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(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)

'let see... Team JNPR should be right about here...' I frown down at my scroll as a wander through the halls of Beacon.

I've come to realize something about myself amidst the casual mornings, and quietness of the past half a year.

I have no goals...

No aspirations.

Even my 'Avoid Ozpin' goal has crumbled around me.

I always have mainly focused on grinding, but recently I have instead just made that more of a passive thing... my affinities are growing, as are some of my skills that I am able to keep up at all times...

I suppose I have that 'Defeat all the Titans' overarching goal, but... I haven't really moved on that in quite a while.

I've grown soft... and while, 'hang out with my girlfriends and start a family' is a goal... it's not very... exciting, no?

Besides, I'm nowhere near ready for children. Ugh, I'd be such a shit dad.

I guess having 'use Ozpin for all he's worth and then just disappear into thin air with my mansion' could be a good goal.

I shake my head with a sigh. 'ugh. That's a bit of a lame goal though... I mean, I'm doing it regardless, yet it seems a little lackluster.

I could always attempt to create a new kingdom... that sound sort of fun.

I blankly look back and forth in between two doors.

'which one was Pyrrha in again?'

I shrug. 'fuck it.'

I walk over to one of the doors. 'it's a fifty-fifty shot.'

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

It takes a moment, but the door eventually opens, revealing a short silver eyed girl.

Ruby Rose Level 48
1350/1350 Hp
7650/7650 Ap
Locked/Locked Mp

Str 60
Dex 213 (210+1.5%)
Vit 60
Int 20
Wis 20
Luc 58 (10+48)


'ugh. Failed that fifty-fifty coin flip, hm?'

"IT'S YOU!" She gasps.

"Wrong door." I sigh as I immediately turn one hundred and eighty degrees and walk across the hallway.

"H-HEY! W-Wait!" The girl exclaims, flailing her arms in an attempt to get me to not walk away from her.

"What?" I ask, glancing over my shoulder.

"I-I wanted to ask you I-if you could help me with... y-y'know..." She mutters as she glances around quietly. "M-My eyes?"

"Hn." I hum. "Maybe. I don't think I have anything planned Saturday."

"Really?!" She gasps.

"Sure, Sure." I wave off as I walk over to Pyrrha's door. "We can meet at that big statue in the school courtyard at like... twelve or something."

"O-Okay!" The girl grins as she turns around and rushes back into her room. "YAAAANG!"

The door closes behind her.

'hm. I wonder if I'll even by up by twelve on Saturday.'

I continue across the hallway and knock on the door.

The door slowly opens, revealing the Arc... girl... yeah, still a little confused on why she is a 'she' and now a 'he' if I am going to be honest.

"O-OH! It's you! H-Hello." She waves. "W-What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for Pyrrha... Is she here?" I ask with a small smile as the girl glances away from me and into the room.

"Yeah." Jeanne mutters. "She's-"

"Azure?!" I hear an extremely familiar voice gasp deeper within the room.

"W- EEP" Jeanne is abruptly shoved out of the way, revealing Pyrrha who quickly takes a step outside and wraps her arms around me.

I return the hug awkwardly as I pat her back. "It's uh... good to see you too, Pyrrha."

"Did you really come all this way to see me?" She asks as she separates from the hug.

"Yeah." I nod. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, y'know, like we used to?"

"Of course!" She gasps. "That sounds awesome!"

"It does sound pretty fun." I nod. "Also, you need to really meet Neo proper."

"Who is it, Pyrr?" Another voice asks from within the room.

Another redhead pokes her head around the corner, however, unlike Pyrrha's actual legitimate red... this is definitely more of an orange.

Nora Valkyrie: Level 52
2700/2700 Hp
18600/18600 Ap
-/- Mp

Str 131 (130+1.5%)
Dex 71 (70+1.5%)
Vit 200
Int 5
Wis 5
Luc 10

The girl blinks at me, then looks to Pyrrha.

"Oh. This is Azure." Pyrrha begins. "He's my friend from before I came to Beacon."

"A friend huh?" The girl asks smiling smugly and nudging Pyrrha with her elbow. "I didn't know you had it in you, Pyr."

"I-I w- N-No! It's not like that!" The actual red head stutters.

"It's not?" Nora asks with a grin.

"W-Well, w-what about you and Ren."

"T-That's different, okay! We're together, but we aren't together-together! W-We're just close friends y-yknow! Him and I, we're Buddies, chums, besties, friends to the ends!"

'Ah. So, Ren is a 'him'... hopefully Jaune is the only person gender bent out of existence.'

"A-Anyways. I have to go." The hammer wielding girl states as she turns around and goes deeper into the room.

Pyrrha closes the door. "So... what should we do first?"

I scratch my chin. "Hm..."

I open the door with a small grin.

The location of where we are going to hang out for the first time in like a year... is the sparring arena...

"We are doing this?" Pyrrha asks "Alright. It's been a while since I've had a good fight. I had to fight Ruby earlier today, and while her speed was nearly on par with my own, she went down in a single blow."

I blink as I realize we aren't exactly alone here.

A woman with long dark hair that reaches her shoulders, wearing simple beacon student attire stands before the two of us, up in the arena, shooting a bow and arrow at targets placed on the other side.

I freeze in place as I read her name.

Cinder Fall Level 160
34000/34000 Hp
364000/364000 Ap
45000/45000 Mp

Str 1065 (1045+2%)
Dex 1065 (1045+2%)
Vit 1200
Int 1300
Wis 600
Luc 10


"Oh? Cinder is here?" I hear Pyrrha mutter.

I slowly and almost robotically turn to Pyrrha. "Hwhat?"

"Oh yeah, she's also in my class. She seems to be really strong as well... I want to fight her one day." Pyrrha hums.


"She's in your first-year class?" I reiterate.

"Yeah, she looks so mature, doesn't she? It's really impressive." She nods causing me to give her a deadpan look of 'are you actually serious?'.

The girl in question seems to realize she isn't alone anymore and looks over to the door, eyes widening briefly as they lock with mine.

She smiles as she steps down from the raised platform. "Oh, hello... Pyrrha was it?"

She looks over to me. "I don't believe we have met however; my name is Cinder... Cinder Fall."

"Azure Jade."

"Oh. I thought you looked familiar... you fought Pyrrha here in the mistral regional tournament about a year ago, correct?"

"I did." I nod with a small frown.

"Is something the matter?" She asks. "You look displeased."

"It's nothing, really." I state as I turn to look up into the sparring arena. "Would you care if we used the arena for a minute?"

The woman shakes her head. "Of course, not. I was only using it for a little practice, if you two want to spar, by all means, allow me to move the targets."

"No, no." I wave off. "I've got it."

I step up into the arena, calmly walking over to the several targets and pick one up over my head, then do the same with the second and walk them both out of the arena.

Pyrrha bows her head slightly. "I apologize for cutting into your training time."

The amber eyed woman waves her off. "no, it's fine, I was probably just being selfish in using the entire arena anyways."

Pyrrha disappears into the locker room.

"…" I am silent for a moment before looking over to Cinder who had taken a seat in the back of the class room.

"You don't care about me watching, right? I will leave if you want me to."

"Would you care for a spar after I'm done with this?"

She seems briefly taken off guard by my sudden challenge. "I- what?"

"You seem to be strong, Pyrrha thinks so, at least." I smirk. "I enjoy fighting strong opponents, so maybe I could give you a fight as well."

The girl blinks. "Pardon, I have just realized something... you weren't in our class earlier, were you?"

"Nah, I'm a teacher's aide... despite being a year younger than most people here."

The woman blinks at my response. "You must be extremely skilled for you to gain that position."

"Hm. Yeah."

The girl smiles and nods her head. "I graciously accept your challenge. This might be a way for me to improve myself."

"Oh good. I was just going to annoy you enough to take the challenge anyway." I state with a small smile.

The woman blinks slowly then looks to the girl's locker room door as Pyrrha exits with her weapon in hand.

The red-haired girl grins brightly as she struts up into the arena, a look of excitement on her face.

She walks over to a small console and places her scroll upon it, I do the same and watch as a barrier springs to life around us, images of our faces appearing on a screen above along without 'aura bar', each are at max capacity.

"Are you ready?" I ask.

The girl nods once as we take opposite sides of the field.

She activates her aura so I respond in kind and cross my arms.

Pyrrha Nikos Level 91
6300/6300 Hp
52900/53000 Ap
-/- Mp

Str 723 (268+170%)
Dex 945 (350+170%)
Vit 400
Int 20
Wis 20
Luc 10

"I'll give you one free hit." I smirk confidently.

Pyrrha's eyes narrow slightly. "Are you underestimating me?"

"No, no... I'm just being realistic." I smirk.

She blurs across the arena, accessing her full speed, Milo swinging in an arc towards my chest.

It connects as I don't move a muscle.

Her eyes widen briefly as She goes for another slash, my aura barely dipping below ninety eight percent, as I catch the attack with one hand.

My fingers slowly curl around the blade as her eyes widen.

She barely ducks past my first punch as it grazes her cheek.


The second punch smashes into her shield as she brings it up in front of her face, she is forced to release her hold on her mechashift weapon as her shield gains an imprint that looks quite a bit like my fist.

Her eyes stray to her shield, then back to me as I flip her sword in my grasp.

"Huh... have you upgraded this since we last fought?" I mutter as I look down the blade. "It feels a little different than how it used to."

With a flick I send the blade hurtling back towards Pyrrha at incredible speeds, her eyes widen as she tilts her shield slightly and causes it to glance off the edge of it, deflecting it upwards and behind her as the blade smacks into the hard light shield surrounding the arena.

"Give up yet?" I ask with a small smirk.

"My aura is still untouched." Pyrrha responds as the blade skitters across the floor after it's rebound on the wall, eventually coming to rest beside her foot, more than likely a result of her semblance.

"Hm. I guess that's true." I frown as she loops her foot under the blade and kicks it up to her hand.

I scratch my cheek and smirk. "Why don't we fix that?"

I reappear beside the red haired girl, her eyes widening as I draw my fist back and punch towards her face.

She barely leans back, only just avoiding the attack as I smile and use my other hand to punch her in the stomach.

She folds inwards slightly with a small groan as she is flung towards the side of the arena.

I glance at her stats with a small frown and narrow my eyes. 'she is... growing stronger?'

The girl in question brings a hand to her stomach then smirks. "Thanks for helping me get the rust off... I haven't moved at this speed in a long time."

Str 742 (275+170%)
Dex 972 (360+170%)

'will... she grow even stronger if I let her? I was thinking about just knocking her out with a flick, but now? Hmmmm...'

My singular attack- which wasn't even buffed in any way- did more than a fifth of her aura... perhaps I should help her get more rust off.

I hold out a hand and create an orb of metal that rapidly shifts into a simple longsword.

It actually deals a lot less damage than just my bare hands.

I gesture for her to attack me, causing the girl to smile brightly and lunge forwards.

I bring my blade up and parry her arcing slash, sending sparks cascading across the floor, I whirl around, slashing horizontally as she barely raises her shield to block, gaining a large scratch along the center of it.

She bashes her shield forwards, causing me to hop backwards with a smirk, as I don't really feel like getting a face full of metal at the moment.

She whirls around, dropping low and lashing out with a sweeping kick, my blade feels heavy for a moment as I effortlessly leap over her leg and stomp downwards.

She flings herself out of the way as the arena floor cracks, with a single back hand spring she gets to her feet at readies her weapons once more.

"Azure..." She frowns. "Just how much are you holding back right now?"

"Enough to make it interesting." I answer with a cocky smirk, causing her frown to deepen.

She lunges forwards with another small burst of speed, sword arcing for my neck.

I feel some slight resistance in my blade as I deflect her attack skywards, immediately slashing downwards towards her chest as my blade seems to resist the motion.

She is pulled back- or, well, she 'leaps' back before my blade can do any real damage.

"How did you get so strong?!" She asks. "Didn't you have to do that aura thing to even keep up with me last time?!"

"I did." I nod slowly

She ducks to the side as a spike made of stone sprouts from the ground right under her.

I lunge forwards as she is still off balance and slash my own weapon at her, the champion holds up her own weapon to parry my attack, but the angle causes my attack to slide upwards towards her forehead, she flicks the blade slightly, causing my attack to barely pass over her head.

She tries to capitalize on my overextension, but I catch her blade with my hand.


And promptly headbutt her.

She stumbles backwards as I launch another attack with my sword, this one striking her head-on and sending her flying backwards.

I grin as she quickly hops to her feet.

"I'm going to end this in the next blow, alright?" I state with a small hum as I raise my sword.

Her eyes narrow as she lowers her sword, then with a sudden burst of speed I appear at her side, sword arcing towards her chest, she holds out a hand, briefly slowing the attack, but it crashes right into her chest plate, launching her out of the arena as if she were a bullet fired from a gun, she crashes into the hard light barrier with a crackle of her aura as I smirk and nod once. "And all is right in the world."

"How'd you get so... strong?" The red hair girl mutters as she brings a hand to her chest and slowly gets up.

"Pushups, sit ups, and plenty of juice. It also helps to have perfect genetics." I shrug as I step over to her.

"Pride cometh before the fall, Azure." The girl mutters with a raised eyebrow, but eventually smiles good naturedly as she seems to return to the high being in my presence gives her.

"Maybe. Maybe." I agree with a slow nod as my eyes slowly trail over to the Black-haired woman silently watching from the stands, seemingly deep in thought.

"Would you care for a match?" I call out to her.

She blinks and looks up at me. "Pardon?"

"Want to fight? It's sure to be more entertaining than shooting unmoving targets for hours." I state as I wordlessly toss my simple metal sword over my shoulder as the hard light barrier dissipates.

The girl cups her chin and slowly stands, grabbing her bow and quietly walking down towards the arena. "I would."

She climbs up into the arena and stands where I was standing a moment ago.

I take Pyrrha's place as I glance back to her as she walks over to the bleachers on the other side of the room.

"I hope we both learn much from this bout." Cinder nods with a kind smile.

I take a place across from Cinder with a confident grin. "So, anyways, I need to ask... are you really a first year? You don't exactly look Seventeen, y'know... you look more like... twenty-five to thirty."

The black-haired woman's eyes are shadowed by her bangs, her amber eyes begin glowing ominously in the darkness.

"What was that?" She whispers, her knuckles turning white from how hard she is gripping her two falchions.

I glance over to Pyrrha and smile. "Why don't you start us off?"

Pyrrha blinks and sighs as her shoulders slump. "You should never comment on a woman's age, Azure."

"Uh- Three..." She continues, my body lowers slightly as I raise my hands, getting into a mock boxer's stance.

"Two." Cinder's falchions click together and form a bow as a hard-light string appears in between the two curves.


The both of us tense.


And thus, a cliffhanger! But sadly I won't be continuing this... for a little while at least... this chapter had been about 90% complete for the better part of 4-5 months, so I thought I might as well finish it up and put the story on an official hiatus.

If you are wondering what I have been doing in these past couple of months, I have a new story, 'A Badass' Quest Across Pandora.' One of the few Borderlands SI fics. It even has it's own 'The Gamer' system, so if you liked this, you might even like that!

Anyways, I'll see you all later! Bye!