My first attempt at this universe. I've only once written D/s, but it was slash...

I don't anything from the Twilight universe or anything else you might recognize in the story. The idea is mine, though. :)

The dark road was illuminated only by his headlights.

Edward glared out the windshield, gripping the steering wheel.

"Please stop," Angela whispered. "You know I don't like seeing you upset."

Edward snorted. "Then maybe you should have listened to me," he snapped. "Wearing something so revealing at the gala was the worst idea you've ever had." He shot her a hard look. "See, I allow you to make decisions. And then you start crying because I punch some idiot for looking at what's mine!" Edward felt the anger boiling in his blood. "Dammit, Angie!" He slapped the steering wheel.

"You need to calm down. I had no idea he'd try touching me."

"Well, maybe if you'd taken my opinion into consideration…"

Angela shifted in the seat, hugging his suit jacket closer to her body. Edward noticed her head down, her palms gripping her knees.

"Fuck. Angie…"

"I know you're going to punish me."

"I'm still trying to decide on the best punishment for you." Edward gulped. "And I can't do half of them now."

Angela's lips lifted up. "Right. You always said I used to find a different way out of punishments."

"This was a bit drastic, don't you think?" Edward rolled his eyes, chuckling. "But we need to think of the baby before we decide your punishment." He reached over, taking her hand. "I love you, Angie."

She broke her stance, looking up at him. "I'm so sorry, Sir. It won't happen again."

Smiling, Edward took his eyes off the road long enough to look at her honest face, before he leaned for a kiss.

Blinding lights made him pull away.

It was the headlights of a large truck coming toward them full speed from a side street.

Edward turned the wheel, but it was too late. The hit propelled their car in the air before it fell on his side on the edge of the road. Then it rolled toward the beach.

Edward fumbled with his seatbelt when the car finally came to a stop, upside down.

"Fuck. Baby?" He turned to Angela.

Bile rose in his mouth. The passenger door was dented into her broken body, her head lolled at an odd angle on her shoulder, her face was bloody from the shattered glass. He noticed that her arms were wrapped around her stomach.

"Angela," he croaked, trying to get her out of the seatbelt. "Baby, please."

There were sirens in the distance and then footsteps coming closer.

Edward kept trying to free her from the seatbelt, begging her to talk, until strong arms pulled him out of the car.

"No! Make sure she's alright!" He fought against the uniformed men.

"Sir, you have to stand still. You're bleeding."

Edward was not aware of any pain, other than not knowing…

"Please, she's pregnant," he insisted.

The EMT took him to the ambulance. Edward kept his eyes on the men prying the passenger door open. They pulled Angela out like a ragged doll.

He choked on his spit when he noticed a large piece of glass lodged in the side of her throat. Her cream dress was now red with her blood. Her hair had escaped the fancy updo and it was also matted with blood.

She lay limply in the other emergency service guy's arms as he brought her to the ambulance.

"No! No, no, no!" Edward pushed away the man tending to his head. He fell in a heap unable to get up. "No. God, no."

That was when his endless nightmare began.

Edward had never let himself care for Subs, not more than it was allowed. Angela had shown him a different way. He could have both – a faithful Sub and a loving girlfriend.

The stay at the hospital had been the worst. He'd been shackled to his bed because he kept attempting to search for her. Edward couldn't conceive that she was gone. He'd killed her.

When he was released from the hospital, Edward distanced himself from everybody. He didn't need anyone.

Still with me? This is a Bella/Edward story, just to put it out there.

This Prologue is just what happened to Edward. Next chapter, the story will begin.