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~::Prologue: Goten POV::~

Ever have your life completely come crashing down around you when you never meant it to happen? Did you almost loose someone that means the world to you because of your selfish behavior? Well I almost did! All it took was one night. One night of taking bets, one night of going over the limit for me to almost loose everything and everyone who even matter a little to me. Did I want it to happen? No, of course not. I would never want to loose my family, loose my friends. I mean, who would want that for themselves but I just couldn't stop. I knew what I was doing at a certain point in my life. I saw myself, I saw that I was going in a downward spiral but I just kept going. It was the rush! The rush of it all was pushing me and begging me not to stop. I shouldn't of listened. I should of walked away but the pressure was way too big. If I would of listened I wouldn't be where I am right now. I'm laying up in a hospital bed, needles in my arms, machines making noise all around me. Did I deserve this? In my own opinion…yes I did.

She's right beside me. She probley never left my side. I'm talking about the girl who took my heart years ago. We've been through a lot together and I almost lost her…damn me and my selfish ways. She wanted to help me, she tried to help me and I pushed her away. She's the last person I would ever harm but I did. Look at her now, sitting in a chair beside my bed, awaiting me to awake from my long slumber. How long has it been? Have I been here long? I don't remember much of that day but I wish I did. Was she there? Was my family there? Maybe a friend? How did I end up here, more importantly, how did my life end up like this?

I didn't have a hard life. I wasn't neglected as a child. I had a family who loved me and would do anything for me. I had my best friend, who I rarely saw because of his new job, who was there to hang out when I wanted to hang out and talk when I wanted to talk. I had my other friends who were always there to make me laugh when I wanted to laugh or argue with me when I wanted to argue. Then I had the girl beside me. She's been with me through everything. Anything that has happened in my life, she's been there. Does my life sound like one that is messed up? No, I didn't think so. So what in the hell caused me to push everyone away? What was the reason for me to ignore them all when they wanted to help me? Was there even a reason? No, no reason can given to explain the pain and hurt I put everyone through and why did it happen? Because I wanted just one more…one more drink turned into this hellish nightmare that I refused to end.

I had the power to end it but I chose not to. I chose to let it take over me and turn me into a mindless being. Should I be at fault for what has happened? Yes I should! I blame myself for doing this. I consumed too much. I knew my limit and I didn't care. I went against my mother wishes and drank until I could barely stand. Like I said before the rush was well worth it to me. Pain? Who needed it as long as you had a nice bottle by your side.

Do you want to hear my story? Do you want to know what has driven me into binge drinking? If you don't know what binge drinking is, I promise you'll know by the time you finish hearing my story. What has forced me to turn my back on my family, my friends and even my own fiancée? Well I'm not sure if I should tell you my tale. After all, it is of my business and no one else's but looking at my surroundings and seeing where I am, it seems that my business is no longer mines. It belongs to my family and friends so I might as well share it with all of you. Please don't judge me until you've heard the entire story. You might not believe it but this whole thing started when a bet was made and a lot of pride was on the line…

AN2: Next Chapter: The prologue has ended and now the story begins. Goten's going out with his friends for a celebration when the start of his problems occur. A bet is made that changes his life but what is it and who made it? Find out in the next chapter! PLEASE REVIEW! THANKS!! MUCH LUV!!!