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Cage of Comfort

I'm numb to a world that wants to keep me trapped

Under ruling thumb and nail to do just what they think is right

I just want to feel something real for once in a lifetime

Want to push past these chains to move myself again

All this pressure threatens to crush me where I am

Can't move past it to escape their ideals, even if I tried

I'm tired of doing everything they want me to do

So tired of being who they want me to be in the world

Constantly beaten down for any chance to be true

The only comfort that comes to me at times is my cage

I'm safe inside without the lashings that they give me

Conformity lends itself to peace when the user gives in

I want to destroy the comfort that I've built down to the last

To see it burn for what it is would bring more peace

Ruled and chained by those who owe themselves to a cage

Each captive to the world they've created with no way out

Every time they push on the walls their chains get shorter

It all seems so much easier to pull on mine to let them reach

They confine me with their freedom; pull on my chains for light

Never caring how long I've stayed in the dark here all alone

The night is around me in this little cage I'm in for good

The darkness is so thick it seems as if I could touch it

No need to move my chains as it surrounds me in this cage

I reach out to touch it and feel the peace that it gives me here

Maybe the cage isn't so bad, when given company of the night

Comfort given in the caress of the blackness they want so much to leave

I've made my own world even though they think they formed it

If it weren't for their solid pulling chains I might have missed it

A place just for me where I can finally feel what it is I am

They can't take away who I am no matter how short the chains


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