A/N: Here is the second chapter I promised. It came to me last night. This takes place in the Season 3 opener. As Brennan is leaving to go to the bar he stops by his room for a coat or something and Shalimar catches p to him just before he walks out of Sanctuary.

Brennan stopped as Shalimar came into the hallway. It crossed his mind that they were in the same place they had been weeks ago when she'd been leaving to "hunt". But their positions were now reversed.

"Shalimar. . . "

"I'm not going to try and convince you to stay. You understood when I needed to hunt, and I understand that you need to go for a while. I just wanted to tell you the same thing you told me. Don't forget where home is. This *is* still your home."

Brennan's eyes softened and he walked toward her. "No, Shal, this place isn't my home. You are." He pulled her into an intense kiss. After a few minutes they broke slightly apart.

"Be careful. I couldn't stand to lose you. Not ever, but especially not now. I don't think I could survive losing you right after losing Adam and Emma."

"You aren't going to lose me. I may not come back to. . . this life, but I will come back to you, for you. I promise." He sealed the promise with another kiss then left.


Shalimar walked into Brennan's room. "It's almost time," she reminded him. Referring to the plan to have a memorial for Adam and Emma out on the mountain.

"Yeah. There's something you should know."

Shalimar sat on the edge of his bed. "I'm listening."

"You saved me."

What are you talking about?" asked Shalimar, not understanding.

"When they were torturing me and it got bad I'd think of you. I'd remember my promise to come back to you. It gave me strength. Helped me fight. I knew I had to keep that promise. Eckart said I might not have a mind left when that lady was done with me. But I held on to my love for you, and I think that's what helped me hold on to my mind. I know that sounds crazy, but. . . "

"It sounds sweet. I'm glad if I could help. And I'm REALLY, REALLY glad you kept your promise to come home to me."

"So am I." He said and held out a hand to her. As she stood up she leaned into him and they kissed. It was not a passionate kiss. It was a reassuring kiss. A way for them both to reassure themselves that they were still together, and that they were home. Afterwards they stood holding each other for several minutes until they heard Jesse's foot steps approaching.