OK so I'm gonna be blunt here. this is a story where i am not entirely sure where it is going I just wanted to create something that popped into my head and we will all be on this ride together to see where it takes us :) And it will probably take a back seat to my other two main stories so im gonna try and make this on the shorter end of stories so fingers crossed i actually finish it lol

Humans were evil.

That was the conclusion that Higanbana had come to as she silently propped herself up in the corner of her small cage. The metal box had two sealings on it, one where the padlock was and another on the top of the cage. It was not very big, really it would be a fit for a big dog. And Higanbana remembered a day when she could actually stand upright in the cage, but she had grown too tall to do that now.

She knew to be quiet but not too quiet because then they would forget to bring her food. Her stomach growled at the idea of eating, but it took more than being quiet to get food in order to get the food she had to earn it somehow. Her hand went to go pick at one of the large scabs on her leg, it was itchy and she mindlessly messed with it as time went on and she could feel the room grow colder meaning night must have set in.

Out beyond the room she was being kept in, through the cracks of the door, she could see lights being turned on and hear joking and laughter from the men in the big room outside. Then all of a sudden there was a shudder in the house and all the lights went out.

Higanbana stared straight forward as she listened to the screaming and the sound of metal slicing flesh. Blood pooling from the other room started leaking into where she was sitting. She put her hand down into the warm sticky substance moving it around into shapes and massaging it around her fingers.

After a few minutes, the fighting was over and she could hear muddled talking in the other room. It was definitely not the voice of her owner… had they killed her owner? If he was dead was she going to stay here and starve to death?

NO she thought resolutely, and if they were going to kill her it at least would be faster than starving in this tiny cell. Taking the back of her arm she hit the bars of the cage making a solid noise that rang out into the night. Her voice caught in her throat.

"What was that?" she heard a female voice say

"Did we miss one?" a male now

"No the scroll said that we are only looking these three, and that they would be meeting with Mukai, whom we can now strike off the bingo book." Another male, these definitely were not the same voices she had been listening to earlier. And now she knew they had killed her owner, Mukai, was dead.

A restrained frightening smile lit her face in an uncomfortable fashion as she brought her bloodied hand to her face. It was no longer her blood on the floor but his. If those people in the other room were in fact going to kill her. At least she could die knowing that he had died first.

Some lights lit up in the room again. Was the door hidden? She banged against the bars one more time with her arm.

"Its coming from over here" She could hear the man say, "There is a trap in front of the door give me a sec and… ok you two ready?"

Light flooded the room and Higanbana tightly shut her eyes before blinking rapidly to try and get a look at who these new people were.

The first appeared to be a brown haired male with a green vest and he had something on his head, Higanbana had seen something like that before somewhere… Ninja! They were ninja, and proper ninja not like Mukai who had abandoned his village. Then the girl came into the room, another brunette with brown eyes and another green jacket. They looked pretty much like what she imagined, it was a little disappointing.

The brunette man was staring at her in shock, the woman pushed past him a bit"Wow we really spilled a lot of blood in this little hut today you two, I mean look it even came into their little secret room…. Oh.. oh no" the woman said as her eyes met the women's.

"Whats making that noise you two. We have to get back to the village. It's not like we are in the middle of a war or anything." she heard the third male voice say

Higanbana, had been watching the reaction of the two very carefully. The man just looked shocked the woman had a clear mix of horror and sadness all over her face. Higanbana was lucky she thought to herself. These people would let her go, she surmised, then she could go hunt, or find something to eat she was starving.

"I… I think you need to handle this one." The woman said turning out of the room

Finally, the last member came through the door. Maybe this was going to be the one to let her out. Bright yellow hair caught the light of the candle, and his blue eyes were bright but they visibly darkened when they met Higanbana, but her gaze did not waver, she was getting out of here now she knew it.

Minato walked into the room kunai in hand. His teammate Noda walked past him and out of the room. He turned and caught a glimpse of her face taught with sadness and anger. Noda was new to being a jonin and was not yet very good at masking her emotions. Yasuri had been a jonin for a little while longer than her but they had all fought in the war so it was not like they were unused to gruesome scenes.

As his eyes adjusted to the light in the room he made out a cage on the right-center. He squinted a bit and took a step forward before his eyes went wide taking in the form of the child that he saw. He didn't know what to say he could barely move it was like looking at the living corpse of a child. The child was leaning against the corner of the small cage legs splayed out like icey twigs that would break at any touch, her arms were the same. Her body looked like a skeleton her face was hollowed and her eyes even more so, they were sunken and dark. He had seen dead bodies before, he had seen gruesome injuries from terrible battles and the deformities that came from terrifying jutsus, but he had never seen a person let alone a child in the state that he was looking at right then. And it froze him to his core. How could someone treat a child like this?

"So," the little child said, her voice cold and not nearly as weak as her appearance would have believed it to be. "Are you going to let me out, or not."

Minato shook his head and moved forward to the padlock he wanted to get this child out of here and back to the village where she could receive medical and probably psychological treatment, he picked it up with one hand and looked at the seal on the front and paused. He looked down at the child. Could this be another trap? He looked closer at the child he could see scars and scabs littered her body, in fact, he could see her hand picking at one on her arm now. "You shouldn't pick at scabs, they will make the scaring worse," Minato said his voice soft.

"I don't care about scars. I care about getting out of here." the girl brought her arm up and wrapped it against the bars making another echoing sound in the room.

"We are from the village hidden in the leaf. We can take you there if you would like that. You would be taken care of."

"I just want to be out of this crate. I don't care where you come from, or where I go after that just so long as I am not in this cage anymore!"

"Alright, alright." Minato was hesitant for a few more moments before reaching for the lock and undoing the seal, "Do you know where the key is child?"

"Just undo the seal on the top of the crate I can take care of the lock."

Minato looked a little closer and noticed there in fact was another seal on the top of the crate. Minato immediately recognized Mukai's work. He had been a semi-famous sealer in the land of waves before he defected, and by the looks of it, he had put some good work into this seal on top of the crate. Minato looked back to his teammate, "This is gonna take a minute."

He first committed the seal to memory as he did most seals, just in case they needed to be remade. this one he couldn't tell what it was for, it was made from blood and that was usually not a good sign, and he couldn't tell what exactly it was sealing whether it was the child itself or something inside the child. After a few tries, Minato was able to undo the seal and as he slowly watched it fade away he could hear the sigh of the girl under the top of the small cage.

"Thank you." he could hear the girl say quietly

Looking down his eyes sharpened and he jumped back to the entrance of the room, "What going on!?" his teammate asked alerted by the sudden movement.

Both watched in horror as the blood slowly rose in a pillar curving before entering the pad lock. The child inside showed no change on face as her hollow eyes followed the yellow flash's movements as the blood opened the simple lock from the inside.

Click! The child finally moved its eyes from them and from its sitting location to the door of the cage opening the door and all the blood dropped to the floor again.

It was erri to watch as the child skeleton stood. Now more in the light they could see it had long red hair and the eyes were in fact a dark red as well.

"An Uchiha?" Minatos partner asked in wonder

"No I don't think so."

The little child ignored them and began walking towards the door. She entered the room and took in the carnage. One man was strung up on the wall, one had his throat cut in his chair and the other two were splayed out on the floor unmoving. But the child seemed unaffected by the scene.

Minato watched closely as the child walked over the first body and up to the second. It was Mukai he was a fatter one that was for sure and he hit the ground pretty hard Minato remembered. Minato watched as the child silently looked over the body, had she been his property or something?

Then all of a sudden she began kicking the corpse, blood around her began to rise and slice into the dead body in front of the child. Minato was at a loss for words and his partner was clearly in shock. It was a sickening sight to see, blood was being thrown everywhere and the already bloody scene was becoming more of a mess.

OK Minato thought, I think that is enough. He flashed grabbing the child and flash stepped her out of the house onto the grass knocking her out in the process.

Noda, who had been sitting outside, walked up to him and the limp child in his arms, "how is this child even alive looking like this? Minato I had heard that Mukai was twisted but holding an innocent little kid like that is sick."

"She may be a child but I have a feeling she is far from innocent Noda."

"Oh come on Minato the kid is like what 5?"

"Noda you didn't see what we just saw." Yasuri said leaving the hut, "she has some sort of kekkei genkai, it's disgusting."

"It could be a great asset to the village should she stay. and like Noda said, the kid is barley 5," Minato said moving forward

"Your taking that thing back to the village Minato!? Are you crazy?" Yasuri said, "you saw what it did in there right? We don't know what else it can do we should just leave it where we found it."

Noda turned around and hit Yasuri in the head, "No your the crazy one. It is a child and children need to be protected it wouldn't be able to survive out here on its own!"

"Enough!" Minato exclaimed, and the two went quiet, "We are taking the child back with us and that is the end of it."

And with that he jumped off into the night the two other ninja following behind him.

OK so there we have it chapter one down and ready

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