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Toothless shifted his great black wings, contrasting sharply compared to the snow now falling all around the sleeping pair. Hiccup started as he felt the cold slide of snow down his cheek. Quickly Hiccup stood up and glanced around. The trees were still green underneath a heavy drizzling of snow. The ground was a garish mix of slush and mud, making for an incredibly staining and slippery surface, a fact that Hiccup found out soon after falling back onto Toothless.

"What are you doing?"

"Sorry, I-just slipped."

Toothless rolled over in his half-slumber nearly crushing Hiccup in the process. He glanced up, noting that the sun was practically in the middle of the sky.

"How are you sleeping? Its noon!"

"I flew plenty yesterday, so be quiet."

Resisting the urge to annoy Toothless some more, Hiccup informed the dragon that he would be making his way down to the collasal city they had seen the day before. As Hiccup gathered his items; A small bag full of the amount of coins Hiccup thought he would need, some bread and cheese for emergency, and his trusty dagger; he thought about what Stoick and the rest of the village would do when they realized he was no longer present. Hiccup shouldered his pack, making sure he didn't slip again. He thought about grabbing some furs, but he eventually reasoned that the current weather would be considered summer material back in Berk.

Hiccup reached the edge of the clearing and glanced back one last time before making his way to the city. Toothless looked like a great black rock, half covered by slush and mud. Grinning to himself, Hiccup made his way to the city. He couldn't believe that overprotective lizard had actually let him go to- what was it?- Tethoris!

"I can hear your thoughts you know, I'm not completely asleep."

"Hehe, have a good rest!"

Hiccup made his way through the maze-like path of the forest, relying on his memory to not get lost. Finally, he emerged out of the dense undergrowth to find himself in the middle of a bustling village located on the outskirts of the city. The snow had stopped coming in droves, and had lessensed to only a drizzle of occasional flakes. Brushing himself off, Hiccup asked several of the nearby men and women for directions to the city. They were dressed heavily in furs, surprising Hiccup who was still in his tunic. They had darker skin, and long angular faces unlike any Hiccup had ever seen. Many of them were surprised to see him, and that surprise soon turned into astonishment as he spoke. He felt an odd sensation in his mouth as he was speaking, and an equally odd sensation in his head when they replied. He brushed off his confusion and put the matter in the back of his head, instead choosing to follow the detailed directions to the gate of Tethoris. He made sure that he still had all his coins and after walking for nearly an hour he arrived at the gate. The sun had finally succeded in its battle with the clouds, the like of which finally receded, leaving in their place a bright blue sky.

There were several guards, all bearing the same insignia that Hiccup had seen from the sky the day before, and they looked at him make his way in fron t of him. Hiccup looked around, curious as he got closer to the guards. From this point of view, the city was wholy unmanned, but for someone who had seen the hidden security from the sky, Hiccup knew that wasn't the case. He wondered why they needed so much protection and why it needed to be hidden. As these thought made their way through his mind, he came up right in front of the first guard, a huge giant of a man who seemed to have a permanent scowl pasted on his face. The guard next to him, a younger and much smaller man who had a twinkle of amusement in his eyes laughed and said:

"Lighten up Kronos! It's just a traveling child! He couldn't be any older than 17!"

Once again, as the conversation went on, Hiccup felt the odd sensation both on his tongue and head as if someone with very cold hands was lightly pressing them both.

The guard (who Hiccup now knew was named Kronos) grunted and asked him:

"What is your business here? And do you have any companions?"

Hiccup answered that he was just here to explore the city, and restock in his supplies, choosing not to mention that he had a dragon that talked in his head as his companion.

"Good idea, I doubt they would believe you, but its better to be safe."

Hiccup jumped, causing the guards to look at him questioningly.

"You can still talk to me from this far?"

"Well I'm talking to you aren't I? That should answer your question."

Shaking his head in bemusement Hiccup walked around Kronos and entered the city. He was immediately engulfed by the city, making his way around the stands, people, dogs, food, spices- Hiccup stopped and looked around, trying to take it all in. He took a deap breath in and sighed. He had never felt so, so- what was this feeling?


-_:Break Line:_-

Stoick woke up, and after going through his normal morning schedule, made his way down to the forge.

"Hey Gobber! Seen Hiccup? I need him to do something, and hopefully he doesn't mess up just like he messes up everything else."

Gobber looked up from the rusted sword he was about to start straightning. His eyes were haunted.

"I was just about to look for you. Its been 4 days Stoick! 4 days since I've seen Hiccup last!"

"Stop looking so worried about that boy Gobber. He's been away for more than a week before."

"That's what I thought at first, but he always would send me some sort of a message telling me that he was fine."

Ignoring the fact that Hiccup would send those messages to Gobber, Stoick said:

"Then where do you think Hiccup is?"

"I think something happened to Hiccup. Something bad."

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Hi, I think this chap was ok. I just wanted to tell you guys that when Hiccup returns back to Berk, in (-) years, it will be in a very unique way because this is a unique hiccup runaway story afterall! Also Berk will have a lot of POV because they will play a pretty big part in the story. This fanfic will also probably be pretty long, not one of those 20k word ones. Maybe even 100k word plus who knows? Anyways cya.