A Room with Curtains
By inez stanley

The window is covered by a thick, heavy curtain
But I know what is outside
Though I cannot see

The Moon is rising
I can feel her
She is tugging at my skin,
And I fear more than anything
What will happen
When she finds me

She is a robber
Who steals souls and makes men fear themselves
And loves nothing more
Than their anguish

There is the pain
It shreds my sense of reason
And makes me hungry
So hungry. So hungry.

Why is there no food?
Why is there no game to kill?

Why am I all alone in this feeling
In this room with the curtains
I could destroy the curtains
I could choose to be
Free of society's conventions
I could rise above it
And become

Something would be missing
And they would all be apart from me
The stag and the dog and the rat
And even the bat, swooping down to cloak us in night-
All dead. They would be dead
And I would be
Once again
In a room with curtains

My tormentor subsides for the time being
And I become once again