Chapter 7

Grissom was sat on the bed against the headboard reading one of Sara's forensic journals when she rolled onto her side. He lowered his eyes to her head and watched her wake up. "You've probably read that before Griss." She mumbled.

Grissom narrowed his eyes and looked at the book. "How did you know I was reading?"

Sara smiled and clutched the sheets to her. "You're flicking through the pages."

He chuckled and placed the book on the nightstand. "How's your head?"

"Better. I haven't slept so much in a long time." She breathed out and smirked.

"What?" He asked curiously.

"I collapsed in the shower." She said slowly.

He nodded. "Yeah, you also hit your head. It's a little bruised."

"Well." She turned onto her back and looked up at the ceiling.

"I wrapped you in a towel and carried you to bed. Didn't have much time to take in the scenery with my heart pounding so fast and trying to make sure you hadn't knocked yourself out." He explained seeing her struggle to ask the question. "Sara?"

Looking up at him, she shook her head. "It's ok, but no. I'm not seeing a doctor."

Raising both eyebrows and smiling. "Feeling better and reading my mind. You want something to drink?" She shook her head and turned onto her front to bury her head in her soft pillow. "Ok."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sitting on the bed reading a book he'd read hundreds of times, he looked down at Sara's sleeping form and brushed the stray hairs away from her cheek before gently resting his hand on her forehead. Her temperature has gone down and she's stopped sweating. Good sign at least.

Grissom jumped at the sudden sound of her voice. "Let me ask you a question."

"Ok." He pushed her hair back as she kept her eyes closed.

"When did we start hating each other?"

Her question startled him and his fingers stilled on her hair. "Hating? I don't hate you Sara."

"Then what happened?" She didn't move, she just kept talking in quiet tones. "You get angry with me. I get angry with you. Big blow up and we don't talk for months."

Sighing, he continued to finger her silky hair. "You really want to hear this?"

"Wouldn't have asked otherwise."

Grissom smiled. "It's not easy you know?"

She turned her head against his knuckles as they gently ran down her cheek. "You've seen me naked Griss, give me something to at least make you squirm."

Chuckling lightly, he took a deep breath. "It's only fair I suppose." He looked away for a few seconds then back down at the beautiful brunette. "What would you say if I didn't hear anything you said at the meeting last week? Or when we were interrogating that suspect involved in the swimming pool accident?"

Sara opened her eyes and looked up at him. "I'd say you were either not listening, deaf, dumb or in your little fantasy world." She said this with a serious face and watched as he closed his eyes and looked away. "But." He snapped his head back making eye contact. ". I know you're not dumb or live in a fantasy world, you listen to everything and that only leaves me with one conclusion that you're either deaf or getting there." She closed her eyes and waited for him to speak.

"Quite the investigator." He grinned. "And you're right." Sara's eyes flipped open as she turned onto her front to look at him. His hand moved to brush her hair away and caress her cheek. "Its called Otosclerosis."

"I've heard of it. There's treatment isn't there?" He nodded slowly. "But you're not going to have it?"

He pursed his lips and focused on his fingers as they traced a line down her jaw to her chin. "I'd have to take a few weeks off and I don't feel comfortable telling everyone." He smiled fondly. "You're the first one I've told."

Grinning and covering his hand. "I'm flattered that you can trust me enough to keep such a big secret."

"It wasn't, but I can see how you could see it as such." His fingers wrapped around hers.

"If you take the surgery, you don't have to tell anyone about it. Say your going away and I'll cover." Sara looked down at their hands as she measured his hand with hers, his palm against hers.

"I can't ask you to do that Sara." He tried to protest.

Looking up, she smiled. "You don't have to, I offered."

He linked his fingers with hers and nodded. "I'd like that, but I still have to sort surgery out and book the time off."

"We can sort it, get most of it done at work tonight." She rubbed her cheek against his hand intertwined with hers.

Grissom's eyes softened and a small smile played his lips at the gesture, but he knew she was trying to bribe him in some way. "I'm not sure I should have told you now." He said mock serious. Sara eyes widened. "I feel way too vulnerable." His grin broke through with his laughter.

Sara laughed and kissed his hand. His head whipped down and his laughter seized. "Well, I did asked for something to make you squirm."

"True." He conceded. Looking at his watch and sighing, he squeezed her hand and pulled away to stand. "Work in two hours. I need to go home and change. If I leave now and pick you up in an hour, will you promise to not pick fights with the shower?"

She rolled onto her back and watched him walked towards the door. "I can do that, seeing as I'm not allowed drive all of a sudden."

Grissom sent her a charming smile. "I want you to get to work in one piece. Otherwise your little secret will be worthless." She gaped at him in disbelief and heard his laughter right until he closed the front door.

Chapter 8

Sara had received hugs and kisses from many of her admirers and was sitting in the layout room reading through a case report. Catherine and Nick were working on a db in the desert and Warrick was working solo on a robbery. Grissom had disappeared off the face of the lab and Sara was lumbered with the paperwork.

Flipping through the report she signed some sheets before reading the suspect interview again and saw many questioning points. She wrote them down and added them to the file.

"Hard at work I see."

"At least someone is. You know, I swear we were working this case together." Sara went to turned, but was stopped as he put his hands on her shoulders and kept her still. "Griss?" She asked confused.

"I'm sorry. Brass had me signing a lengthily report about god knows what. I also remembered something after seeing your fan club at your feet."

She heard his playful tone, but he still wouldn't let her turn. "Their friends not my fan club." He went quiet as though he was thinking something over, but before she could ask him about it, his left hand squeezed her shoulder as his right slowly, hesitantly moved along her shoulder to her neck where his thumb softly glided over her skin making her shudder. Her eyes closed at the sensations. "Griss?"

"Sssh." He whispered so close to her ear she shivered at the suddenness of his breath on her cheek. His lips brushed her neck, ear and cheek before he pressed his lips to hers as she turned her head toward him. It was a light soft and tender kiss with little pressure. Sara's mouth opened to his to initiate a slow passionate kiss. Grissom's right hand held her head to his as the kiss continued with no rush.

Sara's eyes opened as they pulled away. She gazed into his gorgeous bright blue eyes. "Hmm. not bad." She hummed.

Grissom blushed and chuckled. "Not bad yourself."

"I do have one question." She said turning back to the file.

"You're full of them today." He caught her elbow as it came towards his lower ribs. "Ask away." He grinned.

"Why did that just happen at work?"

His fingers still caressed her neck as he replied. "I felt left out. Everyone was kissing and hugging you and I'm the only one who's seen you." He chuckled again as she turned a raised eyebrow at him over her shoulder. He cleared his throat. ". The past day or so and made sure you were ok. I bought soup and all."

"Where do we go from here?" She asks standing and placing the file under her arm.

Following her towards the front desk, he supplied the suggestion that he didn't really want to. "Talk about the past few months for starters."

Sara dropped the file in the out tray and turned to him. "No."

He sighed. "Sara."

"I said no Grissom." She walked to the locker room. Grissom pushed the door open and leaned back against it. "I don't want to argue Grissom."

"You don't know it'll come to that." He took a step towards her, but stopped when she slammed her locker. "Maybe it will seeing as you're obviously not willing to talk about this."

She glared at him. "I know it will end in an argument because you won't like what I'll say and I've hurt you enough for the past few days with my big mouth."

Grissom closed the distance and leaned her against the lockers. His eyes focused on her mouth. "And what a delicious mouth it is."

Sara's eyes closed at his closeness and moaned lightly as his hand brushed across the skin of her bare stomach. "You're making this very difficult Griss."

He leaned his face towards her and whispered. "That was the point." He kissed her softly. "I deserved what you did. I deserved what you said."

"Griss." The kiss deepened to stop her from speaking.

Slowing the kiss he continued. "You did what you got from me." His tongue traced her lips. "What would you call what you were doing?"

"Getting even." She moaned against his lips. Her hands pulled his body closer, crushing him to her.

The door flew open, but Grissom didn't stop. "Oh, erm. sorry." The door closed and Sara giggled at the sound of Warrick retreating.

"Not shy are you?" She said kissing him lightly and pulling away.

"Not with you, not anymore." He smiled and brushed his thumb over her lips. "Getting even huh?"

Her eyes locked with his and she smiled shyly. "Well, I thought that you wouldn't like it if I were suddenly pushing you away, so." She shrugged and wrapped her arms around is neck. "A taste of your own medicine."

"Ahh." Grissom nodded to himself for finally putting things right between them. He gazed into her eyes and took in every inch of her face. His index traced the outline of her jaw, her nose, her hairline and her lips.

Sara jumped at the feel of something tingling. She looked down and giggled. "That better be your cell Gil."

Grissom chuckled at the sound of his first name and the insinuation. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell. "What do you know, it was." Sara grinned and shook her head.

"I'll get back to work. The boss might catch us slacking." Grissom stepped back and let her pass.

"Have breakfast with me after shift?" He asked watching her open the door.

She looked back at him and nodded. "Answer the phone." The door closed and she stopped in her tracks at the sound of her name.

"Sara Sidle."

Sara turned and visibly blushed. "It was entirely your imagination Warrick." She grinned.

Warrick pushed off the wall and laughed. "Really?"

"Yours but not mine." She smiled and walked away.

Grissom came through the door and looked up at Warrick. "Finished your case?"

"I did." Warrick entered the locker room and watched Grissom from the doorway as he wondered towards his office with a large smile on his face.

Everything was going to be ok from now on. Grissom and Sara were finally together and it only took facing each other with several arguments, a shower and a case of the flu. Secrets were meant to be broken, but the two shared amongst two special people would never pass their lips unless to each other. It serves to keep secrets secret; it can give you the feeling of trust from that person.


(I hope you find someone you can share a big secret with and trust each other enough to keep it. I hope you enjoyed my story.)