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It was a snowing New Year's Eve, and Sakaki's sleeping in her bed, dreaming of something...

Sakaki found herself in the front of the Mihama mansion, still in her pajamas. She then sees Tomo, Kagura, and Kaori in their pajamas and Yomi in an inn yukata. "Tomo-chan, Kagura, Kaorin, Yomi, what are you doing here?"

"I really don't know Sakaki," Kagura answered.

"But, at least there's no Mr. Kimura!" Kaori added.

"Guys, look up there!" Tomo shouted, pointing her finger at the sky, "Chiyosuke's flying!"

"Tomo, stop buffing," Yomi said, "There's no such as- OH MY GOSH!"

Indeed so, Yomi has seen Chiyo flying with her pigtails, landing down near her friends.

"Hello, there everyone!" Chiyo greeted, "You all are just in time for the dinner party. Come on in!"

All five girls follow Chiyo into her house. Then, Tomo spotted a penguin near a bucket of water, staring into her soul. "Chiyo-chan! Chiyo-chan! What is that?!" she shouted.

"That's her penguin maid," Sakaki answered, "Her brain sometimes freezes at the wrong times."

"Oh, okay. Man, Sakaki-san, your dreams are weirder than Osaka's."

"This is only just the beginning, Tomo-chan."

Soon the girls gather around the staircase when a certain orange cat thing voiced by Norio Wakamoto walked down.

"Yo!" he greeted, "It's nice to finally get to see you all."

"Sakaki-san, what in the heck is that?!" Kaori shouted.

"Yeah, Sakaki, what is that thing?!" Kagura added.

"He's Chiyo's father," Sakaki answered.

"That's right, I am Chiyo's father," Chiyo-chichi said, "Anyway, you are all here because I invited you to my dinner party. We will serve some," he paused, shifting in color," reeeeeed things, but I hope you all will enjoy!"

At the dinner table, the six girls and cat thing are eating their dinner, while the penguin maid dropped the tray of tea, her brain freezing in the process.

"Every-nyan, eat your to-mah-toes," Chiyo-chichi commanded.

"But Mr. Mihama, I'm on a diet," Yomi said.

"I do not care if you're on a diet or not, you will eat your to-mah-toes. So my daughter, what's funky at school these days? Is Kokkuri-san still single?"

"No father, she's not single," Chiyo answered her "father"'s question.

"Well then, does anybody have any problems to discuss?" Chiyo-chichi asked.

"Anou, why do cats seem to hate me?" Sakaki asked, "Also, why I'm so tall?"

Chiyo-chichi shifts in color. "Anything else to confess?"

"For some reason, I have small boobs, how do I make them bigger?" Tomo asked.

Chiyo-chichi shifts in color. "Anything else to confess?"

"Even though I look thin, why Tomo calls me 'fat'?" Yomi asked.

Chiyo-chichi shifts in color. "Anything else to confess?"

"Even though it's winter, why I still have my tan?" Kagura asked.

Chiyo-chichi shifts in color. "Anything else to confess?"

"Why does Kimura-sensei like me?" Kaori asked.

Chiyo-chichi shifts in color, "Okay that's enough questions for today," he said. "By the way, I heard that you all wore some hats of my image, and you girls never okay it with me. But my penguin maid approves of putting my daughter in a penguin suit, so I won't hold a grudge over the hats."

"Mr. Mihama, are really a cat?" Tomo asked Chiyo-chichi.

"Are you suggesting that I am not a real cat?!" Chiyo-chichi said, trembling and shifting in color, but then he heard the doorbell ring.

"Dad, we have another guest!" Chiyo said.

"Quick! Bring her in!" Chiyo-chichi commanded.

The door opens, and Osaka walks in.

"Osaka, what are you doing here?!" Tomo asks.

"I'm here to wake all of ya up," Osaka answered.

"But how?" Yomi questioned.

Soon, Mt Fuji raises behind Osaka and erupts eggplants with hawk wings.

"WAKE UP, Y'ALL!" Osaka shouted, holding a hawk and eggplant in the process.

Sakaki woke up from her dream. It was the first morning of the new year.

"I saw a hawk, an eggplant, and Mt. Fuji," she spoke, "Maybe this year, I will finally have a cat."

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