Chapter 1: Alpha

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2. Might be plotholes initially and pacing may be fast

4. I will follow the arcs of the anime/novel only after Issei enters Koa Academy. This will most likely start between chapter 5-10 depending on the pace I'll take. So don't expect Issei to step foot into Koah Academy until 20,000-30,000 words in

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"I-Issei… Run… RUN AWA-!" A woman's voice screamed. She looked at that thing that was standing in front of her, the thing that killed her husband, but she was cut off by a spear of light impaling her in the stomach.

"Well boy, it seems like you will be joining your parents as well. But I'll make sure that you remember my name. Make sure that you never forget my name and thatname… is Kokabiel."

The man said, standing tall with two black feathery wings on his back.

The man then raised his sword in the air in preparation to strike him down.

[Hey kid we have no time! Raise your left arm over your head NOW!]

Issei didn't know who was talking to him, but he did what he was told as he feared for his life.


As Kokabiel bought his sword down he was surprised that a light blinded him and something caused his sword to bounce off his target. The force sent Issei flying, his back smashing into a nearby wall. As he and Kokabiel regained focus they both looked at the red gauntlet on the boy's arm.

"I was surprised for a moment, but it's just a Twice Critical, how disappointing things could have gotten interesting.''

Kokabiel slowly walked over to Issei and grabbed him by his neck and held him in the air.


"Do you think that a measly twice critical can even compare to me-?"



With all of his remaining strength Issei bought his fist and punched the monster in front of him right in the face. This caused him to let go of Issei and for him to be pushed back a few feet.

Kokabiel held his hand to his nose that was gushing blood before laughing maniacally.


Issei was breathing heavily as it felt like his life force was getting sapped from each [Boost] he did, but he didn't want to die, so he willed one more.


Kokabiel glared at the boy before saying ''Even if you power up like this, a kid like you will never stand a chance against me, besides I know you're at your limit as we speak!"

And just like that, a voice boomed out in nothing but anger, disdain, and sadness.





[Sorry kid] ,Issei heard in his head.

Kokabiel slowly walked over to the boy and held his sword for a final strike." It's over for you boy maybe you could've grown to be powerful but unfortunately you crossed paths with me. NOW DIE!"

The last thing Issei felt was the sword piercing his chest and into his heart.

As Kokabiel walked out of the door and flew away into the night sky a bright lighted shined from Issei's corpse before engulfing him completely.

Issei's POV

It's cold and my body is numb. I can remember getting stabbed, yet I don't feel any pain.

{Awaken young one}

I hear a voice so deep that it feels like it could shake the foundation of Earth. I'm surprised I could even understand it.

{Open your eyes and cast your gaze on me}

All I remember is the life draining from my father's eyes as blood gushes from his mouth like a fountain.

The screams of my mother as a spear of light pierced through her stomach, her last words pleading for my safety still screams in my mind and is driving me to the point of insanity.

The laughter of tha-that thing with wings of an angel and the aurora of the devil himself. The sheer amount of bloodlust that settled in the house suffocated me like a poisonous fog.

{Perhaps do you fear me?}

Fear huh... 's exactly what I'm feeling now. The fear I felt when he looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. The fear when he raised his sword to take my life but for some reason... I feel like whatever's talking to me now is way more frightening though.

{Do you want power?}


{Do you want a second chance of being among the living?}

A second chance?

{Do you want to protect the ones you love?}

An image of my dead parents filled my mind...Yes, I would do anything... ANYTHING to protect the ones I love! No matter the cost or the struggle I would do everything possible to avenge my parents!

{Do you want to live your dream?}

How could I forget! I never got laid or touched a glorious pair of oppai! How am I going to be the Harem King if I die now!

It wouldn't be possible

{Then open your eyes, AWAKEN}





As far as the eye can see, nothing but an endless void. Am I dreaming? Is this the afterlife? I was never a religious person but after what I've just been through anything is possible I guess.


There're no boobs in the area. How disappointing.

{Haha what an interesting fellow I have here}

The voice from before? I hear it but I can't see whom it belongs to. It honestly sounds like it's coming from every direction making it impossible to pinpoint.

{I am here right in front of you}

"AH WHAT THE FUCK!" I yell as I suddenly see a massive figure move from the darkness. It moved so fluently like it was the darkness itself. It was like reality was shifting just to fit this monstrosity in front of me.

{Monstrosity? You hurt me kid}

I looked below me and saw an eye. The thing is the eye is massive. You know I think massive is an understatement when the pupil alone looked as big AS FUCKING MOUNT EVEREST. With a massive flap of its wings it pushed itself back and then flew up far enough just so I can see its head as it towered over me, so I took the time to observe its features. It looked like a European dragon with a single row of jagged spikes running down it's head. The eyes were weird and so... creepy yet it was so cool to look at. The eyes as a whole were black but you could see massive red veins, that refused to cross each other, carrying blood (well I guess blood) to an iris which is in the shape of a thick red ring. The Iris then carried to a large red pupil which had a black spot in the center that felt like it was digging deep into my very existence.

I've never felt so insignificant in my life.

"Wh-who are you and whe-where am I? Do-d-don't eat me!" I barely choked out. He looked at me or at least I think he is.

{Why would I eat you? I wouldn't bring a human to this place just for consumption as the amount of energy it would take to eat you wouldn't be greater than the energy you could provide. But I'm not here to kill, I'm here to talk}

The dragon recomposed himself or at least it felt like it.

{Now where are my manners I should introduce myself. Even though I am truly nameless you can call me Entropy, Issei Hyoudou. Now you must be wondering where you're at currently and let me say this now, you are not dead... yet. After you were stabbed I teleported you to the outskirts of the universe where there is nothingness. I simply call this place Nusquam. Now that you know where you are let's talk about how you got here. I know you have many questions do you?}

"Yes! What was that thing, Kokabiel, that killed me and my parents!" I shouted out in rage desperately hoping for an answer to what caused me so much pain and suffering.

{That my boy was a Fallen Angel} the dragon hissed out in disgust.

"So wait, things like gods, demons, angels and all the other mythologies actually exists!?" That can't be right! No way things like gods from books that we used to laugh at for a lot of reasons. They wore weird clothes, sometimes no cloths, did weird things, most had small dicks or at least that's the story pictures and statues tell. There is no way they existed right? But now that I remember what happened to me and looking at the dragon in front of me I guess I have no other choice than to accept it.

{I know this is a lot to take in so make yourself comfortable I'm going to explain everything. First let's start with how the universe was made is this fine?}

The beginning huh, "Sure go ahead." He surely had my full attention. He paused for a bit like he was collecting his words. I wonder what is he going to say? Will the answer be so complicated that my small human brain couldn't possibly handle it and my brain is going to explo-

{It all started when I got stuck in a dense glob of energy}



(2 minutes later)

{I got bored so I decided to throw the moon at the Earth}

... huh?

(3 minutes later)

{So gods were a thing that popped up. I don't know how they really came about as I was nowhere near Earth at the time so maybe they were created by another primordial being or something like that I don't really care. Let me just tell you this now. I. Hate. gods. They are so unreasonable and egotistical it's not even funny. Most of them feed off the faith of the people they worship and give little to nothing in return to the humans. Hell sometimes they even take things away or just ruin things for the dumbest reasons. Let's not forget that they all think that they are perfect. Honestly I would have killed most of them If I didn't wander the universe. Like you know the feeling when you see an annoying kid at a grocery store but you ignore them because it's not your kid and you won't stick around long enough that dealing with them isn't advantageous to you? Imagine that but it's every couple hundred years}

(10 minutes later)

{So the three Factions that you need to know about are the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. The best way to explain is that Fallen Angels are angels that fell from grace and now all they do is have constant sex. The Devils are like Fallen Angels but less sex crazed and more greedy and prideful. The Angels are actually chill. The Angels in fact seem to be the only mythology on Earth that have their damn priorities straight}

"God from the Bible did seem like a good guy."

{Yeah he was pretty cool}

(5 minutes later)

{So there were these 2 dragons that were fighting so hard and kicking so much ass that the three factions had to stop their war in order to deal with them. At the end God sealed himself and the Dragons into 2 separate Sacred Gears the Longinus Divine Dividing who's owner is known as the White Dragon Emperor and the Boosted Gear who's owner is known as the Red Dragon Emperor and that Red Dragon Emperor is you boy}

Huh? I'm the Red Dragon Emperor?

{Do you remember that voice and the gauntlet that helped you try to fight off the crow? Well that is Ddraig, the dragon sealed in the gear, I have to thank him once you return}

Suddenly my vision started to brighten.

{Our time is up so listen to me. You will wake up in your room the next morning. Your parents will no longer be there as I have removed them from this existence and the Fallen Angel won't be around as he is long gone. You don't have to worry about any other supernatural snooping around your house as I have set up a defensive barrier that will block all magic energy you emit passively. Once you are awake you will be able to talk to Ddraig again but don't worry I will be there as well. I have chosen you after all and together we will start your new journey of power and domination!}

Yes! This is the second chance I've been looking for! It will pain me when I wake up not to see my parents home but for now I need to sleep. I can't afford to gloom around all day and stay weak forever... no I need to get stronger to protect the people I will love and to begin my journey to be a Harem King!

Normal POV

A bright light surrounded Issei as he threw himself off the bed. He turned around to see it covered in sweat. "Was that a dream?"



[Huh? Issie you are alive! How is this possible?! I was in the plane as if I was waiting for a new host then there was a light and I'm back here with you!]

{That would be because of me, Ddraig}

[Who are you?]

{I could go by many names that I've been called for hundreds of years. The Dragon of Death, Destruction, and Nightmares if the legends I recall are correct. Regardless those titles are useless to me. You however can call me Entropy}

[Im-impossible you are supposed to be a myth! Are you telling me that the dragon that make Great Red and the Ouroboros Dragon look like mere insects is actually real? It can't be!]

{I assure you Ddraig, I am very real, and I am the reason why your host is alive in the first place}

[We-well I am forever grateful that you have given Issei a second chance but you could imagine how I would doubt your existence]

{I wonder how... if I'm not mistaken I have seen you before during one of my passes of Earth. Did I scare you guys that much}

[How could we not be frightened? To see a dragon the size of Jupiter just appear and disappear without a trace is the only thing that made gods shit their pants]

"Um sorry to interrupt but what do we do now?" Issei says in a wondering tone. "If my assumptions are correct then I'm pretty sure I'm too weak to be able to use both of you guy's power willy-nilly so how am I going to get stronger?"

And he is correct he doesn't have the power to do basic things. Now that he thinks about it, he was barely able to manage Ddraig for a few seconds at his max so how could he go up against another supernatural?

{I've already got that covered but first I need you to call upon me on your right arm. You've already done it with the [Boosted Gear] so do the same thing but focus it on your right arm}

And Issei did what he was told. He could feel the energy flow throughout his whole body. It felt dark yet soothing at the same time, he could feel the power yet it wasn't frightening like when he first met Entropy it now felt like it was part of him. Now all he has to do is focus it, so he started to concentrate and after a few seconds he could feel it settle in his arm. With a sudden flash of light he could feel something heavy on his arm. After the light faded he got a good look at it.

It was a gauntlet like the [Boosted Gear] except it was all black. The claws were far sharper, the scales that acted as armor were slightly more flexible as they weren't as bulky as his other Sacred Gear, and there were spikes that started from his wrist ran along the top like a dragon's back. Instead of an emerald colored gem it was a black diamond with red, blue, and purple energy swirling within it. On his palm were lines that looked like computer circuits, that started from the center of his hand, led to each armored finger. The lines had a golden shade to them and it looked like it kept a steady flow of power to the fingers themselves. He quickly learned that depending on the action he was doing the shade of gold would change accordingly. As he was moving his hand and flexing his fingers he watched in fascination as the lines turned to a lighter or darker shade of gold.

/The Sacred Gear: Entropy: Has Now Been Activated!\

/Systems Activating...\

/Loading Stats…\

/Loading Levels...\

/Loading Skills…\

/Loading Title...\

/Startup complete!\

/Welcome Player!\



{This right here will help you throughout your journey think of it like a game, an RPG to be specific, that will be very helpful from now on. First let's look at your stats. Just think about it or say it and it'll appear}

"Uh ok show me stats."

/Loading Stats...\


Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 1

Title: Red Dragon Emperor


Current Title:

HP: 500/500

MP: 100/100

STR: 10

STA: 15

DEF: 10

AGL: 12

INT: 9



Current skills: [Boost]

Auto update: On

"Woah!" So with this he could view his growth with. 'I assume that Auto update will automatically update my stats every time I look at them... I guess If I wanted to compare exactly how much I grew I would turn it off and update it manually... mentally?' Well he figured there were better things to do now than to ponder on that.

{The system has a level of autonomy that makes it easier to keep up with your growth but ignore that. Your next lesson is the skill I'm giving you right now}

/You Have Learned The Skill: Observe\

Observe: Use this to get information about your surroundings. Can be used on objects as well of other beings.

-Just say or think "Observe" on any target you see and you will get information on the target.

-Because it is not active magic no MP is required

-Must be within visual range of the target in order for it to work

{Perfect, now use your skill to get information on your [Boosted Gear]}

"Uhh Observe"

Boosted Gear

Unlocked forms: 2

Hidden forms: 7

Unlocked form #1

[Boosted Gear: Standard Form]

The Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor that contains Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon. The Boosted gear grants its wielder incredible power, but can be overused, destroying the user's body from power overload and fatigue.

-Grants the skill [Boost!] when active.

See [Boost!] for further details.

-Passively gives the user a dragon's aura in all forms and at all times even if not activated.

Unlocked form #2

[Boosted Gear: Twice Critical Form]

Twice Critical is a Sacred Gear that doubles the power of the user for a certain time. It is a common, recurring Dragon-type Sacred Gear.

-Grants the skill [Boost!] when active.

-Passively gives the user a dragons aura but only when activated and not as strong as the standard [Boosted Gear]

-Twice Critical Form restricts the [Boost!] skill. See [Boost!] for further details.

Special Ability:

Underestimated: Because of being seen as weak, especially on a human, the [Boosted Gear] seen in [Twice Critical] form will increase the confidence and arrogance of enemies who are aware of the Sacred Gear. This will give you the upper hand if you use it wisely and in the correct situation.

Side note: The stronger you are the stronger [Twice Critical] will become.


Special to the Twice Critical and Boosted Gear, Sacred Gears.


-Doubles the strength, speed, and stamina of the user.

-Current Boost Limit: Five times.

-Restriction: Cannot boost more than twice in [Twice Critical] form and only 5 times in standard [Boosted Gear] form.

-Duration of Cumulative Boosting: 10 seconds

[I'm impressed, this is very detailed and everything is correct]

"Sooooo coool!" Issei exclaimed out loud as he looked at the hologram in front of him.

"So hey, is my life like a video game from now on and can other people see this? Because it will be weird of other people could see what I'm seeing right now."

{Don't worry about that, your messages can only be seen by you and about your life being game... the answer to that is kind of. Every aspect won't be like a game at all but will play a huge role in your life as the system that I have set in place will help guide you.

For example, you can do quest, fight in dungeons, level up/increase your stats, get rewards, and earn new titles. Now how will this be different from any other game is number? Well for context there is no shop, and no looting system among other things.

All in all you could live your normal life and you wouldn't notice it unless you were actively engaged with it. There will be more things to explain at another time but for now let's start with your basic training so here is your first quest}

"Wait before that I have another question!" he said quickly as another question hit him. "What will happen if my HP and MP reach zero?"

{If your MP reaches zero then that means you will pass out from exhaustion, as for HP... well as I have taken refuge as a newly made Sacred Gear my power still can't be contained safely. To put this into perspective imagine a nuclear bomb and the only thing stopping it from exploding is you being alive. So you could imagine if my energy was to be suddenly released in an uncontrolled, poorly manifested form, would cause you and everything within a 30-mile radius to blasted off the face of the earth. This is my first time doing this, so I'm as clueless as you are so until I find a better way to manage my power, don't die and everything will be fine}

"Jeez that's soooo reassuring so basically I'm a walking nuke." Well at least if he dies he knows he is taking the bastard that killed him along with him but on the negative side any ally he has alongside him will be toast. Hmm, yeah that is a huge problem that they'll need to deal with later. Suddenly a hologram popped up in front of him pulling him from his thoughts.

/The System Will Help The Player's growth\

/Quest Incoming!\

/The Quest: Preparation Day: Has Arrived!\

/ [Incomplete] Push-Ups [0/100] \

/ [Incomplete] Curl-Ups [0/100] \

/ [Incomplete] Squats [0/100] \

/ [Incomplete] Run [0/2 km] \

/Must Be Completed By The End Of The Day, Everyday For 3 weeks. If Not Completed Then There Will Be A PENALTY. Current Penalty: Everyone In A 1 km Radius Will Be Disappointed In You\

"Don't you guys think this is a bit too much for me to start off?" And he definitely didn't like the sound of everyone being disappointed in him.

{Nonsense. Besides, we have all day in fact take the next couple of minutes to do your push-ups, then take your shower, and start your day. Doing this for the next couple of weeks should increase your build substantially }

[I think you should listen to him Issei. If you can get yourself in shape than you could call upon both of our power with less effort]

Issei sat for a few minutes to take all the information in before letting out a loud sigh. He might as well get started now. So for the next excruciating 15 minutes he finally finished his 100 push-ups. He decided that now is a perfect time to take a hot shower to relax his aching muscles. He stepped out of his room into the hallway only to get hit with a sudden realization and a painful memory of the death of his parents. The pain and fear he felt yesterday hit him like a truck and bought him to his knees with tears in his eyes.

[I'm sorry that I couldn't be any help to you in your time of need]

"Don't say that Ddraig, because of you I was able to get one good satisfying hit in on that bastard!" Issei says while wiping his tears.

{I ensure you boy they are in a better place but there is no time to mourn as you must get a move on if you want to get stronger. Make your parents proud, succeed in your dreams, and take your place in the annals of history!}

Yeah, he needed to get stronger and fast. If all this supernatural stuff is real then who knows when he will run into one again. And if he is weak how can he avenge his parents if he is having struggles doing simple push-ups?

"So let's get started shall we?"

time skip*

"Ugh finally *pant* FINALLY *pant* I'm back home!" Issei has just finished his run and has returned home. He was sweating but he couldn't complain. How could he when he saw some female runners breast bounce with each step? For a perv like him this was the best part of the day, and he also didn't mind the way girls where looking at him either.

It's been 3 weeks since Issei has been constantly working out. His physique has changed quite a bit now he isn't some scrawny kid anymore. He is now a confident 6'2 and has gained some muscle mass that made the girls stop and stare.

/Quest:Preparation Day: Completed\

/Choose Your Rewards\

/Reward #1: Status Recovery\

/Reward #2: 10 Stat Points\

"Accept Status Recovery." and just like that all his fatigue he felt was gone like it wasn't even there. "Accept Stat Points." He then decided to put four into strength, two into defense, two into intelligence, one into agility, and one into stamina. He figured he wanted to put a boost his strength and defense first before other things.

[Partner don't you think it is time for you to start working on my power. You have gained a lot of strength and stamina naturally during the last couple of weeks without increasing your stats. It is about time you start working on controlling my power]

{I agree and tomorrow you are going to explore your first dungeon. Until then get some rest and early in the morning I'll teleport you to the location so you can enter it}

To say Issei was excited was an understatement he would be jumping up and down if he didn't want to look stupid to anyone passing by. He knew this will be his second technical experience with the supernatural world and he was kind of scared. Who knew what he is going to face (definitely won't be goblins). With determination in his mind Issei decided to head on to bed so he can wake up early and really get started on his adventure.

(The next day)

Issei stood in the middle of a forest, the early morning breeze sending a shiver up his spine.

"Where are we?" He said out loud.

{You are near the base if the Tatra Mountains in Poland, turn around and start walking and you will find a cave and at the entrance of the cave is the dungeon}

Issei started his trek through the forest and it wasn't long until he was at the base of the mountain by a river bank. From there he kept walking until he found a cave. The grass that led to it was dead and the surrounding air was slowly getting heavier the closer he got to it. Issei also noticed that the rocky floor he stood on was cracked.

"Is this the cave you were talking about?"

{Yes this the entrance but pay attention. Do you notice anything strange about it?}

Now that Issei had taken a good look at it, he does notice something about the entrance of the cave. At the mouth of it there is perpendicular line, in fact it looked like the mouth of the cave was a drawing and somebody had put a torn in it and from that torn there was a soft white glowing light with the same color sparks spitting out from it.

{That is the entrance of the dungeon. You see Issei, the only way for you to train and get stronger is to kill beings stronger than you. The problem is the only beings in this world that are stronger than you are the supernatural and you can't square off against them yet. Besides, we are trying to keep a low profile remember? And unfortunately you aren't close to ready for me too send you to hell and kill all the Devils there so the only alternative is to send you to another place, specifically another reality. Have you heard of parallel and alternative universes? Well they exist, and they all stemmed from the creation of the universe we are in now. In another reality your parents are still alive, in another reality a Fallen Angel bitch will ask you the most stupid question "Will you die for me?" before killing you. In this other weird reality ther-}

"Wait what was that last one?"

{Don't worry about it, anyway the only thing you should remember is that I'm sending you to another dimension/reality and this reality could be very different depending on the location and set conditions. For example, we are in the wilderness so expect a beast type monster in this dungeon, but keep in mind that this won't be the case every time as the possibilities are truly endless. And to keep your worries to non-existent levels the type of dungeons you'll encounter will never be a parallel universe so you won't have to worry about meeting yourself or a loved one as it will always be an alternate universe and not a parallel one.}

"Ah I understand now sooo... how do I enter it?"

{In order to enter a dungeon you must call upon both your sacred gears and rip it open so the link between this reality and the alternate one is made. Once you have done that then walk inside to officially enter the dungeon. Keep in mind as even though this is the common way, special dungeons will require a key and in order to get a key you will need to defeat a specific boss or do a specific task. After that the key will be acquired, like a "reward" if you will, and you will be able to enter that specific dungeon at a set location. There are more details, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Let's not ponder any longer and proceed forwards}

"Right." Issie called both his sacred gears and proceed to rip the tear of reality. It wasn't as hard as he thought, with a little power the connection was made with ease as the tear expanded to the point where he could walk in. Interestingly enough, when he looked inside the cave entrance was exactly the same, like the gate wasn't there at all.

[Are you ready kid? This is going to be your second time you will encounter something that won't be normal to you but this time you will be actually fighting. Be prepared for anything]

"Okay then let's go!" This is Issei's real beginning of his journey to accomplish his dreams, make a huge name for himself, and take the supernatural world by storm.

Issei's POV

This is it, there is no going back now!

This is my start to a new life, I can't wait to be a king!

No... not just a king

A Monarch

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 1

Title: Red Dragon Emperor


Current Title:

HP: 500/500

MP: 100/100

STR: 14

STA: 16

DEF: 12

AGL: 13

INT: 11



Current skills: [Boost]

Auto update: On