Chapter Five

[Being with you has opened my eyes

Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?
I keep asking myself, wondering how
I keep closing my eyes, but I can't block you out
Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me
Nobody else, so we can be free]

Bella strangely feels numb when she finds out about Edward's body being found three days later. This time, it's been respectfully laid to rest, almost as if the killer had felt some guilt over this. He looked peaceful, smiling, eyes closed, hands over his chest. Like he was taking a nap. But the bite marks on his neck prove he was dead.

And the worst part about this all is that seeing those marks makes her throat really dry. She rubs at it for the duration of the funeral, clearing it, and people mistake it for her trying to hold back her tears. She doesn't dissuade their notions.

It's that night that Bella sneaks into her father's work shed, and arms herself with a blowtorch. She waits until he's asleep, along with her mother, before she leaves her room, dressed in all black still from the funeral and with a knife in her back pocket just in case. She rings Rosalie's house. The blonde picks up on the first ring.

"Hello?" she says, voice bright.

"I'm coming over," Bella breathes in, voice rattling nervously into the receiver.

There's a pregnant pause, a sigh, and then, "okay."

Bella hangs up, swallowing hard. Good, at least Rosalie knows this won't be a pleasurable altercation. She drives off, hands white on the steering wheel, working her jaw. She puts on the radio, turns it off, puts it on again. She can't decide what she wants. She fiddles with the knob, skipping over music before it lands on the news station.

"...police are at a loss as the unknown murderer takes yet another victim. Edward Masen, star student and-"

She flicks it off, veins burning with the need to avenge. How could Rosalie do this to her? How could she? She knew Bella liked Edward, so then why?

Guilt grips the brunette and she wonders if this was her fault. If she had never gone on that date with Edward would he still be alive? Regret eats at her and she knows if she doesn't put a stop to this...she owes Edward to at least put a stop to this.

She parks outside of Rosalie's house, and finds the door swung wide open, like an invitation. She grasps the blowtorch tightly, her palm sweating. She makes way up the stairs and Rosalie's door is open too, her sweet perfume drifting out. And Bella swears, she can almost smell the other things that make Rosalie herself. Like the copper tang of blood, her sweet sweat, and the body lotions she uses. She must be going insane.

Soft music is playing from inside.

"From the pain you drive into the heart of me, the love we share, seems to go nowhere."

Rosalie is lying on the bed, wearing only a loose t-shirt, and short shorts, flipping through her magazine. She looks perfect, unperturbed. Bella hates that. She wishes Rosalie could feel some of the hurt she is feeling. Rosalie doesn't even bother to look up at Bella until Bella gets the blowtorch going, hefting it up in her hand, breathing shallowly.

"Take my tears and that's not nearly all, oh, tainted love."

Disdain is in Rosalie's eyes. She rolls them. "You don't have it in you to do it."

"Yea, are you sure about that?" Bella argues. She's steaming mad. "You killed Edward. And Lauren. And Mike! Who else are you going to kill?" she roars out over the flaming noise. It's hot; her hands are sweating even more on the device.

Rosalie sits up so fast on the edge of her bed it's a blur. She's angry now, her eyes turning black. "I didn't ask for any of this. My choices were robbed from me! Robbed from me by that man who hurt me!"

"And what of them? You robbed them of their lives! You think that's okay?" Bella shoots back.

Rosalie grit her teeth, eyed the flames warily. "And what. You're going to kill me over it? You'll just be another murderer like me. Like him."

Bella works her jaw, her resolve wavering. "It's the right thing to do. A price to pay to make everything normal again."

Rosalie stood up slowly, cocking her head to the side, assessing Bella. "Are you willing to pay the price?"

Bella didn't say anything but her arm was shaking. "Don't get closer," she warned as Rosalie tried to take a step forward. The blonde relented. " my feelings for you mean nothing?" she asked, suddenly sounding so vulnerable. They hadn't ever talked about it since Rosalie first confessed. There had been no time. "I thought...I thought we...were different," she whispered now. "I never felt the way I do about anyone else. Not even Emmett."

Bella felt tears gather in her eyes. She lowered the blow torch, turning it off. She couldn't do it. She really couldn't. No matter how angry she was...she couldn't. "Fuck," she cursed, silent tears crawling down her cheeks. "You didn't have to kill Edward."

"I couldn't help myself. This thing controls me sometimes, and it's so hard to fight it," Rosalie said and she looked like she wanted to cry so badly too but she couldn't. "Do you know how tiring it is to resist it all this time? The abilities are cool and all, but half the time I want to dig out whatever is inside of me, or rip myself in two, just anything to make me feel normal for once."

"I liked him."

"And I was angry that you did," Rosalie said. "If I was still me, I wouldn't have...I wouldn't have done anything to him. If none of this happened, we'd still be best friends. I would be with Emmett and you'd be with him..." she trailed off, face in anguish. She raked a hand through her blonde locks. "We'd be normal."

"I want to help you," Bella said, "but I also want to hurt you so badly."

"And I want to kiss you," Rosalie said, with a sheepish grin.

"This is so not appropriate right now!" Bella snapped out.

"I know, but you have no idea how hard it is right now to not touch you," Rosalie's grin dropped, her face getting deadly serious. Bella felt a flush go through her, a shiver crawling up her spine. There it was, that thing inside Rosalie surfacing.

"How do I know you love me and not this thing inside you is making all this shit up?" Bella whispered as Rosalie got closer to her, slowly approaching like one might to a frightened animal. Bella's heart was swelling with hope. She may have had feelings for Edward, but the fact never changed that she cared for Rosalie. That those feelings for the blonde had always been there, and every other emotion was just layered on top of that. Rosalie was fundamental to Bella; how could she have ever thought of trying to hurt her friend without saving her first?

Rosalie was suffering too. She'd been suffering all along and Bella had been blaming her for things she had trouble controlling.

"I've always loved you Bella," Rosalie said, stroking a cool hand down Bella's cheek. Bella's eyes flickered at this gentle touch. "I's funny really. Becoming this monster has let me see things for how they really are. Popularity doesn't matter. High school doesn't matter. Forcing myself to be straight when I'm really not, doesn't matter. I don't care about anything else but being happy with you, and I sure as hell won't allow this thing to hurt you. I'll fight myself as hard as I can-"

"You bit me," Bella pointed out, voice shaking with unspent adrenaline and anger. She tugged down her turtleneck to show the still red marks there. Two perfect circles. Rosalie's black eyes waver. She swallows.

"I didn't mean to. I just...I didn't want to drink your blood. I wanted fill you, if that makes sense," she said, shifting her eyes away guiltily.

"Fill me? Turn me into someone like you?" Bella makes a disgusted face. "I don't want that."

"Bella, I didn't mean to-

Bella reached into her back pocket and quick as a flash pulled out the knife from there. She jabs it up into Rosalie's ribs. The blade breaks in her hand. Rosalie looks down, frozen. Her eyes flick up and she's not mad, just disapproving. Unimpressed.

Holy fuck, vampires really can't be stabbed.

"Sorry, I had to...had to do it at least a little bit," Bella gasped out when Rosalie suddenly pushed her back, making her crash into the vanity mirror. The glass shattered, spraying around them, Rosalie's growl low in her throat.

"Don't do that," she snapped out and Bella can see her fangs. They look long and sharp, and yet so delicate. Are they really all that's needed to end others? Rosalie's grip loosens on how she's holding Bella's wrists pinned above her head. The brunette doesn't attempt to free herself from her, bottom half sitting on the vanity dresser.

"Where do we go from here?" Bella asks.

And by Rosalie's sour expression, the blonde doesn't know either.

"There has to be a cure somewhere," Bella grumbles as she flips through the books. Rosalie drove her to another state for this. So that Bella can utilize the huge library. The blonde is antsy, flipping through pages rapidly, too rapidly for human eyes, and chewing on her bottom lip. She's made a mess of it, but each time she does, her skin heals. Her fangs are pointing out.

Bella can guess that she's hungry.

She reaches out over Rosalie's clenched fist, trying to soothe some of her hunger pangs.

"My throat is burning," Rosalie croaks out and Bella feels a similar tickle inside her own.

"Can you hold on? I just need an hour more and then-"

"And then what?" Rosalie grits out, eyeing a woman that walks past them. Bella doesn't like that look.

"I...I don't know. We can get to a blood bank or something. Steal the blood there."

"You want me to break into a blood bank? Are you crazy?" Rosalie is incredulous.

"Would you rather kill someone else again?" Bella suggested and Rosalie clamped her mouth shut. She leans into her chair, closing her eyes, trying to control herself. The black veins under her eyes are concerning. But she's waiting and Bella turns back to her books.

Another hour of reading and she's depressed. She read nothing good in there. Nothing about how to reverse this at all. Is there no hope for her friend?

No, she refuses to think that. Rosalie must be saved. She's as much a victim in this as anyone else. Bella runs fingers through greasy hair that hangs around her face in strands. She's not had any time or will to take care of herself. Her fingers tap on her lap and she waits inside the car now for Rosalie to return.

She hopes the heist is going well.

Just as she's about to drift off from exhaustion, Rosalie opens up the door and slides back in. She tosses some blood bags onto her back seat from within the inside of her jacket before peeling the car out of the parking lot they were in.

"It went well?" Bella asks, rubbing her throat. She feels sore all over. It might be the lack of sleep.

"I guess vampire speed has it's perks. No one saw me." Rosalie smiles in triumph before she frowns again. "A vampire." She rolls the word on her tongue. "That's what I am."

"Yes," Bella says. "It's what all the books say."

Rosalie lets out a long drawn out sound and conversation ends as they drive out of the city, not stopping until they get somewhere to the highway. Rosalie pulls over and grabs a blood bag before heading out to drain it. Seems she doesn't want Bella to see this at all.

While she's gone, Bella hefts one of the bags curiously in her hand. The bright red is inviting. And she can smell it through the bag. She swallows thickly and puts it back before Rosalie can notice her doing this.

Rosalie comes back into the car, looking refreshed. They drive back home. "I think I should be okay for about a couple of feedings with what I've stolen. But these bags aren't big enough to satisfy the craving fully," Rosalie reports. Her eyes are still black but at least the veins are no longer there. "What am I going to do? Keep robbing blood banks?" She scoffs, shaking her head.

"What if...what if you killed animals? Drank their blood instead of humans?" Bella voices. It's something she's thought of. After all, blood is blood, isn't it?

"A vegan diet?" Rosalie snorted.

"It could work," Bella said.

Rosalie falls into contemplative silence. "I can...I can do that. I'm Rosalie fucking Hale and you're Bella fucking Swan, and we're going to get through this," Rosalie said with a smile, determined to move forward from this. And Bella smiles back because maybe, just maybe, things can start to feel normal once again.

She reaches out and touches Rosalie's hand on the gear shift and Rosalie twines her fingers with Bella's.

The joy doesn't last long. And it's not Rosalie's fault this time. The blonde has managed to find a taste for animals. Forks has no shortage of wild animals and Rosalie turns out to enjoy the hunt of it, feeling like an apex predator as she takes down bears, wolves, and mountain lions with her strength. The blood, while she says doesn't taste as good as humans, keeps her normal and sane for the most part. Keeps the vampire inside her sated even if it is tempted to imbibe on humans and she has to fight it.

No, it's Bella that is acting weird. Off.

She can't keep her meals down, her skin is pale and dull, and her eyes are black. Her parents look at her in worry, and she looks at them in hunger. Somethings wrong, and she knows what, even if her parents don't.

"It must be the stress of the killings, I told you not to bring work home!" Renee screams at Charlie as Bella keeps her head on the cool lid of the toilet.

"I don't bring my work home! Besides, it's hard for her not to feel stressed when she almost lost Rosalie to it, and she did lose Edward to it! She's going through a lot!" he argued.

There is a loud shatter as Renee flings her glass of wine and it shatters.

Bella closes her eyes. Rosalie has to help her. Has to...but she can't even bring herself to move from here. Rosalie eventually comes over at night when everyone else is in bed except for Bella whose still in the bathroom. The blonde stands over her, face twisted in anguish as she watches her best friend suffer.

"I have to...I have to turn you," Rosalie said at last, some instinct inside her bringing this to light.

"What are you talking about?" Bella groaned and threw up more blood. She'd been throwing up blood for a while now. It tastes good.

"The bite...when I bit you, some venom went inside you. Whatever made me into me, is trying to do the same to you. But there's not enough of it. It's just going to kill you. I have to turn you the rest of the way."

"To be like you? To be a vampire? I don't want that," Bella shook her head. "I don't want to be a monster."

"I don't want to lose you. And I won't lose you!" Rosalie cried out, suddenly the calm disappearing like a mist in the sun. "You are mine, Bella Swan." She yanked Bella up and bit her on the neck. Bella's short nails scrabble at her but she gives the fight up easily, her body feeling light and floaty. She lets her eyes close.

When she regains consciousness she's in the hospital. She immediately closes her eyes again. She doesn't want to be here. Doesn't want to face the truth of what's happened. But she can feel it. This coldness inside her. And she can smell everything so sharply it makes her sick. Especially her parents. They smell like food. Like some good mac and cheese. They're talking about her but she tunes them out, trying to ignore the strange burn in her throat.

"I'm sorry," Rosalie's voice whispers sometime during the nighttime when the hospital is closed. Bella opens her eyes for her. The blonde is sitting perched on her window, face solemn. "I'm sorry but I had to do it."

"You could have let me die," Bella croaks out.

"You didn't let me die. What kind of a friend would I have been not to repay the favor?" Rosalie shakes her head and she silently gets closer to Bella. "How do you feel?"

"Weird," Bella says. "I still feel like me...but I can feel it inside of me too. It's just awakening."

"I will help you through this," Rosalie assures, stroking back a strand of Bella's now perfectly pristine hair. "You look like a goddess," she laughs softly.

"I'm thirsty," Bella says and Rosalie takes out the bag of blood she's brought under her leather jacket. She holds it up to Bella's head as the brunette lets her fangs pierce the plastic and she drains it like a caprisun. It's tastes alright. Like cheese and crackers instead of the mac and cheese she craves. Rosalie watches Bella feed, an odd glint in her eyes. She cups the back of Bella's head tenderly as the brunette drains every last drop in a famished manner. Hoping for more.

She leans back when she's done, licking her lips. She's quenched her thirst, but now her vampire side wants something else. Just as Rosalie is about to get up to throw away the plastic bag, Bella grabs her lapels and drags her down to kiss her.

It's hard. It's bruising. Rosalie reciprocates immediately. She pressed down on Bella, finally not afraid of hurting her anymore. And Bella, with the new blood roaring in her veins, wonders if this is what it's felt like for Rosalie. To feel this wild craving in her chest, this need to show how much she cared for her. To devour her.

The vampire takes her feelings and magnifies them, and it makes Bella feel strangely free. Words she's never let slip from her mouth come free, "I love you, Rosalie," she mumbles between hasty kisses and Rosalie moans to hear them.

"I love you too."

"I always did. I just never could say it," Bella says, pulling away so she can look up into Rosalie's eyes.

"Funny how it took us becoming this thing to change that," Rosalie chuckles, voice rough from desire.

It is funny. But Bella suddenly knows what Rosalie meant when nothing else really matters anymore. What did grades, a good reputation, family, matter when all she could think of was blood and Rosalie? The thing inside her purred loudly, a magnetic force in her chest that spoke to the one in Rosalie's. It was like they were now made for each other.

"Now what?" Bella asks, because there are so many things they must do.

" we just act like nothing's changed." Rosalie places a gentle kiss over Bella's bite marks on her neck. "I take you out on a date like I've been meaning to, and we get the fuck out of Forks. Make our own lives."

"But we have to leave our families. Our friends."

"Fuck those friends. They're all small minded homophobes anyways. And family was never there for me anyways. But yours...what if they find out about you? We can't eat food Bella. They're eventually going to notice."

Bella swallowed roughly. She nuzzled into Rosalie's neck for comfort. She knew what Rosalie said was the truth. "I just need...some time. Time to say goodbye to them. Time to get my affairs in order."

"Okay, and then we're moving, somewhere away from this whole fucked up mess," Rosalie assured, kissing Bella's nose. "I was thinking maybe Alaska?" she kissed her eyelids now and moved onto her forehead. "Get our own house, and there's enough wildlife to support us there."

"What about jobs? Education?" Bella said, allowing the fantasy to sweep her away. She loved the way Rosalie was touching her now. So freely. They should have been like this from the start.

"I'm rich. I'll just steal some of my parents money. And we can enroll in school there. Get an education. Go to college. We can do this together. It's always been us, together," Rosalie assured, kissing Bella soundly on her lips.

Their bodies both wanted more, but not here, not now.

"And what of that man that lead to all this happening? Is he still killing?" Bella asks, feeling an anger burning inside her. She feels many things inside her. But if they're going to leave, they're going to at least get rid of him so he can't hurt anymore of their friends and family.

"You want to kill him?"

"Well...if we can scare him away..." Bella trails off, not wanting to resort to murder right away.

"Okay," Rosalie says, knowing that they'll have to kill him anyways. But she doesn't say this out loud.

Pretending to be human is hard. Harder than it looks. Bella hates the meals the most. She has to force herself to choke down the food and she finds herself throwing it up later. Her parents know something is wrong with her. That something's not the way it should be.

But they don't know how to go about it.

So Bella does it for them.

"Mom, Dad, I know who the killer is," she says one stormy afternoon as the rain beats down on their house. Instantly they are alert from their near drowsy TV viewing state. "Did he make contact with you? Did he hurt you, threaten you?" Charlie is part cop and part dad right now, rushing to grab her. Renee is by her side, stroking back her hair.

"I'm fine. And it's all going to be okay," Bella said in monotone.

"Bella...what are you saying?" Charlie breathes out and Bella shakes her head, pulling away from them. She knows what she'll plan to do. She's going to leave that man's body on her father's doorstep. It'll finally close the case once and for all. She doesn't tell him any of this.

"You won't have to worry about me for long," she says and turns on her heel to go to her room.

She can hear her parents discussing her in fervent whispers downstairs, wondering if she is depressed or suicidal. She thumbs her throat, where Rosalie bit her.

She's neither of those. She just feels alive, for the first time ever.

Finding the killer turns out to be a lot easier than expected. Namely because he's found them first.

"How strange," he says and they whip their heads around to see a barefoot man in an ugly trench coat come up to them. His hair is blonde and slicked back into a ponytail. He looks young, but his red eyes belie the years within them.

"You made another."

Rosalie peels her lips back from her fangs, hissing at him. He remains perched on top of a tree, staring down at them with a smug smile.

"This should be fun. I wonder, how quickly can we drain everyone in this town? A month, two? Maybe even three? I admit, it's exciting to think that we can drain everyone. I've never done that to a full town before. But, you were my lucky mistake. And now you've made another one."

"What do you want from us?" Bella growls out, her own hackles raised. She wanted to rip his throat out. So this was the man that had caused all those killings, who was responsible for Charlie's sleepless nights, for what had happened to her and Rosalie.

"Let's team up," he suggested, ignoring their clear hostility.

"Over my cold body," Rosalie snarled.

"Suit yourself," he said with a casual shrug and was gone, moving faster than the wind.

"We need to get him," Bella said, his scent still fresh in the air. "I still have my blowtorch."

"Good," Rosalie's anger turned into a grin, one that Bella had seen before, right before Rosalie ruined some upstart student's life. "And I have a plan."

Rosalie's plan is simple, but efficient. Pretend she's interested in Laurent's offer. Distract him. Have Bella show up behind him and set his whole body on fire.

Except things don't really work out the way they're planned. He turns out to be sharp, observant. He's older, more experienced with fighting and running away. But, he's still no match for two angry pissed off women who will fight for their right to love each other.

The fire only burns part of him, his left side, but he can still function well enough. He rips out a chunk from Bella's side with his teeth but not before Rosalie is on his back, yanking him back by the ponytail, riding him like a bucking horse. His neck is exposed and straining and Bella, bleeding and with her lungs and ribs on display, finds the strength inside her to lunge forth and dig her teeth into his throat.

She bites and bites, even as he howls and digs his thumb into her eyes, blinding her. But she doesn't let go and eventually his cries quiet down as Rosalie drags him down to the ground, and rips into his neck from the other side.

The fight is over as fast as it started. It hasn't even been ten minutes and both girls are left breathing hard, crimson blood staining them. His lifeless corpse lays at their feet. All those months of terror and he's been reduced to this so quickly.

"I can't believe it," Rosalie sighs out, closing her eyes. "He's dead. We got our revenge."

"I know," Bella says softly, as her body reknits itself. It's painful but she can bare it. Already her eyesight has come back. Truly, they are monsters now, and she can't wait to embrace it. To embrace this new future with Rosalie.

"Ready?" Rosalie asks and Bella shakes her head yes, because she's written all her notes for her loved ones to find.

"Did you say goodbye to Emmett?" Bella asks.

Rosalie shakes her head. "There's no point. The idiot would go with me," she chuckles fondly.

Bella kicks the limp body in front of her. "Before we go, I have one more pit stop before that."

Rosalie acquiesces to her demand and they go, dropping his body there for all to see. Bella hides in the bushes to just see Charlie's reaction when he comes across the body. He's all wide eyes and curse words and when he feels Bella's gaze on him, he jerks up to look at her.

She could have hidden but she didn't. She just stands there, knowing she must look gruesome covered in blood and with skin still raw from her wounds. His face pales and he looks like he's going to be sick. Bella smiles and waves demurely at him, Rosalie showing up by her side. She waves too, wrapping an arm around Bella's waist protectively.

Charlie stumbles over to them, like a zombie. "Bella-"

But the two of them blur away before he can reach them, and he is left standing there, wondering if he's hallucinating or if this was real after all.

Rosalie and Bella don't slow down until they are by the sign of their town. Forks. What a stupid name for a stupid town. This is it. They're finally leaving.

"No regrets?" Rosalie asks, sounding vulnerable as she says this. As if worried Bella might have second doubts. But they've already gone this far. How much farther will they go?

"None," Bella affirms.

They stand in silence for a moment, before Bella speaks up once more. "They were right."

"Right about what?" Rosalie softly questions.

"Sandbox love is forever," Bella says.

"Forever," Rosalie affirms with a loving smile as they clasp bloodied hands together and finally walk away from Forks.

A/N: So here's the gay ending we all should have seen, but didn't get. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this short story and spooky holiday's everyone!