A/N: Ah, so this is the first of a group of winter-themed drabbles. This one's got some Tomo x Kagura fluff to fill your soul while you wait for winter to come. (Also I'm writing this just to take a break from Ryukyu no Hime: Kagura, but I will come back!)

It was the winter break of the second year, and Kagura is jogging out on a chilly night since there's no swim practice during the winter. (for obvious reasons). When she came back from her jog, she notices a shivering Tomo in pajamas outside the front door of her house.

"Tomo, what are you doing here?!" Kagura shouted, "You usually visit Yomi's house, why you're visiting mine?"

"Yomi's in Hokkaido," Tomo answered, "Plus, I never got the chance to visit your house before."

"Well, you can come in, my folks just set up the kotatsu, so you can warm up a little."

The wildcat idiot grinned as Kagura say those words and dashed through the door.

Tomo was relaxing in the kotatsu when Kagura entered the living room, now in her pajamas.

"Kagura, why you're wearing a tank top and shorts during the wintertime?" Tomo asked Kagura, "Aren't you going to get frostbite?"

"Tomo, I gotta let you in on a secret," Kagura replied, "I always sleep in the kotatsu during the wintertime. Warms me up after a workout."

"Say Kagura, wanna watch a movie? I brought my DVD of 'The Little Mermaid'!"

"Sure! I'll make some pork buns and sweet bean soup!"

As the movie plays on the TV and the two Knuckleheads are slurping the soup, but then Tomo stopped slurping her soup. "Kagura, have you ever had a dream where you save someone?" she asked the tanned tomboy.

"No," Kagura answered, taking a bite from a pork bun.

"Well, I once have a dream where I was a mermaid saving you from drowning."

"You? A mermaid?!" Kagura laughed, almost choking on a piece of pork bun, "You got to be kidding me!"

"It's true! I bet when your eyes close, you're going to have the same dream as I had!"

Kagura was in disbelief at what Tomo said. "Maybe she's watching too much of that movie," she thought before the comfy feeling of the kotatsu puts the tomboy into a sleeping spell.

Kagura woke up, find herself under the sea. She opened her mouth, discovering that she can breathe underwater. She then noticed that her hair has grown to waist length, and her clothes changed. She is now in a seafoam green bandeau halter top and a matching tulle mini skirt. But the most peculiar thing Kagura noticed was the fact that her legs were replaced by a sparkling green mermaid tail.

"No way," she said, "That moron's right!"

Speaking about Tomo, Kagura sees the seemly lifeless body of the wildcat idiot sinking to the seafloor. Kagura then swims towards Tomo's body, grabbing her, and started to swim to the surface. When the two reached the surface, Kagura swims to a nearby beach, carrying Tomo's body to the shore. When they reached the shore, Kagura performs chest compressions on Tomo but it didn't work.

"Well, that didn't work. Looks like it's time for-" Kagura moaned, "the 'kiss of life'. Why I have to do this to Tomo of all people?" She then put her mouth onto Tomo's as a giant wave engulfs them.

When the wave retreated, Kagura's appearance changed. She's now wearing a gorgeous seafoam green strapless ballgown and she has her legs back. Then, Tomo started to breathe again, and her eyes open.

"Kagura," Tomo said, putting her hand on Kagura's check, "you saved my life."

Kagura blushed at Tomo's comment, "Well, you were drowning, so I have to save you," she said.

Kagura then woke up from her sleep, then seeing Tomo sleeping on her shoulder. It was morning already.

"Kagura," Tomo sleeptalks, "Will you be my prince?"

At first, Kagura blushed at what Tomo said, but then she smiled. "Yes Tomo," she whispered, "Yes I will."

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