Rosalie's Body

A/N: This is based off of a movie (I think you can guess which one). Surprisingly I didn't watch the film but a review of it so things will probably be a bit different. Yet I was inspired to make a Rosella version of it in time for spooky season. I hope y'all enjoy.

[If they hurt you

They hurt me, too
So we'll rise up
Won't stop
And it's all about
It's all about us]


The sunlight was bright as it shone down on the sandbox in the middle of the nearly empty playground. Two girls sat in the box, complete opposites of each other. One was small, with limp brown hair and wearing ratty jeans, converse shoes, and a plain t-shirt that was slightly too big on her too tiny frame. The tall girl in front of her has bright blonde hair, and is wearing a nice pink dress with slight frills at the bottom.

Despite their physical appearances, they are playing together earnestly. They've built a giant sand castle in the middle, having the figurines in their hands moving around in the sandy world they've created. Their voices are loud as they squeal with laughter. It disturbs a bird on a nearby branch, causing it to take flight. Bella dips her figure down and destroys one part of the sand castle. "I am a hero who will destroy your home! Go away, we don't want monsters here!"

Rosalie affects a deep voice. "I am an all powerful monster and I will suck your blood and eat you up!" and she mashed her male doll against Bella's female one, pretending to suck it's blood. Bella made a fake cry of harm and had the figure drop down, defeated. Suddenly Rosalie sobers a bit up.

" you think we'll be able to continue playing like this?"

Bella furrows her brow up. "Why not?"

"Well...we've graduated elementary school. And now middle school is coming. Mom says it's going to be a lot of work." Rosalie fiddled with one of her ruffles nervously.

"I think we'll be fine. We'll be going to the same school," Bella said. "I'll see you each day." She offered a smile.

Rosalie wasn't assured, twisting the bottom of her dress in worry. "Promise?"

"I promise."

"Can we...make a pact?" Rosalie suggested.

"Okay..." Bella trailed off, waiting on Rosalie to finish her statement.

"I want us to promise to each other that we'll never stop being friends and that we'll always be there for each other." Rosalie's blues eyes were serious as she said this. Bella did not seem to sense the gravity of the situation. She just wanted to assure her best childhood friend that everything was alright.

"Sure," and she accepted the hand that Rosalie held out for her. They shook hands, in this moment a cloud casting overhead even though the sky had been clear before. When their hands parted the sun came back. "What do you wanna play next?" Bella asked. But as she asked, she heard her mom call for her.

"Bella get back here! You didn't clean the mess I told you to clean!" her mother called out for her, from the house three down from the playground. Her voice was clear in the early morning.

"I gotta go," Bella said, rising up and dusting the sand from her pants. "Thanks for sharing your toys with me," Bella said and Rosalie told her a soft goodbye as they parted ways.


"Um...hey, Rosalie, I was hoping to um..." Mike scuffed the floor with his sneakers as she sheepishly rubbed at the back of his head. He couldn't meet Rosalie's eyes and the blonde rolled her blue orbs at his behavior. She slammed her locket shut, hefting the books in her one armed grasp.

"Spit it out, Mike. I don't have all day."

His spine stiffened at this. "Prom! Go to junior prom with me!" he blurted out and she snorted.

"Are you serious? I'm dating Emmett McCarty. Why would I go to prom with you?"

"I heard you broke up?" he asked hopefully.

"For a week. We're back together now," she told him bluntly.

He nodded his head, red creeping up his cheeks now. "Right. Sorry," he squeaked out and moved away just in time to make space for Bella to approach. She looked over at him, thumbing the strap of the bookbag she had hung over one shoulder. The back of it was adorned with various quirky pins that were either feminist, Stars Wars, or book related. Her favorite one was the one Rosalie had given her. A pin that said 'I read the book before it was a movie'.

"What's up with him?" she asked, pushing back a strand of brown hair behind her ear. Over the years her style hadn't changed at all. She still wore converse, ripped jeans, and t-shirts, sometimes sweaters and sometimes flannels over that with a nice beanie on top.

Rosalie hadn't changed either. She'd only gotten more and more beautiful as the years went by. Her blonde hair was naturally wavy at the end, and she never needed make up to exaggerate her pretty features. Her body was curves were Bella's was lines. Rosalie didn't have to try hard to look nice. The clothing she wore was all super fashionable and expensive. Rosalie's family had money so she was always well dressed in tight jeans, crop tops, or dresses. Bella's family did not come from money so she could only buy stuff from Goodwill or thrift stores. But even if she had the cash she wasn't sure she would change her style. She liked comfort and each attempt Rosalie had made to buy her something nice to wear failed.

"Mike wanted to go to prom with me," Rosalie made a face and Bella chuckled.

"What, doesn't he know you and Emmett are back together?"

"I guess not." Rosalie pouted. Getting asked out wasn't an usual thing for Rosalie. She was the popular girl at school. But despite her being super popular and liked by everyone, she was best friends with Bella who was viewed as a nerd by everyone. Bella didn't mind being called a nerd. At least she got the best grades in this school.

They began walking to their next class together, Rosalie waving hello to many people in the halls who mainly ignored Bella.

"I thought you were done with him this time," Bella lowered her voice so they wouldn't be overheard.

"I thought so too. But he begged me to take him back. On his knees. It was so pathetic I took pity on him," Rosalie said, rolling her eyes.

"Man, I never thought he'd cheat on you! I mean, how could he? He has the hottest, most popular, most amazingly kind girlfriend and he cheats on her?" Bella scoffed, working herself up. "If I was some dude dating you, I'd treat you like the princess you are."

"Thank you Bella," Rosalie said, the tips of her ears turning red. "But, he explained to me he didn't intend to do it. He said he was at a tailgate party after the football game and he was very drunk so Lauren was able to plant one on him before he even knew what was happening. He said he pushed her away too late but that he hated it. He told me he's never talking to her again."

"What an asshole," Bella muttered out. "She knew you two were together and she still did that?"

"Fucking cheerleaders," Rosalie said. "All bitches."

"But aren't you one?" Bella asked playfully.

Rosalie smiled widely, flashing her pearly white teeth. "I never said I wasn't one. You sometimes forget because I'm so nice to you and Emmett."

Bella had heard people claiming that Rosalie came off as rude sometimes but Bella knew most of this was rumor and the other half because Rosalie was provoked and defending herself. Rosalie really was one of the sweetest people around and she only put on a front so people would stop bothering her or Bella.

Especially when it came to Lauren who was a stuck up bitch with a personal vendetta against Rosalie for stealing Emmett from her. But it had been no contest. The man was in love with her; who wouldn't be? Rosalie was a shining star and Bella was just glad to be in her orbit.

"Hey, could I ask you to help me with some chem afterschool? I'm having a hard time with covalent bonds and could use the world's smartest teen's help," Rosalie said affectionately, bumping her hip with Bella's as they walked down the hall.

"Of course," Bella agreed.

The doorbell rang and Bella raced down the stairs in her socked feet before her mother could shout out, "door!"

Bella yanked it open, finding Rosalie on the other end. She was still in her cheerleading uniform from practice. It was a one piece shirt and skirt combo, all white, with line work done in red. Forks High read in bold red on her front. She had her hair pulled up in a ponytail and it swished behind her as she walked in. She pulled her shoes off and set her duffle bag down next to it.

"Hello, Rosalie. Will you be staying for dinner?" Bella's mom asked, peeking her head out from the kitchen. The sizzling of food could be heard and a wonderful smell was in the air.

"I think I will. I have a lot of work I need help with. I brought a wine that can be paired nicely with the meal," Rosalie said, digging it out of her bag. She set it down on the table, Bella's mom's eyes gleaming brightly at this. It looked to be an expensive vintage.

"Thank you, Rosalie. Will you girls be working down here or upstairs?"

"Upstairs. We won't get in the way," Bella said, snatching Rosalie by the wrist and dragging her upstairs before her mom could ask anymore questions. When they were in the room, Bella let out an amused huff. "Stop bringing wine over. She's going to become a raging alcoholic at this point."

"She's not already?" Rosalie chuckled and Bella playfully shoved her.

"And how's your mom? Still practicing her disappearing act?" Bella teased. They had gotten over any sore points they had about their family lives. They knew too much about each other to not to.

"She actually phoned me to say she'll be home on Christmas this year. But, as there's still two months left to it and I know what she's like, I'm not holding my breath. I've gotten used to an empty house by now. It allows me to throw the best parties."

"You're always welcome here, for the holiday's," Bella said, flopping down on the bed. Rosalie flopped down next to her and they both exhaled in unison. They were tired from a long day of school. They laid there for a while relaxing, before Rosalie spoke.

"Remember when we would play mommy and daddy?" Rosalie reminisced as they lay on bed. "We would always have the perfect family together. We were always there, none of us drank or were mean. We always had such a happy home."

"Yea," Bella exhaled longingly. As kids they had projected during their play, not knowing that they had been at the time because they'd been too young to know that. But, Bella had been able to pretend her father wasn't away at work all the time, or that her mother didn't sneak off with drugs and bottles. And Rosalie had pretended that her parents weren't always gone, leaving her to be raised by an old maid they had.

Things had gotten better over the years; they'd gotten better at handling it.

"You always made an amazing husband," Bella chuckled.

"And you an amazing wife," Rosalie added with a soft smile. "Remember our 'honeymoon'?"

"Ha, do I ever!" Bella laughed. "We thought adults tickled each other after their weddings so we'd tickle each other so hard."

"But we did always have the best weddings. All the celebrities that would come to them. Like the backstreet boys."

They quieted down as they sank back into their own personal version of the times they'd spent together.

"Yea," Rosalie sighed out in conclusion, shifting so she was leaning on her elbow, looking down on Bella. "So, tell me. Do you like anyone?"

The abrupt line of questioning shouldn't have surprised Bella. Rosalie was direct like that; but it did still catch Bella off guard. Bella shrugged nonchalantly, but her cheeks betrayed her.

"You're blushing! Who is it!" Rosalie leaned in closer, wanting to know who it was.

"Um, it's nothing serious. Just a small crush."

"Who!" Rosalie asked, shaking her arm.

"I think you know who," Bella muttered.

"No way," Rosalie gasped. "It's Edward? That tall nerdy guy with the amazing hair?"

"Yes," Bella said behind tight lips, flushing even harder now. She wanted to cover her face with her hands.

"How did you fall for him?" Rosalie pressed.

"We're in the robotics club," Bella shrugged. "We just got to talking and got to know each other. And I kinda like him now."

"Does he like you?"

"I don't know. I never asked," Bella said.

"We are going to get to the bottom of this," Rosalie assured.

"Please, don't. I'll die of embarrassment."

Rosalie smiled assuredly. "I'm going to help you out. And you, Bella Swan, are going to get your first boyfriend if it's the last thing I do." Rosalie sat up, freeing her hair from her ponytail. The blonde strands caught in the dying rays of the sun coming in from the window and for a second they flashed red.

"Now, let's figure out chemistry," she waggled her brows. "Between you and him too."

Bella rolled her eyes but pushed herself up. When Rosalie wanted something there wasn't anything that could get in her way of it. Bella went to go get her chem books.

They studied for about an hour, before getting called down for dinner. Charlie had arrived from his shift and he looked incredibly worn as he sat by the table. There was a reason for this. "...another body found. We haven't reported it yet but it'll hit headlines soon. This is bad, very bad," Bella caught what he was saying as she came in.

"Hey dad."

"Hello girls," Charlie said as he saw both of them sit down.

"Evening Charlie." Rosalie began to eat her chicken.

"Bella, I think I'm going to give you some pepper spray. You too, Rosalie. I don't like the fact that you live alone in a house by yourself when this dangerous killer is on the loose," he frowned under his mustache.

"I'll be fine. I have state of the art security there. But thank you for your concern," Rosalie declined.

"Is it bad?" Bella asked. "I thought the killings ended?"

"No, they haven't. This killer merely moved to a different part of town. And we didn't know because it was on La Push and we don't have jurisdiction there. Now we're going to have a harder time gathering evidence and finding this guy."

"Any leads?" Bella asked only for her mother to wave a hand through the air.

"Please, no more depressing talk at the table," she said, slurping down another glass of wine. She was halfway through the bottle Rosalie had given her.

"I just want Bella to promise to me she won't be going to any of those parties until we catch him," Charlie said, looking pointedly at Bella.

"But dad! Alice is throwing a huge Halloween party!" she protested.

"No. You are not going. I am telling you this in advance so you don't expect anything," he said sternly, wagging his finger at her.

"Charlie, what if I promised I would keep her safe? We will go in a group. Emmett will be with us. He can help keep us safe. And we can be home before one-"

"I'm sorry, Rosalie. But no. And I would advise you stay home as well. Tell anyone you can to stay home. The risk is too huge. We don't know how this guy looks like and he could be anywhere."

Rosalie thinned her lips but knew better than to reply. When dinner was over and the girls were back up in Bella's room, the brunette flopped down angrily on the bed.

"I can't believe he won't let me go! I'll be fine. I don't drink so he has nothing to worry about," she said.

"I know. Don't worry, we'll find a way to go," Rosalie promised, sitting down and touching Bella on the kneecap.

"Really?" Bella asked hopefully.

"Yes. I already picked out a great costume for you this year. It would be a shame not to wear it."

"Of course you did," Bella snorted. "Tell me what it is."


"A hint? Please?" she blinked her eyes at Rosalie who was not swayed.

"No. Now let's back to work. You were explaining to me the periodic table?"

Bella sighed but complied. She was always complying to Rosalie's demands in their friendship, but really, she didn't mind all that much. Because she was Rosalie's only best friend. The only one Rosalie was her true self with. At school she was cold, closed off, maintaining her spot on the top of the food chain. But with Bella, she was open, empathetic, sharing her hopes and dreams. There was no one on this world that knew Rosalie better than Bella, and no one who knew Bella better than Rosalie. And it would always stay this way, Bella was sure.

Nothing would ever change her relationship with Rosalie.

Because she wouldn't let it.