The marble work was marvellous as the bathhouse was intact. The stained glass windows detailing the evanuris and keynotes of history. The focus here is mostly on Mythal and the warriors' visage as presented in the marble statue in the middle of the bathing pool. A waterfall spilling from above through the water irrigation system to pour through the jug the statue was holding.

"Oh, my word," Solas said floored at the sight. The inside had been maintained because of the natural design of the building. Simple cleaning and dusting had kept the critters at bay since the salt waters repelled most wildlife. The cold plunge had been overrun by small red tuxedoed birds with scooped oversized bills. They were loud when the squawked, most of the noises were shuffled flipper feet.

"So what are the rules here, is this a nude event or?" Dorian asked.

"Well, it's you don't mind the birds and guardian spirits of an ancient elvhan bathhouse watching. Solas said and stripped off his tunic. He left his wolf jaw pendant on but left his clothes on the table with Dorian's. Solas walked over to the main pool, a long strip of tiles with a waterfall raining in the centre of it. He stepped in the water and sighed. Dorian finished undressing. Not shy at all about being naked, he strutted into the pool. The lukewarm water enveloped his form, creeping up his body till it reached his waist.

"The water is perfect," Solas said and jumped the rest of the way in. Swimming to the centre waterfall. "But first," Solas said and went into the raining falls. At the centre was an orb and Solas put his hand on it and activated the magic. A familiar elvhan artefact they had run into before. It started to glow a brilliant green as Solas exited the water.

"That should increase the ward's protection in this area," Solas said, wiping the water from his face. Dorian continued walking through the water keeping a distance from the waterfall.

Solas swam up to him from under the surface and floated on his back drifting around Dorian.

"This is lovely, but I don't want to get my hair wet," Dorian explained, matter-of-factly.

"Hm?" Solas asked as he brought his ears out from under the water. Dripping wet and under the diffused sunlight from the skylight, it was like swimming in the northern lights. The swell of magic around them is eerie and foreign, but comforting all the while. A constant warmth as the spirit of the bathhouse keeper flittered about humming a tune. Dorian gave in and submerged himself in the water keeping his face out of it and swam to catch up with Solas.

"This place, I've been here before," Solas explained. "Just never physically, I saw glimpses of it once, near an eluvian I found in Kirkwall," Solas explained.

"Of all the decadent bathhouses and saunas I've been to, this is certainly the loveliest," Dorian mused. "I'm glad you shared such a place with me."

"I'm surprised we found it, I only visited for a short time before I charted passage across to Ferelden," Solas explained. "If I guessed correctly I'm thinking the other side of that mirror may lead to this place." Something Solas said struck Dorian as peculiar.

"You charted a passage?" Dorian asked, sounding very surprised.

"Well, I saw it in a dream once. Just now I smelt the dusty dark town of the city of Chains near that orb. This place must have been near today's city of Kirkwall before the veil was built and separated it." Solas sat up on one of the stone steps and lounged in the hot water.

"I see," Dorian replied. He swam over and rested his hands on Solas's knee, keeping much of his body submerged in the water.

"You see a lot of things in dreams, don't you?" Dorian said, lazily. He rested his chin on the back of his hands and closed his eyes as he relaxed.

"Well, you must have figured it out by now," Solas commented. Dorian opened his eyes, looked up at Solas and smirked.

"I've come to expect hidden depth to you by now." Dorian's smirk became a smile.

"Not all my experiences are from dreams." He stared and the room fell uncomfortably quiet. Dorian sat up, keeping his hands on Solas's knee.

"Everything I just said was a jumbled up explanation of what the truth is. I know there is a working eluvian here, I have the key to it." Solas sighed.

"That's why you ran in without even a second thought!" Dorian exclaimed.

"That's why I wasn't worried when we got locked in," Solas said.

"I was worried," Dorian protested. "Next time you are going to do something I could misconstrue as a danger to either of us, please keep me in the loop." He gave Solas a very stern look.

"Yes, I understand how this place can be frightening," Solas said and put his hand on top of Dorian's. "I would not take you somewhere I didn't think you would be safe. I do those adventures alone." Solas tried to explain.

"I am going to worry about you if you do dangerous things," Dorian explained. "Isn't that natural when you care about someone?"

"Of course it is, but we do dangerous things." Solas sighed and shifted into the water more. Floating with Dorian as he guided the mage to sit in his lap. Dorian sat on Solas and wrapped his arms around his neck.

"You're worried about me?" Solas asked, slyly sliding a hand over Dorian's thigh. "It's not often people care about the apostate elf."

"Of course I worry about you!" Dorian sounded alarmed. He took Solas's hand off his thigh and held it over his heart. "When we met I didn't think there would be a day that I'd worry about you. But now…"

"And if I wasn't an apostate, but something else," Solas suggested. Hinting at more information.

"Why would it matter? Even for an apostate, you follow your own path." Dorian replied. Dorian's heartbeat quickened as the Altus became flustered trying to explain himself.

"Dorian." Solas pressed his hand against the mage's heart and leaned him down for a small kiss before their lips could meet. An echoed giggle bounced off the walls. Dorian pulled away.

"It seems we have an audience," Solas said as Spirits were seen floating in the water with them.

"Apparently…" Dorian started to feel shy. It was abnormal.

"They are harmless, they are drawn to our emotions," Solas said bringing light to Dorian's feelings. Dorian tried to play it smooth but a lump caught in his throat. He swallowed hard and kept his eyes on Solas.

"Solas, I—-" Dorian hesitated.

"Please don't worry about me," Solas asked and combed his fingers through Dorian's hair. "And I'm not an apostate. I have been formally trained in my magic. But if I tell you by who, you may have a hard time believing it and it could put you in danger." Solas explained. Dorian nodded.

"If it puts us in danger you don't have to tell me. But if it is the difference between stopping Corypheus and seeing the world fall apart then please, let me know" Dorian said. His face felt flushed, it was hard to tell if it was the heat of the water or the heat of the moment.

"Thank you, I have never taken a person here before. I…" Solas hesitated, here in the baths Dorian could easily be misled to avoid the inner sanctum, they could make their way back to Morrigan's mirror and return to Skyhold. Solas wanted Dorian here, but there was something else he needed to talk about first.

"You what?" Dorian pressed.

"I'm about to show you some very secret places, this place I come to stay safe when things are most dangerous for me. If I show you. I have to take precautions so you don't tell another soul." Solas explained and kept calm as the spirits hovered around Dorian. One of the spirits he saw, he recognized.

"Amazing that you think I have any friends to tell and I certainly don't trust our dear Herald with anything. The only person who'd possibly find out what I know is Cole but he probably knows what you are about to tell me anyway." Dorian stated in a sarcastic tone.

"Well You're right about… oh… well, I haven't seen her in a long time," Solas said, distracted away from the Tevene muse to the wonders of the fade, and Dorian turned to see a blush pink spirit the size of a dwarven lady sitting on the surface of the water watching them with big baby dolls eyes. The feminine creature who took notice at Dorian looking at her and quickly hid. The other spirits began to drift apart, the magic of the artefact sparking back the hostile spirits.

"You should feel blessed how lucky we are to see her." Solas pointed. "Remember that story I told the Inquisitor of the spirit who guided adolescent love? That's her." Solas said.

"I would say we are extremely lucky. Neither of us is adolescents!" Dorian laughed, "but it's hard to say with Elves isn't it? How old are you? You speak like you've been walking Thedas for Centuries." Dorian said as Solas eyed him. The blush pink spirit crept closer to Dorian, trying to stay hidden from his sight. Solas had mastered the ability to make himself invisible to spirits while in the mortal realm, but here it was difficult. The spirit was attracted by Dorian, the human's gentle heart dedicated to love. The spirit was there to guide him, and Solas looked at Dorian with shock and nerves feeling utterly exposed. Dorian's last question made his ancient heart race. Dorian's stormy grey eyes stared Solas down. No longer the playful smirk or flippant gaze, he looked pensive.

"Uh..." Solas stuttered. His whole body was hot as the temperature had risen between them while anxiety stretched his chest tight. Dorian grabbed Solas's arm.

"I'm correct, aren't I?" Dorian pried, "or is my estimate of years off?"

"I think we should get out," Solas suggested and tried to stand up. To run, how could he be so stupid. Dorian held Solas tightly, waiting for his assumptions to be verified.

"Of all the people, a Tevinter." Solas felt so ashamed, but he spun around and caught Dorian's lips in a kiss. Dorian's grip loosened as he returned Solas's kiss. He wrapped his arms around the Elvhan and held him.

"Why is she here for you? Dorian. How could you feel so strongly for me?" Solas demanded, needing a straight answer too. "I've done nothing, but lie to you."

"But you weren't lying. You were telling half-truths, giving me just enough to piece things together," Dorian replied softly.

"I shouldn't have told you that much, and now you're here," Solas said, realizing his mistakes.

"I know what it's like to be everyone's villain. In front of me, I see someone who's forced to hide who they are to fit the world's narrative. I see a kindred soul, someone I could love and learn from," Dorian lay his heart bear to Solas.

"I am a monster, a nightmare from the past who destroyed everything," Solas said and sat back down in the water unable to escape now. "I don't want to hide anymore," Solas said as he felt the weight of burden on his shoulders.

"Then don't," Dorian stated. He took Solas's hand in his and gave it a small squeeze.

"I am from the ancient kingdom of Arlathan. I am nearly a thousand years old." Solas admitted.

"I always fell for older men, why would I stop now?" Dorian responded in a teasing manner. Solas responded with a cacophony of laughter. I nearly brought a tear to his eye.

"Elvhan Immortality was no myth." Solas said and calmed down. "and it's not a spell either. It was simply because of our nature, and our direct ties to the fade." Solas explained. "Being elvhan was once more than just long ears and round eyes. Magic, it was like breathing for us, that is before the veil was created." Solas rambled on nervously.

"But to my understanding, the veil was created as a way to seal away the Elvhan gods by the Dread Wolf as some sort of betrayal… I'd hazard a guess he did not realize it was also going to serve the connection to the fade," Dorian wondered aloud.

"How could anyone possibly know? The evanuris weren't gods, they were elves and the most powerful of us all." Solas stated.

"So there were no gods?!" Dorian replied in shock, "a battle between mages to see who is more powerful and can rule over everyone? It sounds horribly familiar."

"No, no gods, just men who created nothing, but a world comparable to the Tevinter and Orlais. You saw what they did to the inquisitor Ameridan? The Elvhan we're just as savage to each other." Dorian sat silently, listening and holding on to Solas. He ran his thumb over the back of the Elvhan's hand.

"The world can't continue the way it is. Change needs to happen," Dorian said finally.

"There was someone who fought to make the world better, Mythal," Solas said as his eyes focused on the steaming waterfall glowing with magic.

"She was the best of them, the vallaslin you see on the dalish? Those are slave markings, each of the evanuris would mark their slaves with their symbol. Mythal was the first to set her people free, and they murdered her for it." Solas explained.

"I've not read or heard this information anywhere! The Dalish don't know a thing about this do they!?" Dorian exclaimed, "and here I thought enslavement to the magisters was the beginning of all this…"

"As much as the Dalish has tried, they have remembered incorrectly. Their gods betrayed their people when they murdered Mythal and Fen'Heral punished them with An eternity of banishment. A fitting punishment for their crimes." Solas said bitterly with the rage of a thousand aeons in his voice. Dorian pulled Solas in close and comforted him. Solas was angry, but the gentle calm of Dorian's fingers tracing his skin helped soothe his mind.

"We cannot change the past, but we can find a way to change the present and the future," Dorian said.

"This world has forgotten everything that made it beautiful, how can it change when countless heroes have sacrificed their lives just to be forgotten and replaced by the next. Inquisitor Adaar is today's hero, but you see what he is like. He tries to keep the peace, but blunders through like a rampaging storm. He chose to sacrifice the mages for the Templar's, forgave the Grey Wardens and scours the arbor wilds looking for a fight without searching for the reason. Trampling through " Solas broke away from Dorian and stepped away from him towards the centre of the pool. The water glistening off his skin as lingering steam drifted from him as the cool air hit his skin.

"A real hero will never be remembered. History only wants to remember its villains and false prophets," Dorian remarked not moving from where Solas left him. "After Corypheus falls, I am returning to Tevinter. I don't want the imperium to continue the way it is. We can do better!"

"What would you do?" Solas asked. "Tear apart their way of life to show them how much blood they stand on?"

"Yes, but I could also start to cause change. Break their status quo, show them all there is a different way." Dorian said stubbornly, "maybe put some of the magisters in their place."

"What of those who won't follow, those who fight back like Corpypheous and the Venatori are you prepared for that kind of a fight?" Solas asked, turning around to face him.

"I— -" it was that moment, Dorian could see the age under his eyes. A deep sadness that the orb behind him kept safe from demons who lurked in the corners of the room.

"I'm prepared to fight for something I want. I've run away from things too many times, I don't want to run anymore," Dorian locked eyes with Solas. A gentle smile formed on his lips. "I can not claim to love you and let Tevinter continue the way it does. Particularly after learning all the things I have." Dorian slowly made his way towards Solas, no longer caring if his hair got wet. The rain of the falls splashing over them both. Solas had pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers. Thinking, stressing and struggling to deal with this conversation.

"Ir abelas Mala suledin nadas." Solas spoke in elvhan as Dorian got up close to him. Embracing the elf in his arms as Solas looked into his eyes. A deep concern lingered behind the grey pools.

"I need your help." Solas finally said. "But I cannot ask you to go back and endure it. They will kill you." Solas said as his hands clutched Dorian's face. "I could not bear to see them destroy you too." The melancholy in voice was raw. So rare it was that Solas felt safe enough to express his emotions. The dark terror of his memories attracted horrid creatures who darkened the room.

"I am surprisingly hard to kill. You know, necromancy and all." Dorian responded with a reassuring smile. "If you need my help, you just have to say the word." Though the cacophony of giggles from the blushing spirit and the ginger glow kept the heart of the pool warm. Without letting Solas speak Dorian kissed him. A sudden and emotional kiss. Dorian held tightly to Solas, worried that if he let him go he may never see him again. Solas gave in to the kiss as the spirits began to disperse. Solas gave into the ache in his heart as the sweet kiss grew passionate. Dorian slid his tongue past Solas's lips as the kiss became more intense. Their wet bodies pressing against each other, leaving no space for anything but the other's presence.

"I need you, Dorian." Solas broke apart the kiss to say.

"Then stop trying to push me away, amatus." Dorian nipped at Solas's ear. "I don't want to leave you."

"I'm sorry," Solas said breathlessly as Dorian captured his lips again. Dorian's hand pressed against Solas's chest, pinning the elf against the rocks at the centre of the falls. Solas wrapped a leg around Dorian's to pull him closer. Their growing erections sliding together blissfully swept up in each other's touch. Dorian placed his lips against Solas's neck and trailed sensual kisses down to his pecks.

Solas gasped for a breath as the water sprayed over his body. Dorian's nibbled bites making him shiver and twitch. Very soon Solas was fully erect, and the troubles of the conversation melted away. Now it was just their bodies wordlessly communicating through soft pinches and moans. Dorian took Solas's cock into his hand and started stroking it, steadily. He took Solas's left nipple between his teeth and pulled gently.

"Dorian~" Solas sang his name as the heat of their passion grew. The elf pushing back against the Altus desperate for more.

"Top or bottom?" Dorian purred. Solas was in no position to negotiate as Dorian kept pumping his cock. The elf perched up on the rocks for his pleasure.

"Really... I have a choice?" Solas asked as he touched the tip of Dorian's dick with a single digit. Gently rubbing small circles until Dorian's cock started to drip.

"You won't if you don't decide quickly," Dorian responded. "You tease." He pinned Solas against the rock and grinned.

"As I said before," Solas said and leaned up to bite his ear. "I like being the bottom." He huskily whispered. Dorian shivered and pressed the head of his dick against Solas's asshole, teasing him. Solas bit his lip to focus on breathing, the anticipation making him twitch.

"Please," Solas begged as he hooked his legs around Dorian's hips. Dorian slowly pushed his dick in further till he was buried deep into Solas. The elf moaning loudly as he did. Dorian then started to thrust keeping the same methodical slow rhythm. Resting his hand on the small of Solas's back. Rocking Solas against the rocks as he moaned with no restraint.

"Ah~yes!" Solas kissed Dorian and pinched his bottom lip between his teeth. "You feel so good." Solas mused against his lips. Dorian groaned and huffed, unafraid to hide the sounds of his pleasure. His thrusts penetrated deep as Dorian stole Solas's lips into another hot and hungry kiss.