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~::Lessons Learned::~

Pushing the room door open, Miyuki sighed as she saw Goten laying still in the hospital bed. Standing at the front of the bed, she watched as his chest slowly rose and fell before rising again.

"Good Morning Goten. I spoke to Chi-Chi and she saw that she was stopping by this afternoon to see you along with Goku and Cheena. Isn't that great?" she asked. Hearing only her voice in the small room, Miyuki did her best not to cry. Walking over to the window, she quickly exhaled a deep breath before closing her eyes and trying her best to remain as calm as possible.

Miyuki's POV

It's been a few days, maybe not. I haven't been counting them. Goten still hasn't woken up and now I'm wondering if he ever will. I spoke to him the day we all fount out he was in her but that seems like such a long time ago. I'm not sure if he heard everything that I said but I like to think he did. I feel really sorry for blaming Gareth the way I did but I was upset. I'm no longer upset with him, I never should have been in the first place but my anger blinded me from seeing the truth. I still haven't spoken to Cheena since the day Goten was admitted into this hospital. Don't know why either since I thought we patched up our little argument a few minutes after we had it, or did we? These days I've been fount here by Goten's side. I barely have had a decent meal let along found any time to talk to Cheena. I just hope Goten pulls through all of this, I mean, that's all I can ask for right now

Opening her eyes, Miyuki turned towards Goten. Walking over to a chair she quickly placed it at the head of the bed and sat down. Taking his hand into hers, she smiled.

"I know your going to wake up soon" she said as she lightly stroked the back of his hand. Yawning slightly, Miyuki rested her arm on the bed then placed her head on top of it. Maintaining the hold on Goten's hand, she slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep. Knocking on the door, Cheena walked in with a few balloons and a teddy bear with Chico behind her.. Looking at Miyuki, Cheena quickly walked over and set the bear and balloons on a table before walking back and standing at the foot of Goten's bed.

"Look's like you've had company for awhile Goten. I think she spends all her time in here" Cheena said with a slightly laugh. Hearing no response, she sighed as she turned to leave.

"Cheena, is Goten going to wake up soon?" Chico asked as she looked at her brother. Looking down at her sister, Cheena smiled as she nodded her head.

"He will…soon maybe but lets go" Cheena said as she took Chico's hand.

"And where are you two going?" a voice said. Cheena's eyes slightly enlarged as she turned to see Goten's eyes slowly opening up.

"Goten? Your awake" Chico said with a laugh. Goten had a very slight smile on his face as he looked at Chico.

"You think so?" he snapped.

"Don't snap at me…but it sounds good to hear your awake. Cheena, he's awake" Chico said as she looked up at Cheena. Cheena smiled as she nodded her head.

"About time you woke up" she said as she looked at Goten.

"Yea and to think, your exactly what I wanted to see the minute I did wake up" Goten said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

"Well I see you haven't changed what so ever" Cheena said with a laugh. Goten laughed as well before looking over and seeing Miyuki asleep beside him.

"How long as she been here?" he asked as he looked at Cheena. Shrugging her shoulders, Cheena looked over at Miyuki.

"Don't know. She spends all her time here. We haven't talked since…I don't even know" she said. Goten turned and looked at Cheena as she kept her eyes on Miyuki.

"How come you two are talking?" he asked. Again Cheena shrugged her shoulders as she turned and looked at Goten.

"We just haven't. Don't know what to tell you except that. She's always here and I try not to be here. You know I'm not the fondest person of hospitals, especially when the person in the hospital is someone I know and care about" she said.

"How long have I been out?" Goten asked as he slowly did his best to sit up.

"Not long. About a day or two, maybe three. Do you remember how you got in here?" Cheena asked.

"Yea I do. I was in a car and another car hit me and then another. Now that I think about it, I think I had a bulls eye on that car and everyone else just had to hit it" Goten said with a laugh. Cheena shook her head from side to side as she slightly laughed.

"Well you just better thank Gareth for calling for help and getting you here. I just hope you learned your lesson" Cheena said.

"Believe me I have. I was being a complete jerk and I paid for it" Goten said. Chico laughed as she looked at him.

"Your always a jerk but this time you were being a big jerk but still a jerk" she said. Goten smirked as Miyuki slowly moved beside him.

"Whose laughing?" she asked sleepily as she opened her eyes. Seeing Goten staring at her made her jump slightly in her seat.

"How long have you been sleep?" Cheena asked catching her attention.

"Not long. When did you get here? Is Chi-Chi and Goku with you?" Miyuki asked as she yawned and stretched.

"No, they're coming later. I just wanted to stop by on my way to the mall. I have some things I have to buy and then I'll be back here" Cheena said as she looked at Goten.

"Listen Cheena, while you're here. I want to apologize to you for how I treated you, you too Chico. I pushed you both around, I tried to kill you Cheena and I stole from you. I'm sorry. I hope you both can forgive me" Goten said.

"I forgive you" Chico said cheerfully with a smile on her face.

"Let's see…I'd have to really think about that…" Cheena said with a laugh.

"Well would it help if I said that I would pay you back for everything that I either damaged or stole from you?" Goten asked. Cheena raised her eyebrows as she walked over to the side of bed, opposite Miyuki. Placing her head on his forehead, she looked him over.

"Are you sure your ok? I think we better get a doctor in here for brain damage" she said. Pushing her hand away, Goten rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I take it back" he said.

"The hell you do. There is no way I'm letting you take that back. I forgive you either way but I better get out of here before I never make it to the mall. Miy I'll see you later, we can talk then if you want" Cheena said as she took Chico's hand and walked towards the door.

"Talking sounds good. See you then" Miyuki said as Cheena and Chico left the room. Silence fell all around as Goten and Miyuki looked at one another. Fighting back her will to just jump out of the chair and hug him, Miyuki also fought back tears that threatened to fall down her face with the fact that he actually woke up.

"Look Miy…I just want to say I'm sorry for what happened" Goten said as he looked at her. Miyuki's expression failed to change as she looked at Goten.

"You think just saying sorry is going to make up for everything that you did? I mean Goten, you really hurt me with everything that you did" Miyuki said.

"I wasn't myself. You know that if I was I would never of done the things that I did" Goten said as sympathetic as he could.

"I wish I could believe that Goten, I really do but how do I know that this won't happen again. I mean, you can just as easily pick up another bottle and start all over again I just can't go through this again" Miyuki said.

"I won't let it happen again. I have learned my lesson from all of this. I've hurt my family, my friends but most importantly I've hurt you, the person I've always said I would never hurt no matter what" Goten said.

"Then why did you go back on your word? I did my best to try and help you, even when Cheena chose not to help you. I did my best and all I got was a slap in the face from you, as I put it. You continually pushed me away no matter what I tried to do for you. How do I know you won't do that again?" Miyuki asked with a slight raise of her voice. She didn't want to yell at him but she couldn't control her emotions anymore. She just had to let it all out no matter what.

"I can't promise you anything right now because I know my promise at this moment are just empty words to you. All I can say is that I will try. I'm going to try my best to help myself. I just hope you haven't given up on me" Goten said. Miyuki couldn't hold back her tears any longer. She just stared at Goten as she felt water fall down towards her cheek.

"Goten, if I wanted to give up on you, I would of done it a long time ago. I stood by you when you started pushing everyone away and I will be here by your side to help you put everything back together. I know its going to be hard but I could never let you do this on your own" Miyuki said. Goten smiled as he could feel water in his eyes but he quickly held them back, promising himself he would not show any tears on his face whatsoever.

"I owe you the biggest thanks Miyuki and I know that I broke a lot of trust between the two of us but I promise to work hard to get it back. That's a promise that I know is true. I will do what it takes to make everything between us the way it was before I turned into a raving alcoholic" Goten said. Miyuki smiled as she quickly jumped out of the chair and wrapped her arms around Goten.

"I'd like that. I'd like the Goten that I used to know to come back. No more drinks, no more lies and on more pushing me away. Let me help you. I love you Goten and I wouldn't want it any other way but to help you" she said. Goten wrapped his arms around her and embraced her in a close hug before pulling away.

"Has anyone else been here to see me since I came in here?" he asked. Nodding her head, Miyuki sat back down in the chair.

"Everyone's been in here to see you…even Vegeta" she said. Goten laughed as he rested his head back on his pillow.

"Vegeta came to see me? Bulma made him didn't she?" he asked. Miyuki nodded her head as she laughed as well.

"Yea, he wasn't all too happy to come in here and see you. I'm not even sure he said anything to you but knowing him, we all know that answer" she said. Goten smiled as he closed his eyes and sighed.

"How long do you think it'll take until they let me out of here?" he asked suddenly.

"I'm not sure. Your going to have to get some help, you know, go to an AA meeting" Miyuki said. Goten looked at her for awhile before sighing.

"I really don't want to go there. I've heard about that place" he said.

"Goten please just go. It's the only way they will let you out of here and it's the only way you'll get better. Alcohol Anonymous isn't as bad as you think. It does help but you have to help them help you" Miyuki said.

"I'll go Miy, I'll do it for you" he said. Miyuki shook her head no as she grabbed his hand.

"I don't want you to do it for me. Don't do it for me, or your family. I want you to go and do it for yourself. If you meant everything you said earlier then I know that you will go and do this for you" she said. Goten looked at her as she held his hand and smiled.

"Ok Miyuki. I'll go to the meetings and I'll do it for myself but I'll also do it for you and everyone else. I really want to change everything around" he said. Miyuki smiled as she gave him a kiss then moved away.

"I know you do and I believe in you" she said. Goten just smiled as he and Miyuki continued their conversation well into the rest of the day.

~A Month Later~

Walking out of a small building, Goten smiled as he spotted a nearby bench and sat down. Closing his eyes, he smiled as a cool breeze blew through his hair, thoughts running through his mind.

Goten's POV

I bet your all wondering what's happening now, aren't you? Well I'm no longer in the hospital. I got out a couple of weeks ago and they say I should be fine. Actually they said that I was lucky and in a way I agree with them. When I got home, everyone was happy to see me…well let's not count Vegeta…but everyone else was happy. I stopped drinking and even went to that AA meeting Miyuki told me about. I guess its helping me, I mean, I've only been going for a few days but the process is said to go slow at first. We're suppose to be working with a twelve step program. I'm on the second step so I still have a ways to go. I'm moving along that as fast as I can. I just want things to go back to the way it was. I think my relationship with my family has improved since all of this happened. Cheena and I argue more then ever which is great. I really miss arguing with her over the littlest things, don't ask me why. Miyuki and I are slowly getting back to the way we were before all of this happened and I'm glad to say that we're doing fine.

Yes, I'm enjoying what I have now and what I almost lost. Everyday I pass by the tavern where this all started but I never go in. I've thought it about it though, going in and getting a drink when I feel frustrated. I'm afraid I'll tempt myself into going back on the bottle but I'm sure Gareth would make sure I didn't even get one drink in that bar. Maybe when I get better, he'll let me have something. He stops by every now and then to see how I'm doing. He's getting sick and tired of me thanking him for helping me when I needed him but what can I say, I'm thankful. All I know is that my time as a alcohol is slowly coming to an end. I know I still have a ways to go until I can finally say that its over but I'm willing to wait as long as its going to take. I understand and have a new appreciation for what I have now and to tell you the truth, it feels pretty damn good to know that I'll always have my friends and family with me no matter what.

Hearing a car horn, Goten smiled as he stood up and walked over to a black car. Opening the door, he climbed into the passenger seat and closed the door.

"So, how was it today?" Miyuki asked as she watched Goten buckle himself in.

"Not so bad. They say I'm making progress and maybe I'll make it to the third step soon" Goten said. Miyuki smiled as she leaned over and gave Goten a kiss before moving away.

"We better hurry up, Trunks, Cheena and Chico are waiting for us at the theater" she said as she looked at him.

"What are we going to go see and if you say…" Goten started before Miyuki cut him off.

"…don't worry, its not a kids movie. Cheena said she just hopes Chico doesn't get any nightmares or anything or Chi-Chi is going to kill her" she said.

"I really hope Chico gets a nightmare" Goten said with a laugh. Miyuki smiled as she stepped on the gas and slowly took off down the street continuing her conversation with Goten and glad that things were slowly going back to normal.

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