It was a clear day outside, a relief from the rainstorm last night. Dinah couldn't find her husband.

"Phil?" she hollered as she opened the door to the outside. After some searching around she found the waterlogged corpse of the sun powered flower sticking in the mud.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She roared.

The Great Peekoe was brushing his mustache when Dina barged in holding a deceased Phil in her hands.


"I shall deal with this, Don't worry dear. Just forget about him for the time being and you may meet again one day."

Dinah handed over Phil and walked back up the steps and out of the Peokees lair. The next day Fills body went completely missing and Peekoe had no explaination for it.

The Phillies saw their mother crying on the bed and when they learned daddy wasn't coming back they all wilted. Dianna realized she committed 7 deadly sins and stripped herself apart until she fainted.

She eventially put herself back together and stormed outside where the whole place was fludded after the storms of heavy rains. she sat down looking very depressed. All of the sudden a purple shark jumped from the puddle nearest to dinah and pinned her to the ground. She could tell from how her frontal regions felt that this was a girl.

"OHMYGODATREXITHOUGHTTHEYWEREEX- Oh your made of lego." the shark said.

"Yep. and my name is dorothy, what's yours?" Dinah said and asked.

"They call me Mesa." the sbark said in a deep voice. "I came from a house down the street that just got torn down. I was left inside and nearly got thrown out by the guts men. I was able to secape.

"wait really?"

"you wonder if i'm lying or not." Mesa teased. "I like hanging out with tough toys. are you a tough toy?

"I wouldn't consider myself using a descriptive word like tough..." said Dinah passionately.

"What's your style?" asked Mesa, "how scray are you? you do massive damage?"

"actually..." Dinah said as she began remeniscing, "in a land before the time i met Fillipe a brontosaurus made of erectors and her son got lost once and stumbled into our backyard. I turned the mother into a pile of scrap and witnessed the son crying while he tried to pull her mangled corpse through the gate." she leaned back and smiled, "I am surprised i managed to wreck her considering I made out of plastic was going against metal and somehow won."

Messah giggled like a peppy little princess. "that's child' s play. i killed my mom when i was a 10 years old shark cub. i killed my father soon afterward after eating my siblings."

"Wow, we have both have the savage gene dat pops up when you least expect" Diner observed. "I think we could be best friends, heck maybe even closer than friends."

With that Dinah and Mesa became a fearsome duo, driving crazily down the streets in their mini car, looting gas stations in the night, evading the cops, and shopping for underwear and doing drugs. After one night of no goodery a tired mesa laid on top of Dina and the warmth FELT SO GOOD MAN.

One day a guy knocked on the door of the car waking the two up. Smoggler was back in town and up to misbehaving again.

"We are sistas, we can go stop him!" Dinah said.

"Yeah!" Mesa agreed.

The two drove their cae to the hundred acre woods where they saw the big fat meanie throwing trash all over and laying the bodies of his victims on the green. This wouldn't do at all. With two pairs of snapping jaws at his flanks, Smuggler was dismembered and ripped to pieces. the two got baked and bathed in the losers blood, and within it, the two became more closer than they have ever been before.

One day Dingle took Mesa to her turf. They got in the car and sped to high speeds. The dinosaur's stomach started ro rumble.

"I might find myself a snack" Dyna said as she manuvered the car. "would you like anything from Dollhouse on the way? Actually nevermind, I don't have much battery."

"I would like a snack," the shark said, "cola and meal please, no bread."

Dinah looked out the car window and frowned "Oh no it looks like we ended up in Upper Foyé, my bad." Then there car got a flat tire.

"I am very hungry!" Dina spotted a door. "I can probably help you with that right now." The toy rex took Mesa around the door and set her down.

Dinah smiled eagerly. "This old dino mama's got you covered. She pulled out her two giant milk gallons and laid herself over the bath toy. Drink, My sweet mesa." She said.

Oh yum! Messah tried lapping at the tips of the cartons currently smothering her. "oh, I can't breathe." she suddenly said. Then an explosion of water gushed from under the lego dinosaur and the sharks lower regions went flying and broke a vase on the other side of town.

Dyna lifted herself up and looked at the crushed top half of the shark girls mutilated body.


Dinah quickly ran back to the car and high tailed it out of here. She noticed Cassie and Officer Pig were already on her delacitely constructed tail.

"pull over in the name of the wall brickhead!" Diana looked sadly to herself. "Look's like i'm gonna have to jump!" Dinah did a dukes of hazard over the staircase and vanished like a ghost.

Dinah walked into Peekoes lair, two halves of Mesa in hand. Pooka was a bit surprised, but remained calm.

"I just killed someone." she said.

"such a pity" Peekoe said.

"I think this was the soulmate I always wanted..." Dana lamented. "Plz tell me how 2 get r back RIGHT NOW."

"Patience, dear. One must look deep inside them and learn wbat needs to be sacrificed most truly."

"sacrifice..." Dinah muttered to herself. She knew what she must do. She ran off in the middle of the night and killed Princess Pits and Sophie than ran back and set their bodies on the pedistal.

"you only have two. three is needed." Peokee said.

"that's where you come in sucker." Dyna shouted. She bit the dudes head off and let his body drop along with the others. The bodies then glew and melted, while the two halfs of Messiah magically stitched themselves back together. The shark opened her eyes.

"Dinah!" she squaled.


The two predators embraced with a kiss that soon escalated to passionate snu-snu. Both got tired quick from the ordeal and fell asleep. They then started a family and then lived happily ever after.