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Sasuke was intimately familiar with that term. Physically, emotionally, and even spiritually familiar with it.

Witnessing his beloved older brother slaughtering his entire family line had nearly broken him at the tender age of 7.

Not only had Itachi made him rewatch every single kill he had wrought unto the Uchiha bloodline, but he had also physically broken him, leaving him in a hospital with multiple broken bones. Though, the emotional pain far outweighed the physical.

Sasuke had been betrayed by one of the most important people in his life. Someone he thought he knew with his entire core and being had ended up being something straight out of a nightmare from the deepest pits of his imagination.

With this pain, he had been blinded by anger and hate. Betraying those he loved for power... Betraying those he had respected due to a misguided view on life.

Sasuke had been blinded by revenge for the majority of his young life. He had always felt trapped in a pool of his negative emotions, desperately clawing at walls that did not exist. His sanity had slowly dwindled into nothing by the time he was 16.

The title of Avenger had come easily to him.

Avenge his clan.

Avenge his parents.

Avenge his anger.

Avenge his actions.

Blinded by a philosophy he created to justify his actions. He had inevitably became what he had tried so desperately to destroy.

A monster not unlike his brother. And yet, when he learned the truth about Itachi, he had fallen deeper into insanity.

Further tarnishing his name and bloodline while welcoming agony and hate into his veins. He had become something worse and he had never questioned his actions.

It would take a miracle to pull him out of the depths he had purposely created for himself.

And yet, that's exactly what Naruto had done.

Even as they both bled out, missing arms in tow from their heated battle, Sasuke could safely say that he had never felt better.

Even during his most darkest phase, he had someone that was willing to dive into that pitch black hole, risking their life and very being just to help pull him out.

"You better not be dead... you armless bastard..." A strangled gasp followed the individuals' statement followed by a pained grunt. "I'll... I'll k-kick your ass again!"

Sasuke smiled, actually smiled, as he heard Naruto speak. Mustering up enough strength to turn his head towards Naruto's position, he spoke raggedly. "Shut... up... Idiot. You lost an arm too..." A short wheeze followed his words.

Naruto was motionless for several minutes, his chest slowly rising and falling. His cerulean orbs were tired but yet they carried a brightness that rivaled the sun itself.

Sasuke would have shaken his head if he had the energy to do so. Naruto clearly wasn't human.

If he considered himself the Darkness that would consume all life, then Naruto was the Light that shone brightly, smothering the very Darkness that tried so desperately to swallow everything within its grasp.

"Sakura-chan... is coming." Naruto said with a small smile, a strand of blood dribbling down his chin. "We'll be... okay..."

Sasuke did not bother replying and chose to rest his eyes. Fighting in a multiple day war had finally taken its toll on his body.

From fighting revived zombies of former Shinobi, to fighting a literal Goddess, and eventually fighting, and losing, to his best friend...

One couldn't blame Sasuke for being so tired.

"Maybe... Just maybe... I can put my trust in someone again..." Mismatched orbs studied the calm expression on Naruto's face before slowly closing. "Thank you... Naruto."

With those final thoughts Sasuke succumbed to darkness. A darkness that he welcomed with open arms.

Naruto blinked several times before hearing the soft crunch of mineral and rock. He turned his head towards the direction of the noise, which was far harder than he would ever admit, and spotted Sakura.

A grin came to his face, his eyes clenching shut, not seeing the worried and concerned gaze of his female teammate.

"Sakura-chan!" He exclaimed tiredly, though he made sure to add in a bit of excitement to his tone. "You wouldn't mind healing us, right?" He chuckled quietly after his words and chose to keep his eyes closed.

The pink haired medic of Team 7 stared at her two incapacitated teammates with tears in her eyes. Her emerald orbs studying the damage to both of their bodies with a minor grimace.


Chakra exhaustion.

Torn ligaments.

Broken bones.

Sakura shook her head before kneeling beside Sasuke, her hands glowing green, and began to run a diagnostic of his body.

"You should have seen it Sakura-chan..." Naruto's tired voice resounded out once again. "I kicked his ass!" A hearty laugh escaped the blond teen followed by a rather harsh coughing fit. The blond Jinchuuriki released a quiet string of curses that brought a smile to the Kunoichi's face.

Sakura ran her glowing hands across the Uchiha's chest before speaking patiently. "Naruto, please stop talking. Your injuries are bad enough."

Her smile twitched into a tiny frown as Sasuke grimaced quietly. "Sakura..." She heard him say quietly. "I'm... I'm sorry. For everything..."

Tears flowed freely down her face at the teen's apology. She sniffled several times before wiping her eyes, trying to dry her tears.

"Just... Be quiet. I need to focus..." She continued to heal the Uchiha's more prominent injuries before speaking once more. "An apology isn't enough for me, Sasuke-kun. You'll need to work for my forgiveness."

The Uchiha did not reply for several seconds before eventually garnering enough strength to nod his head.

"I w-will."

Sakura continued her work diligently, sweat pouring down her face as she worked her magic. She was so focused on her task that she missed Kakashi's entrance. The hand that rested on her shoulder made her physically jump but the voice that followed calmed her.

"Don't exhaust yourself, Sakura."

She slowly turned her head towards her Sensei and stared at his eyes with a small frown.

Both pupils were an identical shade of charcoal.

It was... unnatural. She was used to seeing a Sharingan in his left and an ebony orb in his right.

Sighing quietly, Sakura turned her attention back to Sasuke. "I won't Sensei... If you could run a diagnosis on Naruto then I would greatly appreciate it. It'd save me alot of time."

Kakashi squeezed the girl's shoulder gently before making his way towards his blond student. With hands glowing a brilliant shade of green, he ran them over the boy's body.

A small frown formed on Kakashi's face as he stared at Naruto. The boy looked so tired. A stark contrast to the boy that had battled against multiple Bijuu, a Juubi Jinchuuriki Obito, a Juubi Jinchuuriki Madara and then a Goddess.

The only other time he had seen Naruto even remotely tired was after his battle with Pein. An incredibly powerful man but he certainly didn't stack up to Obito, Madara and Kaguya.

"I'm proud of you, Naruto." The words pouring out of Kakashi without a second thought. "I'm sorry I didn't do more for you when you were younger..."

Kakashi's hands glowed a brighter shade of green as he chose to aid Sakura. While he may not be a medic to the degree that she was, he knew a thing or two. He'd aid where he could.

Naruto grunted quietly at the action before speaking quietly. "It's okay Kakai-sensei... I understand... I know how hard being alone truly can be. You don't have to apologise..."

Kakashi stared at Naruto before closing his eyes and hiding the tears that formed due to the boy's words. He said nothing and just nodded his head knowing that Naruto would understand.

His little family was finally back together once again.

Team 7.

His... No. Their family was complete once again.

It had taken an entire night but Naruto and Sasuke were finally healed. Well, as healed they'll get for now. All of their major injuries were more or less healed, at the cost of Sakura nearly fainting multiple times while working on Naruto.

As for their arms... Well, that was a different story.

"C'mon Sasuke! It's your arm for Kami's sake!" Naruto pleaded for the fifth time. "You need two of them!"

The ebony haired Uchiha rolled his eyes for the sixth time before responding. "For the last time, I do not need two arms. I can and will kick your ass with just one."

The Jinchuuriki stared at his best friend for several seconds before raising an eyebrow. "I honestly didn't know you could even make jokes. That was a good one Sasuke!"

The boy's grin was absolutely infuriating but Sasuke would weather it. If only to deny the boy actually giving him his arm back. He didn't deserve it.

It was a monument to his sins. A permanent reminder of his past actions.

"Shut up, idiot." He grunted out quietly before moving to carry Sakura. He bent his knees, allowing the girl to wrap her arms around his neck, before standing to his full height. "C'mon... Let's go release the Mugen Tsukuyomi."

Naruto's grin disappeared and a hardened expression replaced it. He nodded his head before lifting Kakashi and placing him on his back.

"Right! Let's go."

Without any further words the two teens disappeared in a burst of speed towards the Shinju. While not fully healed to 100% they were perfectly capable of traveling.

Once Naruto and Sasuke released the Genjutsu holding the world hostage, then Naruto would have no issues activating his Sage Mode and recuperating the injuries from his fight with Sasuke.

He'd also like to speak with Kurama eventually but he could wait. He still only had half of Kurama's entire power due to Black Zetsu. Once Sasuke released the Bijuu from their Chibaku Tensai prisons then he could merge both halves of the Kyuubi and Kurama would be whole again. The grumpy fox would definitely lighten up after that.

As if somehow hearing Naruto's thoughts, the slumbering fox grumbled in his sleep and Naruto could make out a few words.

Something along the lines of 'Annoying, blond shit.'

He chuckled quietly to himself and ignored the brief glance that Sasuke and Sakura gave to him.

Team 7 continued their journey for nearly an hour before finally reaching the battlefield. There they found the massive Shinju, fully sprouted and holding all of the Shinobi that had battled Obito, Madara and the Juubi.

Massive, white cocoons littered the battlefield with hundreds of massive craters and missing chunks of earth. Devastation as far as the eye could see.

In the sky, there were nine gigantic pieces of floating rock. Inside each piece of earth were the nine Bijuu that Sasuke had imprisoned during his fight with Naruto.

Sasuke gently placed Sakura on the ground before turning towards Naruto. He watched as the blond placed an unconscious Kakashi on the ground.

"I'm sorry Naruto..."

It was all Sasuke could really say. He didn't need to say them because he was absolutely positive that Naruto understood but he still wanted to say them. If only to ease his own conscious.

Naruto's azure orbs left Kakashi before focusing on his best friend. He offered the boy a small smile before closing the distance. "I know you are, Sasuke. You don't have to say it."

Sasuke begged to differ but decided not to speak further. He said what needed to be said and that was that.

Shoulder to shoulder they stood. The mood was rather comfortable if Sasuke had to put a finger on it. Who would have thought? Just a few hours ago both he and Naruto were at each others' throat, hurling Jutsus that could destroy the major villages.


Sasuke glanced towards his fri-... No, his brother, and then shifted towards the floating constructs of rock. He released a tired sigh before placing both of his palms together.

His chakra flared for a brief moment and the spheres of earth slowly descended unto the earth. It would not be long before the Bijuu arrived.

"They will attack me." Sasuke mentioned in a rather placid tone, Rinnegan dull due to an over usage. He closed said eye not a second later while his shoulders dropped tiredly. The Uchiha resisted the urge to rub his face and was only successful due to his pride.

Naruto, ever the optimistic one, chuckled playfully as he wrapped an arm around his friend's shoulder. "Maybe! But I'm sure I can convince them otherwise."

Sasuke did not reply.

"You could apologize...?" Sakura chimed in helpfully, though by her tone she didn't sound relatively confident.

"I'm sure they would love that." Sasuke responded, a small dribble of sarcasm coating his words.

"You guys worry too much, right Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto placated.

"He's unconscious." Sakura replied evenly. "Idiot." She added in not a second later.

Team 7 continued to idly bicker with one another as they awaited the Bijuu's return. Several minutes passed by before each of the nine satellites reached the earth.

The meteors crumbled shortly after before cracking and breaking in half, revealing each of the Bijuu, in their entire glory.

Naruto's face broke into a huge grin as he ran towards the other half of Kurama, greeting him boisterously.

"Kurama! It's good to see you buddy!" He jumped onto the giant fox's snout, knees bent and hand raised in a single finger salute. "The other half of you is still sleeping... He's all tuckered out from Sasuke and I's fight."

The giant fox stared down at its other halves' Jinchuuriki before focusing on the other three humans in the area.

Crimson, slitted orbs regarded the humans with thinly veiled disdain before the massive Bijuu spoke.

"Why does he still breath?" Kurama spoke with genuine annoyance lacing his tone. "Like all those of his blood, they only seek to destroy..."

Naruto didn't get to respond to Kurama as one of the other Bijuu did so for him. That Bijuu being the Nibi, Matatabi.

"Neh, Kurama... Take it easy." The feminine voice of the giant cat spoke calmly. "You already know why the child walks... You just want to be angry."

Kurama replied in a snappy manner as he directed his gaze upon Matatabi. "Silence! It matters not if I know! This child treated us like that wretched ancestor of his! Death would be a blessing..."

Before any of the other Bijuus could speak, Naruto did so. "Now now now, Kurama... We don't gotta go that far." He chuckled nervously when Kurama's blazing eyes focused on his own. He coughed quietly before placing his palm on the beast's fur. "Just trust me, partner. He's changed... We can always kick his ass later though." He added with a giant grin.

The Kyuubi contemplated Naruto's words for several seconds before scoffing quietly and closing his eyes. "Get off me. Annoying brat..."

Naruto cackled loudly before hopping off the fox's nose, landing easily on the earth. "I love you too, furball."

A clenched fist rose towards the Kyuubi, patiently waiting for the action to be mimicked by the nine-tailed fox.

Each of the other Bijuu stared at the child silently, waiting to see if Kurama would reciprocate the action. It took an entire minute but eventually the beast rose its human-like hand and gently tapped its fist to Naruto's.

When their fist's connected, a burst of Chakra was sent directly into Naruto. The Chakra traveled through Naruto's entire being before reaching the other half of Kurama.

The giant beast stirred for a moment before opening one of its eyes. It was silent for several seconds before speaking through the mental connection it shared with Naruto.

"Join me... The process will be far easier..."

The half of Kurama that existed outside of the seal stared into Naruto's eyes before glowing a brilliant shade of orange. The sentient construct of Chakra became shapeless before seemingly getting 'sucked' into Naruto's seal.

Naruto's eyes widened exponentially for a moment before he shook his head. He rubbed his eyes several times before releasing a breathy exhale.

"Ahh!" He exclaimed short of breath. "That felt so weird." He glanced down towards his stomach before patting his seal with a small smile. "Good to have you back, buddy."

"What a surreal experience." Sakura commented lightly from her position on the ground. Her emerald orbs traveled across each of the unique looking beasts as she waved with a tired smile. "Hello... My name is Sakura! It's nice to meet you all."

"Yo!" Shukaku, the Ichibi said, screamed, in response.

"Greetings, young one. I am called Matatabi." Matatabi, the Nibi, responded politely.

"It is nice to meet you as well. You can call me Isobu." Isobu, the Sanbi, greeted quietly in tow.

"Yo! I am the Mighty Son Goku! Bow before me!" The Yonbi, Son Goku, bellowed out proudly with a mighty roar.

"You are much too loud Son Goku... Hello child, I am Kokuo." The Gobi greeted politely with a minor bow. The giant dolphin-horse hybrid seemed to almost kneel.

"Ooooh~! How exciting! Hello! I am Saiken! It is a pleasure to meet a friend of Naruto-kun~!" Saiken, the Rokubi greeted in a bubbly manner. The creature's slug-like body seemed to writhe in a manner that signified its joy.

"Yoo! Call me Chomei! Aka Lucky Number Seven!" Chomei, the giant beetle buzzed happily as it flew into the air, doing several spins and flips.

"Gyuuki." The Hachibi, Gyuuki, greeted with a simple wave.

Sakura stared at each of the beasts as they introduced themselves with an awed expression on her face. She hadn't known that the Bijuu had names... Well, it made sense. Who'd want their name to be defined by their most distinctive trait?

"And you already met Kurama! He's kind of an ass but you get used to it." Naruto supplied helpfully with a small smile. His cerulean orbs traveled towards Sasuke and he rose a single eyebrow at the small frown marring his friend's face.

"I wish to apologize... to each of you." Sasuke stated as he slowly walked towards Naruto's position. "I treated you all like mere pets... Stealing your power for my own gain." The Uchiha kneeled on one leg while placing the palm of his right hand on the earth. "Please, forgive me..."

The 8 remaining Bijuu all stared down at the human with varying degrees of expressions and feelings. This was the first time that a human had bowed to them, let alone apologized to them.

It was... different.

"You truly only live because of your friend." Matatabi stated before any of her fellow siblings could. "If it weren't for Naruto and his desire to protect us then I would strike you where you stand."

"Count yourself lucky, ya bastard!" Son Goku added in hotly, the temperature increasing to an almost uncomfortable degree.

"Now, now Son Goku." Kokuo chided patiently. "There is no need for your petty anger. There are bigger issues we must deal with now."

Naruto nodded his head at the Gobi's words while replying. "Yeah! We have to release everyone trapped in the Mugen Tsukuyomi." He turned his attention to his friend who was slowly rising from the earth. "C'mon Sasuke."

The Uchiha slowly made his way towards his best friend before raising his only remaining arm. He formed the necessary seal before placing it against Naruto's own.

The two Shinobi flared their chakra, just as Hagaromo Otsutsuki showed them and then...



"Uhh... Sasuke?"

"You are channelling your Chakra correctly, yes?"

"Of course I am you dumb bastard! I have perfect Chakra control now!"

"Well..., try harder then! It's not working, you idiot!"

The two teens bickered for several more moments as Sakura and the rest of the Bijuu stared at the teens with placid expressions.

Naruto released a cry of aggravation before moving his hand away and exhaling heavily. "Okaaaaaay... Let's try this again. Super Gramps said that we both needed to form the Rat seal and channel our Chakra at the same time." He turned towards Sasuke who possessed a small frown before continuing. "Let's try again."

Without another word, Sasuke placed his hand against Naruto's before both boys closed their eyes. Orange Chakra surrounded Naruto while a layer of purple Chakra surrounded Sasuke.

Several seconds passed by in silence as yet again, nothing happened.

A pit began to form in Sasuke's stomach as he immediately caught on to what was happening. A heavy frown slowly settled on his face as he glanced towards Naruto.

The boy was ranting quietly to himself, seemingly arguing with the Kyuubi. He wasn't aware of what was currently happening...

Sasuke's mismatched orbs left the blond haired teen and then proceeded to focus on Sakura. The girl's gaze was calculating as she stared at out into the distance, mind working a mile a minute. She had her thumb resting on her bottom lip with her eyebrows furrowed. Forehead creased as her eyes began to slowly widen.

She was going to catch on soon...

This... this wasn't good.

The Jutsu... It wasn't working.

He and Naruto had channeled their Chakra perfectly... Doing exactly what Hagoromo had told them to do to release the Mugen Tsukuyomi.

No... No, it couldn't end like this!

It... It can't!

Adrenaline surged throughout his body as his heart pumped rapidly. A distinct ringing noise resounded through his ears and his eyes became unfocused.

Sasuke wasn't even aware of the fact that his hands were shaking nor was he focused on the incessant rambling from Naruto. His eyes grew unfocused before he eventually started experiencing tunnel vision.

The Jutsu wasn't working.

The Jutsu wasn't working.

The Jutsu wasn't working.

The Jutsu wasn't working.



Why?! Why wasn't it working?!

They were doing it correctly!


Ma-maybe there was another way! Maybe they were just being stupid! Yeah... That had to be it. There was no other explanation as to why the Jutsu wasn't working. If he and Naruto just tried one mo-


Sasuke felt two hands grip his shoulders roughly. The darkness that encircled his vision slowly bled away and he found himself staring directly into Naruto's concerned eyes.

"Hey! You ok?"

Sasuke blinked several times before a wave of nausea crashed into him. He soon found himself on the ground, clenching the sides of his skull as he whispered hysterically.

"It's not working... Why is it not working?!"

Naruto stared at his friend with visible worry before directing his attention to Sakura and the remaining Bijuu. He immediately noticed Sakura's horrified expression first and the feeling of vertigo slammed into him.

Something... disgusting wormed its way into the back of his mind.

"ThEy'Re GoNe FoReVeR..."

Naruto's gaze snapped towards the Bijuus and he immediately took note of their solemn expressions.

N-No... That isn't... That... No!

No... Nonononononononononono!

"Sasuke! Get up! I said GET UP!" He roughly pulled the boy to his feet, ignoring how robotic his friend seemed to be. "W-We gotta try again! COME ON!"

Naruto forced both of their hands together before channeling his Chakra. Despite Sasuke's seemingly catatonic state, he was still lucid enough to also channel his own Chakra in response to Naruto's.


"No! No Kami dammit NO! AGAIN!"





"NARUTO!" The angry voice of Kurama reverberated against Naruto's mind causing him to release a grimace.

"K-Kurama... Y-You gotta help me! The Jutsu... It. It's not working!" He replied in a slightly hysterical manner. "I don't know what's going on!"

The Kyuubi was silent for several long seconds, long enough that Naruto had stopped to catch his breath and get it under control.

"You and that boy are doing nothing wrong."

Naruto's fists tightened immensely at the Kyuubi's words. His teeth clenched harshly as he mentally responded in a pleading tone. "Kurama... Please?!"

His tone was desperate, frantic even. Filled with hope and faith, believing that his new partner and friend had the answer he so desperately needed.

But... Kurama didn't have the answer that Naruto so desperately required.

Kurama dipped his large head, the action being felt rather then seen by Naruto. And when he spoke, it was somber.

"I'm sorry Naruto. The Jutsu... Has failed."

It was the final nail in the coffin. Tears formed and fell as Naruto dropped to his knees. His previously clenched fists now relaxed considerably and lay on the rock beneath him.

Naruto's head tilted forward, spiky locks of blond hair shadowing his forehead and upper face. His torso trembled several times but he refused to cry out.

Refused to give up hope...

Refused to believe that it was over...

It couldn't be! It just couldn't!

They had won... THEY WON!

They beat Kaguya! Defeated the Juubi! Sealed her away!




A scream, one filled with so much pain and sorrow, tore through Naruto's vocal chords. His forehead smashed the earthy soil beneath him as he wailed in agony.

Kurama's eyes now lacked the distinct hate they once previously held. The anger and rage all but evaporated. His crimson orbs were focused on nothing in particular, just blankly staring at the water that filled his previous prison.

He could feel every single bit of pain that was coursing through Naruto's body.

The despair.

The agony.

The sadness.

It was smothering, all encompassing. Like a thick, heavy fog full of sorrow seated upon one's shoulder, relentlessly pulling them further and further into the deepest abyss known imaginable to mankind.

And Kurama would weather every single one of these negative emotions.

One of them had to. Their way of life was now no more... Humans were all but extinct now.

It would not be long before every single human trapped in those cocoons would be converted into a white Zetsu.

Their power, conscious and memories siphoned from their very bodies. Hollowing them and becoming nothing more than mindless drones.

For the first time in all of Kurama's life...

He pitied the entirety of the human race.

"Kaguya won after all Ji-san... What trying times."

Ophis relished her? (its) silence. A quiet existence was a preferred one.

The plight of others was of no concern to hers. Be it they devils, humans, angels or even her own kind.

Other dragons were just as bad, if not worse, than her fellow race.

Contests of power.



Ophis cared not for any of that. Instead, she sought the peace and serenity that was silence. The Dimensional Gap was her home. Her own sanctum where silence ruled.

But now?

The blank orbs of a tiny, petite child slowly trailed after the form of a behemoth sized dragon. The dragon's most prominent feature was its red scales.

Other then it being absolutely enormous, of course.

Ophis' silence had been invaded.



Great Red, the giant dragon that was currently flying around the Dimensional Gap without a care in the world, was an annoying pest.

He had been adament to call this place, her home, his playground!

It was unacceptable.

The Dimensional Gap was her home. He did not belong here nor was he welcomed. She had made sure to let him know this as well.

Dozens of times at that.

It always ended the same. He would argue with her. Antagonize her. Spew vitriol at her. Demand a fight.

Ophis did not wish to fight Great Red. A prolonged fight between them would take too much time. She had already fought him once before and she was not keen on doing it once more.

They were both too powerful and it would only end in another draw.

But that would change soon. She had been garnering... allies to aid her problem. That problem being Great Red.

With the help of talented and powerful beings of all races she was sure that they could get rid of Great Red, once and for all.

The 'Khaos Brigade' she called it. Well, she didn't name it that. She didn't care for the name. Her only goal was removing Great Red from her home.

The tiny child-like form of Ophis raised her hand towards the form of Great Red who was currently flying through the iridescent skies. She formed a finger gun with her index finger and thumb before speaking in a monotonous tone, devoid of any and all emotion.


"Do you guys believe in the theory of Parallel Universes?" Sakura's question resounded out into the night sky.

"Theory of what now?" Naruto's confused voice replied only a moment later.

"The belief that a world or multiple worlds, not unlike our own, exist in a similar plane of existence but with major or minor differences." Kakashi supplied helpfully.

"Uhh..." The blonde eloquently replies.

"Idiot..." Sasuke comments lightly before explaining in a simpler fashion. "Another Elemental Nations on a different planet that isn't this one."

"OHHHH!" Naruto exclaims loudly before chuckling. "Yeah, I don't know."


"Fuck you, Sasuke!"


The two powerful teens bickered back and forth for several minutes as the other members of Team 7 lounge under the night sky. The stars in the heavens shined brightly from up above.

A campfire was situated in the middle of their little group, offering light to the four Shinobi who were content to just lay about and speak about any topic they fancied.

It had been nearly 6 months since that fateful day...

It was a rough day to say the least. Multiple breakdowns, fights, tantrums, fits of despair and hopeless denials had followed suit.

From each of them no less, though it had hit Naruto the hardest. He had been a wreck for the first 3 months. Desperately trying anything and everything to undo the nightmare that had descended upon them.

It was, in the end, useless.

The Jutsu that was supposed to release humanity from the clutches of the Shinju had failed... In spectacular fashion.

They were all that remained of the Elemental Nations.

Humanly speaking, of course.

It was... odd.

There was a certain mystique to being the only remaining living individuals of an entire planet. At least Sakura thought so.

It was kind of fascinating.

She was one of the last humans in the entire Elemental Nations... And for humanity to revive, she obviously had a duty.

That particular conversation had been relatively... awful.

Could you blame her? Imagine being the last of your kind that had the ability to reproduce.

She would have to be the sole savior of the human race.

It was harrowing. Overbearing. Annoying.

Sakura had almost denied it in its entirety but that was a selfish belief on her part. She didn't want to be the woman burdened with the rebirth of mankind.

Thankfully, her team understood. They still had a few years before pulling the trigger on that particular activity.

Team 7 had been content with just accepting their fate, well Naruto hadn't. But Naruto rarely ever went down silently. He always needed to fight.

It was just the kind of person he was. It was endearing, kind of. And sometimes, it was just outright fucking annoying.

Sakura's thoughts were interrupted as Kakashi's voice resounded out. "What brought this on Sakura?"

From her prone position Sakura shifted onto her belly, now facing Kakashi. "I wonder if there's a world where the Jutsu worked." Her emerald orbs studied the man's face as she continued. "The possibilities are endless... Like, maybe there was a world we didn't even have a Fourth Shinobi War."

Kakashi's eyes left the pink haired teen as he turned towards the star filled sky above. A gloved hand came to rest upon his chin, stroking it slowly. "It's certainly a fascinating theory. I wonder if our personalities would differ."

They were both interrupted by the sounds of Naruto and Sasuke struggling and grunting. The two teens were currently in a hand lock, both struggling to over power the other. Their bodies rolled along the muddy soil, tarnishing their clothes and dirtying their bodies.

"Stupid, one armed bastard!"

"Fuck you, idiot! You still have one arm, too!"

"But I can grow mine back!"

"Shut up!"

The two friends eventually rolled over the campfire, destroying it and ridding the group of their source of light. Before they could even attempt to bowl over Sakura, the girl kicked them away.

With startled yelps the two teens were sent tumbling away from the girl, crashing into a rather large boulder and halting their momentum in its entirety.

"Don't make me punch you two!" She threatened loudly with an angry fist.

Kakashi sighed quietly to himself as he propped his head up with one of his hands. "Leave them be Sakura. You know how they are."

Her fist was redirected towards Kakashi as she glared at him. "You want some too?!" She threatened.

The mask wearing Jonin just chuckled sheepishly while raising his hands in a placating manner. "Please don't."

Emerald orbs narrowed considerably before an angry huff vacated Sakura's body. She turned back towards her male teammates before stomping towards them while cracking her knuckles.

Kakashi watched the girl stomp away from his position with a sigh of relief. He did not want to deal with an angry Sakura. The girl could destroy mountains with a single punch.

No thank you!

"Not the face, Sakura-chan!"

"Ahh! Watch it! That's my-" A grunt of pain escaped Sasuke. "Eye..." He wheezed out shortly afterwards.

"Hahahaha! Get fucked idiot!" A scream of pain shortly escaped the Jinchuuriki afterwards. "I'm sorry!"

Kakashi just ignored the cries of pain. It wasn't his business. Sasuke and Naruto stirred the pot.

Now it was time for them to eat it.

Ophis was not in a good mood. Rarely was she ever in an actual mood to begin with. Emotions were something she didn't have but she was fairly certain that what she was currently feeling was annoyance.


"You leave! This is my new home!"


"Fuck off, Ophis! Watch as I, the powerful and almighty Great Red, do several flips for style!"

Ophis' fingers twitched, signaling that her patience had finally run thin. Tendrils of black and purple energy began to slowly leak off her petite form, forming several snake-like entities that writhed around her body dangerously.

Power seeped out her form in droves and the Dimensional Gap seemed to almost bend to her will. The beautiful iridescent lights that made up the Dimensional Gap seemed to almost warp and bend as she stared at the annoying red dragon that had the audacity to call her home his.

Just as her power reached its apex, Ophis felt... something.

It was fleeting.



The disguised dragon tilted her head in a curious manner before directing her attention to the phenomena. With Great Red all but forgotten, Ophis began to slowly travel towards the unique sensation.

"Oi! Where are you going?!"

Great Red's words fell on deaf ears as Ophis continued her journey. The beast's golden eyes watched the tiny girl float away before scoffing loudly.

"Pshh... I don't care anyway! More tricks for me!" The dragon released an annoyingly loud cackle before proceeding to flip through the air, wings curling beneath him as he did so.

Boundless curiosity flowed through Ophis' tiny body as she traveled aimlessly through the endless space of the Dimensional Gap. Great Red's childish and annoying antics slowly tapered off into nothing as Ophis continued deeper and deeper into the empty void of space.

Left. Straight. Right. Straight. Left. Straight. Left.

Her travels were erratic yet seemed to follow some kind of rhythm. The feeling continuing to grow stronger with every second.

The feeling was akin to that of a needle lightly dancing upon one's skin. It was a unique sensation for one like Ophis.

How much time had passed? Hours? Days? Weeks? What was time to a being such as Ophis?

Her endless travels seemed to finally stop.

Slowly hovering in mid-air Ophis continued to survey the area she was in. There was nothing here that was out of the ordinary.

The same bright, iridescent lights flashed all around her body before the sensation happened once more.

This time though, it was far stronger.

Blank, ebony orbs sharpened immensely before her sight focused on a particularly bright light emanating in mid-air.

Head tilted curiously, the petite child slowly floated towards the unique phenomena. Hovering in mid-air was a tiny hole or tear in the dimensional gap.

It was deceptively small. Tiny enough to truly go unnoticed but not small enough if one were to truly focus their gaze upon it. The spatial tear couldn't have been bigger than her pinky.

The Infinite Dragon God stared at the thimble sized hole for what seemed like hours before she eventually raised a single digit.

Her index finger gently prodded the tear with all the curiosity of a child. The 'hole' was more akin to that of a ripple when one came into contact with water. The space surrounding the hole rippled multiple times at Ophis' action.

Ophis was motionless for several long minutes before eventually prodding the hole once more. This time she used far more force and began to slowly 'rip' the tear larger.

The hole began to slowly grow in size, the light emanating from the hole growing in size and intensity. Once the hole was big enough for Ophis to fit her fist through she stopped poking it.

A smile, yes a smile, formed on the girl's face before she gripped the hole with both hands. Channeling a great deal of power into her body Ophis proceeded the rip the hole even further.

Her action caused an immense flash of bright light to encompass her. The gargantuan pillar of light spanned out for several miles and Ophis was consumed by its ethereal glow.

"Why is the world shaking?!" Naruto cried out with only a slight bit of panic.

Indeed the world was shaking with the fury of Kami herself. Team 7 had been preparing their breakfast before the very world itself began to shake violently.

"Naruto! What did you do?!" Sakura cried out in annoyance as she slammed her hands into the ground to prevent herself from falling over.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" The whiskered teen responded frantically.

"This isn't natural!" Kakashi grunted out quietly, gripping onto Sakura's Jonin Vest to keep himself from being sent tumbling.

Purple Chakra exploded around the three individuals before a feeling of weightlessness encompassed them. The familiar form of Sasuke's Perfect Susano'o kept them all grounded as the earth beneath them gave way.

The four remaining Shinobi glanced down at the earth in shock, watching as the entire landscape was quite literally torn asunder.

"Kami..." Sasuke whispered quietly as he stared down at the devastation.

Naruto's eyes widened before he dawned the chakra of Kurama. A golden, ethereal layer of energy spread throughout Sasuke's Susano'o, encasing it and changing it's form to that a giant Nine-tailed Fox Samurai.

"The other Bijuu! We have to save them from whatever's happening!" Naruto's golden orbs met Sasuke's mismatched ones. He received a single nod and Naruto mentally ordered the Chakra construct towards the Bijuu.

The Susano'o/Kurama Cloak transformation flew through the air, breaking the sound barrier as it reached its destination almost instantly.

Upon reaching the area where the remaining Bijuu were located, Naruto created eight shadow clones who dashed out of the Susano'o. The doppler gangers reached their targets before placing a palm onto their bodies.

In an instant, all 8 remaining Bijuus turned into a unique color of Chakra before being sucked into each of the Naruto clones. Once each clone was finished with their tasks they immediately disappeared in a burst of speed and reappeared in front of the unique Susano'o hybrid.

"The Shinju!" Sakura's startled scream drew everyone's attention. "It's... it's falling!"

The rest of Team 7 directed their attention to the giant tree as the earth beneath it collapsed. The Shinju, along with the cacoons of humanity, descended into the earth's abyss... Disappearing entirely.

"They... They're gone... They're really... gone." Naruto stated while falling to his knees. His blue orbs were slick with tears as he watched the chaos and destruction.

His world... It was being swallowed...

Everywhere he looked was complete destruction and desolation. Almost as if the very world itself seemed ready to implode on itself.

"Naruto! Hey! Get it together!" Sasuke kneeled beside his best friend before gripping the boy by his blond locks and harshly yanking his head towards hisself. "Look at me!" He ordered loudly.

When the Jinchuuriki refused to do so, Sasuke hit him.


The Uchiha's punch seemed to rattle something fierce in the Uzumaki. The boy's golden eyes burned furiously before he returned the action. His knuckles rapped against Sasuke's chin producing a rather loud crunching noise.

"Fuck you!" Naruto roared back angrily. "Do you not see what's happening?! Our whole world is destroying itself!" Tears trailed down his face as his voice cracked. "What the fuck are we going to do now?!"

Sasuke spit out a glob of blood, nursing his chin with his only remaining hand. He quickly stood to his feet, mismatched orbs burning with a fire not unlike the flames of Amaterasu.

"I don't fucking know!" He returned angrily, his forehead cracking against Naruto's with the force of a thousand men. Blood immediately trickled down both boy's face though they weren't bothered. "But atleast I'm not going to fucking cry about it! That's all you do now! Cry and cry and cry and cry and FUCKING CRY!"

Before the two friends could come to blows Sakura placed her hands against their chest before harshly pushing them away from own another.

"HEY! We have more important shit to worry about now! We can't afford having both of you fighting right now!" Her emerald orbs blazed fiercely as she pinned the two boys with a harsh glare. "Stop fighting."

Kakashi watched on quietly with his arms crossed against his chest, silently hoping that the boys would come to their senses. Sakura was absolutely correct. They couldn't afford to be fighting like this.

Least of all Naruto and Sasuke coming to blows once more.

They had fought many a time since the Jutsu had failed. Though each time, they had held back. Holding onto hope that one day they could save the Elemental Nations.

Kakashi's eyes risked a glance towards the destroyed land and a heavy frown marred his hidden face.

Now that the Elemental Nations was truly destroyed...

He actually feared that the two teens would come to blows. They would certainly kill one another now that they truly had nothing to lose.

After a tense minute of silence both teens slowly relented, shoulders dropping tiredly.

Sakura exhaled heavily before moving her hands. Rubbing her eyes with her left, she spoke tiredly. "We... We have to plan or... Do something."

"Plan what exactly?" Sasuke asked in a slightly snarky manner. "Look around us. There's nothing. What are we going to do?"

Before Sakura could respond, Naruto did. "Hey! She's just trying to help Sasuke. I don't see you coming up with a plan."

"What plan?!" The Uchiha yelled out, tone laced with frustration. "There's NOTHING! The Shinju?! Gone! Our home?! Destroyed! What in Kami's name do you propose we actually do Naruto?!"

The whiskered Jinchuuriki tightened his only remaining fist as he struggled to come up with a response. After several long seconds of silence he eventually huffed angrily.

"I... I don't know! I don't know what to do! I have nothing! NOTHING!" He growled angrily before throwing his hand up in defeat, tone growing quiet. "I got... I got nothing..."

Team 7 grew quiet at Naruto's defeated tone. The only noise was from the destruction wreaking havoc upon their world.

"Interesting." An unknown female voice spoke through Team 7's silence.

The unknown voice caused each of the Shinobi to tense heavily. They hadn't even sensed the arrival of the new comer.

Sasuke's Rinnegan flared in response to the woman's presence. The tomoe of his Rinnegan spinning wildly as his eyes centered on the woman who had spoke.

Naruto's senses went haywire as he focused on the newcomer. He felt a sharp sting in the back of his neck before the immense presence of the individual beared down upon him.

Naruto and Sasuke physically froze. Their bodies refused to move as they stared at the... the entity before them.

This... this... Being was far superior than Kaguya. Her power was all encompassing.




It took everything they had just to keep themselves from falling over. A task that Sakura and Kakashi had failed. Both Jonin and Kunoichi hit the floor of the Susano'o, heads straining to keep upright.

"Wh-who... Who are you?" Naruto questioned with fear seeping into his veins.

The woman, or rather child, tilted her head curiously before offering a single blink.

"You are standing." She eventually stated.

Naruto swallowed the bile in his throat before speaking hesitantly. "I... Yes. I'm standing... Why wouldn't I be?"

The little girl showed no emotion. Scratch that...

She had no emotions.

"You can stand in my presence." She stated again.

To Naruto, she seemed almost... confused?


"Is... Is that not normal for you?" The whiskered teen asked quietly. Unsure if the girl was hostile or not.

He sure hoped she wasn't. This girl's power was off the fucking charts. Even Kaguya hadn't been this overwhelming and they had struggled to beat her.

"Most individuals that have the ability to sense my true power cannot comprehend it. Their minds are incapable of grasping the infinity." She spoke blankly. There was a gleam developing in her eyes and it made Naruto and Sasuke nauseous.

"Not only can you stand but you are able to weather it..." She continued while floating closer to the Chakra construct. "Interesting."

"What's your name?" Sasuke questioned quietly, trying to calm his racing heart.

Ophis' attention left Naruto before settling on the Uchiha. She blinked once before replying. "Ophis."

Naruto licked his lips nervously before responding. "Uhh... My name's Naruto Uzumaki. It's nice to meet you...?" His greeting was more of a question than a statement but the little girl didn't seem to notice or care.

He was sure it was the latter.

The little girl did not respond to Naruto's greeting. Instead she directed her attention to Sasuke, staring into his eyes.

"Sasuke Uchiha..." He greeted quietly, not bothering to add any niceties. It was clear to him that the little girl wasn't exactly human.

He had never encountered another being who seemed so dead to the world. There was nothing lurking in those abyss-like eyes of her that he could see.

The only thing he could make out was the curiosity. And Sasuke wasn't entirely sure if that was a good thing. With a being this powerful it certainly only meant trouble.

That's not to say that he and Naruto wouldn't go out fighting cus they most certainly would. If Ophis wanted a grand fight then she would get one.

They had just lost their entire world mere seconds ago. They, or rather he atleast, were just looking for a fight to vent their frustrations and anger.

Heart rate now under control, Sasuke stared at the petite girl with furrowed brows. "Why are you here? Did you cause this destruction to our home?" Waving a hand behind him as he did so, highlighting the ruinous earth below them.

Ophis tilted her head before dipping her head towards the earth. She stared down at the devastation with blank eyes before raising a single finger and placing it against her bottom lip.

"I may have inadvertently caused this." Those emotionless orbs refocused on the Uchiha before she continued. "I truly did not know what would happen once I opened the tear in the Dimensional Gap."

Sasuke's anger flared for a brief moment before he harshly stamped it down. Blood slowly seeped down his Rinnegan as he struggled to resist outright attacking the little girl.

"The Dimensional Gap?" Naruto quickly intervened, noticing Sasuke's anger immediately. "W-What is that?"

Completely oblivious to the ebony haired teen's emotions, Ophis responded to Naruto. "My home."

"Your... home? Uhh... Well, I've never heard of it." Cerulean orbs left the little girl for a brief moment, focusing on his best friend. "What is it?"

"The Dimensional Gap is the gap that exists between the three worlds - Earth, Heaven and the Underworld." Blank orbs seemed to finally show emotion as she continued speaking. "It is my home."

Deciding to avoid angering the little girl, the blond didn't push her any further. "Heaven?" Naruto questioned with furrowed eyebrows. "The hell is a Heaven?"

"Heaven is a plane of existence that the Biblical God rules over. Angels and the souls of pure humans call it home." Ophis informed.

"Wait wait wait..." Naruto interjected in confusion. "Angels? God? Do you mean Kami?" Blue eyes turned towards his best friend and noticed that even Sasuke looked confused.

Ophis tilted her head as she repeated the word Naruto used. "Kami... You are referring to the Shinto Pantheon. Humans worship and pay tribute to Kamis. Those like Amaterasu, Susano'o, and Tsukuyomi... They are considered to be Gods."

"Sasuke!" Naruto commented with raised eyebrows.

"I know..." He replied quietly, in a measured tone. "This talk of Gods... We have nothing like that here. The only Gods we have are Kami herself and The Shinigami..."

Ophis blinked several times in silence before witnessing movement behind the two humans in front of her. She spotted a pink haired woman and a masked man with a head full of silver hair. Her interest rose minutely as she witnessed the two weaker humans slowly rising to their feet.

Interesting... These humans, who can fully grasp just how're powerful she is, are able to withstand her sheer presence and might.

Turning her attention back to the more powerful duo Ophis spoke quietly. "You are a part of an entirely different universe. In the Dimensional Gap, rarely does anything ever change. I sensed an unknown phenomena and followed it."

"It lead me to a small hole that shined brightly. I decided to open it. A white flash then engulfed me and I ended up here. In your world."

There was silence for several minutes as the four Shinobi struggled to process everything that was happening.

First, their way of life gets altered by a man thought to be dead. Then, they fight an ancient beast who's presence is powerful enough to destroy their very world. Then, said beast revives a woman who had been sealed away thousand of years ago due to using the breasts' power to control all of humanity. THEN, they defeat the woman and reseal her. THEN, the Jutsu that's supposed to save all of humanity ends up not working!

And now there's a little girl, with a power that can't even be comprehended, rips a hole into their universe causing the calamity of the Elemental Nations.


Fucking awesome.

"I honestly wouldn't mind dying at this point." Sasuke commented dryly, previous fear of Ophis now completely gone. "I mean really. I'm done."

"Sasuke!" Naruto chided in an annoyed manner. "Don't joke about thinks like this."

The Uchiha glanced towards his friend and with a face set in stone, replied blankly. "It wasn't a joke. Idiot."

"D-Don't start you two." Sakura commented quietly, head still ringing due to the little girl's presence. She gingerly rubbed her head trying to stave off the migraine that was oncoming. "We... The Elemental Nations is gone... We need to accept that now. There's... There's nothing here for us anymore..."

Kakashi slowly dropped to his bottom, too tired to even care about standing on his feet. "Sakura is right..." He placed his gloved hand on his face, rubbing his temples to alleviate the pain emanating from his head. "We have nothing... And judging by the trembles, we don't have much time either."

Naruto grit his teeth in frustration before turning his back on Ophis, focusing on his Sensei and teammate. "What can we do then? Sasuke and I can't travel to other dimensions like Kaguya! We're stuck here!"

"Not exactly..." Sasuke responded with narrowed eyes. When the rest of Team 7 directed their gaze on him, he spoke. "If what Ophis says is true then... Then we can live elsewhere."

Ophis did not respond, her face betraying nothing.

"You mentioned some place called Heaven... If I'm correct then the Underworld is the opposite of Heaven yes?"

Sasuke received a single nod from the Dragon.

"If that's the case... Then that would mean that Earth is similar to our world. Will you take us there?" He asked almost desperately. Pride be damned, he couldn't go on like this anymore.

He needed a new slate. A new home. Drive. Motivation. Anything. Just something other than the monotony that Team 7 had been through for the past 6 months.

Team 7 needed this."I can take you with me." Ophis responded blankly. "But on one condition."

"What is it?!" Naruto asked with newfound hope.

"You must help me with an important matter. My home is the Dimensional Gap... And recently an unwanted guest has decided to invade it. I want him gone." Her eyes began to glow as raw power seeped out from her. "And you will aid me."

The four members of Team 7 shivered as the weight of Ophis' power settled on their shoulders.

"Th-That's it?" Naruto questioned with furrowed eyebrows. "You just want our... help?"

"How powerful is this individual that you need help in getting rid of them?" Sasuke questioned with narrowed eyes. "We can sense the power you have. It's infinite... What exactly are we dealing with?"

Instead of explaining Ophis floated away, beckoning the behemoth sized Chakra construct to follow her. The little girl slowly descended into the now destroyed core of the world, disappearing into the abyss.

Team 7 stared down at the abyss that Ophis traveled through in silence.

"What do we really have to lose?" Sasuke proposed quietly with a minor shrug.

"Our lives." Naruto responded with a sigh.

"We should have lost those a dozen times by now." Kakashi supplied helpfully. "I think we'll be ok."

"Ohh, so now everyone is optimistic. Cooooool." The pink-haired medic added in sarcastically.

"Well, now we have a reason to be." The Uchiha replied with a small smirk. "I can't wait to eat actual food."

"MY COOKING WASN'T THAT BAD!" Sakura screamed angrily.

"True. It was way worse." Kakashi jibbed with his infamous eye-smile.

Naruto plastered a fake smile on his face as he responded with a thumbs up. "I thought it was grrrrreeeeaaaaat!"

He convinced no one.

And with that final nail in the coffin, Sakura dropped her head in defeat, skulking childishly.

"C'mon! Let's follow Ophis!"

"So... That's him, huh?" Naruto questioned rather than stated.

A single nod.

"Is he... doing flips?" Sakura questioned with a mild amount of confusion lacing her tone.

Another nod.

"Well... He's pretty big." Kakashi commented lightly with his hands in his pockets.

Again, another nod.

"Are we just going to ignore the fact that he's a dragon?" Sasuke questioned in annoyance.

"Well, we all have eyes Sasuke. Of course we can see it's a dragon. You idiot."

"I'll actually kill you."

"I'd like to see you try, you stupid bastard."

"Come closer, you stupid idiot."

Kakashi and Sakura both ignored the boy's bickering as they stared at the enormous red dragon who was currently doing several backflips while yelling like a child.

"Certainly an odd one." The veteran Jonin commented lightly.

Sakura's face went through a myriad of emotions before eventually settling on a small frown. "I already hate it here."

Kakashi chuckled quietly, shifting his weight on his leg. "Chin up, Sakura. I think our time here will be interesting."

Ophis turned her back to Great Red before staring at Kakashi and Sakura. "His name is Great Red. He is incredibly powerful. Many in the Supernatural World believe he is my equal in terms of power..." The little girl seemed to almost sniff indignantly at the comment before continuing. "They would be wrong."

Kakashi didn't bother calling the little girl out on her display of childish arrogance. She could smear him without so much as lifting a finger. He was going to avoid getting on her bad side.

"Oh, I believe you Ophis-chan." He replied jovially with his trademark eye-smile.

"-Chan?" The tiny dragon-girl questioned with a relatively cute tilt of the head.

"A term of endearment." Sakura supplied helpfully.

Ophis' eyebrows furrowed for a moment as she brought her thumb up to her lips. She bit her thumb while nodding her head several times, seemingly deep in thought.

"I find it acceptable. You will refer to me as 'Ophis-chan' from now on." She spoke or rather, demanded.

Kakashi executed a two finger salute while Sakura just helplessly nodded. It wasn't like she was opposed to it. She just didn't want to be on the little dragon's bad side.

"Oi! So this is really your home?"

"Seems... void."

The trio turned their attention to the remaining male members of Team 7. Both boys sported a black eye with minor cuts and bruises on their faces.

Ophis blinked at the question before nodding her head. "Yes. This is my home. It is quiet... Or it was before that idiot came. Now I am busy trying to rid myself of him."

Naruto stared at the giant reptile with a raised eyebrow. Clasping his hand behind his head, he leaned on one leg before speaking. "Well, why don't you just fight him? You're really strong. Just beat him and tell him to get out."

Ophis shook her head as she responded. "A prolonged fight between Great Red and I would take too long. I do not wish to fight for so long..."

"So... You're using pawns to help you?" Sasuke muttered while crossing his arm against his chest.

Ophis stared at the teen before shrugging. "If that's what they wish to be called then yes. It is not like I'm the only one who is compensated. For the individuals that help me, I grant them a portion of my power."

"Sounds dangerous..." Sakura commented lightly.

"Arrogant, you mean." Kakashi corrected.

"I am a Dragon." Ophis responded as if that was supposed to explain everything.

"Hold up! You're a dragon?" Naruto exclaimed curiously.

The little girl nodded.

"Then why are you a little girl?" Sasuke questioned with a raised brow.

Ophis shrugged as she replied. "It is comfortable."

"So, we're just going to keep ignoring the fact that she has tape on her nipples?" Kakashi questioned out loud.

"Can you shape shift into other things too?" Naruto asked, completely ignoring Kakashi's question.

"I can." The dragon answered with a slight bob of the head.

"Oooh! Can ya show me?!" The blond teen asked with stars in his eyes.

"Oh cool. I'm just going to be ignored then." Kakashi replied in an aloof manner.

"What would you like to see?" Ophis asked, once again ignoring Kakashi.

The whiskered teen brought a finger to his chin as he thought of what he wanted to see. There was silence for several long seconds before he eventually snapped his fingers.

"Ahh! How about an older version of yourself?"

The little dragon blinked at the request before her body began to morph and change. Her hair grew longer, her height increased and her body became more curvy.

"Impressive." Sasuke remarked with a single eyebrow raised.

Naruto placed his index finger and thumb in his chin as he studied the girl's new body. "Are you capable of morphing certain parts?"

Ophis nodded.

"Oooh! Do the chest!"

"Pervert." Sakura commented in annoyance.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "It is what it is."

"No. We're not doing that." Sasuke turned towards Ophis, who had already morphed her chest.

She now rivaled the late Tsunade Senju.

"Nice." Naruto complimented.

"Nice." Kakashi also complimented.

"...Nice." Sasuke too, complimented.

"Fucking pigs." Sakura spit with annoyance.

She absolutely was not jealous that the dragon could increase her breast size. Nope, not at all. Not one bit! Not even a little!


Okay! She was fucking pissed! How unfair was that?!

"Anyway!" Naruto started after studying the busty dragon. "When are we going to be fighting him?"

'Him' being the dragon that was currently flipping through the air.

Ophis narrowed her eyes as she turned towards Great Red, giant breasts bouncing as she did so. She placed her thumb on her lower lip before speaking slowly.


Team 7 waited for the dragon to elaborate.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"Oh, so you're just not going to explain?" Kakashi once again questioned in his usual aloof manner.

"In the meantime..." Ophis said, taking her thumb away from her lip. "Take my power as compensation."

Black tendrils of energy slowly seeped out of Ophis' skin. The condensed power writhed like snakes in the air, awaiting to be claimed.

Team 7 stared at the energy masses before taking a step back.

"Uhh... I'm good."

"Yeah, I'm strong enough."

"Count me out."

"Is that even legal?"

Ophis furrowed her eyebrows as she tilted her head. "You don't want my power?" She asked with a minor amount of confusion.

The members of Team 7 glanced towards one another, each individual possessing uneasy expressions on their face. It was Naruto that eventually stepped forward to speak.

"Not to disrespect you or anything but... No, we don't. We'll just help when you call us. Is that... okay?" He questioned nervously, hand coming up to rub the back of his head.

Ophis was silent for several long seconds before the tendrils of energy slowly returned. "Odd... You four do not hunger for power..."

Sasuke scoffed quietly. "Been there, done that. I'm past my power hungry days."

"I already have enough power." Naruto responded with a shrug.

"And you just got way more from the Bijuus." Kakashi informed with an eye-smile. "It's a good thing you're not a bad person. I'd be worried."

"You should be worried." Sasuke corrected. "He's an idiot."

"Fuck you Sasuke!"


"HEY!" Sakura growled loudly. "Stop fighting right now!"

Ophis watched the 4 Shinobi as they interacted with a keen gaze.

Interesting... So very interesting.

She needed to study them more. But for now, she had other things to do. Like gathering more allies and pawns to aid her in her mission.

Great Red needed to be killed. Or silenced. Or sealed. Or eviscerated. Or exploded. Or stabbed. Or burned. Or drowned.

Yes yes yes... He needed alot of things.

Team 7 stared at the vast city of Kyoto in slight awe. Brilliant lights and towers greeted them as they overlooked the city from one of the many nearby mountains. Beautiful architecture that resembled their own home greeted them.

The city greatly reminded them of home but with a slightly futuristic look to it. There were things and objects that they couldn't even understand.

What were those metal objects with wheels on the roads?

"This is Kyoto, Japan." Ophis informed them. "I believe that this city shares vast similarities with your own. It also falls under the Shinto Pantheon and is a neutral faction to the Devils, Humans, and Angels."

"Why is that?" Sasuke questioned while studying the beautiful city. "I can also sense... Chakra?"

Naruto shook his head as he responded. "No... Similar to Chakra but... different. What am I sensing right now? There's... tons of these signatures. They're almost animalistic in nature... Some are even... What?"

Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke all stood by silently as Naruto continued to sweep Kyoto. They knew that out of the 4 of them that he was the best sensor.

"It's strange... I don't know what or who those signatures belong to but they're all similar to one another but also different. It's weird." He commented while running the back of his neck.

"What you are sensing are a race of beings called Youkai, who have the ability to use Youjutsu. It is the equivalent of Devil magic and various other powers." She nodded once before continuing.

"When I first arrived on your planet, I found that the Chakra saturating your planet was overwhelming. Everything and everyone had Chakra. That is not the same here. Only specific races even have the capability to harness Chakra."

Naruto rubbed his chin with his remaining hand before muttering quietly. "Does that mean that Senjutsu can be learned here?"

The little dragon nodded her head as she replied. "Yes. In fact, one of my subordinates has mastered Senjutsu. Perhaps you would like to meet her?"

"Uhh... Sure." The whiskered teen answered, mind still reeling about all this new information.

"Kyoto is under the jurisdiction of a woman named Yasaka. She is a Kyuubi Youkai and possesses impressive power... Though, she would be no match for you two." She directed towards Naruto and Sasuke in particular.

"Cool. Third wheel it is." Kakashi commented lackadaisically.

"Third wheel? Get in line. I'm the third wheel." Sakura scoffed angrily, hands crossing against her chest. "I'm the third strongest here. You lost an eye."

"Harsh." The masked Jonin commented good-naturedly. "But true."

"A Kyuubi, huh?" Naruto muttered to himself. He was silent for several seconds before gathering nature Chakra and accessing Sage Mode.

His eyebrows furrowed at the negativity he could feel though it wasn't anywhere near as bad as his home planet. Shinobi had killed for sport during the darker times of the Elemental Nations.

These feelings were relatively mild compared to that.

With yellow bar-like pupils, Naruto closed his eyes as he expanded his senses through the entirety not Kyoto. He was silent for several seconds before sensing someone who carried an immense amount of power.

He was silent as he continued his actions before feeling something penetrate his sixth eye. He released a surprised gasp as the individual he had been sensing, suddenly sensed him.

'Impressive... I thought I was being careful.'

"That's quite the amount of power I can sense." Kurama's deep, baritone voice sounded out.

'Kurama! You're awake!'

"Keep it down brat! It's far more cramped in here now..."

Naruto mentally chuckled at the grumpy response before replying. 'Sorry buddy... There wasn't any other place to put your siblings...'

There was a brief moment of silence before Kurama eventually responded, his tone being soft and surprisingly gentle.

"Thank you for saving them Naruto... For saving us."

Naruto was silent for several seconds before a grin split his features. He chuckled quietly, ignoring the looks from his team.

'You're welcome Kurama! But really, it was no problem... You're all important to me. You're also all I have left from home besides Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura..."

The giant Fox said nothing in response.

He didn't need to. Naruto and Kurama had been partners since the war. They understood how one another felt now.

"She knows we're here." Naruto suddenly stated. "She's pretty powerful. I thought I was being careful not to trigger her..."

"Might as well pay her a visit, yeah?" Kakashi commented lazily from his perch on the mountain. "If I was the leader of an city and village, I would want to know the intentions of four powerful unknown individuals."

"C'mon let's go." Sasuke responded before disappearing in a burst of speed towards the giant city.

Sakura nodded her head before she too disappeared towards the city.

The masked Jonin sighed quietly before slowly rising to his feet and walking down the mountain at a leisure pace. "See you there, Naruto." He proceeded to then wave over his shoulder.

The whiskered youth just shook his head before turning towards Ophis and offering the girl a small smile. "Thanks for the help Ophis. You really saved us back there..."

The little dragon blinked at the praise before nodding her head once. "I will continue to watch over you four. You all... intrigue me. Good bye for now. Naruto."

With those parting words the little girl seemed to just disappear, as if never having existed. Her overwhelming presence just seemed to vanish.

Naruto shook his head at the action before he too disappeared in a burst of speed, catching up to Sasuke and Sakura.

"They're staring at us." Naruto stated quietly.

"They're terrible hiders." Sasuke affirmed.

"Leave them alone. They're just doing their job." Sakura placated calmly.

The trio were now in the actual city itself and were currently walking down one of the many streets in Kyoto, occasionally admiring the art, music and architecture.

Once they had actually step foot in Kyoto, they had been swarmed by several Youkai, though the beings hadn't yet revealed themselves. But it was incredibly clear that they were a little nervous in approaching them.

It's not everyday that you see three humans with access to Chakra in Kyoto. Especially not when two of those individuals had more power and chakra than even their leader, Yasaka.

"Where the hell is Kakashi?" Sasuke grunted out quietly, fingers itching to wrap around his Kusanagi.

Naruto's eyes wandered from vendor to vendor, mirror to mirror and shop from shop. "He said he'd meet us later..." He trailed off before sniffing the air and smiling widely. "Is that ramen?!"

Sakura's stomach decided to make itself known with a rather loud groan.

The trio of Shinobi immediately stopped walking with Sasuke and Naruto turning around to stare at her.

The pink haired medic returned their stares with an annoyed one before speaking. "I'm hungry! The hell are you looking at?! You wanna get knocked out?!" Her right fist waved back and forth angrily, knuckles white due to the force.

The two best friends, wisely, decided that angering the beast certainly wasn't worth it.

"Ramen?" Naruto suggested with a raised eyebrow.

"Ramen." Sasuke affirmed with a nod of the head.

"That's what I fucking thought." Sakura huffed indignantly.

The two males of Team 7 did not bother commenting and made their way to a comfy looking Ramen stand.

Upon taking a seat at the tiny restaurant, Naruto slammed a palm to his head. "We don't have any money! We can't eat."

The ebony haired avenger scoffed quietly before reaching into one of his pockets and pulling out several bills of Yen. "Idiot. You didn't pickpocket?"

Naruto looked affronted as he replied. "Stealing is wrong."

Sakura also pulled out several bills from her pocket. "We're Shinobi Naruto. It's what we do."

The blond teen just crossed his arms with a huff. "I'm not stealing..."

"Sounds like a personal problem." The Uchiha replied lazily.

Before the three Shinobi could continue their conversation, a young woman appeared before them. "Hi! Welcome to Muu's Ramen~! What can I get for you?"

Naruto glanced up towards the woman and noted that she was rather young with an incredibly curvy figure. Her hair was snow white and she possessed dimples.

He could also sense... Ahh.

"You're a Youkai?" He questioned rather bluntly.

The beautiful woman blinked at the statement, her eyes widening. "H-How did you know?"

"I can sense it." The blond replied lazily while reading the menu of the restaurant. "Oooh! I'll have a Misu Ramen!" His eyes rose towards the woman who now seemed very frightened at their presence.

He rose his hand in a placating manner before offering the woman a gentle smile. "We aren't here to start trouble. We're just hungry."

The white haired Youkai was about to run away before the Uchiha's head rose. She was greeted to the gaze of a unique purple orb, surrounded by several ovals with tomoes in them and a crimson orb with three tomoes.

"Calm down." He ordered calmly. "Do your job. One Misu Ramen. One serving of Tomato Soup and two servings of Anko Dumplings."

After speaking to the woman, Sasuke deactivated his Sharingan before placing his chin atop his right hand. The woman immediately went to make the dishes that she was ordered to do with almost robotic-like efficiency.

"Oi, Sasuke. You shouldn't use your Sharingan for stuff like that."

The avenger ignored Naruto's statement with an eye roll. "Until the woman that leads Kyoto directly demands our attention, I'm going to do what I want."

The blond haired teen sighed loudly before mimicking his best friend. He closed his eyes as he too rested his chin atop his palm.

There was a comfortable silence for several minutes as the three Shinobi reveled in the comforting atmosphere.

"It's a beautiful city." Sakura commented off-handedly. "The architecture is absolutely gorgeous."

"Definetly." Naruto mentioned with a small smile, eyes now open and roaming across the city from his seat. "Kinda surprised that the people here speak our language..."

"It's not our language..." Sasuke commented. "It's incredibly similar but some words don't match. I noticed it while trying to read the menu. Half of it is literally unintelligible."

Naruto glanced back down at the menu before frowning. Now that he was actually looking at it instead of skimming over it he could see what Sasuke was saying. He only recognized the Misu because of the picture.

"Ahh... I guess we have to learn a new language?"

"We have to learn alot of things." Sakura added. "You heard what Ophis said. There are other factions here. Even Gods. Actual Divinity. We're in enemy territory with absolutely zero information."

A frown marred Sasuke's face. "A Shinobi's worst nightmare." He muttered quietly.

"I think we'll be ok." The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki or rather... Multiple Bijuu Jinchuuriki piped up. "We're strong and we got each other! That's all that matters, right?"

A smile formed on Sakura's face as she responded. "I'll drink to that!"

Sasuke did not respond but he did have a smirk upon his face and that was as close to an acceptance as they'd get.

"Here you go." The white haired waitress interrupted. She placed three separate bowls and plates on the table before bowing her head. "Enjoy." She disappeared towards the back of the restaurant afterwards.

"Delicious! Not as good as Ichiraku's though."

"Nothing will be better than that... The standards are too high." Sasuke commented.

"I recall you going there by yourself at times, Sasuke."

The ebony haired teen shrugged his shoulders at Sakura's statement. "Ramen isn't my favorite dish but they did know how to cook. It helped that their Onigiri was amazing as well... Couldn't go wrong with Ichiraku's."

"Never thought I'd hear the all mighty Uchiha Avenger praise Ichiraku. The world must be ending." Naruto commented between slurps.

"Well, it kind of did. Idiot." The avenger reminded with a raised eyebrow, gingerly sipping on his soup.

"Still sad about that one." Naruto commented with a slightly downtrodden expression.

"There's nothing wrong with that." The medic said with compassion.

"Yeah... Unless you're a little pussy." Sasuke quipped with a side-eyed glance at Naruto.

It had the expected outcome of angering Naruto. "Fuck you!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." Sasuke feigned hearing as he placed his right hand up to his ear. "Did I hear a pussy crying?"

The blond teen immediately launched a punch towards Sasuke who took the blow and rolled. The blond teen immediately chased after him.

Sakura just sighed quietly and ate her dumplings, ignoring the two children she called teammates.

"Fucking idiots..."

Team 7 idly walked through the city of Kyoto after finishing their meal. Sasuke and Naruto had fought like the children they were and Sakura had drank like the aunt she wished to be.

"Kakashi is here." Naruto mentioned off-handedly.

Not a second later did the masked Jonin land behind his team, face buried in a small white book.

"That's why you decided to go by yourself." Sakura states with a twitching eyebrow. "So you could buy your stupid porn!"

"It isn't stupid, Sakura. It is art. An uncultured swine such as yourself wouldn't understand." Kakashi replied in an upbeat manner.

Before Sakura could punch the Jonin through 15 buildings they were finally stopped by a woman who possessed a wolf's tail and ears.

Odd... It seemed to entire city went silent.

Sasuke's eyes roamed along the streets and noticed the lack of people and activity.


The wolf-woman was then joined by another dozen Youkai. They surrounded Team 7 but their stances leaned on being friendly instead of hostile.

Which was a good call for them. Because if they wanted to be hostile then Sasuke would give them hostile. He was always ready.

"H-Halt! Please state your business in K-Kyoto!" The young woman demanded nervously.

Naruto offered a small wave with a smile. "Yo!"

It seemed to only make the woman even more nervous. Her shoulders trembled nervously as her gaze swept through the group multiple times.

"You work for Yasaka?" Naruto questioned in a friendly manner. "If so, we have no problem meeting her. My name is Naruto Uzumaki!"

Following his greeting Naruto grinned widely before pointing to each of his teammates and naming them off.

"This asshole is Sasuke Uchiha."

The aforementioned Uchiha just stared blankly at the wolf woman. Not bothering to actually greet her in the slightest.

"That's Sakura Haruno. She's really violent!"

Naruto was immediately punched through 17 buildings following his accusation.

The group of Youkai were immediately horrified. They hadn't even seen the girl move!

"I'M NOT VIOLENT!" The pink haired medic raged on with a clenched fist.

Not a moment later did Naruto reappear in his previous spot, only this time with a healthy black eye, and introduced the last member of Team 7.

"That's Kakashi Hatake. He likes porn!"

The masked man raised two fingers in greeting before replying, face still in his tiny Hentai manga. "You're damn right I do."


An awkward silence... At least for the group of Youkai.

"Uhh..." The wolf woman eloquently managed.

"Anyway!" Naruto loudly declared while clapping his hands. "Are you going to take us to Yasaka now? I hear she's the leader of this city and that she's really strong."

"I-I... S-suppose..." The woman answered.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" Naruto replied with a loud chuckle. He set off in a slow march towards a random direction.

"A-Actually, that isn't the way..." She trailed off once the teen u-turned. The boy was now apparently heading in the exact direction he was supposed to be. "H-How did yo-"

"Don't bother." Sasuke interrupted with a quiet grunt, immediately matching his friend's pace.

Sakura and Kakashi shrugged their shoulders before following after the Uchiha, not bothering to wait for the wolf Youkai to speak.

Several seconds passed by in silence as the group of Youkai tried to process what had happened. It took longer than they would have liked but eventually the wolf Youkai snapped to attention.

"H-Hey! W-Wait! I'm supposed to be leading you... Waaaaaaaiiiit!" She immediately ran off towards the group of Shinobi, wolf tail flopping behind her.

The other Youkai just looked at one another in confusion before shaking their heads and following after their group leader.


The Wolf Youkai finally reached the blond teen as she huffed in a tired fashion. How the hell had they managed to get this far by walking? Asuna had been running after them the entire time! What the hell were these humans?!

"I-I... I'm supposed... Supposed to lead you..." Her hands rested on her knees as she exhaled heavily. "Holy shit... How are you so fast?!"

"I am speed." Naruto replied with a cheeky smile.

"I have no idea what that means..." The wolf Youkai responded with furrowed eyebrows. She was silent before getting her breathing under control and offering the group a nervous smile. "F-Follow me, please!"

She immediately began to lead the group after her words with Team 7 reluctantly following.

"Great..." Sasuke muttered under his breath. "She's an idiot too..."

Adina's wolf-like ears lowered down onto her head in a pitiful manner. A small frown graced her face at the boy's harsh words.

"Neh, Sasuke. Don't be an asshole. I think she's cute." Naruto commented with a small smile.

The blond teen's compliment made the wolf Youkai blush in embarrassment.

"You think everything that's stupid is cute." Sasuke replied snidely.

Again, the poor Youkai's ears lay flat against her head.

"What's your name?" The pink haired Shinobi asked as she lightly, read harshly, elbowed her teammates in the ribs.

"Oh! Uh... M-My name is Asuna... I'm one of Lady Yasaka's guards." She replied in a timid fashion.

"You're a shitty guard." Sasuke insulted near instantaneously.

"Sasuke!" Naruto hissed quietly.

The ebony haired teen turned towards his friend before rolling his eyes. Fine! He'd play nice...

"You're less than shitty." The Uchiha corrected.

"Waaaaah~! Why are you such a bully?!" Asuna wailed as tears fell down her face.

Great... Now the idiot was crying.


"You really do hate women don't ya, ya bastard?" The blond teen remarked, watching the crying wolf Youkai lead them to Yasaka's manor.

"I hate dumb women." He corrected with an indignant sniff.

Kakashi chimed in from the back of the group. "No, you hate women."

"He's an incel." Naruto insulted with a mocking grin.

"Listen, idiot! You don't even know what that word means!" The avenger accused in annoyance.

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

Sakura grunted in annoyance before speaking. "Just fucking kiss already." A small smirk immediately formed in her face as the two teen's pulled away from each other in disgust.


The group of Youkai and Shinobi traveled for another hour or so before finally reaching the manor of Lady Yasaka.

It was a rather beautiful and large compound, surrounded by this world's Japanese architect. There were several cherry blossom trees in the courtyard of the compound with several koi ponds and a large man-made lake in the center of the compound's entrance.

Every single individual they passed was a Youkai in disguise and each individual graced Team 7 with suspicion in their eyes.

As they continued to travel in the large compound, Naruto spoke with curiosity lacing his voice. "So... How many Youkai live in Kyoto?"

Asuna jumped lightly from the question before answering quietly. "Uhh... Alot."

"Doesn't really help but I guess it works." The blond responded with a minor shrug of the shoulders.

The group descended into silence following Naruto's comment. Asuna continued to lead the Shinobi to her leader, passing by several Youkai who were quite powerful.

Just not as powerful as the woman Naruto could sense.

They took several twists and turns in the compound before finally reaching a hallway with a single door situated at the end. Asuna led the group down the lengthy hallway before pausing at the door and knocking politely.

A melodic voice resounded from the other side of the door, likely Yasaka's, and granted them permission to enter.

Asuna placed one hand on the door before sliding it to the right. She led the Shinobi into the room before stopping at the large table situated in the middle of the room.

Naruto could not see the woman, since she was sitting in the far most chair at the table with her back turned, but he could sense her.

The room was more like an office or meeting room, if anything. There were multiple chairs situated on the sides of the table with multiple portraits hanging in the wall.

Naruto assumed that these portraits were of either past leaders or Gods that they worshipped.

"I have brought them here like you asked Lady Yasaka." Asuna bowed low to her leader, awaiting her next order.

Team 7 stood quietly, able to sense the power the woman held. It was quite impressive. She could have gave one of the weaker Kage a run for their money.

"That is all, Asuna-chan. Please, leave us." Yasaka ordered politely.

The white haired Youkai was hesitant for a mere moment before bowing once more and leaving the room.

After Asuna's exit, the room grew quiet. Team 7 did not speak and Yasaka did not address them. This went on for an entire minute before the woman's chair shifted.

Beautiful locks of blonde hair were revealed first followed by the form of an absolutely divine looking woman. She possessed thin eyebrows not unlike Kaguya Otsutsuki with delicate features.

The woman wore a yellow kimono, wrapped by a golden obi. A black pelt with gold skulls and lines hung off her dainty shoulders. Her yellow kimono was open and revealed the woman's rather... gigantic breasts.

A gentle smile formed on her face before 9 golden-yellow tails fluttered out from behind her, lazily swaying to and fro. A set of fox ears slowly twitched atop her head, topping off the form of this beautiful creature.

"Hello~! Welcome to Kyoto. My name is Yasaka, leader of the Kyoto Youkai Faction." Her head tilted with a small smile as she placed her hands together in front of her.

Naruto's eyes widened greatly as he stared at the woman. Words failed to reach him and for the first time in his life he was absolutely captivated by the beauty of a woman.




"Holy shit! You're beautiful. And your breast's are gigantic!" The words escaped Naruto before he could even hope to stop them. A blush exploded onto his face and he immediately covered his face.

It didn't help that his teammates were now openly laughing at him.

Fucking traitors! It wasn't his fault! This woman was practically a Goddess.

The blonde haired woman seemed surprised for a mere moment before laughter escaped her.

It was a beautiful laugh, Naruto thought.

"Oh my~! How bold of you... I do not even know your name yet, child." An amused smile formed on Yasaka's face as she watched the blond teen squirm.

"Err... I uh..." Naruto coughed into his left hand before speaking again. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Naruto... Uzumaki..." Yasaka repeated the boy's name in her head. It had a nice ring to it...

Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this conversation!

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