Her heart raced in her chest. A nervous smile on her lips, shaking hands. Maleficent gave the bride-to-be an encouraging nod before they walked down the aisle. Aurora tucked her arm into hers and looked at her beloved fiancé at the end of the aisle. As their eyes met her heart stopped. Heat rushed through her veins, her smile grew bigger.

All the guests seemed to have disappeared for a moment. As if they were the only remaining people in the world. Diaval watched her with watery eyes, a trembling smile on his lips. He swept a single tear of joy away and waited in anticipation for her to stand by his side.

As they were merely a step away from the altar, Maleficent stopped and turned to her goddaughter. She looked at her with such a loving gaze Aurora had never seen before. She took her hands into her own and squeezed them gently. The nervous tingling in her stomach grew stronger. "I love you, Beasty, and I'm proud of you for all you've achieved. I wish you all the best for your future", she whispered with a trembling voice.

Aurora smiled sheepishly. "I wouldn't have achieved so much without you. Thank you, godmother, for everything." She dragged her in a tight hug and held her close for a moment. In a strange way it felt like a goodbye. But Aurora knew this was not the end for their relationship. Maleficent would always be a mother to her, no matter the circumstances. No matter if she was married or had children. Maleficent would always be her family.

As they parted, Maleficent shed a single tear she wanted to hide. But Aurora's smile grew even bigger. She left Maleficent with a last soft look and took her position beside Diaval. Her heart stumbled at his loving gaze. Nothing mattered but him. She took his hands in her own and caressed the back of his hand with her thumb.

Aurora couldn't believe this really happened. Her husband-to-be looked stunning, so official. She couldn't hide her grin as they stood before the altar, gazing at one another like newly in love.

"You look beautiful", he murmured and his smile grew bigger.

Her cheeks turned bright pink and her eyes shone like fairy lights. "You always say that", she laughed and squeezed his hands.

"And I always mean it", he whispered with a loving smile on his lips. He couldn't take his eyes of her. He wanted to soak up this very moment so he could remember it his whole life, like it was only yesterday. He wanted to remember every little detail. Every curve of her soft lips, every glimmer in her bright eyes, every faint sound she made at the very moment they became officially husband and wife.

The priest smiled at the loving couple as they turned to him finally and nodded in silent consent before he began his speech.

As he spoke Aurora couldn't concentrate on his words. Everything he said echoed in her head but Diaval took all her attention. It felt like a dream. She would marry the love of her life and they would have a family soon. Eventually the voice of the priest reached her and her smile grew bigger.

"Do you, Queen Aurora, take Diaval to be your husband, to cherish in friendship and love today, tomorrow and for as long the two of you live?"

Aurora nodded eagerly. "Yes, I do", she whispered. Her voice nearly was gone with the wind, as if her words were just for him and nobody else.

A nervous tingle spread through Diavals body. His heart flipped over like it wanted to escape his chest.

"Do you, Diaval, take-"

"I do!", he blurted out and a sheepishly grin appeared on his face. He couldn't wait any longer.

Aurora laughed silently and shook her head, amused by her impatient little bird.

They exchanged the rings her fairy aunts brought them. Diaval was so nervous he nearly dropped her ring twice as he tried to put it on her finger. After the successful exchange of the rings, he immediately took her in his arms and kissed her under the joyful cheers of the crowd. Aurora clasped her arms around him and hold him tightly.

When they parted, many people stood before them, shouting blessings and congratulations. They were hugged by friends, fairies and moorfolk. Everyone seemed to be happy for them. It felt like the Moors and the humans were finally united. Soon their child would be the symbol for this union. The child of a human and a creature of the Moors.

"You better take good care of your wife or else you will regret ever laying a hand on her", Maleficent warned her former servant with a defiant smile.

Diaval laughed and shook his head slightly. "You know I would never do her harm", he simply answered as the crowd distracted his wife with hugs and cheerful words.

Maleficent looked at him thoughtfully. For a moment he feared she would warn him again, but this time more serious. But instead she shocked him with a soft smile.

"You really changed, you know?" Her voice was warm and tender.

For a moment Diaval stood there bewildered by her unusual behavior. But he knew she was serious about it. She was glad he was at Auroras side. She knew, he would be a good husband to her. They would be happy and that was all Maleficent wanted.

He gave her a knowing smile and nodded. "You too."

As the crowd spread in the garden, the wedding feast began. There was plenty of food and beverages, music playing at the dance floor and joyful laughter of the guests.

Aurora and Diaval opened the dance floor with their first dance as husband and wife and amused their guests with a wild and uncoordinated dance that could hardly be described as a waltz. Diaval whirled her over the floor like a feather carried by a storm. Her laughter filled the air and reached every guest. Her happiness touched their souls like summer warm sunrays in the winter.

Soon the newly wed couple was accompanied by other dancing couples. But between all of them they stood out. They looked at each other as if they were the only people on the earth. The only thing that mattered. They got lost in the eyes of the other. Sinking into their own little world. As if they were one being.

They feast reached into the night. The laughter and chatter of the guests still hung in the air, cheerful and loud. Nobody noticed when the wedding couple stole themselves away to celebrate their wedding in cozy togetherness.

The fresh night air laid on their naked skin, as the couple enjoyed the silence in their bedroom. Aurora had put her head on his chest, looking up to the ceiling, a faint smile on her face.

Diaval's fingers drew small circles on her belly as he snuggled up to her. His nose buried in her golden hair, absorbing her flowery scent, relishing the warmth of her body and the softness of her skin.

"I love you", he whispered and let out a contented sigh as he laid his arms around her and pulled her closer.

"I love you too, my pretty bird", she replied with a soft chuckle.

"We should marry", the ravenman said quietly.

Aurora gave him an amused look. "Wait, what did we do just a couple of hours ago?", she mocked and shook her head.

He lifted his head and let out a small laugh. "That's not what I meant, silly. I want to have a wedding ceremony in the Moors. In our home. No big party or thousands of guests. Just the two of us", he explained and a sheepish smile appeared on his lips.

Aurora's heart beat faster. A nervous tremble spread in her hands. Unsure how to break the news, she bit her lip and looked at her husband thoughtfully.

"Maybe we could wait a couple of months. Maybe till there a three of us." Her voice was unsteady. She feared it would left her speechless. With big eyes she looked up to Diaval.

He furled his eyebrows. "Three of us? Who would we want to have at our wedding in the Moors beside of Maleficent?", he asked confused.

Shyly Aurora laid her hand on his and pressed it gently against her belly as she gave him a significant look. "Maybe someone we don't know yet, but who we will love unconditionally."

His eyes grew bigger. For a moment it seemed like he couldn't handle the news. As if the meaning of this couldn't reach his mind. "You mean…", he looked at her belly and realization crossed his face, "You- you are pregnant?", he stammered in disbelieve.

She nodded and for a moment it seemed like her heart stood still just like the time. She watched as a big smile appeared on his lips and joyful tears filled his eyes.

"I can 't believe it! Are you sure? How do you know it? Since when?", all the questions blurted out of him, as he hugged her tightly and buried his face in her hair. He put hasty kisses on her neck, her cheek, her mouth. His whole body seemed to be shaking of joy. His heart hammered against his chest. All his thoughts were just a blurry chaos of words and pictures.

Aurora laughed under his attack and she nodded again. "Maleficent told me this morning. She is sure of it. She felt it with her magic. It can be just a few weeks, it's nearly invisible. I didn't see it, but she noticed immediately", she said happily and clung to her husband.

"I'd never noticed. That's wonderful!" Diaval looked at his wife and at this very moment he admired her more than ever before. He laid a hand at her cheek and gave her a loving smile. It seemed like magic flew through them, strengthen the bond between them more than ever. He felt so close to her. "Thank you, Aurora. You make me the happiest bird in the world." His grin grew bigger and a single tear of joy escaped his eyes.

Aurora put a soft kiss on the corner of his lips and sank into his gaze. "And you make me the happiest woman in the world", she whispered and her heart skipped a beat. "We will be a family soon. We will have a little prince or princess. Half you and half me." A faint laugh fell from her lips. She leaned her forehead against his and felt his breath on her skin. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.

Diaval nodded, a big grin on his face. "Our child will be a whirlwind", he chuckled.

"I'm sure it will wreck havoc in Perceforest and the Moors", Aurora joked and sighed happily. "I love it already."

Softly Diaval stroked over her slightly swollen belly and tried to imagine their child growing inside. "Me too."