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Chapter 5: Jonathan's Lucky date

Jonathan and Nichole had decided that they would meet at the restaurant. It was 6: 13 now. Jonathan sat at a table, almost 20 minutes early, waiting for his date to walk in. The restaurant wasn't too fancy, but was quite nice. It was an Italian restaurant, the only one in Cairo, called Ottovio's. Jonathan, himself, had never been there, but had heard from his sister that it was pretty good and decided that that would be a good place to set the date.

As he waited impatiently, he thought of the last time he'd had a date. It had to have been at least 6 years ago and that had been a blind date set up by Evie. Of coarse, that went horribly and he became even more skeptical of dating than he had been before that incident. He had had relations with woman numerous times in the last 6 years of course, but an actual date was something that he was no longer familiar with. This was what made him so nervous.

He sighed… "I need a drink." But, he'd promised himself he wouldn't do that and look like a fool in front of Nichole.

As he sat, he hummed nervously, fidgeting in his chair, checking his watch, and twiddling his thumbs.

Minutes passed… soon, it was 6:20. Then it was 6:30. After a while longer, it was 6:40 and there was still no sign of Jonathan's date. He was beginning to wonder whether he had been stood up or something. Then, right when he was beginning to lose almost all hope, he saw her walk through the door.

She looked just like the angel that she was in a black dress that went down just below her knees. Her long, flowing blonde hair was down and she was biting her crimson colored bottom lip as she looked around the room.

Jonathan was smitten with this girl for sure. So smitten with her that he stared at her in wonder all this time. She finally spotted him and smiled from across the room. He smiled back slowly, waving slightly as he watched her walk over to him.

As she got nearer to the table, Jonathan remembered his manners and promptly stood up to pull out her chair for her.

"Thank you," she said as she sat down. "I'm sorry I'm late. My car wouldn't start and I had to call for a cab."

"That's all right."


After a short while of talking about a few things, a waiter finally came to their table, poured water into their glasses and gave them the menu, then left. When he came back, they ordered and he left again.

"So…er…" Jonathan was still a bit nervous and couldn't think of much to talk about.

"So, what is it that you do again?"

"Oh. Well, I'm a merchant of sorts." Jonathan hadn't had an actual job in quite some time. All of the money he had now was from the large diamond he had grabbed back at Ahm Shere. He had spent a lot of it, but with the help of Evie's money management skills—she had taken it upon herself to take that money and only give him small bits at a time, although he had highly disagreed with her on that—he had quite a bit left still after five years.

"Really? Do you trade anything in particular?"

"Hmm? Oh, well… mostly diamonds and metals, I suppose…"


"Actually, I found a treasure years ago and I haven't been doing too much trading since." He smiled at himself, thinking that that statement would intrigue Nichole.

He was sadly mistaken, though, as what intrigued her was something else entirely. "Oh, yes! Was it that time you all went to Egypt?" Evie had told her everything about that trip except for the walking and talking mummy, the kidnapping of her son, and just about every other thing of the supernatural.

Another Egypt fan…go figure. Jonathan thought to himself. That was to be expected though, since she worked in the Egyptian department with Evie.

Jonathan nodded. It was silent for a long moment, and luckily the food finally came. The waiter poured them some wine and then left again.

Jon's hands were shaky now. The silence was making him nervous, and his mouth was becoming very dry, so he picked up his glass of wine and took a gulp. Unfortunately, while trying to put it down, the bottom of the glass tipped the edge of his plate and slipped out of his grasp. It fell over in Nichole's direction, which would have most likely caused the wine to spill all over the table and probably land in Nichole's lap. However, after the two of them gasped sharply, they looked and noticed the fact that the glass had been empty.

"I could have sworn that that glass had something in it." Jonathan stated.

"Me too." Nichole agreed.

Both of them brushed it aside, however, and kept eating. The rest of the time was spent mostly in awkward silence, but with a few small conversations.


After they had finished dinner, Jonathan offered to drive Nichole home so that she wouldn't have to worry about paying for a cab.

When they got to her home, he walked her to the door.

Jonathan, being the "lady's man" that he was, had thought about asking Nichole if he could come in. And, lucky for him, she just happened to ask that question for him. "Do you…want to come inside?"

This didn't seem at all like the person he had just been out to dinner with. And it didn't seem right considering how boring the last couple of hours had been. Jonathan was still thinking about it and after about 30 seconds, answered.

"No, I should actually be getting home." He couldn't believe what he had just said. He had only turned down an invitation like that from a beautiful woman…well…never. 

"You're right. Goodnight, Jonathan Carnahan." She said as she smiled.

"Good night." He answered, and kissed her just lightly on the mouth. He knew for sure that with this one, he wanted to take it slow and that's what he intended to do.

She walked inside the house and closed the door. Then, Jonathan walked back out to his car and drove home happily.


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