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Wind scar!

A rush of yokai burst forth from Inuyasha sword, eradicating a large portion of Magatsuhis body. However the pieces just pulled themselves back together. The demon spirit laughed and formed more tentacles from his body. Sango and Miroku and Shippo rode upon Kirara, while Jaken and Rin rode Ah-Un. Kagome stood further back, her arrows at the ready, while Inuyasha and Sesshomaru stood forefront of the enemy.

"Save your energy Inuyasha, your windscar does nothing against Magatsuhi."

"Well I don't see you helping Sesshomaru. Why don't you use Bakusaiga, huh?"

"Are you blind, his body surrounds us, should I strike, the blast shall ensnare us as well."


The demon spirit laughed.

"Are the brothers fighting again? Here allow me to break up the fight!"

Tentacles shot towards the Inus, but they both dodged the attack. Magatsuhi laughed again, and shot more appendages at both packs. Kagome neutralized the attack with an arrow, and Sango with her Hiraikotsi. Jaken shot fire from his staff, but the fire did little to stop the attack, and Ah-Un was sideswiped. The impact jostled the creature, and Rin fell from the beast. Her scream pierced the air, and Sesshomaru lunged towards her to catch her. But as his arms wrapped around her, so did Magatsuhis tentacle, wrap around them. Sesshomaru cursed as the appendage squeezed itself around him and Rin, he had let his guard down.

"Damn it Sesshomaru, hang on!"

Inuyasha leapt in the air to slice the appendage, but a wall of flesh blocked his attack, he landed back on the ground and raised his sword again, but froze. Rin had been ripped away from Sesshomaru, and was now dangling upside down by her ankle. Sesshomaru, seething with rage ripped himself free from the tentacle wrapped around him, but as he reached for Rin, another appendage slammed into him, just as the one holding Rin by the ankle released her. Sesshomaru could only watch in horror as Rin fell, a fall that would surely kill her.


Sangos boomerang cut through the wall of flesh and caught Rin just as she was about to hit the ground. A breath of relief escaped Sesshomaru, and he turned his attention back to Magatsuhi. The spirit was laughing again, but he had made an error, during his attack he had receded his body back into one large area, save for Inuyasha, all were out of harms way from Bakusaiga. He struggled against the appendages that once again held him, and turned to his brother.

"Inuyasha, back off!"

Inuyasha, who was still cutting at Magatsuhis body, cursed and threw a glare at his brother.

"I'm trying to help you dumbass!"

"I do not need your aid, I need you to fall back!"

Inuyasha tsked and was about to retort, until he caught a glimpse of Sesshomarus hand gripping the hilt of Bakusaiga. So that's what the bastard meant. Inuyasha instantly leapt back to stand by Kagome, and the spirit laughed.

"Ooh? Have you abandoned your brother, Inuyasha? Well then, I promise to take good care of him. I'm sure Naraku would love to have his body."

Sesshomaru scoffed, and with his claws, ripped through the tentacles and drew Bakusaiga. He sent a blast from his sword before Magatsuhi could even react, and his body began to crumble before him. The demon spirit cursed, and flew away before Sesshomaru could draw Tenseiga. He sent a glare the way the spirit had escaped, but did not give chase. He turned his attention, instead, to the fire cat that landed next to him, and to the girl upon the beast.

"Lord Sesshomaru!"

"Rin, you are unharmed?"

"Yes Milord! Rin is ok-aah..."

Rin had leapt from the cat and went to rush to her lords side, but her leg crumpled under her. Sesshomaru was next to her in an instant. He knelt next to her as she sat on the ground, one hand gripping her ankle, pain shown clearly on her face.

"What ails you?"

"Rins ankle...its hurts so bad."

"Here let me see."

Sango rushed to the girls side, and gently assessed her ankle. It was starting to swell and a bruise was forming. It was definitely a break or a sprain.

"It looks like her ankle is either sprained, or broken. We need to get a splint on it quickly. Kagome do you have any more supplies left?"

"No, I used the last of my bandages almost a week ago."

"Then we need to stop by a village to buy more. There is one not to far from here. Sesshomaru?"

"Hnn. Do what needs to be done to heal Rin."

Sango nodded and hoisted Rin onto Kirara next to Miroku and Shippo, before climbing on the cat herself, Kagome climbed on Inuyashas back, and they took off towards the village. Sesshomaru and Ah-Un, right on their tail.

"Thank you so much for the supplies, you didn't have to charge so little."

"Ah, for a demon slayer, of course I did. You do so much to keep our villages safe. Its the least I can do to replay you."

Sango smiled, and waved a farewell to the merchant before going to find Kagome. The nearby village, fortunately for them, had a large market place. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku had decided it best for the demons to stay in the nearby forest and wait, while the humans entered the village to gather supplies. Kagome said she was going to buy some fabric to wrap Rins ankle in, while Sango was in charge of bandages and a splint. Miroku had insisted to tag along, incase a Inn would be in need of a demon exorcism. Sango made her was quickly down the path, and caught sight of her friend buying some good thick fabric. She went to call out to her, when something caught her eye.

Miroku was talking with a group of women, again. Sango paused as she watched them. He seemed to be laying it on real good this time, the girls were giggling, shying away with blushed faces. Then he wrapped his arms around two girls, grouping them as he did, and they didn't seem to mind. Then, they began to walk away together, to an Inn it looked like, and nothing could stop the pain she felt in her chest as they did. Fighting back tears, she clutched her supplies to her chest, and quickly made her way over to her friend. Once Kagome saw her, she knew something was wrong.

"Sango, what's wrong...where's Miroku?"

"Hes going to be busy for a while. Lets just go, he knows where to find us."

With the Sango stormed off towards the forest where they had made camp, and Kagome frowned. She knew exactly what Sango meant, and quickly followed after her. Miroku, you idiot.

The girls had returned to camp to see that the brothers, had actually not fought. Sesshomaru was sitting under a tree close by Ah-Un, Jaken, Shippo and Rin. The children were chatting and laughing together, the imp still nursing the clobber to the head he had received earlier for letting Rin fall. Inuyasha was on the other side of the camp leaning on Kirara with his eyes closed. Sango and Kagome immediately got to work on putting Rins ankle into a splint. After being back for a good ten minutes, and Miroku no where in sight, Inuyasha took notice.

"Oi, where's Miroku at?"

Sango scoffed as she finished up on Rins ankle. She stood and folded her arms.

"The letcher, is currently busy."


"Yep. But you know what I don't care, its fine. In fact, I'm going to go hunt for dinner."

"Hnn, there is no need. You stay and watch over Rins injury, I shall return with prey."

Sesshomaru was gone before she could protest. Did the ice lord just offer to hunt for them? That's surprising.

"Expending his energy to find food for humans. You should be grateful for Milord kindness."

"You want another lump on your head?"

Sango smirked as the imp squawked and shrunk back. It looks like someone already gathered firewood, likely Inuyasha. Fine, she would get a fire stared then, so one was ready when Sesshomaru brought back their dinner. It hadn't taken long for Sango to get a fire going, and shortly after Sesshomaru had returned with a sizeable buck. He had even gut it, and skinned it for them, before bringing it back. It was uncharacteristically kind of him. But it was blown of, he was most likely doing it for Rins sake. That was until he gave Sango the bucks antlers. Deer antlers were a very important ingredient in many demon slaying incense and potions, so she gladly accepted them. But why had he done it?

By nightfall dinner had been cooked and everyone had eaten. Well everyone except Miroku, who was still gone, and Sesshomaru, saying he ate his fill when he caught the buck. The children were once again laughing and playing tongue twister games, while Kagome, Inuyasha, and Sango rested by the fire. Jaken was resting by Ah-Un, and Sesshomaru resting back under the tree he had chosen. It was quiet, and peaceful.

"I have returned everyone! Did you miss me?"

All eyes were on Miroku as he finally made his appearance in camp. He took a seat in between Kagome and Sango, and his eyes fell upon the meat roasting by the fire.

"My goodness, a deer? How delightful. Who caught such game so close to winter?"

"Lord Sesshomaru caught it! Hes the best ever, he can catch anything!"

Miroku smiled over to the young girl as she praised her lord.

"Hah, Indeed! Good catch Lord Sesshomaru! Such kindness to hunt for us."


Miroku took his helping from the side of the fire and began to chow down. Completely oblivious to the glare he was receiving from one of his, friends. Sangos eyes burned into the back of his head. If looks could kill, he would be dead one hundred times over. The monk, finally looking over to his side, caught Sangos eyes, and nearly flinched.

"M-my dear Sango, why the scary look? Did I do something wrong?"

"I donno...you tell me."

"Ah...was it because I took to long in the village? I have found us an Inn to sleep in, if we so desire. The woman who owns it was very grateful to me for exercising the evil spirit within."

"Oh, I bet she was. Did you exercise anything else why you were at it?"

"Ah...heh heh, what do you mean my dear Sango?"

"Forget it...letcher."

Miroku smiled sheepishly while everyone shot disapproving looks at him. Sango was in-between seething, and hurt. He always does this. Always going off with women, then coming right back to her and saying she's the love of his life, that she's his, dear Sango. Sango was sick of it. There had to be a way to get back at him. A way to show him, exactly what he was doing to her. But she would, herself, have to become a letcher. Could she do that? Could she flirt with another man without making it to obvious what she was doing, but obvious enough that Miroku would get the hint? Where would she even start. Who could she even start on? She wanted Miroku to have his comeuppance ASAP, but she was in a camp with her friends, there was no one here to flirt with... Her eyes fell across camp, and landed on a very relaxed demon. A very relaxed, handsome, demon lord.

She just stared at him for a moment. Did she even DARE? He could cleave her head off, easily. But at the same time, he had no reason to save the bucks antlers, let alone give them to her. The only reason he would even save them IS to give them to her. Why would he do that? Maybe, with how friendly he was being, would find humor in her situation. She stared at the good looking demon from across the camp for a good long while, before she decided, the chance of her head rolling, was worth revenge upon the monk. She stood, catching the attention of her friends, and walked over to the jaw droopingly, dead gorgeous demon, that was sure to make anybody jealous.


Sesshomarus eyes slid open as he regarded the demon slayer standing next to him. She was staring down at him, hands on her hips, a big smile on her face.

"Mind if I sit with you?"

The woman had already taken a seat next to him before he could answer. She leaned back against the tree they both sat under, as she just started at him smiling. He was beginning to feel uneasy. A feeling that he didn't get very often.

"What is it you want, slayer?"

"Oh, I just wanted to sit with you. Chat a bit. You know?"

Her voice was just loud enough for the whole camp to hear her, but quiet enough as to not hurt his ears. What was she playing at.

"That was very kind of you, what you did. Sesshomaru."

"That would be?"

She leaned to the side a bit, her shoulder brushing up against his. Her eyes staring deep into his.

"Hunting for us. You didn't have to skin or gut it either. And you saved the antlers for me."

She propped her head up on her hand, and leaned in closer to him. He found himself leaning away from her. Her gaze was...unnerving.

"I...had knowledge that deer antlers were used by demon slayers. It would do no good letting them go to waste."

"See, your so kind. And to find a deer so close to the winter months. You are the vision of a perfect hunter."


"In fact your perfect at everything you do. How do you manage being so perfect all the time?"

Her voice was low now, so only he could hear her, and Sesshomaru was at a complete loss at what to do. What was this woman talking about. Sango on the other hand, during all of this, was quaking on the inside. How had she gotten this far, and still managed to keep her head. It was like the demon was oblivious to her advances. Has no one ever flirted with him before. She stole a quick glance behind her, and Miroku looked absolutely distraught. Good. It was working. But it wasn't enough, she had managed to get this far, she wasn't going to back down now. Go big, or go home. She leaned over a bit letting her hair fall over her shoulder, her arms tucked under her so her breasts stuck out, her armor perfectly shaping them.

"I bet your the perfect man too...maybe you could show me what you can do sometime..."

His eyes shown clear confusion. Did he not just show her what he could do by presenting a buck.


"You know...a little...one on one?"

"You...wish to spar?"

"You could it call it sparing...a little...hand to hand. And I certainly wouldn't mind sparing with such a handsome man like you."

He stared at her in utter confusion as she brushed her hand over his and let it rest there. She batted her eyes at him, and he frowned.

"What...does that have to do with..."

She batted her eyes again as her other hand came to rest on her chest, while she brought her other hand to rest on his knee. It hit him, like a ton of fucking bricks. He knew exactly what she was doing.

"Oh...my god, are you...flirting with me?"

His voice raised an octave, something she would never expect from the demon lord, and she knew everyone in the camp heard it. She flinched a little bit, not wanting her plan to to spoil so soon, and shushed him quietly.

"Shh not so loud."


"No, no just...just hear me out, ok?"

Her voice was now in hushed whispers while his voice continued to raise in octaves. She quickly looked behind her, and saw that the entire camp was giving them their undivided attention. Crap.

"Ok listen, I need a favor. You know the monk, Miroku. Well he and I are suppose to be...well...together."

"Then why are you flirting with me?"

At least his voice was down now, almost a whisper like hers.

"Because he keeps cheating! You know why he was late to dinner? He was sleeping with other women. And I just...I wanted to...I want him to know what it feels like. So I thought."

"That an advance on me, would accomplish this."

"Yes, exactly. I mean, look at you. Your gorgeous. If this doesn't rile him up, I don't know what will. I so sorry for using you like that, like this. But please, help a girl out here?"

Sesshomaru regarded her for a moment. For some reason her antics didn't anger him in the least, it in fact, amused him. Human are such curious creatures. But the question is, should he involve himself in anothers matter, however. He just might. He still owed her anyhow. The battle with Magatsuhi, Rin would have fallen to her death if not for the demon slayer. And the deer antlers, as thoughtful and as good a gift as they might have been, do not amount to Rins life. He supposes he could, indulge, in the slayers antics. This might prove amusing actually.

"Very well slayer. I will assist you in your quest to punish the monk."

Sango squeaked in happiness and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. It startled him greatly, but he did not pull away. She released him and placed both her hands on his knee as she stared up at him happily.

"What can I do to assist you in this."

"The best thing you can do, is to act interested in me. I can flirt with you all I want, but unless someone actually expresses interest, it wont do any good."

"Very well, I shall do this."

Sango smiled, and leaned against him, so that their shoulders and knees were touching. She let her head rest on his shoulder, and in turn he leaned his head down against hers. They sat like that for a few minutes, and Sango almost couldn't contain her giddiness. Not only was the plan going smoothly, but she was snuggled up against, possibly the hottest man alive. A grand bonus.

"The monk approaches."

No sooner had he said that, Miroku came to stand next to the two. Sango spared him a glance. He had a nervous smile on his face, and his eye seemed to be twitching. Sango wanted to grin.

"My dear Sango, won't you come join me again, there is still food leftover...and I wanted to talk to you for a moment."

Sango just stared at him for a moment, before turning her head away with a loud huff. She folded her arms and stuck her nose up in the air.

"No thank you. I'm talking to Sesshomaru right now, And we are having the best of times. Aren't we, Sesshomaru."

She almost squealed when he shifted next to her, and put his arm around her shoulder. He sneered up to the monk, who was looking more distraught by the second.

"Indeed. I am greatly enjoying your company, Sango."

Her name left his lips for the first time, and she couldn't help the flutter she felt in her chest. He had such a deep, sexy voice.

"Actually. I find that it is much to crowded here to have a decent conversation, without being hushed. Sango there is a lovely lake a short walk from here. Won't you accompany me?"

Sesshomaru stood, and offered his hand out to her, and she couldn't help but notice the way his hair fell around him. Gods he was hot. She gave one more look to Miroku, who was still smiling, but looked like he was about to cry, the way his lip quivered. She took Sesshomarus hand, her eyes never leaving the monks.

"I would love to join you, Sesshomaru."

Miroku watched as the two disappeared into the forest. He turned to look at the others, and they all had looks of shock on their faces, save for Inuyasha, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Inuyasha, you have excellent hearing, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, I heard everything they said. Everything."

"And...what did they talk about?"

Inuyasha just grinned at the poor monk. He shock his head and folded his arms.

"You really messed up this time Miroku."

Miroku turned to look back where they had left, and he couldn't stop the lone tear that ran down his face.

The lake water glistened in the moonlight. It was beautiful. The two came to stand by the waters side, she looked at the waters beauty, while his gaze was to the crescent moon in the sky.

"Thank you. For helping me with this."

"Hnn. I still owed you. So no thanks is necessary."

"Owed me?"

"Yes, you saved Rin from from falling, and tended to her injury. Helping you in your task to make the monk jealous is miniscule compared to that."

"I did what anyone would do."

"Still, a debt owed must be repaid."

Sango smiled, and reached out to grab his hand. For a demon with the name, killing perfection, his hands sure were soft. To her surprise, he didn't pull away.

"You really do have a big heart. I just wanted you to know that."

"Hnn, so Rin has said."

Sesshomaru eyes suddenly shifted to the side, and he make a small tch sound.

"The monk has followed us."

"Oh, crap. Well that's good right, we can just make him even more jealous."

"Very well. How?"

"Uhh...oh no...I have no idea."

"Hnn. I may have one, then."

"That's fantastic! What is it?"

"I will have to take some liberties. Will you allow this?"


Sesshomaru turned to face her, and she noticed, that he was staring into her eyes. He reached out and took both of her hands into his, holding them gently. He slowly began to lean down, their faces inches apart, and her eyes grew wide, as his lips touched hers. She was shocked for a moment, more out of disbelief than anything. The hottest guy in the world was kissing her, right now, and he had the softest lips. She felt herself lean into the kiss as she closed her eyes. She felt him gently bit her bottom lip, and she parted them, allowing his tongue to slide inside. Sango moaned into the kiss as his tongue danced around hers. His hand moved to snake behind her back, as he pulled her closer to him. They finally pulled away, the need for breath had them both panting. She stared into his eyes, his beautiful golden eyes, not able to pull them away, and he stared back.


"Hnn. The monk has fled."

"The monk...oh right. Miroku."

"Yes...who else?"

"Right, hah hah."

The two stood in silence for a moment, before Sango finally pulled out from his embrace.

"Well, I suppose if that didn't do it, nothing will. We should go check on him, make sure hes not crying too hard. Thank you, Sesshomaru."


Sango made to leave, but a hand grabbing hers made her stop. She turned to meet his gaze.

"Sango...should this have not worked, and you find yourself in need of another lesson to the monk. I am not apposed to helping you again."


Sango blushed at his comment. Again? Oh hell yes, she would definitely not mind kissing him again. That was the best kiss she had ever had.

"You are a strong, accomplished warrior, and for a human, not unattractive. You deserve better...in my opinion."

Her heart fluttered. Did he just say what she thought he said. Hell yes. She loved Miroku, of course she did, but Sesshomaru, does she love him too? Hes just so breathtaking.

"Oh...well...if Miroku doesn't get his shit together, I think I know someone perfect who I think I deserve...someone always perfect."

Oh my god did I just say that out loud. She saw the small look of shock in his eyes. Yes she had said that out loud. The look of shock, slowly shifted into a soft gently look, and he squeezed her hand. They both smiled.

"I am not opposed."

They returned to camp, to a sobbing Miroku. As soon as he caught sight of Sango, he rushed to her side and grabbed her hands. He uttered promises of, never even looking at another woman again, and, please don't leave me, I need you. Sango felt bad for him, but if she coddled him now, what would her scheme have accomplished. So she turned her nose up at him and told him to, wipe his nose and go sit down. Which he did, sobbing more violently than before now. Her friends gave her some glares, and Inuyasha had a shit eating grin on his face, but she didn't care at the moment. She was to busy thinking about Sesshomarus proposal. Very seriously. Sango knew Miroku, once he thought everything was fine again, he would go and galivant with another girl. A part of her hoped that this taught him a lesson, but a part of her also didn't. Because of Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru had taken his seat back under the tree, only his gaze was all on her. What should she do. This whole shebang was to teach the monk a lesson, but now, she has feelings for two people. Is this what Inuyasha was going through? Her eyes went between the crying monk, giving her a pitiful look, to the demon lord, giving her a different kind of look all together. She though for a moment, and she remembered all the hurt Miroku had put her through, how many times she had told him how it hurt her when he galivanted off with women like he did, and yet he still did it. Even after her tears. No Miroku hasn't learned his lesson yet, and she doubted he ever will. So she turned, and she sat down next to the demon lord. Raising her voice loud enough so ever one could her, she spoke.

"You know, Rins ankle is pretty bad. She won't be able to walk on a sprain like that for at least a week. More if its broken. Don't you think she should stick around us for a bit, so we can make sure it heals properly?"

He gave her a knowing look, and a smirk crossed his face.

"I agree, Sango. Rin should most definitely stay by the side of a healer. To assure her injury is taken care of."

"Indeed! And what would Rin do without her guardian?"

He was all but grinning at her now, a pointed fang peeking out from his lips.

"Agreed. As her guardian, it is my duty to stay by her side. What kind of guardian leaves when their ward is injured?"

"Exactly! Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, you all don't mind if Sesshomaru and his pack stay with us for a bit, right?"

"Actually I-"

"Great! I knew you wouldn't mind! Your all sooo understanding!"

"Does that mean I get to play with Rin more!?"

"It sure does Shippo!"


The children cheered while Jaken groaned. Sango couldn't hide her snickering anymore and laughed silently as her shoulders quaked. Miroku looked defeated, and that's exactly what she wanted. She turned to Sesshomaru, who was still grinning, and she grinned back. She thought about what Sesshomaru had said while she looked into his eyes. And he was right.

"Yeah, you are right, Sesshomaru."

He cocked his head to the side.


"Yeah. I do deserve to be treated better."

He smiled and placed his hand on her, and she leaned over so their shoulders were touching again.

"I am glad you agree."

"Want to hunt for breakfast together in the morning? Let me see those perfect skills of yours in action."

Sesshomaru grinned again, and snaked him arm around her shoulder.

"I would love to."

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