Chapter 1

The lights of a large city twinkle in replace of stars. Sesshomaru had come to believe this view peaceful.

He was a workaholic which had destroyed his last two relationships. If he was completely honest with himself it was more like them wanting more than he wanted at the time that ruined his relationships.

Sesshomaru wasn't the type of guy to settle down. At least not settle down with anyone less than he deemed worthy. He had a lot to offer. Wealth, legacy, power and security were no small qualities. Not to mention he is extremely handsome and intelligent. Sesshomaru was well aware of his status in the world, but still he was getting older. And as much as he hated to admit it, his bachelor lifestyle has become lonely and irritating for him.

He found that he now envied his younger half brother for he had a beautiful family to come home to every night. Sesshomaru always felt the small sting of jealousy at family dinners or holidays seeing his brothers loving family.

His father had just called him saying they were getting a luxury log cabin for the winter. They'd be staying 2 whole months. Inuyashas twin boys birthday was in the beginning of December, Sesshomarus birthday was in the middle than there was Christmas and New Years with Kagome and her daughters birthday a day apart in the middle of January. So it seemed like the perfect plan. Celebrate everything together with everyone in one place.

For Sesshomaru it was more like torture. His family unfortunately in love with his most recent ex Sara Osano was desperately trying to convince him to get back together with her.

Sesshomaru let out a sigh of frustration. "Jaken! Kanna!" He called out for his two assistants.

"Yes master Sesshomaru!" Jaken stumbled in. Jaken was a personal assistant and butler of sorts to Sesshomaru and therefor always on call.

"Make sure I am packed for this ski trip. And get more details on the place my family has booked. If it is not to my standards than book a better place. Also go out and purchase whatever toys my nephews and niece are interested in. Clear my schedule for tomorrow so I can go and take care of a few personal matters. Also make sure my family can not get in touch with Sara. That is all Jaken." Sesshomaru spoke while remaining focused on the city lights.

Sesshomaru was wearing gun metal grey slacks with a white shirt that was undone at the first three buttons. His black tie sprawled across his desk like a snake while his matching gun metal grey suit jacket hung on a hanger on his coat rack.

"Yes master Sesshomaru right away." Jaken took off to tend to all his masters whims. Jaken had on simple brown slacks with a forest green shirt and a brown tie to match.

"Mr. Taisho. You called sir?" Kanna asked in her emotionless voice of boredom.

"Kanna, make sure you and Jaken are also packed for this trip. Work will not stop and I intend to finish all my meetings in the morning. The only meetings that will be tended to in the evenings is between employees. I will have no disturbances in meetings of importance to my company. Is this understood." Sesshomaru didn't actually ask as much as he stated.

"Umm sort of? I have never been to a ski lodge Mr.Taisho nor do I interact often with others. I am not entirely comfortable with being trapped with you and your family sir?" Kanna said boredly.

"It is work related Kanna. So I honestly can care less as to your comfort." Sesshomaru said now looking at his assistant. Kanna was basically Sesshomarus walking business phone. He used her for research, setting meetings, getting in touch and keeping in touch with all departments and she read out his emails as he answered others. Sesshomaru knew he could not complete his work without her as he had become to dependent on the girl. Even though he'd never admit to such a thing.

"Your father my old boss and your brother a current co worker will be there. And it's just to intimate a setting sir.." Kanna stood with an attitude to her body language.

"You will not be assisting my brother nor my father. You are primarily there to assist me. You will also have your own room and bathroom if you please. Is that good enough for you now Kanna?" Sesshomaru spoke with irritation now.

"Oh fine...You better not try and use me for sex though. I so don't want things to be awkward after, which I'm sure it would be." Kanna sighed out.

Sesshomarus face dropped in irritation and shock. "Kanna there is a much better chance of me fucking Jaken before I consider you. Just make sure you are packed and try not to be so outspoken on this trip." Sesshomaru rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation.

"That better be a promise. I'm told I'm quite sexy out of the work place. I don't believe it though cause I wear the same clothes in and out. God I hate the cold this is going to be the worst experience. Also I'm guessing taking the holidays off this year isn't happening. That's fine I guess. It's just awkward seeing Kagura and Naraku now since you fired my brother and broke up with my sister. So you technically fucked them both? Hey isn't that so funny sir?" Kannas voice never changed. He couldn't tell if she was happy, sad, angry or joking. She just had that one blank toned voice with everything she said. Only her body movements gave away her feelings some times.

"Kanna...You May leave now." Sesshomaru began to button his shirt struggling with his tie.

Kanna walked over and began to tie it for him. "I'll get started on everything right away sir. You'll have the first three days cleared as I reschedule everything and send out an email to everyone of your new schedule. So you can go shop for something special for your niece and nephew like you do every year. Than you'll have peace for the first two days with them before you become work crazed again. I'll take care of it all. Do you have snow gear at home? Do you want me to ship it all there? I doubt you want your limo packed with a bunch of skis and snow mask or whatever your taking. Also do you want your own car as well?" Kanna finished tying his tie.

She wore a basic white button down shirt with a black tight fitting vest that perked her breast up and the matching tight black pencil skirt with a pair of low heeled black pumps. Her silver hair pulled into a French twist with thin framed circular seeing glasses.

"No. No limo I'll drive myself. You and Jaken are more than welcome to take the limo there and use it when needed for personal use if need be. Once you've confirmed the location yes, make sure there is at least 20 sets of skis, snowboards, sleds and etc. Not just for adults. Kanna, thank you. Goodnight." Sesshomaru allowed her to assist him with his jacket and locked up the office as they both walked out almost at midnight.

"Goodnight sir. Oh! Before I forget. Sara might be waiting for you at home. So enjoy that pleasant argument. Some girls just can't take a hint am I right Mr. Taisho? Hey, at least she didn't try and throw something at you and bust your office like Kagura did. My sister is such a bitch. Cleaning up your office took forever. Which reminds me. Those blue prints for the new level will be in your office Tuesday. I guess I should have them sent over to the cabin though?" Kanna said waiting for a cab.

"Do you need a ride home Kanna?" Sesshomaru exhaled in frustration. Another night he'd spend in some lounge because his ex was stalking his home. Sure he could just have that talk he so desperately avoided with her. But this way got him drunk and he didn't have to say anything.

"No, it's probably not a good idea if you take me home. Plus I don't wanna give you the wrong ideas." Kanna said walking up to the cab that pulled up just a foot in front of her.

"Alright. See you Tuesday." Sesshomaru got into his Black Mercedes Benz by Maybach Exelero and drove off.

"Oh Inuyasha this is going to be sooooo much fun! The boys will be so happy and Momo can't wait to see your brother!" Kagome said packing her families bags. They was leaving ahead of time with Inuyashas mother and father.

"Yeah I know. It'll be good for him to. Man hasn't stopped working all year. I feel like I only see him at work. I feel kinda bad for the guy honestly. He lives all alone and works all the time." Inuyasha said not realizing his movements have slowed down as he stood holding an old college sweatshirt packing it away into his suitcase. "I bet he won't even remember... we use to be so close.." Inuyasha regained his focus as Kagome wrapped her arms around her husbands back.

"I'm sure he'll remember. You and Sesshomaru are still close. He has just been working extra hard for all of us." Kagome ended with kissing his cheek.

Inuyasha grabbed his wife's hand and kissed the palm. Spinning her into a loving embrace.

"Yeah your right. Thanks Kagome. I don't know what I'd do without you." Inuyasha kissed her forehead.

"You'd spend hours repacking your suitcase that's for sure." Kagome let out a laugh that warmed Inuyashas heart.

They both went back to packing away for their trip. While a memory from years ago played in Inuyashas head.


Whistle blowing from a coach can be heard as the two white haired brothers stood in cap and gown posing for a picture with their individual mothers and shared father.

"Oh I am just so proud of you two boys! Both of you got into such great colleges!" Sesshomarus mother kissed both boys on the cheek.

"And what an absolutely amazing birthday gift for you Sesshomaru! Graduating on your birthday! Makes it all the more special!! You worked so hard!!" Inuyashas mother hugged him tightly pulling away to wipe away a fallen tear.

"Thank you Izayoi. Yeah I honestly don't think I could've asked for better. Couldn't have done it without you three." Sesshomaru bowed his respects to his father and the two women that raised him.

"I can't believe we are going to different colleges.. it won't be the same without you..." Inuyasha looked down at the sweat shirt his mother handed him.

"Come on it's better this way! Now we finally get to compete against each other! And only one of us will bring home the victory!" Sesshomaru smiled as he held his college sweatshirt over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'd rather be on your team though like always. What if we grow apart?" Inuyasha still sulked after his brothers shoulder bump.

"Well than we will just make sure not to." Sesshomaru lifted the gown from off of him raising his shirt up some. He smoothed down his shirt after a group of girls passing in a convertible whistled at him and shouted for him to take off more. "That's embarrassing?" Sesshomaru blushed looking at his family there and continued to speak. "Come on, throw on your college team I'll throw on mine." Sesshomaru than went about pulling the oversized sweat shirt on. It was so not his style. "Every year on my birthday, no matter what's going on, or where we are we must remember to wear our rival college team. And even though they are states away and rivals? We will never be. Deal?" Sesshomaru stuck out his hand to his brother.

The two mothers held each side of their shared husband and began tearing with happiness.

"Yeah? Alright deal! And if the other guy ever ends up forgetting the sweatshirt than he has to wear whatever the other chooses!" Inuyasha grabbed Sesshomarus hand and squeezed hard.

"Yeah. alright! That should make things interesting?" Sesshomaru laughed. He pulled Inuyasha in close and took a selfie of the two of them. "I'm proud of you little bro. You really fought hard to graduate early you did amazing."

"Yeah, you to. You've always had a high reach Sesshomaru I'm glad your getting closer and closer to your dreams." Inuyasha said happily.

"I'm proud of both you boys! Now come on! Dinner is on me!" The boys shared father head locked his two sons and squeezed tightly!

"Dad!! Yo let go!!" Inuyasha said through sharp breaths.

"Can't breathe!" Sesshomaru tapped his fathers arm as the family began to laugh.

(End flashback)

Sesshomaru pulled into a valet and stepped out of his car.

"Evening Mr.Taisho." The valet took his keys while the others opened the doors into the exclusive lounge.

Sesshomaru stood silent and walked in. The owner of the lounge greeted him with enthusiasm and guided him to his table. As soon as Sesshomaru sat down a drink was set in front of him. Scotch on the rocks.

Sesshomaru removed his jacket and tie unbuttoned his first three buttons leaned back into his seat and picked up the cup to begin drinking.

Sesshomaru checked his watch it was now 3 in the morning. He had brought his computer with him to get some work out of the way.

"I should be safe to go home now." Sesshomaru rubbed his exhausted eyes and closed his laptop and packed it away. He reached for his drink to finish it and was met instead with a falling female body.

"OH MY GOSH!! I am soooooo so so sorry! My friends totally shoved me! Are you ok? I'm so sorry!" The young girl repeated over and over.

"Ugh, no yeah I'm, I'm fine. Are you ok? That was a pretty bad fall?" Sesshomaru tried to help the young girl who was layed out on his table. Immediately the staff and manager ran to Sesshomarus table.

"Mr. Taisho our deepest and most sincere apologies! We shall throw them out immediately!" The manager tried to wipe off Sesshomaru from his spilled drink and get the staff to clean up around him.

"No, that won't be necessary. It was an honest mistake. I'm fine, you can go until called upon." Sesshomaru shooed them away.

"Oh my god I am so sorry! Let me replace your drink at least?" The young girl rolled on to her knees still sitting on the table.

"No, that won't be necessary. My drink is unnecessarily expensive." Sesshomaru barely grinned at his attempt of a joke. "So umm your celebrating your engagement I'm guessing?" Sesshomaru jested to her and her friends outrageous outfits.

"Ha Ha! Nooooo! Way to young for that lock and key. Haha Um your gonna think it's stupid but my friends and I are celebrating my getting my terminal degree and masters in business financing." The young girl said happily and proud.

"No I don't think that's stupid at all. You should never be ashamed of furthering knowledge. However I must inquire about the outfit?" Sesshomaru looked to the girl in a tutu skirt and fairy wings with antennas and a princess crown, her and her friends covered in glitter.

"Hahaha well!? Ughh. I was asked what I wanted for my birthday when I was 3 and I was wearing this outfit when asked and I told them I wanted to be a finance business manager for a billion dollar company. And my mom felt that I would be soon so she kinda suggested we go out and celebrate like this!" The girl stood to show off her outfit.

"Agh! Makes perfect sense! I'd consider that my lucky outfit and wear it to my job interview." Sesshomaru joined in a small chuckle with the girl. "Well enjoy your girls evening and the owner would be so kind as to add anything you ladies order tonight on me." Sesshomaru made the gesture with his hands and the manager nodded in agreement.

"Oh no no no! Please no! Stop man! Thing?! Your getting smaller I'm to drunk haha. Ugh no thank you for the offer though! Umm please let me make up it up to you? Or at least celebrate with me? Please!? Hey! Hand me two shots!" She leaned over to her friends and grabbed the two shots spilling slightly as she handed it to Sesshomaru. "Please! Ummm, let's drink to gaining knowledge and meeting amazing people who don't make you feel foolish! My boyfriend totally made fun of me, and wasn't even happy for me that I got my masters he said it wasn't that big a deal. But. You made me feel so much better tonight!" The girl slumped over the to rest her hand on Sesshomarus shoulder.

"Well your boyfriend is an idiot and one drink. I am much to old for shots now." Sesshomaru joked as he clinked his glass and held the girl to help her down off the table.

"Yes!! Except your not old! You look like maybe 28!" The girl clinked her glass and shot it back with Sesshomaru. She screamed in excitement and tried to offer him another.

"No honestly thank you. That is a very strong tequila by the way." Sesshomaru said with a fist to his chest as the shot offered burned going down.

"Yeah I am going to have the worst hangover tomorrow. Hahaha! I'm sorry, I ruined your night." The girl said swaying.

"Here since you won't remember tomorrow." Sesshomaru grabbed her hand and wrote down his secret instant cure for any hangover. "First thing you'll do with a hangover is cover your eyes from the sun. So you'll see this, make it and you'll be fine in minutes trust me." Sesshomaru put his pen away.

"Oh my god! You are like the best person ever! I am soooo sorry!" The girl looked at her hand and felt overjoyed.

"Don't be sorry. Honestly. I am happy to have the chance to meet someone who values their future as much as you do. And I was leaving anyway. So please don't feel bad and take full advantage of this place." Sesshomaru nodded and gave his gentlemanly gesture of goodbye to the young women.

"Oh no please don't go!" It was to late as Sesshomaru had walked away. "Ughh! You guy! Quick!! Come here!" She motioned for the waiter.

"Yes miss." "Quick! Gimme a bottle of whatever he was drinking!" The young girl ran back to her friends and grabbed her unicorn fluffy purse.

The manager walked up holding a crystal bottle filled with scotch. "Miss that gentleman was drinking our most finest scotch. The bottle balvenie is a 50,000 dollar bottle. A glass of this is at 5,500 a glass." The manager showed the young girl the bottle.

"Holy shit! 50gs! That's ridiculous!" Yeah come on just forget it let's just go back to partying!" The girls friends said to her.

"No, I have this money for a reason. And I can do whatever I choose with it...I WILL TAKE THE BOTTLE SIR! Thank you!!" The glittery girl gave her card and grabbed the bottle and ran.

Her two friends assured the manager she had the money and to run her card.

The glittery girl looked around frantically outside for any sign of the man she was speaking to. If she was honest with herself however, she couldn't even remember what he looked like.

I'll come back here when I get home... I'll see him again somehow and give this to him.

She thought to herself as she slowly walked back in to the lounge.

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