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Two half-truths don't make a whole

Though two lives share one soul

The end is a line which bars all crossing.

The pieces will never prove enough

When the edges are jagged and rough

The ends failing to suit each other at all.

Split in two, yet forced to be one

It is true, that 'Deveraun Seraun'*

The end of pleasure, is indeed pain.

Not just the end, for the beginning too

And constantly given through

No peace will come to a wayward spirit.

So even when love makes it's appearing

The heart cannot lose it's suffering

When that great truth of care is all a lie.

Old and new skins will never fit

The pain; they'll never cover it

Before the soul's devoured by the weight.

Nothing can outlive the past

Just when you think you're rid of it at last

The ball comes crashing down to crush your world.

So, I hide, but it does no good

I never really believed it could, though

Desperation breeds attempts unworthy.

The escape evoked a different reaction

Solace having its own attraction

A life was made in the wreckage of dreams.

Life.  But will I ever be free?

Are these feelings just a fantasy?

Has living spent its worth on broken lies…

Lies and promises soar abound

Though the truth lingers, hidden around

The masquerade begins to take its toll.

I've built so many walls to save my face

Done so many things I can't erase

A mask with no strings, will never stay.

So I let it fall, no turning back

I'll let the beasts of past attack, and

Pull me down to the abyss far below.

At last the façade comes unattached, though

All along it was unfairly matched

To the forces raging deep within this void.

Out I emerge, uncovered, undone

Darkness of this spirit having won

Though victory not always tastes as sweet.

A mask with no strings, will never stay

Mismatched halves will eat away

At the very seams of the mending soul.

It is finished, forever.

This soul will not linger when body and mind are gone

Now I, am back to one.

No conflict remains,

Only a faded memory, of a distant scar.

The mask has fallen.

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*'Deveraun Seraun', to all you literature buffs, was a line in James Joyce's "Eveline"… and it means what Kurama explained, 'the end of pleasure, is pain.'  Thank you for reviewing * gives readers a stern glance * as I KNOW you will….  Ja ne!