turn to leave, I picked up my bag and left this boring class, I didn't even bother ask anyone about Grammar homework, because the next thing I knew was some asshole will say something nasty about me. Maybe I'll ask someone who doesn't judge, like Elle, the daughter of Ariel and Eric if I see her.

So, I was in the hallway, heading to the cafeteria, since Auradon Prep is a big school, you kind of can get lost in this school. While I was almost close to the cafeteria, I can feel some of the students' eyes are peering into my back, then I heard them saying this:

'Hey, look it's that freak of a princess, Freak-xelin!'

I clenched my fists till the knuckles turned white as I continued to walk. I pretend that I didn't hear that.

'I can't believe that she's the daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene. Why can't she be like her sister Ruby?'

For your information bitch, my dad was a thief and my mom was kidnapped as a baby and locked up in a tower for 18 years. She's like a slave ( she was really if you think about it) to Gothel who claimed that she 'loved' her daughter, but only used my mom's hair so that she can look younger. Although Ruby and I are sisters, we are different. She's pastel and I'm goth. I'm not pretending to be someone else to please people. Plus, I have a name!

' Ignore these bitches Anxelin, just keep walking and hold your head high, you've been through this kind of crap already. You're almost there to the cafeteria.'

' She doesn't even dress like a princess. She looks like a witch and who knows what kind of witchcraft she's doing. She deserves to live on the Isle.'

I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard the word 'Isle'.

'What did that dumbass say about me deserved to live on the Isle?'

I slowly turned around and gave a death glare to the idiot who said that. As the idiot saw me, she just there stood frozen, while her friend hid behind her. She's lucky that I'm a couple of meters away from giving her a hard slap on the face. I cooled down after a couple of seconds but doesn't mean that I'm still pissed off.

" Why do you keep on stalking and saying mean shit about me? Can't you just say in front of my face instead of behind?" I asked. It sounded like a rhetorical question because none of the two girls didn't say anything, they just stood there like dummies. I noticed a few kids passed by looking at me. I shot them a quick glare and they moved along quickly. Then, I turned back my attention to the girls with my arms folded.

" And why do you hate me so much? What I ever do to you? Just because I'm goth and different? And I'm a princess who isn't a spoiled brat and you two are not?"

Instead of answering, the idiot girls hung their heads, and I smirked proudly. Good.

"Good," I began, " so why don't the two of you scram before I use my Witchcraft on you." I threatened sarcastically. I let out a cackle as I stretched out my hands and wiggled my fingers like a ghost you would see in a 90s kids show.

The girls were freaked at this point and I can't help it but chuckle. I'm so savage. So, I turned on my heels and left the girls dumbfounded, but an idea came into my mind and I stopped in my tracks again. I slowly turned my head gave the girls a side-eye.

" You know, I don't if there are any Villain kids on the Isle, but I have a feeling that they're much better and nicer than you Auradon pieces of trash." I dissed them coolly and left the idiot girls. One thing's for sure, I knew that their mouths were wide open.

I sighed. Finally, I reached the cafeteria! I was so damn hungry after I put those bitches in their place. I cannot stand being discriminated against because I'm goth. I got in the line and got my tray of lunch quickly than I had expected. Well, I'm goth, so some people think that I'm some sort of harm to them. Sigh.

"Yo Anxelin!" A male voiced called out, not too loudly.

My ears perked up on the voiced that called me. I whipped my head and looked over my table ( close to the back) where my best friend and 'brother', Lil Shang waved and the others looked over at me. A small smile crept up on my face as I head over to my lunch table where a few of my friends were waiting.

"Hey guys" I greeted as I placed my tray on the table and took a seat next to Lonnie to my right and my sister Ruby, was on my left. Shang, Aziz, Tyrone and Herkie were in front. Our table was big for 7 people if you ask me.

"Hey. What took you so long?" Shang asked as he popped fries into his mouth.

I huffed slightly then sighed. " First of all, I didn't take long and second, I had to put some dumb bitch in her place."

Aziz let out a low whistle the others gave me a look. I know it was against Auradon Prep rules to say expletives, but it's just some people push you over to the edge. All of my friends knew that I had to ignore or make humour out of some remark, but they didn't know I had talked back just to get these people off my back.

"What did they say about you this time?" Tyrone asked, "Worse it's the first day of the new school year."

I shrugged. " You know, the usual, Freak-xelin, and not being like my sister." I took a sip of my fruit punch, then put back my box drink on the table, " But, what really pissed me off the most was that the brat said I'm doing some sort of witchcraft and don't know when I'm gonna use it. And she said I deserved to live on the Isle."

Ruby gasped as she dropped her fork, while the others looked at me in shock at what I just said. To be honest, I was very shocked too when I heard that last sentence. The Isle?

" Why does she say that?" Ruby asked, still in shock. I can hear a hint of anger in her tone.

" Cause I'm goth," I answered simply with a sigh.

Shang shook his head in disbelief. " Anxelin, you didn't do anything to them. They're just plain bullying you."

" I know," I said, " but they love to bully me because they think that I'm some sort of harm to them."

At this point, Ruby was angry. " But still, they have no right to bully you, Anxelin! Just because you're a goth, they think that you're evil and you deserved to live on the Isle?"

"And you call this school 'perfect'," Aziz scoffed, " hell, it's much worse. Because there's lots of gossip and bullying if you're not a certain title or you don't live up to your title's expectations."

Everyone around the table agreed with Aziz's statement. And it's true, Auradon Prep is all about let's say being perfect (which will never happen) with plastic smiles all over the school. If you're different and speak your mind, well you know how that goes...

I love it when all of my friends are supporting me, I felt grateful for all of them at my side.

Just then, Shang stretched his hand across the table and gently settle on mine, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Shang smiled at me.

" Don't worry Anxelin, don't listen to those assholes," he said.

I smirked. " I thought I wasn't the only one who was not supposed to say expletives.."

Shang rolled his eyes playfully. " I have a reason. But anyway, don't listen to them, try your best to ignore, like you always do and, just move on. All of us are here to back you up."

I smiled gratefully at Shang's words. " Thanks, Shang. But I can manage on my own."

" Still, we're all here for you. To love and support you all the way, Anxelin." Herkie said.

At this point, I feel like I wanted to cry, but I tried my best to hold back my tears. " Thank you guys so much."

" Don't mention it." Lonnie turned to me with a grin on her face.

I smirked at Lonnie and nodded.

" I hate to break this kind of sentiment but, we have lots of things to talk about," Aziz said.

" Oh right. So what's up with you guys?" I asked.

" Well, Aziz, Tyrone, Herkie and I had Basics Chivalry before lunch, and I slept through the whole class," Shang replied.

" Oh gosh, are you anemic?" Sounds like a sarcastic question and Shang had to roll his eyes at my second question.

" Yes."

Everyone apart from Shang laughed. I don't wrong him, classes here at Auradon Prep are very boring and simple.

" But I'm serious! " Shang began, " I had to sleep because one, the class is so boring and I'm a guy who loves excitement and good vibes and too, it's the same lesson repeated over and over again and I can't bother with that. All of us are gentlemen, we learn how to be gentlemen by our dads. Why we are learning chivalry here? Couldn't be something else?"

The guys nodded their heads in agreement.

" Yeah. Well, remember my younger brother, Jahid? He's starting 7th grade and he has better classes than me!" Aziz shook his head, " Like today it's his first day, he had intro for English A and intro for Math. Why can't we have the same? I mean, if you look at teen shows-" I cut off Aziz.

" I hate to break to you, Zizi, but in teen shows, the students hardly learn anything. The only thing they learned was or did was drama. And most of the shows are shit." I pointed out.


" Well, Ruby and I had Magical History with Fairy Godmother and I pretended that it was my 'time'. So I asked FG if I can pass out for today. But, I ended up staying at the library." Lonnie explained.

" So you meant to tell me that you ditch class?" Shang asked he was surprised by his sister's actions.

Lonnie thought about it for a moment and replied. " kinda. You can say that."

" I wish I can do that." Ruby sighed, playing with her food.

" You know, " I started, " This school year will be interesting."

" Why do you say that?" Aziz questioned me as secretly stole Shang's fries, to which Shang saw and slapped him on his hand.

I playfully rolled my eyes at him and shrugged. " I dunno. I have a strong feeling that it will be filled with drama, lots of romance.."

Shang froze when he heard the word 'romance'. He had a massive crush on Aziz's younger sister, Jamilah, who was dating an asshole of a prince named Chad Charming. The sad part was that he really liked her for a very long time, and she knew but she only liked him as a friend. So you can say he's kind of in a friend zone.. And no, I'm not having a crush on my best friend, but I know it's very hard for a male and female friends to be best friends.

I continued. " And friendship. It will be like a real-life teenage drama."

Some of my friends nodded, while the others agreed.

" Maybe," Herkie responded as he ate a chicken nugget.

I smirked as I ate my lunch. We continued to talk about stuff about school and pretty much what happened over the summer( by the way, it's late August we're in). And this is the kind of conversation and friendship I want; to be loved and supported by people who cared and I was very grateful for that.


Jamilah's POV

I was placing my books inside my locker when my boyfriend, Chad Charming came over and draped his arm casually around my shoulders.

" Hey, babe." Chad greeted as he planted a tender kiss on my cheek.

I smiled. " Hey, Chad."

Chad and I were dating for a while now, he was nothing but sweet and caring, despite what some people say about him. He was the son of Cinderella.

" Say, are you coming over to Audrey's lunch table?" He asked.

To be honest, I was never really fond of Audrey or worse her cousin, Ariana. Both of them are just stuck up and snobby. I don't know how Ben is dating her. But, as long as I kept my distance from them, I'm good.

I slowly turned around to look upon Chad. He noticed that I was hesitant, but I answered nevertheless.

" Yeah, but I'm gonna go for my friend, Nina."

Nina was the daughter of Tiana and Naveen and the twin sister of Tyrone.

Once Chad heard the name ' Nina' he was frozen, and I frowned.

I slightly titled my head and asked, " What's wrong, Chad?"

Chad snapped out of his frozen state. " It's nothing. Why you're going for her?"

I wasn't too convinced by Chad's answer, but I didn't show it. I had a feeling that he was hiding something.

" Because she's my best friend," I replied slowly but awkwardly, sounding like I was asking a question. I don't know why Chad changed all of a sudden when I called Nina's name.

He shrugged. " Ok then. I'll wait for you at the table, but don't stay too long. Alright?"

I nodded. " Ok."

Chad gave me a peck on the lips, then he left and I turned back to my locker and closed it before leaving.

I was in the hallway, not so sure where Nina was, but thankfully, Ally who was looking on her phone passed by the opposite side of me and I called her.

" Hey, Ally!"

Ally heard her name called and looked up from her phone to over at me.

" Hey, Jamilah." She greeted in her British accent as she came over.

" Hi. Um, have you seen Nina anywhere?" I asked her.

" Yeah, I saw her in Cooking class." Ally replied.

Oh right, I forgot that Nina told me that she was having Cooking class before lunch. I thanked Ally and left. A short while later, I found Nina in her Cooking class, sitting on a stool watching something on her phone. I went in slowly, not wanting to disturb her and called her.

" Hey, Ni."

Nina heard her name and looked up from her phone to look at me.

" Oh, hi Jamie." She greeted quietly as she paused what she was watching and put her phone in her skirt pocket.

" You know it's lunchtime now, right?" I reminded her as I tucked a lock of hair behind by ear, standing in front of my friend.

Nina bobbed her head, her dark curly hair bounced. " I know. I was going to leave anyway."

" So, what were you watching? "

" Oh, I watched an episode of Titan Attackers. Man, Lewis Atkinson was 5% human, 50% key blade and 45% badass! " Nina clapped her hands and squealed.

"Uh-huh." I slowly nodded. Nina is an introverted princess who watches anime and some people are just bullying her because she's elegantly reserved and not prissy or a brat like Audrey. You'd say Nina is kind of a wallflower. To me, it's not like I hated anime, it's just that I'm not into it like Nina or my older brother. And Nina is a big fangirl of Lewis Atkinson, she has a jacket with his face on it.

" After school, I'm going continue to watch Titan Attackers, cause I've been watching it during class," Nina said.

My eyes widened. " So the teacher did catch you watching on your phone?"

Nina shook her head. " No. Some people probably didn't even know that I was in class because I was at the back. Plus, my mom's a chef and entrepreneur. So.."

" That still doesn't say, but anyway, I can't stay long. Chad's waiting on me." I told her.

Nina paused hearing Chad's name and I frowned again. Chad froze when I mentioned Nina's name and now Nina? I wonder what's going on?

I slightly cocked my head. " Nina, is everything alright? Why you paused when I say Chad's name?"

Again, Nina shook her head. " Nothing. It's just that Chad is notorious-" I cut Nina off.

" Hot? I know." I finished.

" Yeah.." Nina trailed off as she gathered her things and put them in her bag. Nina got up and walked past me as I turned around. She was heading for the door and stopped in her tracks and slowly turned her head to look at me.

" Word of advice, if I were you, I would be watching Chad. Because you don't know what he's capable of, especially around too many girls." Nina warned and left.

I was dumbstruck by Nina's advice, ' What does she mean by that? Watching Chad because I don't know what he's capable of? Is she saying that Chad is flirting with other girls behind my back? I tried my best to put behind the suspicion, but I can't help but think about it or Nina was just being jealous.

'No, she didn't care about boys for that matter. Or she's just hiding something. I don't know, Nina is my best friend but she kept things to herself because she's... Nina, an introvert.'

I shook these thoughts away and left Cooking class, meeting Nina outside of the class catching up on Chad and the others at the lunch table.

But I still can't help but ponder what Nina meant by watching Chad?


Nizhoni's POV

" C'mon, Emilie! You know you like Herkie." I said, and my friend, Emilie groaned. We were in the hallway, heading towards the cafeteria. Not many kids are here in the hallway, just a few.

" Ugh. Are you still unto that?"

I slightly nodded. " Yes, until you tell Herkie about how you feel about him, then I won't stop.

Herkie and Emilie had been crushing on each other for years and they never really want to admit their feelings to each other, especially Emilie. To Emilie, just because Herkie is the son of Hercules and Meg and she is the daughter of Esmeralda and Phoebus, she thinks that there'll be gossip; seducing Herkie. Emilie is a gypsy and because of that, she's being an outcast, despite her parents' heroism ( her mother mostly) and some people made rumours about her being a slut. Because arguably, Emilie is the most beautiful girl at Auradon Prep and most girls envy her. Sometimes Emilie takes rumours and gossip at heart and I Nizhoni, daughter of Nakoma, will defend and be there for Emilie whenever she needs it.

Emilie sighed and turned to stare at me." I like Herkie, I do but- "

" No buts. Tell Herkie about how you feel." I said sternly, it's hard to be stoic or serious but Emilie is keeping on messing around.

Emilie's shoulders slumped as she sighed again. She turned to me and gave me a small smile.

" Alright, I will. I wonder if Herkie felt the same?"

I had to roll my eyes at Emilie's question. She knew for a fact that Wonderboy Jr likes her, but she continues to deny herself.

" He likes you too, Emilie. Trust me, just do me a favour and don't listen to the gossip and rumours. Because you're very beautiful, the idiot girls are jealous. So, they come up with anything to hurt you." I explained to her gently as I rest my hand on her shoulder.

We continued to talk about Herkie and Emilie's denial while we were almost close to the cafeteria when a boy violently brushed past me. I almost lost my balance, but thankfully, Emilie puts her hand behind my back to keep me from falling.

The boy stopped in his tracks and turned around and gave me a death glare.

" Why don't you watch where you're going! " the boy snapped harshly.

I was shocked as I stared at the boy and digest his harsh words. " I was! "

At the same time, I can't help it but slightly gawk at the guy. He was tall and lean; fairly muscular. He had fair skin and red hair in a skater boy hairstyle, which his long bang covered his right eye. The boy had chiselled cheeks and a strong jawline with a few freckles spread on both of his cheeks. The angry boy's eyes were in a teal colour and he had on guy eyeliner.

' Why angry, mean, serious and edgy boys are so hot?! Or maybe I read too many stories on Writerpad or watch too many dramas.'

The angry boy scoffed. " Yeah right. If you weren't springing your tongue so much, maybe you would look."

I gasped. 'Did he just called me a chatterbox?! How dare he!'

" How dare you call me a chatterbox! I was only advising my friend!" I retorted back, referring the 'friend' to Emilie, " Plus, I wasn't even in your way! There's enough space in the hallway! "

" Oh really? Then why you're walking in the middle of the hallway? " Angry boy challenged, folding his arms across his chest.

Emilie and I furrowed our brows. ' sounds like he wants to pick a fight!' I was going to give this boy a piece of my mind, but Emilie held my hand, pulling me back.

" Come on 'Zhoni, we're hungry now and this no time to fight." Emilie pleaded. She was watching me and the angry boy having a quarrel and she couldn't do anything. Classic or maybe Emilie found this quarrel unnecessary.

I sighed and clenched my fist in defeat as the boy grinned at me.

" You heard your friend. Go, chatterbox and I don't know why you want to start a fight. I only said you should look where you're going."

I scowled at him. ' He called a chatterbox again! How rude and he's so hot! Why?'

" Fine, but that doesn't mean we're done." I pointed my index finger at him before Emilie rolled her emerald eyes at me and turned to the angry boy.

" I'm so sorry. My friend can be a bit dramatic." She apologized and I gave her a look, which she ignored before we left the boy in the hallway.


Angry Boy's POV

' Why am I such a jerk! ' I thought to myself. Just because before lunch, I got a wedgie by a bunch of jock douchebags, specifically one I think his name was Chad Charming. I wonder who in their right mind would such a complete dumbass like Charming? The jocks thought that I was a dramatic freak with eyeliner who whines or complains a lot and asks me if I'm a crybaby. Like what? But still, my ass hurts though...

' That still doesn't mean I should let my anger on the beautiful creature. There was enough space in the hallway, but I deliberately picked on her. I gotta say, she's kind of cute when she's angry-'

I shook away this thought of the girl. Ew! Why do I have an instant crush on her and I don't even know her! What am I, Anna?

What I noticed was that the girl had an old Meeko head bag accessory on the zip of the small part of the bag that was about to fall off. So what I'm going to do for being intentionally rude towards the cute girl, I'm gonna buy a new bag accessory for her and apologize for my behaviour or maybe not. I'm wondering if the girls are like the others who were complete brats or snobby and stuck ups. I don't know.

No, it seems like her friend was chill during our petty quarrel and not prissy at all and maybe the cute girl was too before I ruined her.

Anyway with that promise in mind, instead of sitting in the cafeteria after I get my lunch, I went to the cafeteria, collected my lunch and went outside on the lawn to avoid the cute girl.

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