Chapter 2: Press Start

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Issie took a step inside the cave and looked around to see it was dark like he expected. This of course made things very difficult.

"I can't see a thing, how am I going to fight monsters if I can't even see my own hand?"

{I got you covered}

/You Have Learned The Skill: Night Vision\

Night Vision: Be able to see in low light

-Will automatically be turned on in low light (can be disabled)

-Passively increases your SEN stat by 20 in low light

-Decreases your SEN stat if used in broad daylight

-You will be temporarily blinded and disoriented if you look at a light that is bright enough in a dark place.

Instantly he was able to see everything around him. He looked at his hands and feet before looking at the cave walls. He looked into the darkness of the cave and got an eerily feeling, but he deduced that it was his uneasiness.

The Red Dragon Emperor trekked along for a couple of minutes with nothing interesting happening.

"Just rock, rock, and more rock. Man can something interesting happen already? Like come on-OOF!"

Issie had luckily caught himself as he tripped over something. He looked down and picked up what he thought was a long rock but turned out it was a bone. He didn't know what type of bone it was or who it belonged to, but he did know that those bite marks must have come from someone and it definitely wasn't him.

Continuing on he started to find more and more bones. He didn't pay mind to them until he found a skeleton that was much bigger than the other bones he came across. He didn't know what the animal was until he saw it's head and it became obvious. What other animal that big has a horn like that?

"A rhino... but what is a rhino doing in Europe?" Issei didn't know a lot about animals, but he at least knew the basics. He pondered for a moment until he all became clear.

"That is a Wooly Rhino isn't it?"

{You're right about that, welcome to the Ice Age, where every mammal you know is on steroids. It looks like the severe weather and animals stalled humans from migrating into Europe while at the same time killing the Neanderthals. This prolonged the lifes of animals that would be extinct by thousands of years}

'Crap' he thought while continuing walking on

'I knew this was going to be hard but I'm going to be fighting literal beast.'


'That ain't good.'


Issei dived to his side narrowly missing the animal that tried to tear his throat out.

Issei performed a handstand and bounced off the wall and landing back on his feet. 'I guess my strength and agility is paying off'. He then got a good look at what attacked him. Turns out it was a wolf, a giant wolf at that, it slowly stalked towards Issei while baring its teeth.


Cave Wolf

HP: 500/500

MP: 0

STR: 20

STA: 50

DEF: 15

AGL: 35

INT: 5


Side note: It can bite

"Damn it how am I supposed to kill that." Issei said while the wolf looked like it was going to attack.

{Kick him or something, I don't know}

As the wolf lunged at Issie, he jumped and used all his strength to connect his left foot to the wolfs jaw, shattering it, and sending it to the roof of the cave where it's head got crushed. The wolf feel to the ground and with a final whimper died.

/You Leveled Up!\

{GG no re}

"I leveled up? Let me check my stats then."

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 2

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor Oppailover42069

Current Title:

HP: 520/520

MP: 120/120

STR: 16

STA: 18

DEF: 14

AGL: 15

INT: 13

SEN: 7


Current skills: [Boost, Observe, Night Vision

Auto update: On

"It looks like my stats go up by 2 plus my MP and HP by 20 every time a level up, neat."




From the darkness of the cave 7 more wolfs approached looking pretty pissed that a member just got killed.

[Looks like the pack is here, well some of them at least]

"Um ok this is a bit too much so can do I have a weapon?"

{Oh yeah I forgot to give you one. Take this random sword I found on Google}

A sudden flash of light threw Issei off for a few until he felt something heavy in his hand. He had to grab the hilt with both hands as the sudden weight almost made him drop it.

In his hand was a typical Japanese Katana.



-Obtained after a Google search

DMG: 100

Durability: 50

Side note: It's a sword

"Ok better than nothing!"

Issie let out a war cry as he charged into the group of wolves.

(3 minutes later)

"*pant* *pant*"

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

Issie stood victorious as his blade dripped blood from the wolves who's bodies were thrown about on the ground.

"Man that was tough... so... can I leave now?"



{Relatively you are still in the beginning. Keep going you are doing great}

Issie continued on in relative peace. He had his guard up ready to strike another wolf down but hasn't so far and that only made him raise his guard more.

He kept going for a couple of minutes until he found a body of a wolf that looked like it was recently killed. It was missing a leg and another limb was hanging loosely from its body. He kept going until one turned to two, then three, then four, and so on. The bodies soon turned to over two dozen dead wolfs. One large one, that looked like the leader, had its intestines spilled across the floor.

"What killed all those wolfs? Were there some kind of scuffle between them?"

[This looks more like a territorial clash than inner conflict to me]




"Ah fuck me."

Anyone could identify that iconic laughter.

Ten figures emerged from the shadows.


Cave Hyena

HP: 850/850

MP: 0

STR: 30

STA: 60

DEF: 25

AGL: 20

INT: 3


Side note: It can bite even harder

"Oh I'm sure they can." Issei mumbled. "Well let's get this show on the road."

One charged Issei and he responded by shoving his blade into it's heart killing it instantly.

/You have learned the skill: Vital Strike!\

- Deal critical damage as you attack your foe's vital areas

Ten more hyenas joined the fray. They all rushed hoping to use numbers to subdue their prey. Issei raised his sword, his eyes burned with confidence and a slight tinge of green.

"Lets start mopping up then."

The next few minutes were filled with blood and guts as Issei ferociously slaughtered all the enemies in front of him.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

(20 minutes later)

Issei has been transversing this cave for seemingly hours. He honestly thought he was lost until he stumbled down a sudden drop-off. He rolled to a stop and quickly got up to check his surroundings. It was a wide open space which was filled with bones, so he assumed that this was their den. He was going to keep admiring the sheer amount of bones he saw until he heard a deep growl.

He slowly turned around just to see a hyena that was taller than he was.

'That must be the boss.' Issei deduced. It was guarded by four other hyenas that were seemingly buffer than normal ones.


Hyena Guard

HP: 950/950

MP: 0

STR: 40

STA: 60

DEF: 30

AGL: 30

INT: 5


Side note: I ran out of bite jokes

Issie decided to ignore that last part and moved on to the boss.

Hyena Queen

HP: 1,200/1,200

MP: 0

STR: 50

STA: 80

DEF: 40

AGL: 40

INT: 5


Side note: The boss in case you didn't know

While Issie was distracted looking at the jab by the system, one quickly rushed him and caught him by surprise, Issei was shocked that something that bulky moved so quick. He didn't have time to think of anything else as the hyena managed to sink his teeth into his left arm.

"ARRRGH" Issei decided to do a bold move. When the hyena let go and opened its mouth for another bite, he slithered his hand into its mouth and got a firm hold on the lower jaw, then proceeded to rip it off, throwing it across the room.

The hyena guard stood still for a moment before dropping on the ground dead, blood gushing from its face.

Issie grabbed his arm and winced in pain "Damn that took a solid 200 HP."

/You Have Earned The Title: Hunter\

A title given to a true hunter

-40% damage increase against beast/animal type enemies

'Huh very fitting I guess.' Issei thought. The other 3 guards were advancing on him. He held his sword up ready to fight.

"Okay bring it on you basta-"

He suddenly dropped his sword as immense fear had overtaken him causing him to drop to his knees. He looked over at the queen. Her eyes were glowing blood-red. A snarl which could be called a smirk in animal terms covered her mouth.

/The Hyena Queen Has Used The Skill: Bloodlust! All Stats Have Decreased By 50%\

{Clever skill indeed, but don't forget that I'm here!}

/You Have Learned The Skill: Will To Rehabilitate!\

-The skill is passive and permanent

-Any dismembered body parts will be restored

-All diseases, poisons, and status effects will be healed

-Sleeping will explosively increase your regeneration ability

/The Skill: Will To Rehabilitate: Has been activated! The Enemy Skill: Bloodlust: Has Been Deactivated! All Stats Are Back To Normal!\

The Hyena Queen looked at Issie in surprise. Barking an order, the last three guards rushed Issie as the first one jumped at him.

/Switch Title To Hunter? (Y/N)\

"YES!" Issei bought his Katana to stab the eye of the first guard. He felt the blade go through its eye and into its brain.

/The Skill: Vital Strike: Has Been Activated\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

Not waiting for the guard to hit the ground he pulled his sword out and shoved it into the chest of the next guard it instantly coughed blood and died.

/The Skill: Vital Strike: Has Been Activated\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

Continuing on Issie moved on to the last guard and sliced horizontally cutting the hyena in half.

/The Skill: Vital Strike: Has Been Activated\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Have Learned The Skill: Sword Master!\

You know how to swing a sword, big whoop wanna fight about it?

-Sword only

-20% DMG increase

Issei clicked his tongue in annoyance of the system. He charged with the intention to finish the boss in one hit. He jumped aiming to plunge his sword into its heart so you can tell how surprised he was when the queen blocked his strike with her paw. His blade went straight through it and came out on the other end, so he was hanging awkwardly in the air. He wiggled a little hoping to get some kind of reaction out of the beast but...

/The Hyena Queen Does Not Feel Pain\

"Well ain't this just a sack of tits." The Hyena Queen threw Issei at a wall causing him to hit his head and get a little disoriented the queen slowly stalked towards him, he thought of a plan.

'Well if it is fast enough to block my strikes and does not feel any pain then there is no need to try to stab or slash her. Looks like I need to use all of my strength here.'

As the Hyena Queen prepared to take a bite out of him, he lunged at her before jumping on top of her and grabbed her head. The queen bucked like a raging bull and smashed herself against the cave wall in an attempt to get Issei off her but it was all in vain as he held on. Eventually he made it to her head and wrapped his arms whole body around her, and with all his might squeezed the head. He could feel the bones in the jaw breaking and his chest was pressing hard against her skull. With a final attempt he squeezed even harder.

*CRACK* *plop* *smack*

Issie felt blood and brain matter dampen his cloths as the body of the boss had fallen over.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/Congratulations! You have defeated Your First Boss!\

/For Completing Your First Dungeon Your MP And HP Will Increase By 100!\

/For Killing The Boss, All Your Stats Go Up By 10!\

/For Killing All The Enemies In The Dungeon, You Have 20 Spare Stat Points at your disposal\

Issei slid down the dead body, blood and little bits of brain was on his chest.

"I'll save those points for later." He was going to get up but then he noticed something under the body. He picked it up and he found what looked like a rock, he then got a message.

/You Have Acquired The Rune: Bloodlust! Break It To Acquire The Skill\

With his strength he easily crushed it and it vaporized in the air.

/You Have Earned The Skill: Bloodlust\

It scares the shit out of people

-Your target(s) stats will decrease by 50%

-Will not work if your target(s) stats are too high compared to yours

Issei leaned back as the hologram faded away."I've finally *pant* did it *pant* man that was tough."

[Great job partner you did good for your first real fight]

{I am impressed I must say, but I don't mean to get you down but, a low class devil could have easily blown through this. So take this victory with a lesson that you still have a long way to go}

/The Boss Has Been Defeated And The Dungeon Will Now Close\

"Well time to go home" Issei said before being devoured by a bright light. Opening his eyes to see that he was in his yard, he quickly ran into his house as he didn't want anyone to see him in bloody cloths. Throwing his bloody cloths into a trash bag because they were torn enough that it wouldn't make sense to wear them again. With exhaustion slowly taking over him, he threw the bloody bag in a corner, he'll deal with it later. He took off the remainder of his cloths and took a shower getting all the blood and sweat off of him. He was glad to see that the wounds he sustained has all but disappeared not even a scar left behind. He also noticed that he didn't have any acne or any other facial or body annoyances that a regular person deals with everyday. After he finished showering and dried off he hopped into bed, letting sleep take him.

"Tomorrow is another day."

(time skip to tomorrow)

"So we're going again?", Issei said after taking a sip of coffee.

{Yes, since you are making gains there is no need to stop your momentum so get ready to be teleported}

Finishing his cup and putting it in the sink a bright light encased Issei as he found himself in a dark ally. At the end he could see cars and noticeably pickup trucks zoom by. "Where am I?"

{San Francisco in the good ol' USA. No time for loitering or people might get suspicious. The gate for the dungeon is at the entrance of the alley and be careful not to step into any shit. This place kind of have a serious problem with that}

"Highly noted." Issie walked and made sure to check what was on the ground with each step. Now at the entrance of the ally he could see cars pass and people walking on the sidewalk going on their daily lives. Trying not to stick around any longer, he quickly activated both of his sacred gears and ripped the tear to open the gate.

Crossing over he noticed he was in the middle of a street as opposed to an ally. He looked around and saw a post-apocalyptic world. Cars overturned, buildings abandoned, streets are empty, and not another human in sight. Walking in the sidewalk to avoid the open street he walked past some empty stores and turned over cars.

"What the hell happened here?" He said in a wondering tone. "This is starting to creep me out." He walked past a car he took his time to look inside. The windows were cracked and the dashboard was covered in blood. The steering wheel had claw marks and the cup holders where leaking of mixture of what looked like blood and grape soda.


He heard a sound in the back seat.



Issie thrown himself back to dodge a body that lunged at him. It appeared to be human until the rotten flesh gave away exactly what it was.


HP: 300/300

MP: 0

STR: 25

STA: 10

DEF: 5

AGL: 15

INT: 0


Side note: bRAaiiiInNnssS

Wasting no time Issei called his sword and did what anyone would do in Hollywood and sliced the zombies head off. He heard more noise and saw a horde of zombie coming his way. He stood his ground and hacked away at the zombies.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

How many have he killed so far? 20? 30? He wasn't keeping count all he cared about was surviving. Keeping a steady flow was easy since the zombies were dumb it was easy to kill them. He was doing fine until..

/Warning! Your Sword Has Reached The End Of Its Durability! Any More And Your Sword Will Break!\

And it was true because with one last swing the sword shattered leaving Issie defenseless.

"CRAP WHAT NOW!" He still had a massive horde in front of him. One zombie tried to take a bite out of Issie but it's teeth shattered when Issei used Entropy to block the attack.

[Concentrate and manifest my energy into something!] Anything!, Ddraig said urgently.

{Can you stop this zombie from gumming me? It's disgusting}, Entropy requested lazily.

Issie punched the zombie off him using his Boosted Gear, but had no spare time to concentrate as he was slowly getting surrounded by zombies. 'If only I had a grenade to clear these guys out all at once. But how can I concentrate in these conditions!?'

Explosion, explosion, explosion, explosion. Who did he know what the power to create an explosion?



Issie quickly turned his gaze to what looked like an anime convention store. The T.V was still and tuned in a show that he quickly recognized was playing. He watched as a blonde teen bought his hand up.


And a massive explosion rang throughout the area.

"Bakugou huh?" Issei turned to the horde in front of him and lifted his left hand up. He in a hurry, poorly manifested the energy into his hand as it turned green.

"DIE!" Issie screamed as a massive explosion engulfed the area and sent him flying back a few feet and into the ground. He quickly got up and looked at his work. The street and sidewalk from where he stood to 12 meters away was ripped up, the buildings windows shattered with one collapsing, and light poles uprooted and thrown in the air like a leaf. Body parts from the zombies were everywhere, some were so burnt you almost couldn't recognize it.

Issie felt a little drained and decided to catch his breath until a prompt came up.

/You Have Learned The Skill: Explosion (Uncontrolled)\

Like you're Bakugou, turn their soul to fucking smoke!

-Unleash an explosion from the [Boosted Gear] that can cause 6,000 damage

-Cost 100 MP

-Until you have mastered the skill it will cost more MP than it should as the there is no set power output.

"*pant* I can't believe I've gained no experience from killing all of them, is their experience that low?" Issei decided to check his stats since he hasn't checked them since yesterday.

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 30

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Oppailover42069, Hunter

Current Title: Hunter

HP: 1,180/1,180

MP: 580/680

STR: 72

STA: 74

DEF: 70

AGL: 71

INT: 69

SEN: 63

Fatigue: 38

Extra Stat Points: 20

Current skills: [Boost, Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion

Auto update: On

"No wonder I feel drained, I'll only use that skill during emergencies then." Issei looked down the street to see another horde that was attracted by the explosion. "How am I supposed to deal with them without a weapon?"

[You have your sacred gears so use them! Just because you don't have a weapon doesn't mean you are defenseless. Use your fist and claws to teach you some close quarters combat. Also relying on weapons alone will be your downfall, one of my previous host was an excellent sword master but when he was disarmed he met his demise. Don't follow the same fate]

'Well he's right about that I don't need to rely on a sword too much.' Issei bought both of his fist up and prepared for a scuffle. 'Let's see how many of you I can kill before I level up.'

When the zombies got close enough Issei went wild.

"*punch* One, *punch* two, *slash* three."

He repeated until he got ten kills.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Have Learned The Skill: Brawler\

-Damage from punches and slashes are increased by 40%

-Works passively but is automatically turned off when you hold a weapon

"Ok so ten zombies will make me level up once."

He then killed 20.

/You Leveled Up!\

Then 30.

/You Leveled Up!\

30 turned to 40.

/You Leveled Up!\

40 turned to 60.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

60 to 80.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

80 to 90.

/You Leveled Up!\

90 to 99. And with one last slash of [Entropy] he killed his 100th zombie.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You have Earned the title: Grim Reaper\

Is only effective when fighting set enemies: Undead, Necromancers, and supernaturals that specializes or holds a title of power over the dead

-70% damage increase against set enemies

-Damage taken will be decreased by 50%

/Switch Title To: Grim Reaper? (Y/N)\

"Ye-GAH" Before Issie could finish something wrapped around his neck and yanked him in the air in a completely different direction. He used his strength to try to break free but the tentacle was wrapped around him tight. With one of his claws he managed to free his face and looked at who was dragging him. On top of a building he saw a tall man, his skin was covered in growths which spurted out green smoke that surrounded him. The left side of his face is bloated and it looks like there is a large tumor on it.



HP: 2000/2000

MP: 0

STR: 80

STA: 40

DEF: 20

AGL: 50

INT: 15

SEN: 35

Side note: Will attempt to choke you if they can't pull you in.

With his [Boosted Gear] he managed to sink his claws into a building that passed by.

'OK guys I got a plan. I'm going to run as fast as I can and then jump so he can yank me.'

[I know what you're thinking. It's risky but I'm interested in the power also]

{Go for it, I'll give you boost}

"Ok let's do this!" Issei started running as fast as he can against the power of the smoker.

/You Have Learned The Skill: Sprint\

-40% increase to your agility stat

He gained a lot of ground, he was choking a little from the pull of the smoker. When he got far enough he jumped into the air and let the Smoker pull him in. While he was getting reeled in he used [Explosion] to propel himself to the zombie faster. When he got close enough he pointed his [Boosted Gear] to the ground and used another [Explosion] to send him up in the air above the Smoker.

"Title Change: Grim Reaper."

He looked down at the Smoker and smirked.



To say the explosion was big was an understatement. The whole block was leveled to the ground and any zombie caught in it was reduced to ashes.

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

/You Leveled Up!\

An exhausted Issei face planted on the ground.


/Congratulations! Multiple Of Your Stats Has Gotten Over 100!\

/Because Your Intelligence Has Surpassed 100, Your MP Will Be Restored And Will Increase By 300 As A Reward\

/All Other Stats Will Increase By 20\

/As A Boost Your Lowest Stat Will Be Boosted By 50 Points!(Knowing You, You Will Need It)\

/See You At 10,000 N00B!\

"Cool I guess." Issei said in a groggy voice.

{Take a quick nap. We'll wake you up if something happens}

"Already on it." He mumbled as he closed his eyes.

(20 minutes later)

{Wake up Mr. Hyoudou}

5 minutes later*

{Wakey wakeeeeey}

(10 minutes)



{You fool! You feel victim to one of the classic blunders!}

"I've been tricked, I've been backstabbed, and I've been quite possibly, bamboozled!"

[I hate you both...]

{ANYWAY, I've sensed a powerful zombie charging down the street and is getting ready to ram you any second now}

"Wha?" *CRASH*

Something slammed into Issei and sent him flying into a building.

{I told you to wake up}

"Ugh observe."


HP: 4000/4000

MP: 0

STR: 130

STA: 80

DEF: 20

AGL: 50

INT: 10

SEN: 15

Side note: Pretty dumb but strong head on. Try to flank it or cause AOE damage. Watch out, it's actually pretty speedy when close and can cause significant head damage. Specifically the brain as it will be crushed and in case you didn't know if your brain is crushed you will die. But you are too dumb to know that right?

/You're At Full HP And MP BTW\

"This system could go fuck itself! AOE damage huh? Fine, since you and the system pissed me off you will be my next victim with his arms and legs blown off! Look at you, you're an ugly bastard anyway."

It had hairless skin that is a deep greenish-gray in color it wore bloodstained denim overalls with one broken strap and a green sneaker on his right foot. The most noticeable thing though was the giant arm that looked rough, almost like rock.

"Well it doesn't matter how ugly you are, EXPLOSION!"


/You Have Leveled Up!\

/You Have Leveled Up!\

"How you like that huh?!"

[You know explosions attract more zombies right?]

Issie turned to see a small horde slowly making their way to him.

'Crap ok I'll just deal with this horde then... who is that abomination of a woman?"


/You Have Lost The Title: Oppailover42069\

/Rest In Pepperoni M8\

[Can you kill her already? She is disgusting to look at]

{Don't even use Observe on her... I don't even want to know what that is...}

Issie charged at the mob full speed with the intent to kill.

"Die die die die die die DIE DIE DIE REEEEEEE!"


/You Have Leveled Up!\

/You Have Leveled Up!\

/You Have Leveled Up!\

/P.S, I Also Vomited While Looking At That Zombie And As A Thanks For Not Making Me Observe It Here Is A 3,000 HP Boost. Thank You\

"I am mad, I am confused, and I am disgusted, let me just check my stats, beat this boss, go home, take a cold shower, and reevaluate my life."

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 52

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Hunter, Grim Reaper

Current Title: Grim Reaper

HP: 4,620/4,620

MP: 1,220/1,420 (blaze it)

STR: 136

STA: 138

DEF: 134

AGL: 135

INT: 133

SEN: 177

Fatigue: 38

Extra Stat Points: 20

Current skills: [Boost, Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion, Brawler, Sprint

Auto update: On

"How much more?" Then his ears twitched, weird what the SEN stat can do. 'Lets see a huge horde is coming. And I mean huge, I guess that is what explosions do. I hear some more of those smokers and chargers, but I hear a lot of thumping and jumping though...what other freak is coming my way.'

He homed in his hearing, getting all the information he needed to single out each zombie.

'40 smokers, 60 chargers, over 500 regular zombies, 200 of those things that are jumping, 150 fat guys their panting is making it obvious, and well over 50 big guys... I don't know exactly what those jumpers and big guys are but let's find out. I also hear someone crying that is trailing them, I wonder what that is about.'

Over the horizon he saw zombies charging at him, his eyes glowing green as he smirked. "Let's get rid of these regular guys shall we?" He started to charge a huge explosion and held his breath as he waited for the right moment.



/You Have Leveled Up x50\

"Well there goes the annoying cannon fodder now let's deal with the special guys." He looked and saw zombies he never seen before. One had a hoodie and the other had abnormal upper body muscles.



HP: 2000/2000

MP: 0

STR: 200

STA: 50

DEF: 10

AGL: 70

INT: 5

SEN: 5

Side note: They will try to jump on your head and lead you towards other zombies. They'll look like they're humping you but I can assure you, they are not. They have a lot of stamina to ride you so kill them before they mount you. It ain't right for a man to be ridden like that.


HP: 3100/3100

MP: 0

STR: 250

STA: 70

DEF: 15

AGL: 70

INT: 10

SEN: 5

Side note: They like to jump. Don't let them.

A hunter screeched out and in unison the jockeys and hunters attacked.

/The Skill: Brawler: Has Been Activated\

What ensued after could be defined by nothing else but a slaughter.

(5 minutes later)

/You have Leveled Up! x30\

Entropy and Ddraig watched proudly as Issie ripped and teared.

{You know he already has the power of a low class devil?}

[It's amazing that it has literally been two days. And our adventure has only started, but I'm fearing that because of his human body he will reach a limit. You know what I'm thinking we should do to him?]

{Dragonification? Risky but the rewards will be huge. Of course, it would be risky on a normal basis but since I'm here it will be a guaranteed success... you know after the process is done he won't be able to hide any more right?}

[It's a gamble I'm willing to take. If the supernatural world notice him for a trade of power then so be it, he will soon have the power to discourage any fool that dares to trifle with us anyway. But let's not do it in the near future but later on when the time is right]

{I know exactly when the perfect time will be. You can count on me Ddraig}

[I'm sure I can]

"Big guys are coming." Issie turned to see a fat guy and a beefy guy charging down the street.


HP: 400/400

MP: 0

STR: 5

STA: 10

DEF: 0

AGL: 15

INT: 0

SEN: 1

Side note: They go boom and attract zombies.

Luckily for you this is the last batch of zombies in this dungeon.


HP: 10,000/10,000

MP: 0

STR: 500

STA: 120

DEF: 300

AGL: 40

INT: 5

SEN: 5

Side note: Very strong but weak versus fire. They're also dumb and sluggish when it comes to quick maneuvers.

"Fire? Ok Entropy I need to upgrade my Explosion and Brawler skill."

{Anything that is in range of your own capabilities so what do you need? Hmm, I just read your mind and you are capable of withstanding the upgrades.}

/The Skill: Explosion: Just Got An Upgrade\

You have mastered the art blowing shit up

-Base explosion damage has gone up by 4,000

-Fire has now been added for 2,000 extra damage and 50 damage per second after that

/Updating Skill Entry...Update Has Finished\


Like you're Bakugou, turn their soul to fucking smoke!

-Unleash an explosion from the [Boosted Gear] that can cause 10,000 damage

-Fire will cause 2,000 extra damage and 50 damage per second after that

-Cost 50 MP

-Will Increase according to stats

/The Skill:Brawler: Just Got An Upgrade\

-Upgraded from 40% to 50%

-Your hands will now be covered in fire causing 200 extra and 20 damage per second after that.

-Fire can be disabled at anytime

/Updating Skill Entry...Update Has Finished\


-Damage from punches and slashes are increased by 50%

-Your hands will now be covered in fire causing 200 extra and 20 damage per second after that.

-Fire can be disabled at anytime

-Works passively but is automatically turned off if you hold a weapon

-Will increase according to stats

"I want to go home." Issie was in a "fuck you and die" mode, so he was constantly spamming his explosion attack until the area was leveled and zombies were killed.

/You Have Leveled Up! x40\

"Now where is the boss?" He heard the crying again and saw a lone figure. It was a woman that he heard crying before. If she is the boss then she must be very strong. This boss fight will surely be epic and well writt-.




Nevermind, Issie just blew her up. Good I got lazy anyway.

/You have Leveled Up!\

/You have Leveled Up!\

/You have Leveled Up!\

/You have Leveled Up!\

/You have Leveled Up!\

/For Killing All The Enemies In The Dungeon, You Have 20 Spare Stat Points at your disposal\

/The Boss Has Been Defeated And The Dungeon Will Now Close\

"Just teleport me home, I'm done for today."

(20 minutes later)

Issie laid on his beds getting ready to take a well deserved rest.

{I will let you rest and gather your thoughts for the next couple of days before you go on to fight in more dungeons} the dragon told the sleepy boy.

'I don't know how strong I am to other supernaturals but I do know is that I need to get stronger.' Issie thought as he closed his eyes.

Yeah, that is what the world needs.

A strong Issei Hyoudou

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 177

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Hunter, Grim Reaper

Current Title: Grim Reaper

HP: 7,120/7,120

MP: 3,920/3,920

STR: 386

STA: 388

DEF: 384

AGL: 385

INT: 383

SEN: 427

Fatigue: 0

Extra Stat Points: 40

Current skills: [Boost, Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion, Brawler, Sprint

Auto update: On