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I listened as the door to my office open and then clicked softly shut.

I didn't bother looking up because I knew who it was.

I had been waiting for her.

It was a matter of time before she found out and I knew once she did she would come to me like she always did.

I listened to the click og her heels on the tile as she approached my desk and then the silence of her standing in judgement of me.

"Say what you have to say and then leave," I stated coldly as I continued typing on my laptop.

"That's all you have to say?" she asked me in a calm tone that set the hairs on my body to stand on end.

I knew that tone so well and understood the lethal rage behind it.

The silence engulfed us once more as I looked up at her.

She never stopped amazing me with her beauty. It was almost breath taking.


But I knew better than most that it was a phacid.

It was just something used to lure you in and then trap you there.

"What do you want me to say?" I asked her, leanin back in my chair, watching her as she approached me with a sneer on her lovely face.

It was hard to believe that at one time she was all I wanted when I saw her like this.

"We agreed.." she began, reminding me of an acient promise made what felt like a life time ago in the dark of night under the harsh glare of flurencent lights.

"And I kept my promise," I reminded her, daring her to correct me.

The venom in tone silenced her for a moment, giving me a very minor victory.

"I am allowed happiness," I stated in defiance as she shook her head, Her glossy hair shimmered in the low lights of my office as she stood before me, blocking my exit with her figure.

"After all that's what you have, right?" I mocked and then smiled as her snide grin faultered at the mention of him. "Happiness."

Her silence was deafening as she refused to speak.

"Is that what you call it? " I continued on as I moved closer to her, letting the soft scent that was just her entice and enrage me at the same time.

"Yes," she replied as she looked down and away from me. Her olong lashes fanout on her cheek making her look more innocent and less deadly, but I knew better.

She was lethal.

She had cost me my life multiple times over.

Always reappearing when I would find some semblance of happiness just to wreck me all over again so it was no surprise she was here before me now after years of silence.

"How is…" I began only to be silenced with her sharp words.

"You don't get to speak his name," she hissed in anger as I watched her twist her oversized diamond wedding ring as I grinned at her in response. It was so her. Her life was off limits from judgement, but mine was an open book for her criticism.

"I bet he knows mine," I chuckled darkly, knowing that he had to have heard it escape her lips more than once in her sleep since lord knows I had cried for her as well.

"You don't get to speak his name, Edward," she hissed again as I watched her body shake in anger. Her hands balled up in to fist and her big eyes dark and narrowed as she glared daggers into me.

This was the girl I knew.

The one with poison on her lips and rage in her eyes.

She was never more beautiful than this moment and I hated her for it.

"Does he know you're here with me?" I asked her, taking advantage of the situation as I let her rage fuel my own.

It was easy to do.

"Why are you here?" I asked her, knowing damn well why.

She was my personal nemisi sent to hound me to hell and back.

She was here to wreck my life and ruin what little sanity I had found without her.

"To remind you that you wrecked my life," she breathed out, stepping closer to me.

I could feel the heat rolling off her body as she breached the space between us to the point where our bodies were practically touching. I looked down into her eyes trhat were dark with hate and the weird emotion that I at one time had thought was love.

"I ruined your life?" I attempted to scoff, but I was fighting for air as the gut punch of guilt that she always leveled me with hit with precision.

"You jave wrecked me and how well you have known it," I growled at her, grabbing her hips in an intimate touch that made her gasp, yet melt into me.

"You love knowing I am miserable and every time… every fucking time you find out that I have found some shred of happiness you appear out of nowhere to ruin it," I continued on in a raspy tone as she watched me, wide eyed and willing for the fall that was coming as I pinned her to the desk.

"Tell me why you are here," I demanded, shaking her hard, as I felt the rage engulf me, the rage that only she could draw out of my tired soul.

"Tell me," I growled practically against her lips, tempting us both with what we wanted as I felt her hand spread over my chest, as her breast, heavy and hard pressed into me.

"I hate you," she breathed against my lips, refusing to admit why she was here, but instead silencing me with a hard kiss. Lips and teeth crashed together in a far from graceful and even further from loving kiss.

The taste of blook bossomed between us as our kiss be ame more savage. My hands tangled in her long hair, pulling it as I turned her head in the direct I wanted for a deeper kiss.

I wanted to swallow her whole.

I wanted to never forget the taste of her and yet, I was dying never to forget.

I wanted to punish her for her happy life and for her returning like the bad penny she was to wreck mine.

I wanted her to feel all the pain I felt from the burden of the secret that she never let me forget no matter how much I might try.

Her hands moved against me, tearing me apart with her claws and hate

I craved it as bad as I wanted her destruction.

Clothing was torn away until we were just naked enough to be skin on skin.

I shoved her back on my desk. Her eyes were wild and her heavy tits bounced half free from the lace bra I had mauled. Her long thing legs spread wide, showing me exactly what I craved on loney nights and cursed in the morning after.

I waited.

I wanted to hear her say it.

I needed it like I needed the air I breathed.

She knew it too.

She hated it more than anything.

She watched me stroking my length.



Hating her even more for making me wait for this.

"Fuck me, Edward," she whispered in a low tone that took me back to every time we had been like this. Every moment that we had gotten lost in each other and whatever feeling it was that brought us to this oh so wrong moment.

I wasted no time with flowery fore play.

We didn't need it.

Our hate and rage got us both off enough.

Without words I grabbed her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against her. The heat and wetness was intoxicating as I slid along her slit before pushing deep.

The moan of satisfaction that escaped her lips and filled the room made me grin as I lifted her legs up to go even deeper.

"Say you needed this," I say as I ground hard against her clit, earning myself a cry of pleasure as her body shook for me as she came upon my cock.

Hate was a hell of a drug for us, sending her over the edge with my first thrust in.

"Yes," she groaned then gasped as I pulled all the way out only to slam deep into her wetness once more.

The desk lurched forward with the power of my thrust while she clung to me, digging her perfectly polished nails into my shoulders as I fucked her hard and deep.

I moved slowly, savoring the feel of her pussy as I thought about every moment I had been like this.

Every second lost inside of her with pleasure and the fall out that came from it.

Every time I fucked her senselessly only to regret it.




And somehow I could not stop myself now.

"Does he fuck you like this?" I demanded to know even though it didn't matter.

I didn't care.

I just wanted to hurt her.

I gripped her hips tight and slammed into her as she sat spread eagle for me, her tits bouncing with each thrust. My loosened my grip on one hip to grasp her tit hard, pinching her nipple then gripping her again before leaning to suck hard on the other one.

I knew her body so well that I knew each touch would result in a bruise and I wanted that. I wanted to see my mark all over her. I wanted puninsh her for this and everytime we fucked.

"Edward," she moaned softly as I fucked her hard, fighting off my own pleasure to proloing the moment.

Her nails scratched at my skin.

Her mouth captured mine and bit my lip again, swallowing at the blood the escaped the wound she caused.

"Does he know how you beg for my dick?" I asked her as I pinched her nipple again as her bidy convulsed as she came hard as I taunted her with names.

"His naughty wife that loves getting fucked by me," I continued to teased as I drove deep into her, pausing to grind against her clit as she came again and again just for me.

"Fuck me," she begged in a raspy voice as I bare was holding on against the onslaught of her warm, wet tightness.

It was all I wanted to hear.

Her surrender.

Her begging me for anything.

My cock. My attention. My rage.

It didn't matter what it was, I just wanted her surrender.

I loved and hated it as I had begged her countless times to no avail.

Her words did me in as I felt the mind numbing intoxication of the pleasure boiling up from the base of my cock and spreading through out my body as I drove into her.

"Yesss," she hissed lowly in a pleased tone that pulled me out of my cum induced stupor enough to pull out of the wet tight heaven I was in.

My cock bobbled in the cold air rthe first spattering of cum splashed hot on her skin followed by three more volleys. I painted her belly and tits white with as she half lay there, gasping from my abrupt withdrawal.

Her eyes were still glazed over with lust and shock with her legs spread indecently wide as I muttered a low curse word as I felt my leg go weak from the release. I staggered backwards to practically fall bare ass back into my office chair to take in the wreckage around us now that the storm that was this hate/lust that was her in my life.

She remained motionless for a long moment as the charge in the air between us disapated into subtle contempt mixed with embarrassing grief. I watched her slowly sit up and grimace as she took in the mess that was left covering her like abstract art.

I wanted to laugh at her as she attempted to wipe up the mess that I had left on her, but there was nothing funny anout the moment.

Only bitterness hung in the air between us now.

"You're really going to marry her," she asked in a cold tone that I was used to.

Long gone was the heat of the moment tempered with the rage of old wounds. In it's place was cold indifference.

I wasn't sure which I hated more.

"Yes," I replied simply since that was truth.

There was no need to lie to her as she would know.

I watched her pull her skirt down and throw her torn up panties in the trash before buttoning up her blouse. The torn lace cup of her bra exposed her ripe, pink nipple through her sheer blouse in a way that was savage and sexy, much like her.

"That's why we are done here," I said slowly as I wtched her movements slow to a halt.

She turned to look at me with a look of disbelief that was quickly replaced with one of a challenge. I knew that look all to well. It was the same look that lead to clandestine meetings and life altering mistakes.

"I mean it," I said softly as I watched her.

"The past is over and we both need to move on like we agreed," I reminded her of our promise.

"I can't move on," she mumbled as she looked down.

I could hear the tears in her voice even though she was not about to cry in front of me.

"It's been…" I began only to be silenced once more.

"I know how long it has been," she whispered as I shook my head a little. I hated that she hurt over what I had done.

"Enough is enough," I said more sternly as I grabbed my panst and pulled them on, to cover myself.

"We can't do this again," I stated in a rational tone, the one I knew she hated most. "It's over."

The silence between us was roaring again, but this time I found what strength I needed to slip back on my clothe as she watched me dress. Her eyes never leaving me as I calmly picked up the papers and the lamp knocked to the ground during our heated session.

Once everything looked as if she had never been there except for the trash can full of evidence I turned to look at her. I wasn't sure why she remained. In past she had always fucked and chucked her way out the door leaving me to pick up the pieces while she ran back to him. I expected this time to be no different, except now it was.

She stood there staring at me with her dark, haunted eyes.

I wondered what she saw when she looked at me like that.

Was it the boy she once knew or the broken man she had helped me become?

Either way it didn't matter. I had a new life and a woman I loved that I had betrayed in that moment with her that I needed to make amends with, not that I planned on telling her about this.

I met her gaze and for a brief second I could see it all.

I could see the starry nights in the woods, camp fires. Shadows of her her body and min in a small tent. I could almost taste the smoke in the air and see her alabaster tits bounce as she rose me om the beach. I could see all the love and hate and loss and fear in her eyes that told our story. A story no one knew but us.

In the blink of an eye it was gone.

"Fuck you, Edward," she muttered defiantly in response to declaration and slammed the door behind her, leaving me alone one more.


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