Edward Cullen has never had trouble with women. He's thrown for a loop when the most beautiful woman to grace the Earth is in his sister's living room one day. He's eager to meet the goddess but his worst nightmare comes true as Alice dishes out some tea on Edward in front of Bella. Is that first encounter enough to steer Bella away or will Edward redeem himself?

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Chapter 1: New Friends

Alice POV

Is there anything this so-called teacher can enlighten me with? I could make better designs in my sleep! I miss my old professor, he had the mind of a GENIUS. Ms. Adams was so not fit for the land of future fashion icons. I did NOT come all the way to New York, dragging my brother along with me, basically forcing him into NYU only to have my time wasted on a woman who doesn't have a contemporary bone in her body!

New Message*

Got anything planned after class darlin'? -J

I quickly sneak a text back, wondering what my precious Southern Cowboy had in store for us.

Nope! Got any ideas? Gotta be back in 2 hours tho for my photography class xoxo -A

Want to grab lunch then Allie? I miss you -J

Yes! I get out in 10, meet me outside. love u -A

Already omw ;) -J

I let out a dreamy sigh. Jasper can always sense when I'm feeling down. Even as kids, he would always come running from next door whenever I had a bad day, as if I had physically called him over to comfort me.

I can't wait to marry that man!

He even helped me convince the stubborn mule of my brother to apply to NYU. He knew how important it was for me to keep my brother close. I would be way too anxious being hundreds of miles away from him for any period of time. He's my twin and no matter how annoying he may be, I love him and only want what's best for him. I know him better than he knows himself, plus I knew he wouldn't want to lose touch with his best friend. Edward was the one to introduce Jazzy to me all those years ago. As they got closer and Jasper started to come over to play everyday after school and during the summer, I took the opportunity to be near the blonde, blue eyed, angel that was my next door neighbor. He became my best friend just as much as he was Edward's. It wasn't until freshman year, though, that he finally asked me out to the Homecoming dance. Ever since that night we were inseparable.

Nowadays things aren't all that different from when we were 11 year old kids. We're still next door neighbors except now he's roommates with Edward and the new addition to the group, Emmett. How they simultaneously agreed to be roomies will always baffle me, for all I know they found him on the side of the street, arm wrestling people for money. I wouldn't be too surprised if that were the case. The guy was huge.

Along with Emmett came Rosalie Hale, the gorgeous supermodel that to the outside world was ice cold but to those who really got to know her was the fiercest, most loyal friend you can have. We clicked instantly. I could tell we would be great friends. I have always been able to sense when someone is extraordinary beyond comprehension. Rosalie Hale is a fashion designer's dream come true, and luckily for me I convinced her to move in with me next door to the boys. It wasn't too hard a task seeing as her hunk of a boyfriend was just across the hall.

That reminds me, I have to find a third roommate by the end of the month. I've been having this feeling like someone is supposed to enter into my life soon who will take up the third room in our apartment. Someone truly special.

I'm brought out of my silent reverie by the sound of my classmates packing up their things. I hurriedly do the same and skip happily over to the exit where I knew my Jazzy was waiting for me.


"Jazzy I can't believe I let you take me to that Thai restaurant, look at how bloated I am now!", I whined.

"Darlin' you and I both know that you look perfect and that you love Thai food more than you love your brother", Jasper whispers in my ear before giving me a light smack on the ass,"Now go to class and before I enter late to mine"

I yelp at the sudden contact and then narrow my eyes giving him that "I'll get you back later" look that always excites him. My mouth betrays me by giving him a smile in return. With that I quickly turn and head to my 3pm Photography class, strangely eager to get inside even knowing I absolutely suck at taking good artistic pictures.

Once inside, I get my camera out and try to remember what all the buttons do, with little to no avail. After a few seconds I give up and look up just in time to see a pretty and oh so fantastically clumsy brunette trip over nothing and spill her portfolio on the floor. I quickly get up to help her pick up her things when I come across the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen of a sunny meadow and then another of a house surrounded by trees on a cloudy day. Each photograph more realistic and captivating than the last.

"These are amazing, oh my goodness. Are these all yours?", I ask still in awe.

I look up from the photograph in my hand when I get no answer. Oh my. She's beet red.

In a hurry to save her from more embarrassment, I pick up the rest of her things and guide her over to the empty seat next to mine. "Here, don't worry, no one noticed", I lied calmly, hoping to ease her worries.

"Thanks", says the brown eyed beauty from underneath her curtain of rich chocolate brown hair. Suddenly I'm picturing her in a midnight blue gown with delicate designs running down the silky blue fabric to match her soft personality.

"Have you ever thought about modeling?", I ask excitedly.

"Hm? Oh no. I'm too short to be a model, not to mention how plain I am", the girl answers, whispering the last part. Oh how wrong she is, and in that moment I have decided I am going to show this girl just how beautiful she can be.

"Nonsense! Nothing a pair of heels won't fix!", I reason, clapping my hands joyfully,"You have to come over to my place! I'm Alice by the way. Anyways you have the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen!!! It's so healthy!" I have to take your measurements first but you are perfect for my newest design. Oh what's your name by the way? I didn't get the chance to ask when you came in because of you know what." I glance at the area I front of us and she turns pink with embarrassment so I change the subject, "You are going to fit right in with the group. You have the soul of an artist. But seriously, what is your name?"

"Isabella, but you can call me Bella", she says with a soft, seemingly amused smile.

"One question… are you by any chance new? I don't think I've seen you around", I say thinking back to every other day I came in to this class.

"No, I just arrived today, and I would love to hang out but I have all my things in my car and I have to go book a hotel after this class ends", Bella says with genuine disappointment in her tone.

"You still don't have a place to stay?", I ask disbelief evident in my voice, not because she doesn't have a place to stay yet but because I knew that this was too good to be true! Bella is who I've been waiting for to come and make our trio complete!

I'm almost jumping off my chair in excitement when she says the only thing that could make this the best day ever,"No, do you happen to know anyone in need of a roommate?"


"Woah, this is where you live?", Bella asks in bewilderment. "The living room alone is the size of my old apartment", she continues. "How can you even afford this?"

"I don't. My parents are Esmeralda and Carlisle Cullen", I say with pride.

"Cullen? As in the name of our science building, Cullen? Woah. I- I can't afford this, I'm sorry, I'll have to work 2 jobs to pay rent here", Bella says with a sad tone in her voice.

"Rent? Who said anything about rent? The place is paid off by my parents. Bella, honey, I live here for free, Rosalie lives here for free, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward all live across the hall for free. I know those names don't mean anything to you yet but they will once you agree to move in with us!", I say with a wink.

"What? No, I can't possibly take advantage of your kindness like that. I'll just find somewhere else to live", says Bella with finality, but what she doesn't know is that I don't take no for an answer.

"Bella, I want you here. Please. The only thing I wanted when I moved from Chicago to New York was the company of people who I care about. That's why my parents decided to give me and my brother each an apartment as a graduation gift, so that we could be free to study without worries and so that we could live with people we truly want to be around and make lifelong memories. Please come live with me. I just know we'll be the best of friends", I plead with my famous puppy dog eyes.

"You've got those puppy dog eyes down, Alice", I smirk but stay silent in order to let her finish, " I know it might sound crazy but I feel like I've known you my whole life, so in other words… yes I'll come be your roommate", I start to squeal when she cuts me off, "but on one condition."

"Anything.", I say honestly.

"You'll let me cook for you all tonight", Bella says with a grin.

"Deal.", I concede easily.

"Great so now I've just got to go get my things from my- ", Bella begins when the front door opens and Edward walks in completely unaware of Bella who is off from his view.

"Hey Allie, can I please break that 'no bringing girls over rule'? You know it only applies to me and I am sick and tired of going over every other night to some shithole only to bang a bitch and leave feeling like I might have caught something from how dirty the place… oh, hi", Edward awkwardly finishes after noticing Bella, once in the room fully. For a moment it was as if Bella and Edward were having some secret conversation from the depth you could see in each of their eyes.

I clear my throat wondering what that hell was going on and irritated that Edward was once again complaining about his lack of a sex life because I made a rule that he can't bring girls over due to "the incident". I still think I'm justified after the stunt Jessica pulled a year ago. I narrow my eyes and say, "Ed, how many times do I have to remind you about when you brought Jessica over? I still can't look her in the eyes after that day", I shiver at the thought of her evil grin as I walked in for breakfast that day. "I go over to ask you to make pancakes and see her leaning over the couch our Nana gave us. Need I remind you of your trip to the ER after you accidentally slammed your dick into her boney ass?", I say, completely forgetting Bella was in the room.

Then the unexpected happened… for the first time since we were kids, Edward blushed. I almost felt bad for him, almost. Once he finally pulls his eyes away from Bella and turns to look at me, I could tell he wasn't happy I had just let out some of his dirty laundry to the impressionable Bella.

"Oops", is all I can say to fill the awkward silence I had just created. Then as quickly as he came in, he was out the door.

Bella starts breaking into hysterics the moment he's gone. Suddenly it's my turn to laugh as she asks the dumbest question I've ever heard, "Was that your boyfriend?"

After my laughter dies down I say, "Noooooo. No, that's my twin brother Edward."

I go to grab a glass of water but before I exit the living room I think I hear a small, "Well helloooo Edward", come from Bella's mouth.


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