For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi! For Nairobi!

Professor had tears in his eyes. He knew that the war wasn't over, but they certainly won the battle. And this was the step they needed to win the war. Raquel was safe.


He jumped out of his chair, instinctively pulling down his headphones. But it was late. The other side of the connection, in the Bank of Spain, heard the shot, as well as the gasp of their leader.


"Professor?" Tokio was the first to act, as she heard the shot right in her ear. "Professor?!"

Lisbon looked towards Tokio, frozen. Then, she took the headphones aggressively from Tokio's ear and repeated: "Sergio? Sergio!!"

But no reply. The atmosphere in the small corridor under the roof got colder. Something was not right, Lisbon knew, but it couldn't be what she thought. No, there is no way this could have happened. No. She suddenly found it hard to breathe. Everyone around looked confused. Palermo leaned on the wall, closing his eyes. They all knew that there was a problem. And they haven't encountered this problem ever before.


"Don't move…"

Professor slowly turned towards the intruder. The gun was directed right to his forehead, getting closer...

"Checkmate, you son of a bitch." Alicia said triumphantly.

There was no way out. Professor faced the gun, but he was looking straight into Alicia's eyes. He sensed how desperate she was. She had nothing to lose anymore. Yet the fire in her eyes was real, this time, she had the upper hand. Professor was unarmed, almost. The only weapon he now had was his brain. The second weapon he needed was time. The only thing that came up to him was that a conversation could do it.



Professor winced. The bullet missed his head by inches. Alicia wasn't planning on killing him, not so soon, Professor figured, but she wasn't here to chat either.


The group heard the second shot as well. It ricocheted in Lisbon's head for a few seconds. Stockholm put her hands on her mouth, shocked. Rio was frightened and he desperately looked towards Palermo, waiting for orders, because he was the one always knowing what to do. But Palermo didn't move. He kept his eyes closed even through the sound of the second gunshot.

"What do we do? We have to do something!" Lisbon broke the silence. But another silence followed.


"Don't you dare say a word. I've heard enough. You move another inch, and this bullet moves through you." Alicia spoke.

Professor knew there was no way out. He will have to endure what lies ahead, but protect his friends in the bank at all costs. Even if this would mean the worst. His mind raced towards the thought of Raquel. He wondered whether he was ever going to see her again. But he brushed that off immediately. Of course he will, he argued with himself.

"Oh, so you were chatting with your friends, I see." Alicia was looking at the headphones that lied on the table. She smiled, still pointing the gun towards Professor's head. Then, she took handcuffs somewhere from behind her trousers, as if she had already planned what to do. Professor almost frowned. So is she just going to take him to the police? He almost expected more from her given her reputation. His thoughts suddenly stumbled upon Rio and he felt the anger inside him. Meanwhile, Alicia approached him and Professor decided to calm himself down. He had a simple plan for if he was handed to the police.

But as Alicia placed one side of the handcuffs onto his hand, she suddenly kicked him right into his knees and Professor fell briskly onto the floor. Trying to catch his breath, he was slow to realize that Alicia was already tying both of his hands to a pipe running from the ceiling to the floor. She started kicking furiously into him, right into his chest and then into his face. The wrath that compiled in her started to come out to the surface. Professor started to bleed from his mouth, breathing heavily. For this he didn't have a plan. Last time he was tied like this, Raquel at least wanted answers, Alicia wanted him to suffer.

"…!" she kicked him a few times more, and then stopped. Pain was now obscuring Professor's vision, he could only make out a silhouette of Alicia approaching his table and, to his horror, his headphones with the microphone.